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Officers elected for SC4 Government

Savannah Wilcox

Staff writer

   After all the candy and campaigning was over, SC4 students elected new officers for Student Government on Wednesday, April 7 and Thursday, April 8, to represent our student body.

   “I am very happy with the turnout,” Student Activities Coordinator, Carrie Bearss said. “We had multiple people running for different positions, and we also had an amazing voter turnout as well. Overall I think it was a successful turnout for SC4.”

   Starting in the spring semester, Chuck King, Rachel Kobylas and Kaitlyn Graw are the new representatives for the students at SC4. King will be pursuing his second year in the student government.

   For the 2009-10 year, King held the role of Vice President, but this spring he will have climbed the pyramid to the top as he obtains the role of Student Government President, replacing Dan Wiley.

   King also spends time at the radio station here on campus (WSGR FM 91.3) as the Assistant Program Director as well as participating in the Lambda Mu Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society here at SC4. Running against King were Michael Aleck, Jonathan Lucas, and Steven Rappolee.

   Working at Chuck King’s former position is Rachel Kobylas as Vice President. Kobylas not only is a part of the Student Government, but she also writes for the Erie Square Gazette. Rachel is a graduate from Brown City High School and will be starting her first term in the school’s “oval office” this spring. Running against Rachel Kobylas were David Fields and Sean Lathrop.

   Kaitlyn Graw will be filling the position as Secretary for the Student Government. Graw has never participated in Student Government at SC4 before but she still managed to pass up her only opponent Michael Owen.

   Graw is a graduate from Port Huron High School and will also be obtaining her first year in Student Government. She will be taking over for former Secretary Paul Prax.

   Our student body did not vote in a person for the position of Treasurer because no student ran for Treasurer. Frank Scarber held the treasury position for the 2009-10 semester at SC4, but will not be returning.

   If anyone is interested in the position, please contact Student Activities Coordinator Carrie Bearss by Friday, August 20. To apply, you must have a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester for the year 2010-11.

Stress breaker planned for end of Semester

Breigh Edmondson

Staff Writer

   End of semester is nearing, and students don’t need any extra stress. SC4’s student government is helping to eliminate that stress by hosting their “Stress breakers” winter semester event April 26-30.

   According to a press release by Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations,
Marketing and Legislative Affairs, the first event is a Ping Pong tournament that will be held on April 26, in the College Center game room.

   The tournament is sponsored by SC4 club Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Finals for the tournament will be on April 28. Information about the ping pong tournament can be obtained by emailing jcoulter26564@student.sc4.edu.

   On April 28, Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage will be providing shoulder, neck, and head massages for students looking to take some early stress off. Massages will be provided from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the College Center private dining room.

   Also on Wednesday, SC4’s drama club will be sponsoring improv theatre games in the College Center Atrium all day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

   Along with massages and improv, Student Government will also be hosting prize drawings from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the College Center Café.

   In addition to prizes, SC4’s radio station WSGR-FM 91.3 will sponsor a “Guitar Hero” Battle of the Bands contest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in which prizes will be awarded for top finishing bands.

   After rocking out to “Guitar Hero,” students will surely be thirsty, so Bistro College Center Catering will be giving away free pop and popcorn from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

   Outside of the College Center, a “Capture the Flag” event is being sponsored by the newly formed Zombie Defense Council from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 28. The game will take place between the College Center and the Fine Arts Building.

   Workshops are also planned for the week. April 29 will feature a Leadership Skills Workshop with Michael DeRosa, a nationally recognized speaker. DeRosa will also be speaking Friday, April 30 in a “Mentor the Mentor” workshop, which is open to students, staff, and faculty.

   More information about the upcoming “Stress breaker” events can be obtained by contacting Shawn Starkey at sstarkey@sc4.edu.

SC4 Symphonic Band sets audience’s toes a tappin’

Kayla Dimick

Staff Writer

   The SC4 Symphonic Band took audience members on a ride in a musical time machine as they presented their “Moments in Time” concert this Saturday.

