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Skippers sail over Kirtland Firebirds

Staff Writer

Savannah Wilcox

   The SC4 boys smeared Kirtland Community College with a 71-51 win on Sat., Feb. 6. The boys worked toward a victory, starting the game off with a defensive mindset.

   “We were worried about their height,” Coach Dale Vos said. “(Kirtland) had two guys that were 6’9” and I thought we did very well defensively against them. We definitely did our best to shut those two down.”

   Although somewhat outsized, SC4 held their ground on Saturday and proved their defensive skill.

   Although the Firebirds had height, they lacked the defense to stop the Skippers before time ran out. The Skippers trampled Kirtland, from the start through the entire game.

   Although SC4 only lead by eight points at the half (29-21), they continued to extend their lead with a powerful offensive second half. The Skippers offense proved to be too much for the Firebirds, who could just not answer to the considerable lead.

   Kieon Arkwright drilled 15 points and also pulled down four rebounds. Jake Stark added seven points and eight rebounds for the Skippers.

   Kirtland’s high scorer, Dmitry Martynenko from Russia, scored 28 points and grabbed eight rebounds for the Firebirds.

   “Our offense was better in the second half than in the first half of the game, but we worked hard through the entire game,” said Coach Dale Vos.

   The Skippers are 10-2 in the Conference (MCCAA) and 20-4 overall. Their last home game is on Sat., Feb. 20 against Mott Community College.

   Tip-off is at 7:30 p.m. Don’t forget to cheer on our boys at their last home game for the season.

Animal Unleashed at McMorran


Photo Editor

   Before he became a pro wrestler, he was a teacher. Born April 16, 1937 in Madison Heights, Michigan, William James Meyer would earn a Master’s degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University before becoming George “The Animal” Steele.

   Steele dropped the ceremonial puck in the game between Ice hawks and Flint Generals at McMorran Feb. 12 in Port Huron.

   Prior to becoming the animal, Meyers coached football at Madison High School in Madison Heights.

According to the “History of the WWE” (WWE.com), Meyers was inducted into the Michigan High School Coaches Hall and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995.

   Although Steele’s wrestling career spanned from 1967 through 1989, he continued making appearances through the late 1990’s.

   The line to meet “The Animal” stretched out of the door of the McMorran Arena’s Pro Shop, around the corner and up one level into the main arena at McMorran.

   A fitting tribute to the fans that still support him.

A Weekend in the Soo

Garrett Gavin

Staff Writer

   As you can imagine, February in the Upper Peninsula can get pretty bitter.

   However, the locals seem to embrace this time of the year as this weather gives them the opportunity to enjoy winter sports such as ice fishing and snowmobile races.

   “We love this time of the year,” said Lake Superior State University sophomore Dane Henderson. “It gives us a chance to get out here on the river and catch a few fish.”

   Most of the fishermen were catching whitefish, with a good amount of success, too.

   “We’ve caught about 80 of them for the winter,” Henderson added, referring to him and his two friends he was with. “That’s a pretty good number. Even though I caught about 60 of them.”

   Another event that was going on was the 42nd annual International 500, one of the largest snowmobile races in the world.

   The event was won by racer Jeff Leunberger for the second consecutive year. This was the first time in the history of the race that an Arctic Cat snowmobile had taken the checkered flag.

   In addition to the race, there was also a freestyle event that the spectators could enjoy. “This is a really great place to bring the family,” said Erin Stevens of Newberry. “There’s something that everybody can enjoy.”

   One of the attendees of the event was Rick Snyder, who recently kicked off his campaign for the Michigan Gubernatorial election later this year.

   Snyder arrived in a customized motor home covered in signatures of thousands of supporters and was more than happy to supply markers to anyone else interested in signing.

   The night life is also something that people may be surprised by, with an array of clubs and bars for people to visit. 

   “It’s not as remote as people might think,” said Julie Barnes, a senior at LSSU. “We have a lot of fun up here.”

   If you are looking for a fun weekend where you can experience something different from your ordinary life, Sault Ste. Marie is a great place to do that. Just bring your boots.

Lights, Camera, Skippers

Thomas Pregano

 Business/Advertising Manager

   The Skippers weren’t the only ones heating it up on the hardwood Wednesday night Feb. 10 against Alpena.

