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That’s How I Kroll

For students, sitting at a place such as Denny’s or The Raven Coffeehouse is just a way to kill some time. For former student Robert (Bob) Kroll it is almost like coming home.
Bob Kroll, 27, of Almont graduated from St Clair County Community College in 2004 with an Associate in Fine Arts. He then went on to earn his Masters in English from Wayne State University.
Sitting across the table from Bob, you don’t find yourself looking at a teacher, but someone who not long ago was a student trying to earn that A just like anyone else.
I sat there with Bob talking about everything from music and movies to his feelings about coming back to Port Huron.
I’m sure that almost every student has sat in class and wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of the desk, having the students look at them. When asked this, Bob said that it was “surreal” because of the fact that just a month ago he was in that situation at WSU.
He also made the comment, “I feel that I can learn as much from my students as they can from me.” He hopes during his time here that he will be able to help students achieve their goals and become better writers.
During the winter semester Bob is teaching English 50, 101 and 102. He hopes that he will be able to work some of his personal interests into his teaching. In his classes he has a “mystery film” assignment, which he seems really excited about.
When Kroll was a student here at SC4 he was a member of this publication where he held the positions of Staff Writer, Managing Editor and Editor in Chief. Bob also has an essay on Star Trek and James Bond that he eventually would like to get published.
As the night wound down I asked him what has changed during his time gone. He responded saying that, “Denny’s isn’t as big of a deal as it was back in the day, but the things that I loved most about the area have remained intact more or less.”

The Road to Glory

If you predicted this in September, I don’t blame you. If you predicted this in week 17 of the NFL season, I could not argue. If you saw this coming, so did half of the football nation.
Indeed, it’s February and Super Bowl XLIV has finally arrived. Maybe February is the shortest month of the year is because fans will remember the “Big Game” more easily.
Well, maybe that isn’t true, but the matchup that was set up early in the year has come. The Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints.
Both teams look remarkably similar on paper, from the deep-ball quarterbacks, to the gritty defenses, to both teams clinching the top spot in their conference. With these similarities, there are slight differences. These slight differences will make the difference come Feb 7.
The first things you may think when seeing the fleur-de-lis or the blue horseshoe are Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Both quarterbacks have proven to be successful yet again during the regular and post-season.
However, Manning’s name sticks out far more because of his Super Bowl ring, four MVP’s, and commercial and sitcom antics.
Drew Brees does not have any of that. Clearly, there is a large margin between the two; but this is not a David versus Goliath game like last Super Bowl.
Their numbers are remarkably similar. And don’t get me wrong, the quarterback matchup isn’t the only thing to watch. The wide receiver Colt’s combo got the job done all season but the running game belongs to the Saints.
The defensive matchup will be the overall key to winning the game. The Saints did battle a tough team in the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC championship, allowing 28 points in an overtime victory.
The Colts also looked weak defensively, allowing the New York Jets a 17-13 lead at halftime. However, they blanked the Jets in the second half winning 30-17.
The simple reason why the Colts should win is placing another Super Bowl ring on the hand of Peyton Manning. In doing so, Manning will be ultimately enshrined as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game.
An even simpler reason for the Saints: win one for the team. This is their first Super Bowl appearance and a win will be the only thing acceptable for the franchise.
Finally, my prediction: I have debated with many over who gets the nod. But I have made my decision whether or not I like both teams. Colts 23-Saints 17.

