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Lucky to Have Tram

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

Harold Tramski is SC4’s video technician, stats keeper, and an assistant on the girls’ basketball and volleyball teams.

Tramski went to SC4 for three years and Michigan State University for two where he earned a Bachelors’ degree in economics. Tramski said, “I got a BA or a BS depending on if you like economics or not.”

According to Tramski, he has been videotaping games since 1994. Tramski said, “I was there for all of the games anyway. I might as well start taping them.” Tramski has only been doing the stats for close to four years according to him.

That doesn’t sound like a lot, but Tramski does much more than that. For instance when the teams go on road trips he drives his own van, uses his own gas, and is very happy to do it.

According to Dale Vos, Athletic Director and men’s basketball and golf coach, aside from the money he makes from being an assistant coach he does the rest as a volunteer.

Vos said, “He does so many things that make my job easier, things he enjoys that I do not enjoy. Like taking and compiling stats, inputting stats into the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)website, recording games and making copies for us, recording games of our opponents and researching our opponents.”

Vos said, “As you can imagine this means the world to us, we probably couldn’t do it without Harold, but I don’t think any of us want to try.”

Tramski has a positive effect on everyone he meets including Darrell Thompson, a campus patrol officer here at SC4. According to Thompson he has known Tramski for roughly 12 years when he worked at Golf Country.

Thompson said, “In the time that I’ve known him, he has been an extremely dedicated guy who is more than willing to drop whatever he is doing to help people out.”

Thompson said, “As a member of our athletic department he has devoted thousands of his own hours never asking for a dime. Harold, or as he is called Tram and Mallard, donates money to athletics for scholarships and trips.”

Thompson said, “I’m proud to know him and work with him; never challenge him to a round of golf unless you want to learn a lesson in losing 101.”

Pete Lacey, Registrar for SC4, said, “Harold Tramski is a blessing to the SC4 athletic department. He truly has the best interest of SC4 and the student/athletes in mind and is always willing to do whatever he can to help out.”

So the next time you see Harold Tramski, stop and thank him for all he does. We are all lucky to have a guy like Tram.

Who’s your new tiger?

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

   Hey Tigers’ fans, it’s time for another exciting season of Tigers’ baseball. The Detroit Tigers opened their 2010 season with an impressive come from behind win, Monday, April 5 against the Kansas City Royals.

   With all the panic about losing Curtis Granderson, Tigers’ fans fail to recognize the talent we now have. For instance Johnny Damon who was instrumental in the big six run seventh inning, along with Austin Jackson who was a part of the three team deal involving Granderson.

   Also coming over in the trade, Jose Valverde from the Houston Astros, Phil Coke from the Yankees and Scott Sizemore from the Angels.

   The Tigers sent Granderson to the Yankees, Edwin Jackson to the Diamondbacks and Fernando Rodney to the Angels to complete the deal.

   Valverde is already paying dividends closing out the game in a non save situation in the bottom of the ninth. Valverde proved to be a good pick up for the Tigers; after a leg injury he converted all of his 19 chances for saves.

   He converts 87% of his saves which puts him in around the top closers in the game with names like Rivera, Papelbon, Nathan and Rodriguez at around 90%.

   So there you go Tigers’ fans. With come from behind sprit like in the opener and the new guys contributing, don’t worry about the Tigers this year. They will be there when it counts.

Leading by example

Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.
Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

“They led by example, by word, and through their ability to bring everybody into the Skipper family,” men’s head basketball coach, Dale Vos, said about sophomores Ben Abraham, Kieon Arkwright, Devon Kling, Marquis Lee, Eric Mack Jr., and Jake Stark.

Vos said, “We will miss these six players; however I believe they have done a good job with the last job of a leader and that is to train the next leaders.”

All six of the players have their own agendas; including 19 year old Ben Abraham from Memphis plans to be a mechanical engineer. Abraham will most likely attend Oakland University. He hopes to work for Chrysler after he graduates.

According to Abraham he has had offers from schools to play football and basketball but doesn’t plan to play anywhere.

Abraham said, “Playing basketball at SC4 was one of the best experiences of my life and it couldn’t have gone much better than it did.”