   The advanced television class along with adjunct professor and station manager of CPHS 6 (Port Huron Schools) Ed Senyk filmed the first televised basketball games ever at SC4. They will air on CPHS 6 Comcast channel six in about a week or two from Feb. 10.

    Senyk said, “It went really well, and we plan to shoot baseball and softball games.”

    Athletic director and men’s golf and basketball coach Dale Vos said, “I have not had a chance to view the production, but I thought it went well on our end.”

    Vos said, “The students and Mr. Senyk were great to work with. My only concern is finding a better place for the cameras as the one in the middle blocks; they are some of the best seats in the house.”

   According to Senyk the project began with him and Erie Square Gazette adviser and English professor, John Lusk, always talking about the possibility of doing a remote from a basketball game.

   The advanced television class meets at the SC4 campus in the television studio and runs every Tuesday from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m.

  The class is designed for the students to know how to direct, set up, and shoot cameras, according to Senyk.

 The class and crew are made up of: Emily Desmet, a freshman from Algonac majoring in communication; Cecilia Gagilo from St. Clair Twp.; Justin Jahn, a major in television and film from Goodells; Mike Romero, sophomore television production major from Marine City and Sean Wendt from Capac.

   All took turns running the three cameras and doing their part in the control room. Desmet was the voice of the event, announcing both games and making history of it.

   According to Desmet, she was really comfortable announcing the games. Sean Wendt and the rest of the class all felt it went well.

   It was a win-win for SC4 on the night of Feb. 10. The ladies and gents’ teams came out victorious. And they won’t be the only ones watching the game film.

The Road to Glory

If you predicted this in September, I don’t blame you. If you predicted this in week 17 of the NFL season, I could not argue. If you saw this coming, so did half of the football nation.
Indeed, it’s February and Super Bowl XLIV has finally arrived. Maybe February is the shortest month of the year is because fans will remember the “Big Game” more easily.
Well, maybe that isn’t true, but the matchup that was set up early in the year has come. The Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints.
Both teams look remarkably similar on paper, from the deep-ball quarterbacks, to the gritty defenses, to both teams clinching the top spot in their conference. With these similarities, there are slight differences. These slight differences will make the difference come Feb 7.
The first things you may think when seeing the fleur-de-lis or the blue horseshoe are Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Both quarterbacks have proven to be successful yet again during the regular and post-season.
However, Manning’s name sticks out far more because of his Super Bowl ring, four MVP’s, and commercial and sitcom antics.
Drew Brees does not have any of that. Clearly, there is a large margin between the two; but this is not a David versus Goliath game like last Super Bowl.
Their numbers are remarkably similar. And don’t get me wrong, the quarterback matchup isn’t the only thing to watch. The wide receiver Colt’s combo got the job done all season but the running game belongs to the Saints.
The defensive matchup will be the overall key to winning the game. The Saints did battle a tough team in the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC championship, allowing 28 points in an overtime victory.
The Colts also looked weak defensively, allowing the New York Jets a 17-13 lead at halftime. However, they blanked the Jets in the second half winning 30-17.
The simple reason why the Colts should win is placing another Super Bowl ring on the hand of Peyton Manning. In doing so, Manning will be ultimately enshrined as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game.
An even simpler reason for the Saints: win one for the team. This is their first Super Bowl appearance and a win will be the only thing acceptable for the franchise.
Finally, my prediction: I have debated with many over who gets the nod. But I have made my decision whether or not I like both teams. Colts 23-Saints 17.

Skippers Sail, Down Delta

The SC4 women’s basketball team defeated Delta College, 75-69, in a Saturday afternoon game. The Skippers maintained a lead throughout the game, but they never managed to pull away. Their biggest lead came at the fifteen minute mark in the second half, when they were up 49-38.
Delta managed to whittle the lead down to one with about eight minutes left, but was not able to get any closer thanks to tough defense and accurate shooting from the Lady Skippers. The fate of the game was sealed when Megan Johnson made two free throws with under a minute to go; putting St. Clair up 72-65. She finished with 16 points and seven rebounds for the game.
Shaking off a slow first half was Chanel Putnam, who scored 14 in the second half to finish with 17 points, five rebounds and five assists.
“I just tried to focus on protecting the ball and slowing myself down to run the offense,” said Putnam.
Putnam was not surprised with the teams outside shooting; they knocked down 11 three-pointers for the game.
“We’re a good shooting team; it’s something we rely on,” Putnam said.
The St. Clair men’s game was less eventful, as they handled the Delta men’s squad, 97-81. The Skippers had a strong first half, leading 50-32 at the break.
SC4 seemed to back off a bit in the second half and Delta took advantage of it, trimming their deficit to six with 13 minutes left in the game. At this point, sophomore G/F Erick Mack Jr. took things into his own hands, hitting on three triples down the stretch. He had 28 points to go with 5 rebounds on the day. Kieon Arkwright had 18 points and five assists; Jake Stark scored 12 points and had 4 assists.

