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ZDC Showing of “The Night of the Living Dead”

Patricia Kenner

Staff Writer

“They’re coming for you Barbra,” is what was heard on Friday, April 16 by classic movies lovers. SC4’s Zombie Defense Council, showed the 1968 cult classic “The Night of the Living Dead” to raise money.

Tickets were $5 and popcorn was included with admission. “The money raised goes towards future events sponsored by the group. One up coming event planned is capture the flag during stress breaker,” said Cody Kimball, Prime Minister of the ZDC.

21 people came to the movie which means they raised $105. Brian Johnston, Minister of War Games stated, “We were expecting anywhere from 20 to 30 people to come and we met our goal.” They were content that they were able to reach their goal.

“The Night of the Living Dead” is the grandfather of modern zombie movies,” said Kimball. And according to websites about zombies he is right.

Houseofhorrors.com states that is because before “The Night of the Living Dead,” zombie movies used voodoo to make the dead come alive and the zombies were slaves to a master.

“The Night of the Living Dead” creates a story of zombies coming back to life because of radiation and they serve no one, but their instincts.

Everyone who came seemed to be having a great time. When else does a chance come up to see a classic movie on the big screen?

Siobhan Maloney of St. Clair said, “I thought it would be cool to see the movie on a big screen. I wish they would keep playing classic movies like this.”

Zack Fisher, of Fort Gratiot, said, “I thought the movie was funny and ironic in some part, but very good.”

If interested in the Zombie Defense Council please contact Bob Kroll at rgkroll@sc4.edu

Mockery of justice

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

An SC4 Mock Trial produced a hung jury last Tuesday, April 20. The trial was held by the SC4 social science department to raise awareness of sexual assault for National Sexual Awareness month.

The program included volunteers from the safe horizons victim assistance agency, local prosecutors, county sheriffs, a district judge and a local law firm as well as a student jury. The trial was held between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the SC4 Fine Arts Theater.

Student turnout was excellent, according to Department Chair for social sciences Kathy Ruby, with attendance just over 200 students. The case represented a date rape at a fictional university.

Two lawyers argued their cases in front of an audience, calling witnesses, and presenting strong cases for both sides.

Afterwards a jury of students from several campus clubs deliberated, and eventually reached a majority for not guilty, with one juror’s guilty vote causing a hung jury.

After the trial’s conclusion, survivor of sexual assault, Sara Yien, spoke on her experiences and shared her feelings. When she concluded, the volunteers answered questions relating to the trial and sexual assault and how it can be presented.

Student coordinator Kristen Richardson said the event was in planning since last September, and that she was very happy with the results. “If it (the event) helped even one person it was worth it,” Richardson said. “I continue to be surprised to how responsive the community is.”

The Social Science department will be presenting a “Walking Through the System” seminar on April 28 for victims, survivors, significant others and concerned community members.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, with registration beginning at 8:30, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Auditorium.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please call the safe horizons 24-hour helpline at: 888-985-5538.

ZDC rises with the dead

Ray Robinson

Managing Editor

   SC4’s Zombie Defense Council is having an “orientation screening” of the George A. Romero horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” in an effort to raise funds to defend the world from the uprising of the undead.

   The event is taking place in room 201 on the second floor of SC4’s Clara E. Mackenzie building from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, April 16 and the cost is “a measly $5” and popcorn is included.

   Future orientation screening titles may include “King of the Zombies,” “Revolt of the Zombies,” “White Zombie,” and other titles could be brought up in the future

   The Zombie Defense Council’s Prime Minister Cody Kimball and Advisor Overlord Robert Kroll hope that these events will raise money so that they will be able to hold “bigger and better” events in the future.

   Planned events for the future include a campus wide capture the flag competition during stress breaker week.

   The Zombie Defense Council is looking to produce instructional DVD’s to help aid the general public in their survival of  the overrun world of undead.

   If forced to renegade tactics in efforts to survive every possible scenario of zombie death and mayhem, ZDC hopes to aid those in need.

   If anyone is interested in joining this cause or learning more about the ZDC’s mission, you can contact Bob Kroll at rgkroll@sc4.edu

Thinking Inside The Box

Photo by Cody Kimball; Carrie Bearss and Kevin Thurston inspect a prototype of the recycling containers during the first day of the construction project.
Photo by Cody Kimball; Carrie Bearss and Kevin Thurston inspect a prototype of the recycling containers during the first day of the construction project.

Cody Kimball

Web Master

   When, you’re finished reading this paper, don’t throw it away, recycle it. Is the nearest recycle bin too far away to bother? Not for long. Soon, permanent recycling receptacles will be all over campus, thanks to a “green” project at SC4.

   The recycle bins, built by students and staff at SC4, are the latest addition in a trend of green additions to the campus.

   “The college has recycled office waste for decades now, since the early ’90’s,” said Bob Hunckler, advisor of the Engineering Club, and a leader of the project. “This is the first time we’ve made it open for the students.”

   Students of all levels of construction experience were invited to participate in the construction of the recycle bins, throughout last week in the Acheson Technology Center.

   Those involved were assigned one of four stations to build various components of the bins, in a sort of assembly line. The materials to build the four components: tops; walls; doors and backs, were pre-cut to be identical sizes to ease construction.

   “Sort of an easy jigsaw puzzle,” as Hunckler put it.

