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Dear John

Savannah Wilcox

Staff Writer

   Eyes dripped with tears as Dear John stole the hearts of many women worldwide. Dear John is a novel written by New York Times Best-Selling Author Nicholas Sparks.

   With the 32.4 million dollars debut on Friday, Feb. 5, Dear John proved to be one of the best love stories of the year.

   Starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, these two play the role of John Tyree and Savannah Curtis, the prized love affair lurking in the hearts of women everywhere.

   John is a soldier in the Army Special Forces, who falls in love with Savannah Curtis, a college student on spring break, while he is at home on leave.

   This movie represents a story of passion, love and long distance relationships. Tears will flow while watching this endless love story, especially while enduring the surprise ending of the story.

   Dear John touched the hearts of many as it surpassed Avatar at number one in the box office opening weekend.

   Dear John is a romantic film based on life after love, and the hardships that may pass with every relationship formed in a lifetime.

   If you have not seen it yet, get your hands on a movie ticket soon, and do not forget your handkerchief.

Sade’s Soldier Marches Forth

Robert Kroll

Guest Writer

   After nearly a decade without an album or tour, Sade has marched back into pop music with Soldier of Love.

   Starting with “The Moon and the Sky,” guitarist/saxophonist Stuart Matthewman plays a mournful yet uplifting acoustic guitar lick as singer Sade Adu laments, “You lay me down and left me for dead/a long, long time ago/You left me there dying/But I’ll never let you go.”

   Sade sings of remorse but not defeat.

   One of the most intriguing tracks on the album is “Babyfather.” Tackling a reggae sound, Sade sings about the stress of a father leaving their child.

   Proving that children will be resilient and vulnerable as their father figure is gone, Sade sings gently to soothe the stress of this void.

   The song is also a family affair, as Sade’s daughter and Matthewman’s son sing the repeated line “Your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee.”

   The strongest track on the album is the first single and title track “Soldier of Love.”

   Over a sparse snare drum beat with minimal accompaniment by keyboard and guitar, Sade is the “soldier,” proclaiming, “I’m in the front line of this battle of mine/But I’m still alive.”

   Employing extensive distorted electric guitar for the first time in their history, Matthewman plays piercing guitar licks more reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine than by the band that made “Smooth Operator.”

   Sonic experimentation aside, Sade stuck with their established “sound” without staying too much in their comfort zone.

   “In Another Time” features Matthewman switching back to saxophone from the guitar, breathing sax licks to assuage the love-lorn.

   Simultaneously moving forward with new sounds and keeping with their traditional tales of love and loss, Sade’s first album since 2000’s “Lover’s Rock” has been well w

Creativity Abounds

Twana Pinskey

Photo Editor

   For 42 years, area middle school and high school art students have shined in the Beatrice Thornton Student Art Exhibit.

   SC4, in cooperation with Port Huron Art Museum, is presenting the forty-second annual event.

The exhibition was split into two shows, with middle school and high school art work shown Feb. 4 through Feb. 26 and elementary student’s art work shown March 4 through March 26.

     The shows namesake, Beatrice Thornton, was an art teacher in the Port Huron school district. According to SC4 professor, David Korf, she was a champion of her students, pushing to have their art work showcased in exhibits.

   Home schooled students as well as students selected by their teachers from all over St. Clair county, were invited to have their artwork  displayed during the two shows.

   Students in the middle school and high school showings were treated to an opening day reception of finger foods. Also the chance to tour artwork currently in progress by SC4 students.

   The students’ work that will appear in the March 4 gallery showings will have an opening day reception that day.

   Admission to view the art work is free to the public. The SC4 galleries housing the artworks are open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. The galleries will be closed March 12.