O. D.’s Rant 57-9

Support your local Skippers athletics!
‘Twas a big day Saturday for both the men’s and women’s basketball athletic programs. The men’s team knocked off number one in the nation Henry Ford Community College, 76-72. This was the first singeing of the Hawks’ feathers all year. Henry Ford had won 19 consecutive games until that night.
The Skippers trail the first place Hawks and number six in the nation Mott Community College Bears by one game. Their 7-2 record places them in third with plenty of time to make a move on first place.
The Lady Skippers won handily against Henry Ford by 14 points, 90-76. The Lady Skippers reside in second place in their conference.
They trail number one in the nation Schoolcraft Community College by two games with a 9-2 record. Schoolcraft has yet to lose a game and are 12-0 in the Eastern Conference and 22-0 overall.
Just as our Lady Skippers volleyball squad was in a fight to the finish, so are our basketball teams. Now is the time to fill the gym and cheer on the ladies and gents teams as they make their run for the roses.
The next home game is on Saturday, February 6 at the school gymnasium. Kirtland Community College comes to town. The ladies’ game begins at 1 p.m. and the men’s at 3 p.m.
Call me rah-rah if you will but these student athletes are performing outstandingly and deserve the support of the fans, the staff, and the community.
Don’t change the column’s name but again I am rah-rah for the Port Huron Icehawks. I don’t know why McMorran is not filled for every game. I could understand this 25 years ago when the teams skated like a group of old timers who just finished the keg.
But this is quality hockey. The price is reasonable. The ownership supports our community. Why not support a team that cares?
Now for the ranting (hip-hip hooray!).
According to msn.foxsports.com, Miguel Cabrera spent three months in rehab after supposedly being a bit tipsy for the big series to conclude last year’s pennant race.
Being drunk (or at least hung over as most unrepentant Lions fans on Monday) then playing sports on the major league level is a time honored tradition. In the early days of baseball players had to be dragged to the ball park from the barroom. The Detroit Lions won a championship with Bobby Layne who, if the rumors are true, did not need blocking. The alcohol fumes of his cadence would stupefy the defensive line.
As baseball is now an entertainment property of the New York Yankees, perhaps all players should be required to drink a twelve before every game. That way money would not determine the world championship, but the strongest liver.

Lady Skippers Out Boarded by Ocelots

The Lady Skippers of SC4 got out rebounded by the Schoolcraft Lady Ocelots and lost the game 65-43 on their home court Wednesday night January 27.
Both teams came out flying scoring with ease on one another and the half ended 32-22 with the Ocelots in the lead.
“In the first half we came out and executed the way we wanted to. Coming into the game we knew that Schoolcraft’s strength is their post. We knew coming into the game we had to figure out a way to take away their post presence,” Assistant Robert Banks said filling in for Head Coach Carrie Lohr.
The Skippers did just that in the first half, but the second half was a different story. Despite a team high 13 point effort by sophomore point guard Chanahl Putnam from Almont, it just wasn’t enough to hold the number one ranked team in the country down.
The second half consisted of one shot on each of their offensive trips by the Skippers and on the other end they couldn’t contain the Ocelot’s Kimberly Bee.
The freshman forward from Detroit scored a game high 23 points as she got her second wind and caught fire in the second half.
“St Clair did not have a good shooting night. If they would have hit those outside shots it would have been a different story,” Head Coach Karen Lafata of the Ocelots said.
“We rebounded, we ran our offense,” Lafata said. “They didn’t have their coach, which had to make a difference to those kids,” Lafata said. “I know more than anything she wanted to be here, and I wanted her here.”
With the loss the Lady Skippers remain in second place but fall to 9-2 in the division and 16-5 overall.
The Lady Skippers defeated Henry Ford Community College 90-76 Saturday, January 30. The Lady Skippers’ next home game is Saturday, February 6 at 1:00 p.m. versus Kirtland Community College in the SC4 gym.