   Old and young flooded into the McMorran Place Auditorium to hear seven pieces from significant eras in American history, ranging from the Roarin’ Twenties, to the attack on Pearl Harbor to the Blues Brothers.

   Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Tahiti Trot” featured the familiar “Tea for Two” melody and literally got audience member’s toes tapping.

   According to the “Moments in Time” program, “Tahiti Trot” was published in 1926 and written in just 45 minutes.

   The concert also featured two pieces from composer John Williams, who is responsible for composing movie scores from such films as “Star Wars,” “Superman” and “Indiana Jones.”

   Williams’ pieces, “The March from 1941” and “Midway March,” gave off a very patriotic feel.

   Donning sunglasses, the SC4 Symphonic Band played “The Blues Brothers Revue” for their final number. It included a medley of songs such as “I Can’t Turn You Loose,” “Soul Man,” “Soul Finger” and “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.”

   The Blues Brothers were originally founded as a “Saturday Night Live” sketch by comedians John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, and eventually evolved into a blues and soul revivalist band.

   Concert attendee and SC4 student, Erilee Lowe of Marine City, seemed to enjoy herself.

   “The last song was very entertaining,” she said. “Overall, it was a good concert.”

   According to the “Moments in Time” program, before the founding of the SC4 Symphonic Band, Port Huron had its own symphonic band, running from 1847 to 1958. With help from a grant from the Gannett Foundation and SC4’s Friends of the Arts program, the band was restarted in 1978.

   The SC4 Symphonic Band is under the direction of Carl Gippert and made up of around 50 college students, community musicians and advanced high school students.

   Also in attendance was Marysville resident Kim Madis, SC4 alumnus and original member of the 1978 group.

   “The concert was great. They played some very challenging pieces; not your average ‘band’ material. Very professional sounding,” she said.

   In case you missed “Moments in Time,” you can catch the SC4 Symphonic Band at the Pre-Commencement Concert Friday, May 7 at 7 p.m. in the McMorran Place Main Arena or the “Summer Twilight” Concert Series, beginning Saturday, June 26 at 7 p.m. in the Port Huron Northern Performing Arts Center.

Pollock passes with flying colors

Brian Johnston

Editor in Chief

   The first-year evaluation meeting of Dr. Kevin Pollock took place at the SC4 Board of Trustees meeting Thursday April 15, where Dr. Pollock was met with a glowing assessment.

   Dr. Kevin A. Pollock first came to SC4 as President in April 2009, after a nine-year term as Vice President of Student Services at West Shore Community College in Scottville, Michigan. Now beginning his second year of service at SC4, the board first needed to evaluate his performance for the first year.

   “I would not want a job where I had seven bosses,” said board chair Jon Adair. “And I think Kevin does a good job at understanding the connection of all seven bosses.”

   Adair continued, “I think that over the year, Kevin has dove into it, not only in title but in person.”

   The board adopted a grading system based on several categories, including Strategic Leadership and Internal Relationships. The board found Pollock satisfactory in all fronts, stating that Dr. Pollock has been, “a pleasure” to work with.

   “I think he’s been collegial,” said Nicolas DeGrazia, “and has worked extremely well with folks within in the organization.”

   “In the first year, he’s done more than I’ve expected out of a president. I’m very happy,” said Dianna Maxwell. “I think that he’s viewed by the community as a key resource.”

   Very few, if any, complaints were raised about Pollock’s performance in the past year. DeGrazia perhaps offered the strongest criticism: “Work on your golf game.”

   Dr. Pollock was given the option to have his evaluation held privately, but opted to have it held publically. “I’d like to keep it open,” said Pollock.

ZDC Showing of “The Night of the Living Dead”

Patricia Kenner

Staff Writer

“They’re coming for you Barbra,” is what was heard on Friday, April 16 by classic movies lovers. SC4’s Zombie Defense Council, showed the 1968 cult classic “The Night of the Living Dead” to raise money.