Tuba Fascination

Dale Harris played the tuba for a packed crowd in the Fine Arts Theatre at SC4 on Thursday, Jan. 28. The concert at noon on Thursday was accurately entitled, Tuba Fascination, and by the end of concert the audience was on the edge of their seats.
Lillian Maley, SC4’s artistic director described Harris as “a humble man”. He pleased the crowd with short stories that his wife informed him to leave out, giving a bit of humor to the performance.
Harris played songs like “Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep” by E. DeLamater and “Emmett’s Lullaby” by G.E. Holmes, featuring Marcia Collins on the piano. Harris also played “The Surf Polka” by F. Steinhauser, which earned him his first win at a local talent show decades ago.
The audience received a great value for the free Thursday at noon concert.
One audience member, Marion Abern, 54, out of Casco Township said, “I thought the performance was great. I’m impressed with his love for the tuba and performing.”
Another satisfied guest, Gloria Atcheson, said, “I enjoyed the last song the most. It was quite comical. Never did I think I would enjoy the show so much.”
That last song Harris played was “Irish Washerwoman” by J. Dugan. The 70 year-old tuba player attempted to blow out a light bulb after 97 straight notes. The bulb was a stand in for a candle, humorous and none the less fascinating.
Dale Harris has been pleasing ears for years, and says he has no reason to retire.
Thursday noon concerts are free and open to the public. For more information or reservations for lunch after concert series’ events please call: 1(810) 989-5709 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Skippers Sail, Down Delta

The SC4 women’s basketball team defeated Delta College, 75-69, in a Saturday afternoon game. The Skippers maintained a lead throughout the game, but they never managed to pull away. Their biggest lead came at the fifteen minute mark in the second half, when they were up 49-38.
Delta managed to whittle the lead down to one with about eight minutes left, but was not able to get any closer thanks to tough defense and accurate shooting from the Lady Skippers. The fate of the game was sealed when Megan Johnson made two free throws with under a minute to go; putting St. Clair up 72-65. She finished with 16 points and seven rebounds for the game.
Shaking off a slow first half was Chanel Putnam, who scored 14 in the second half to finish with 17 points, five rebounds and five assists.
“I just tried to focus on protecting the ball and slowing myself down to run the offense,” said Putnam.
Putnam was not surprised with the teams outside shooting; they knocked down 11 three-pointers for the game.
“We’re a good shooting team; it’s something we rely on,” Putnam said.
The St. Clair men’s game was less eventful, as they handled the Delta men’s squad, 97-81. The Skippers had a strong first half, leading 50-32 at the break.
SC4 seemed to back off a bit in the second half and Delta took advantage of it, trimming their deficit to six with 13 minutes left in the game. At this point, sophomore G/F Erick Mack Jr. took things into his own hands, hitting on three triples down the stretch. He had 28 points to go with 5 rebounds on the day. Kieon Arkwright had 18 points and five assists; Jake Stark scored 12 points and had 4 assists.

SC4 Offers Free Software Help to Small Business Owners

Small business owners experiencing software problems can now turn to SC4 students for help – completely free of charge.
The college’s Workforce Training Institute has developed a Software Solutions Center where supervised Microsoft-Certified student advisers take and answer call-in, and e-mail software support questions.
The students at the Software Solutions Center are registered in a one-year long training program called “Computer and Office Skills for the Administrative Assistant”. As they progress through their training, they become certified in multiple Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
The program is taught by Cheryl R. Russell, and supervised by Bonnie DiNardo. Both women are Microsoft Office Certified.
Bonnie DiNardo is the Workforce Training Institute’s Training Administrator. She says she recognizes that “employees in small companies wear so many hats. Sometimes they just don’t have the time to devote to troubleshooting problems.”
The idea for this program, she said, came from a focus group on campus that her boss, Michelle Mueller, heard and relayed to her.
“I thought to myself, this is a great idea; there really isn’t a negative to this initiative,” said DiNardo. “The benefit for the students is that they get real problems to help find a solution. The benefit for the company is that they can get some free assistance.”
SC4’s Software Solutions Center, which is intended for St. Clair County businesses, offers assistance in many areas, including: building an Access database; using Excel; doing mail merges in Word and creating PowerPoint presentations.
Small business owners wanting help from the Software Center can call (810) 989-5787 or e-mail wtisupport@sc4.edu. Requests are received on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. (so long as the college is open).
This costless support is designed for general software application questions from local business owners. SC4 does not warranty work or provide data confidentiality assura