Icehawks Ka-ream Komets

It was truly clobbering time for the Icehawks Tuesday, January 26 … both with red lights and black eyes. With the game out of hand the Fort Wayne Komets dropped the gloves. The Icehawks did not stand down.
“We know most of our toughness is in the back end,” Port Huron Coach Stan Drulia said. “They know what they have to do. Everyone stepped up and that’s an encouraging sign. You cannot intimidate anyone on our team.”
The final score was Icehawks 6, Komets 1 but Port Huron dominated all aspects of the game.
“The big key was our penalty kill early,” Drulia said. “Surviving the first period to get back to five on five set the tone for the rest of the night. As soon as we did we scored and took over from there.”
Drulia referred to Mickael Bedard’s goal after the Icehawks began the game with two penalties. The Icehawks scored two more in the first along with sending two more players to the penalty box.
“We were fortunate to take advantage of the kills,” Port Huron’s Derek Patrosso said. “Anyone will tell you that a couple killed penalties will give you energy. However, we need to minimize the opportunities we’re giving our opponents.”
Port Huron added two more goals in the second including Bedard’s second of the night with a minute remaining in the period.
“Their goalie goes low a lot,” Bedard said. “I held the puck behind me, watched the goalie drop, and flipped the puck past him.”
Port Huron’s Jamie Lovell ended the scoring at the five minute mark of the third with a power play goal. Despite a 6-1 victory, the Icehawks only out shot the Komets 30-26.
The newest Icehawk, Brandon Kaleniecki, arrived at game time after a 17 hour drive from his previous team, Wichita, Kansas, of the Western Hockey League.
“I didn’t meet anyone until I got to the rink,” Kaleniecki said. “I played with (Brandon) Naurato before and I know him from back home. They put me with him on every shift. Lindberg helped me a great deal, too.”
The Hawks realize that a pounding of the Turner Cup champions tastes sweet but there is much more to accomplish.
“Yes, we need to defeat the big teams,” Patrosso said. “But we realize it’s only one game in 76. In the big scheme of things, there is a lot more to do.”
Drulia added, “We cannot rest on our laurels. We’ll enjoy the win for a few hours, then put it behind us and concentrate on the next one. That is one thing we have done very well as a team this season.”
The Icehawks return to McMorran to begin a three game home-away-home weekend series with the Flint Generals on Friday, February 12. Game time is 7:30 p.m. for the Friday match and 5 p.m. on Sunday. For further Icehawks information, visit www.porthuronicehawks.com.

Sure to be a Delicious Surprise

For many people the troubled economy today has ripped a whole through wallets nationwide. With the Superbowl coming up, there will be plenty of hungry mouths in the living room next Sunday. So I’m proposing a delicious snack that can be made right at home. Instead of ordering pizza, make a new kind of pizza for your family that is cheap and delicious.
The best part about pizza is that there are endless possibilities and recipes to make the perfect pizza. Any toppings can be used for this pizza, and changed upon desires.
To start, the crust is quite different from most pizzas, as you need biscuits for the crust of the pizza. The best way to arrange the crust is to buy the dough from the can (one dozen) and place them on the bottom of a 12 inch pan (round or square).
The sauce is a mixture of one cup of marinara sauce, one-fourth a cup of ketchup, one-fourth a cup of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque sauce, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix these items together and use your own discretion as to how much sauce you would like on your pizza.
Finally we have the cheese and the toppings. Some may prefer to put the toppings beneath the cheese (deep-dish style) or some may put the toppings on top of the pizza, traditionally.
The most important part of the pizza is the cheese in which you will need half a cup of shredded mozzarella, half a cup of shredded Monterey cheddar and half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese to cover the top.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and place the pizza in the oven. Watch closely as different ovens may cook quicker or slower. Most pizzas will need to cook for at least 20 min. (“Meat Lovers” will need to cook for longer).
After the pizza has cooked, spread some Parmesan cheese lightly on top of the pizza and serve while it’s warm. This Superbowl enjoy something cooked from the heart, and bon appetite.