Kieon Arkwright is 20 years old from Flint, and played at Saginaw Valley last year. Arkwright is majoring in sports medicine. He hopes to continue playing for a division one or two school.

Arkwright said, “It meant a lot for me to be here and help the program out.” He made it to the All-Region and All-Conference team.

“This season was different for me in so many ways. It was the first time that I felt like, in the huddle, the guy to the right and left of me would do anything for me,” 19 year old Devin Kling said.

Kling is majoring in accounting and plans on transferring to Walsh College and will continue to play basketball in a men’s league with his family.

Marquis Lee is the oldest of the group at 22. Lee is from Frasier and nicknamed “Show Time” by teammates and fans. He hopes to play for a division one or division two university. Lee is undecided in his major but is confident he will find one when he gets where he is going.

Lee said, “This season meant the best for everybody.” He made the All-Defensive team in the MCCAA.

Eric Mack Jr., 19 of Detroit, is undecided on his major and plans to continue playing basketball. According to Mack, “Wherever I fit in, whether it be division one or division two, this season has meant a lot to me. These are the best teammates I’ve ever had in my life.”

Mack made the second team All-Conference.

The 20 year old Jake Stark, from Richmond, plans on majoring in teaching or sports management at Concordia or Tiffin University, in which he will also continue his basketball career.

Stark also made the All-Conference honorable mention team as the Skippers finished eighth in the national tournament. This year was the first time the Skippers made it to the National Tournament in SC4’s history.

Skipper’s Chop Down Lumber Jacks Twice

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

The men’s and Lady Skippers’ basketball teams both beat the Alpena Lumberjacks, Wed. night on Feb. 10. The Lady Skippers won 69-45 and the men’s team won 94-80.

The Lady Skippers started out their game on an 11-0 run and looked like they were going to run away with the game. The Lady Skippers took full advantage of the long bus ride the Lumberjacks took.

With a good first half by sophomore guard Jessica Stevenson, from Chesterfield, scoring 7 points and great rebounding efforts by sophomore guards Megan Johnson and Alysia Cole, they did just that ending the first half 31-14.

“We got our chemistry back, there were a couple of games we just weren’t playing as a team and we noticed it,” said Johnson. “We worked really hard the week before in practice and I think we accomplished our goal.”

In the second half the Lumberjacks woke up scoring 31 points and making a game of it, but the Skippers proved to be too much.

“Every year I love coming up here to play against the Skippers. They are a class act and they never run up the score,” Head Coach Bobby Allen said.

The Skipper men’s team came out with the same amount of intensity on a 20-9 run. Kieon Arkwright, sophomore guard from Flint, led with 11 points in the half and sophomore forward Jake Stark, Richmond, right with him with 11 as well.

Stark said, “The first half we played defense. We got offensive and defensive rebounds.”

The second half was all Alpena scoring 53 points with the help of good shooting and rebounding. “If we would have played like that in the first half, this would have been a heck of a ball game,” said Frank McCourt, head coach of the Lumberjacks.

Both teams are back in action at home Sat. Feb. 20 at 1p.m. and 3 p.m. versus Mott Community College.

Lights, Camera, Skippers

Thomas Pregano

 Business/Advertising Manager

   The Skippers weren’t the only ones heating it up on the hardwood Wednesday night Feb. 10 against Alpena.

   The advanced television class along with adjunct professor and station manager of CPHS 6 (Port Huron Schools) Ed Senyk filmed the first televised basketball games ever at SC4. They will air on CPHS 6 Comcast channel six in about a week or two from Feb. 10.

    Senyk said, “It went really well, and we plan to shoot baseball and softball games.”

    Athletic director and men’s golf and basketball coach Dale Vos said, “I have not had a chance to view the production, but I thought it went well on our end.”

    Vos said, “The students and Mr. Senyk were great to work with. My only concern is finding a better place for the cameras as the one in the middle blocks; they are some of the best seats in the house.”

   According to Senyk the project began with him and Erie Square Gazette adviser and English professor, John Lusk, always talking about the possibility of doing a remote from a basketball game.

   The advanced television class meets at the SC4 campus in the television studio and runs every Tuesday from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m.