O. D.’s Rant 57-9

Support your local Skippers athletics!
‘Twas a big day Saturday for both the men’s and women’s basketball athletic programs. The men’s team knocked off number one in the nation Henry Ford Community College, 76-72. This was the first singeing of the Hawks’ feathers all year. Henry Ford had won 19 consecutive games until that night.
The Skippers trail the first place Hawks and number six in the nation Mott Community College Bears by one game. Their 7-2 record places them in third with plenty of time to make a move on first place.
The Lady Skippers won handily against Henry Ford by 14 points, 90-76. The Lady Skippers reside in second place in their conference.
They trail number one in the nation Schoolcraft Community College by two games with a 9-2 record. Schoolcraft has yet to lose a game and are 12-0 in the Eastern Conference and 22-0 overall.
Just as our Lady Skippers volleyball squad was in a fight to the finish, so are our basketball teams. Now is the time to fill the gym and cheer on the ladies and gents teams as they make their run for the roses.
The next home game is on Saturday, February 6 at the school gymnasium. Kirtland Community College comes to town. The ladies’ game begins at 1 p.m. and the men’s at 3 p.m.
Call me rah-rah if you will but these student athletes are performing outstandingly and deserve the support of the fans, the staff, and the community.
Don’t change the column’s name but again I am rah-rah for the Port Huron Icehawks. I don’t know why McMorran is not filled for every game. I could understand this 25 years ago when the teams skated like a group of old timers who just finished the keg.
But this is quality hockey. The price is reasonable. The ownership supports our community. Why not support a team that cares?
Now for the ranting (hip-hip hooray!).
According to msn.foxsports.com, Miguel Cabrera spent three months in rehab after supposedly being a bit tipsy for the big series to conclude last year’s pennant race.
Being drunk (or at least hung over as most unrepentant Lions fans on Monday) then playing sports on the major league level is a time honored tradition. In the early days of baseball players had to be dragged to the ball park from the barroom. The Detroit Lions won a championship with Bobby Layne who, if the rumors are true, did not need blocking. The alcohol fumes of his cadence would stupefy the defensive line.
As baseball is now an entertainment property of the New York Yankees, perhaps all players should be required to drink a twelve before every game. That way money would not determine the world championship, but the strongest liver.

PTK Blog Addresses Student Concerns

Since everything is going global, should there be a foreign language requirement for all courses of study? Do you think there should be housing at SC4? What makes a good consultation with a professor?
If you ever have questions like these, or any questions regarding college or global affairs, the Lambda Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa may have just what you need.
The Lambda Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa honor society has a web log dedicated to answering student concerns, allowing students to ask questions often by asking questions of students themselves.
And it’s not just SC4 students that are getting involved in the discussions. The blog has visitors and interactions from visitors around the world.
According to the visitor map available on the webpage that tracks the home locations of page viewers, the blog has had over 1000 unique visitors from 37 different countries around the world, spanning every continent with the exception of Antarctica.
Questions and topics like those mentioned before are updated frequently and are open to public commentary. Content is created by many different college officials such as college president, Dr. Pollock, who upon returning from Qatar, answered any questions that those interested posed about his experiences.
The blog, which has a link on the SC4 homepage, can be found at sc4ptk.wordpress.com. For more information about the blog contact Phi Theta Kappa club advisor Angela Heiden at 810-984-3881.