Tickets were $5 and popcorn was included with admission. “The money raised goes towards future events sponsored by the group. One up coming event planned is capture the flag during stress breaker,” said Cody Kimball, Prime Minister of the ZDC.

21 people came to the movie which means they raised $105. Brian Johnston, Minister of War Games stated, “We were expecting anywhere from 20 to 30 people to come and we met our goal.” They were content that they were able to reach their goal.

“The Night of the Living Dead” is the grandfather of modern zombie movies,” said Kimball. And according to websites about zombies he is right.

Houseofhorrors.com states that is because before “The Night of the Living Dead,” zombie movies used voodoo to make the dead come alive and the zombies were slaves to a master.

“The Night of the Living Dead” creates a story of zombies coming back to life because of radiation and they serve no one, but their instincts.

Everyone who came seemed to be having a great time. When else does a chance come up to see a classic movie on the big screen?

Siobhan Maloney of St. Clair said, “I thought it would be cool to see the movie on a big screen. I wish they would keep playing classic movies like this.”

Zack Fisher, of Fort Gratiot, said, “I thought the movie was funny and ironic in some part, but very good.”

If interested in the Zombie Defense Council please contact Bob Kroll at rgkroll@sc4.edu

New programs and classes coming to SC4

Jessica Meneghin

Staff Writer

Coming this fall to SC4 are two new associate’s degrees in alternative energy, one newly-revised degree in alternative energy, and 10 all-new classes.

The two new programs are Renewable and Alternative Energy Technology, which prepares students to work as renewable energy technicians; installing, services, modifying, troubleshooting, and designing wind power systems, solar domestic hot water and space-heating systems, and solar electric systems.

The other is Architectural Design/Green Building, a second-year option within the Alternative Energy Program for those who wish to pursue a career in the architectural green building design field.

Facility and Energy Management is the program that is newly-revised. It is an interdisciplinary program of study that prepares students to work in the growing field of facility and energy management.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are integrated throughout the curriculum. According to Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing, and Legislative Affairs at SC4, the curriculum was revamped to add even more alternative energy components to it.

All of these programs, Starkey revealed, come to SC4 on the wings of a grant from the federal government.

“We are a leader in alternative energy,” Starkey said. And with these new programs, on top of the windmills and solar panels and student-built recycling bins that already punctuate SC4’s campus, that would certainly be hard point to argue.

The new classes to be launched this fall include three that are part of the new alternative energy programs. They are AET 100 Electrical Power and Control Circuits I, AET 102 Programmable Logic Controllers, and AET 143 Fluid Power and Control Circuits I.

The other new classes belong to existing programs.

Four of the classes fit with the Architectural Design Program that was launched in the fall of 2009, which encompasses three new architectural design degrees and one architectural design certificate.

The remaining three classes are HIS 195 American Maritime History, BIO 195 History of Science and PE 195/THA 195 Choreography Workshop.

Registration for these and all fall 2010 classes, which begin on August 23, is going on now.

Swanson resigns

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

Craig Swanson, sociology instructor, resigned April 19 amid controversy.

Talk of his termination compelled numerous students to sign petitions, and several to speak out during the community comments section of a recent SC4 board of trustees meeting.

The student comments section of the trustee meetings allow any member of the community to speak for three minutes directly to the board.

Swanson states he “extends heartfelt thanks to students that rallied on my behalf. It lifted me up big time.” But there are “no hard feelings” to SC4 and its faculty.

Swanson’s employment was originally on a two year, temporary basis, and he was scheduled for termination at the end of the winter semester.

He originally pushed, along with some students, for a renewal of his employment. He has apparently reconsidered, and has tendered his resignation. He says he will “try to find a better fit” and “expand his career” after leaving the school.

Swanson stated, “I would hope they (my students) continue to think deeply and critically about the world around them.”

Dr. Kevin Pollock, President of SC4, couldn’t comment on the situation, due to it being a faculty issue. The students that spoke out during the meeting were mostly for Swanson’s continued employment at SC4, but both sides offered strong words.