   The receptacles are built out of decking materials, made of recycled plastics. The decking materials are durable, even in the elements, and these boxes are intended to be used indoors. So they are expected to be on campus for years, even decades, to come.

   Each box will have two containers on the inside, separating bottles, such as water and soda bottles, from papers, like unwanted homework, and the print you’re holding now.

   “They’re not for material from your homes, but materials that are on campus: plastic bottles and such,” Hunckler said through his dust mask during the construction of a piece of assembly equipment.

   Even the construction of the containers was done with the environment in mind. Tool boxes and part containers were fashioned out of juice jugs and other recyclable items. “Reuse and then recycle!” Hunckler stated.

   The project was sponsored by the Student Government, and managed by members of the SC4 Green Team, comprised faculty, students and staff, in the interests of promoting an eco-friendly campus environment, and college pride, through a bit of “sweat-equity.”

   On the first day of the project, members of many different student organizations were represented at the construction. Officers of Student Government, like Frank Scarber and Chuck King, (along with the help of his daughter, Cassie King) helped construct doors, walls and tops to the bins.

   Twana Pinskey, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Zombie Defense Council, and the Erie Square Gazette helped build doors. Students from virtually every club and background were represented in the effort. Even Carrie Bearss, SC4’s Student Activities Coordinator, pitched in, helping the process of building.

   “This is what the college needs to do,” said Hunckler, whose family members, including his daughter Katie, had come to assist with the project. “It’s part of our society now.”

   Upon completion, the recycle bins will be placed in areas to service the entire campus, as another step toward a greener cleaner environment.


Photo by Aaron Tomlinson; Two students talk with Zombie Defense Council members, left to right: Jeremy Case; Nigel Elliot; Cody Kimball.
Photo by Aaron Tomlinson; Two students talk with Zombie Defense Council members, left to right: Jeremy Case; Nigel Elliott; Cody Kimball.

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

   During the week of Feb 22, SC4 students in the cafeteria were greeted by representatives from different college clubs.

   Club Awareness Week had clubs on the search for new and interested students. From Phi Theta Kappa, to the Drama Club, to even the new Zombie Defense Council; clubs were prepared to advertise their interests before students.

   “Club Awareness Week is an opportunity for clubs to advertise what they are about to students,” Student Government secretary Paul Prax, said. “It is more of giving the students an option to join instead of recruiting.”

   Each day had a designated two or three clubs around lunchtime to show off what their club was about. Not only was it a benefit for unsure students to join, but also an opportunity for newer clubs to reveal themselves officially to the public.

   Two new clubs on campus are the Gay Straight Alliance and the Zombie Defense Council. Both clubs plan to launch themselves into the melting pot of student-campus interaction.

   “Our goal for the year, aside from fortifying our defenses against the impending zombie apocalypse, is to have students gather and speak freely about zombie concerns,” said Bob Kroll, faculty adviser for the Zombie Defense Council.

   The Zombie Defense Council plans on having a screening of “Night of the Living Dead,” as well as filming their own movies.

   The Gay Straight Alliance also intends for the students to become aware of who they are.

   “We are trying to bring out gay awareness,” said Sean Lathrop, treasurer of the Gay Straight Alliance. “We want to inform students of events that focus on the gay community. We aren’t the gay club; we encourage any student to join, whether gay or straight.”

   The Gay Straight Alliance plans on hosting a ping pong tournament on campus, as well as theatrical shows in the future.

   While the newer clubs are taking a leap into the pool, many clubs are already swimming.

   “The Student Government acts as the formal spokesperson for the college students,” said Dan Wiley, Student Government President. “We have many activities throughout the year like stress breakers, raffle drawings, candy giveaways and we are always interested in newer ideas.”

   The cafeteria filled with relieved students on break could sense the lyrics of Yung Joc through the club members’ mouths: “Meet me in the club, it’s goin’ down. Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down.”

Brain Trust

Brian Johnston

Editor in Chief

   Zombies swarmed through Port Huron in October 2009. This semester, somebody is here to deal with the problem.

   The Zombie Defense Council, founded by SC4 students Cody Tyler Kimball and Victor Uhlman, is the new club on campus. Advised by adjunct instructor Robert Kroll, the club’s goal is to protect SC4 from shambling undead hordes.

   “Vic [Uhlman] was the one who actually pushed me to do this,” said Kimball, who acts as “Prime Minister” of the club. “He wanted a reason to continue going here next year.”

   Adviser Robert Kroll said he became the club’s adviser because, “if we’re going to survive a zombie apocalypse, we’re going to need a place of education. If there’s one place of education I wish to save, it’s SC4.”

   The group has currently been granted “probationary” status as a new club, meaning they will attend all-club meetings along with the Student Government, Drama Club, and the Global Awareness Club.

   According to the club’s charter, it has ties to several SC4 classes, including Intro to Anthropology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Resources Management and Hazardous Materials.

   Planned activities include a screening of George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead,” a “Zombies versus Humans” paintball or airsoft outing, and zombie board game meetings.

   Further down the road, the group is considering making a zombie movie or a zombie Christmas album, as well as charity events.

   Those interested in joining the meeting should email sc4zdc@gmail.com.

   “We all share a common interest in promoting the welfare of humanity,” said Kimball.

   “Which could involve Ghostbusting,” added Kroll.

   Kimball added ghosts, zombies, and the living dead in general are all “sort of friends,” and the group would actively protect SC4’s campus from all non-living threats.

   “As long as they don’t sparkle,” said Kroll.