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ZDC Showing of “The Night of the Living Dead”

Patricia Kenner

Staff Writer

“They’re coming for you Barbra,” is what was heard on Friday, April 16 by classic movies lovers. SC4’s Zombie Defense Council, showed the 1968 cult classic “The Night of the Living Dead” to raise money.

Tickets were $5 and popcorn was included with admission. “The money raised goes towards future events sponsored by the group. One up coming event planned is capture the flag during stress breaker,” said Cody Kimball, Prime Minister of the ZDC.

21 people came to the movie which means they raised $105. Brian Johnston, Minister of War Games stated, “We were expecting anywhere from 20 to 30 people to come and we met our goal.” They were content that they were able to reach their goal.

“The Night of the Living Dead” is the grandfather of modern zombie movies,” said Kimball. And according to websites about zombies he is right.

Houseofhorrors.com states that is because before “The Night of the Living Dead,” zombie movies used voodoo to make the dead come alive and the zombies were slaves to a master.

“The Night of the Living Dead” creates a story of zombies coming back to life because of radiation and they serve no one, but their instincts.

Everyone who came seemed to be having a great time. When else does a chance come up to see a classic movie on the big screen?

Siobhan Maloney of St. Clair said, “I thought it would be cool to see the movie on a big screen. I wish they would keep playing classic movies like this.”

Zack Fisher, of Fort Gratiot, said, “I thought the movie was funny and ironic in some part, but very good.”

If interested in the Zombie Defense Council please contact Bob Kroll at rgkroll@sc4.edu

Laughing Gass Saves Lives

Patricia Kenner

Staff Writer

   On Thursday, Feb. 25, there was a benefit held to raise money for Haiti. The benefit was held by SC4’s Lambda Mu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor International Society, Global Awareness Club and Social Science Department.

   First, there was a free lecture about Haiti presented by Professor Kraig Archer and then an hour after the lecture was the improv comedy group Laughing Gass.

   The comedy show was 5 dollars for students and 7 dollars for the public. The money raised was donated through the Clinton Bush Haiti fund.

   Professor Archer’s lecture was about the earthquake, how this earthquake compared with other earthquakes in different countries, and how Haiti needs both short term and long term aid.

   What Archer meant by Haiti needing both short and long term aid is the short term aid will help for right now, but they need aid in the long term to make sure that the country is getting prosperous. This benefit would be considered short term aid for Haiti.

   The show was made up of a bunch of different skits. The group interacted with the audience and one skit that had many cracking up. After the show the feedback from the audience was evident. Elizabeth Burgess, Port Huron, said, “I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was a good way to raise funds. It was better than doing a pop can drive or fundraiser.”

   Laughing Gass has four members. They are Christine Day, Brian Day, Marty Snarski and Craig Martin. They have been together since 2004.

   This was not their first benefit. They did a show similar like this back in 2004 when the tsunami happened. The group likes doing benefits like this because they get to raise money and bring laughter during tragedy.

   Brian Day said, “We do improv and something good for society. It is one of the few things that theater can do to give back to society.”

   If interested in the Global Awareness club, call Kraig Archer at 810-989-5695.

EMT Class

Patricia Kenner
Staff Writer

   In 2009, SC4’s Work Force Training Institute added the emergency medical technician program. This semester is the third time the class has been offered.

   The course is a 254 hour, Michigan certified program that focuses on emergency services. The class covers everything from how to handle a crime scene to how important it is to de-stress one’s self from the job.

   The class is fully equipped with all the equipment used by professionals. There is even a CPR mannequin that can hold fake vomit in the stomach, so students know what it is like to have someone throw up when giving CPR.
    This program started because in order to become a firefighter, one has to have EMT training. Before SC4 offered these classes, fire fighter students had no choice but to go off campus to get trained.

   At least half of the students enrolled in the EMT class are either in the fire fighter program or are looking to get enrolled in the program.
    When it came to choosing the instructors Kevin Powers, Fire Program Facilitator, and Madison Heights, fire fighter, chose the best of the best. Powers stated, “Altogether the instructors have an average of 10 years teaching experience and 17 years in field experience.”

   Another reason why Powers chose the instructors he did was for the students’ benefits. Before SC4 offered this program, students had a low success rate on the National Registry EMT exam.    

   Now with the class being offered, the instructors are making sure they can help the students as much as possible to pass the exam. Instructors are even willing to give out their e-mails, personal phone numbers, and help facilitate study groups.
     There has been positive feedback from both the students and the administration. Powers said, “Students really enjoy the class. It is a hard program, but it is very rewarding and the students like the challenge.” 

   The administration realizes now that there was a need for this program. Starting in the fall of 2010, SC4 is offering a paramedic program. That program is going to be about 1,000 contact hours between the class room and clinic.

L.A. Candy

If you are looking to escape reality, look no further than “L.A. Candy,” written by Lauren Conrad. I know what you are thinking. Lauren Conrad can write? Well, the girl can write.
If unsure about whom Conrad is: star on the reality TV show “The Hills” on MTV. She first got her start on the MTV reality TV show “Laguna Beach.”
The book is about four girls who star in a new reality TV show called “L.A. Candy on PopTV.” This changes all their lives. The girls go from being unknown, to can’t walk down the street without being recognized.
As the drama unfolds, so do their lives. Conrad does use places like “Les Deux” and “Cabo Cantina” in her book that are found in L.A.
First there is Jane. She is a relatable, petite blonde from Santa Barbara. She moved to Los Angeles with her best friend Scarlett. Scarlett is tall and slender with exotic looks, who puts up a front to new people. Then there is Madison your typical heiress. Thin, fake and trashy. And let’s not forget Gaby, the ditzy one of the group.
Each chapter follows like an episode of “The Hills.” This book is season one. It starts with Jane and Scarlett moving to L.A., then being discovered and then becoming famous.
I liked the book. I thought that it was clear and flowed really well. Conrad did a good job of switching back and forth from each character’s perception. She also did a great job on the details. She really painted a clear picture for the reader.
A clever thing that Conrad did was make each chapter title a line from the chapter. Although the book is a little bit predictable, it is a fast and fun read. The book makes the reader wonder how much of the book is based on Conrad’s experience. One thing is for sure the book will leave you wanting more.
Conrad’s next book “Sweet Little Lies, An L.A. Candy Novel” is out on Tuesday, February 2.