“I truly felt I learned more in two classes than twelve years of high school,” said Alex Kramer, a senior at Port Huron Northern High School, duel enrolled at SC4. Kramer added he was “very surprised” at Swanson’s status.

Kristen Blake, a student of Swanson’s for both sociology and anthropology, said he was “very respectful,” and “Craig was someone who made me see beyond what I was learning, and apply it to the world around me.”

Not all the student turnout was positive, however. Mark Cunningham said he had a “screaming match” with Swanson, though he never had his class. Cunningham’s fiancé had Swanson’s class, and Mark confronted him after an in class argument between her and Swanson.

Other students disagree. Kristen Blake said she was “never” offended by Swanson. She also added that he was someone that encouraged open minds in his students.

Mockery of justice

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

An SC4 Mock Trial produced a hung jury last Tuesday, April 20. The trial was held by the SC4 social science department to raise awareness of sexual assault for National Sexual Awareness month.

The program included volunteers from the safe horizons victim assistance agency, local prosecutors, county sheriffs, a district judge and a local law firm as well as a student jury. The trial was held between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the SC4 Fine Arts Theater.

Student turnout was excellent, according to Department Chair for social sciences Kathy Ruby, with attendance just over 200 students. The case represented a date rape at a fictional university.

Two lawyers argued their cases in front of an audience, calling witnesses, and presenting strong cases for both sides.

Afterwards a jury of students from several campus clubs deliberated, and eventually reached a majority for not guilty, with one juror’s guilty vote causing a hung jury.

After the trial’s conclusion, survivor of sexual assault, Sara Yien, spoke on her experiences and shared her feelings. When she concluded, the volunteers answered questions relating to the trial and sexual assault and how it can be presented.

Student coordinator Kristen Richardson said the event was in planning since last September, and that she was very happy with the results. “If it (the event) helped even one person it was worth it,” Richardson said. “I continue to be surprised to how responsive the community is.”

The Social Science department will be presenting a “Walking Through the System” seminar on April 28 for victims, survivors, significant others and concerned community members.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, with registration beginning at 8:30, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Auditorium.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please call the safe horizons 24-hour helpline at: 888-985-5538.

College newspaper receives honors

Student Journalists from SC4’s “Erie Square Gazette” brought home 15 awards from the “MCCPA’s (Michigan Community College Press Association) Press Day” at Henry Ford Community College April 17 in Dearborn, Michigan. Students in attendance were: Front row: (Left to Right) Jessica Meneghin, Kayla Dimick, Tricia Kenner and Hope Doerzbacher; second row: (Left to Right) Donald Lierman, Patrick Sullivan, Aaron Tomlinson and Ray Robinson; back row: (Left to Right) Cody Kimball, Brian Johnston, Jenny Walker, Twana Pinskey and Danielle Kennedy. Not pictured, but in attendance was Savannah Wilcox. Photo by John Lusk
Student Journalists from SC4’s “Erie Square Gazette” brought home 15 awards from the “MCCPA’s (Michigan Community College Press Association) Press Day” at Henry Ford Community College April 17 in Dearborn, Michigan. Students in attendance were: Front row: (Left to Right) Jessica Meneghin, Kayla Dimick, Tricia Kenner and Hope Doerzbacher; second row: (Left to Right) Donald Lierman, Patrick Sullivan, Aaron Tomlinson and Ray Robinson; back row: (Left to Right) Cody Kimball, Brian Johnston, Jenny Walker, Twana Pinskey and Danielle Kennedy. Not pictured, but in attendance was Savannah Wilcox. Photo by John Lusk

Cody Kimball


“Original, thoughtful, I laughed out loud!” commented Omar Sofradzija, a judge for the 2010 MCCPA Press Day awards, on first place winner Brian Johnston’s headline “Welcome Back, Qatar.”

14 newspaper students and their advisor John Lusk attended the 2009-2010 conference at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, where they took part in journalism seminars and an awards ceremony recognizing their efforts.