  The class is designed for the students to know how to direct, set up, and shoot cameras, according to Senyk.

 The class and crew are made up of: Emily Desmet, a freshman from Algonac majoring in communication; Cecilia Gagilo from St. Clair Twp.; Justin Jahn, a major in television and film from Goodells; Mike Romero, sophomore television production major from Marine City and Sean Wendt from Capac.

   All took turns running the three cameras and doing their part in the control room. Desmet was the voice of the event, announcing both games and making history of it.

   According to Desmet, she was really comfortable announcing the games. Sean Wendt and the rest of the class all felt it went well.

   It was a win-win for SC4 on the night of Feb. 10. The ladies and gents’ teams came out victorious. And they won’t be the only ones watching the game film.

Lady Skippers Out Boarded by Ocelots

The Lady Skippers of SC4 got out rebounded by the Schoolcraft Lady Ocelots and lost the game 65-43 on their home court Wednesday night January 27.
Both teams came out flying scoring with ease on one another and the half ended 32-22 with the Ocelots in the lead.
“In the first half we came out and executed the way we wanted to. Coming into the game we knew that Schoolcraft’s strength is their post. We knew coming into the game we had to figure out a way to take away their post presence,” Assistant Robert Banks said filling in for Head Coach Carrie Lohr.
The Skippers did just that in the first half, but the second half was a different story. Despite a team high 13 point effort by sophomore point guard Chanahl Putnam from Almont, it just wasn’t enough to hold the number one ranked team in the country down.
The second half consisted of one shot on each of their offensive trips by the Skippers and on the other end they couldn’t contain the Ocelot’s Kimberly Bee.
The freshman forward from Detroit scored a game high 23 points as she got her second wind and caught fire in the second half.
“St Clair did not have a good shooting night. If they would have hit those outside shots it would have been a different story,” Head Coach Karen Lafata of the Ocelots said.
“We rebounded, we ran our offense,” Lafata said. “They didn’t have their coach, which had to make a difference to those kids,” Lafata said. “I know more than anything she wanted to be here, and I wanted her here.”
With the loss the Lady Skippers remain in second place but fall to 9-2 in the division and 16-5 overall.
The Lady Skippers defeated Henry Ford Community College 90-76 Saturday, January 30. The Lady Skippers’ next home game is Saturday, February 6 at 1:00 p.m. versus Kirtland Community College in the SC4 gym.

Grand Slam at Renaissance Festival

The St. Clair County Community College baseball team along with parents, coaches, friends and area high school honor society students teamed up to raise $44,991.89 running a food court with 13 booths at the Michigan Renaissance Festival during the fall semester.
The food court ran seven weekends from August through October and was the largest amount ever raised by an SC4 athletic fundraiser.
The money will cover all of the team’s overnight and spring training travel costs. As SC4 was forced to make cuts because of the economy, the baseball team and other athletic teams are picking up the slack in fundraising efforts for their respective programs.
The Renaissance Festival was made possible by Assistant Head Coach Ken Vernier who had the contact with the festival according to Skipper’s head coach Denny Dwyer.
Dwyer said, “This was only made possible by a tremendous effort by all the players, coaches, and even their friends and families.” Dwyer said, “It wasn’t easy, but the team pulled together and earned every penny of this.”
Shawn M. Starky, Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Legislative Affairs said, “The college is proud of our baseball team’s efforts.” Starkey said “The fact that parents, friends and others also worked on this fundraiser speaks volumes about the support the baseball team has in our community.”
Starkey said, “We congratulate coaches Denny Dwyer and Ken Vernier on leading the team to the most successful athletic fundraiser in SC4 history.”
Good news travels fast. All the way to the Director of Athletics, men’s basketball and golf coach at SC4 Dale R. Vos. Vos said, “I am tremendously impressed by the leadership of the coaches and the diligence of the student athletes.”
Vos said, “These folks put in approximately 30 hours per weekend for 7 weekends all to help better their, and our, team.”
The Skipper’s are not done fundraising. They are putting on the Battle of the Bands contest and raffling off a trip to Hawaii to name a few in the upcoming weeks.