The Erie Square Gazette staff won 15 awards in total in Division II of the Michigan Community College Press Association, even winning multiple awards and taking first place in the categories of sports coverage, personality profile and headline writing.

Sports writers of the ESG won every placement in the sports coverage category; Donald Lierman, the ESG Sports Editor, taking first, Savannah Wilcox, a staff writer, taking second and Aaron Tomlinson, the Copy Editor, rounding out the category with third.

The ESG staff was also honored for its originality, and use of word play in the headline writing category, taking all but the second place awards in the division.

Brian Johnston, the Editor-in-Chief of the Erie Square Gazette, personally won seven of the 15 awards, even placing second in “Student Journalist of the Year.”

“Thanks to everyone at the ESG for making that possible,” Johnston said humbly. “I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything.”

Twana Pinskey, the Photo Editor for the ESG, took home 3 awards herself, in three different categories, including photo essay, feature photo and headline writing.

“It has been a fantastic year,” said Pinskey. “My thanks to all of our staff at the ESG, who went above and beyond to help the editors make the ESG the fantastic paper that it is.”

The complete list of awards and winners is provided below.

The Erie Square Gazette will continue to strive to achieve the best, to better serve the SC4 community.

Category – Placement – Recipient

In Depth News Story – Honorable Mention – Brian Johnston
Feature Story – 3rd Place – Brian Johnston
Personality Profile – 2nd Place – Kayla Dimick
Personality Profile – 1st Place – Brian Johnston
Sports Coverage -3rd Place – Aaron Tomlinson

Sports Coverage – 2nd Place – Savannah Wilcox
Sports Coverage – 1st Place – Donald Lierman
Critical Review – 2nd Place – Brian Johnston
Headline Writing – Honorable Mention – Brian Johnston
Headline Writing – 3rd Place – Twana Pinskey
Headline Writing – 1st Place – Brian Johnston
Feature Photo – 2nd Place – Twana Pinskey
Photo Essay – 3rd Place – Twana Pinskey
Overall Design – 3rd Place – ESG Staff
Student Journalist of The Year – 2nd Place – Brian Johnston

President King

Brian Johnston

SC4’s 2010-2011 Student Government leaders: President Chuck King, left, and Vice President Rachel Kobylas. Photo by Twana Pinskey
SC4’s 2010-2011 Student Government leaders: President Chuck King, left, and Vice President Rachel Kobylas. Photo by Twana Pinskey

Editor in Chief

In elections held April 7 and 8, SC4 students voted in President Charles “Chuck” King, Vice President Rachel Olivia Kobylas, and Secretary Kaitlin Graw to the Student Government.

King is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and associate degrees in fire science and broadcasting. Kobylas is working toward associate degrees in broadcasting, journalism and criminal justice. Graw is working toward a liberal arts degree with a minor in transcription.

“I decided it was time to step up,” said sophomore King, 50, of Port Huron. King is also the current Vice President of the Student Government.

“After talking to Rachel and seeing that she was interested, we decided that we would make a good team and we’d be able to get some things done,” King said.

Kobylas, 25, of Saint Clair Township, said of her decision to run as a write-in candidate for Vice President, “I thought about it for a while and finally came to the conclusion that I could continue to be a positive difference-making force.”

Secretary Kaitlin Graw, 19, of Port Huron said the secretary position was in line with her transcription minor.

Of his plans for the next year, King says the Student Government “still has some work to do on the constitution.” King also wishes to streamline the election process.

Kobylas said she would like to enable clubs to work together more often than they have in the past, citing the fall semester’s “Zombie Walk” event,  organized by three SC4 clubs, as a perfect example.

The Treasurer position remains vacant, although this hasn’t dampened King’s spirits. King cites current president Dan Wiley’s tenure as a perfect example. Wiley began the semester without a Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. The positions were filled at a later time.

Carrie Bearss, Student Government adviser and Enrollment Services & Student Activities Coordinator, said she’s “really looking forward to next year.”

According to Bearss, the trio will be working throughout the summer to ensure a smooth start for the 2010-2011 school year.