Hackstock is music to student’s ears

Famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”
Living proof of this quotation is SC4’s new Music Appreciation and piano instructor, Mary Hackstock.
In 2004, Hackstock, 29, broke language barriers and studied piano abroad in Trapani, Italy. There, she studied under Salvatore Spano, an accomplished pianist.
According to Hackstock, Spano not only taught her many things about teaching and music, he also helped her get adjusted to the Italian culture and language.
Hackstock summed up her learning experience in Italy in one word: wonderful.
Before studying in Italy, Hackstock went to Eastern Michigan University for a year, then transferred to Wayne State University in 2004 and earned a Bachelors degree in Music and Piano performance.
After attending Wayne State, Hackstock earned a Masters degree in Piano Performance from the University of South Florida.
Hackstock’s extensive education has paid off, according to SC4 student Kenneth C. Grim, a 34 year-old music major from Ann Arbor.
“She’s been very helpful. She brings a fresh approach to the music program,” Grim said. “I actually look forward to going to class. She meets you half way and makes learning really fun.”
“I try to make class interesting,” Hackstock said. “I try not to teach only out of the book and add extra other things because I know students hate it when teachers only teach out of the book.”
Tom Weidig, a general/transfer student at SC4 and a student in Hackstock’s Music Appreciation class, had very good things to say about the new instructor.
“Music Appreciation is a really fun class. The music we listen to is really interesting. And Ms. Hackstock is a righteous dude,” Weidig said.
In addition to playing piano, Hackstock plays organ and sings. She also teaches private piano and organ lessons.
Hackstock first got interested in music when she was young, but dropped out at the age of eight. When she was 13, Hackstock picked up lessons again with the goal of going into music.
“I don’t know why, but something just made me want to go back,” she said.
Hackstock has performed on stage many times, but her favorite was this November when she and several other pianists played all of David Del Tredici works in New York.
“Only some of his works are recorded, and some the pieces we played weren’t even published yet. So it was really cool just being able to put that music out there.”
Hackstock was born in Mt. Clemens to Ann and Tom Hackstock. She lived in New Baltimore until the age of 10, and then moved to Richmond. She attended grade school in St. Clair, and then was home schooled in high school.
“I hated home schooling at the time. Looking back, I think it was probably a good thing.”
When Hackstock isn’t playing piano, she enjoys tap dancing and hanging out with her dog, Oscar. Oscar is a Pekepoo, which is a Pekingese and Poodle hybrid.
In the future, Hackstock hopes to still be teaching but more in college and less in private lessons.
“And, of course, performing a lot too,” she said.

Icehawks Ka-ream Komets

It was truly clobbering time for the Icehawks Tuesday, January 26 … both with red lights and black eyes. With the game out of hand the Fort Wayne Komets dropped the gloves. The Icehawks did not stand down.
“We know most of our toughness is in the back end,” Port Huron Coach Stan Drulia said. “They know what they have to do. Everyone stepped up and that’s an encouraging sign. You cannot intimidate anyone on our team.”
The final score was Icehawks 6, Komets 1 but Port Huron dominated all aspects of the game.
“The big key was our penalty kill early,” Drulia said. “Surviving the first period to get back to five on five set the tone for the rest of the night. As soon as we did we scored and took over from there.”
Drulia referred to Mickael Bedard’s goal after the Icehawks began the game with two penalties. The Icehawks scored two more in the first along with sending two more players to the penalty box.
“We were fortunate to take advantage of the kills,” Port Huron’s Derek Patrosso said. “Anyone will tell you that a couple killed penalties will give you energy. However, we need to minimize the opportunities we’re giving our opponents.”
Port Huron added two more goals in the second including Bedard’s second of the night with a minute remaining in the period.
“Their goalie goes low a lot,” Bedard said. “I held the puck behind me, watched the goalie drop, and flipped the puck past him.”
Port Huron’s Jamie Lovell ended the scoring at the five minute mark of the third with a power play goal. Despite a 6-1 victory, the Icehawks only out shot the Komets 30-26.
The newest Icehawk, Brandon Kaleniecki, arrived at game time after a 17 hour drive from his previous team, Wichita, Kansas, of the Western Hockey League.
“I didn’t meet anyone until I got to the rink,” Kaleniecki said. “I played with (Brandon) Naurato before and I know him from back home. They put me with him on every shift. Lindberg helped me a great deal, too.”
The Hawks realize that a pounding of the Turner Cup champions tastes sweet but there is much more to accomplish.
“Yes, we need to defeat the big teams,” Patrosso said. “But we realize it’s only one game in 76. In the big scheme of things, there is a lot more to do.”
Drulia added, “We cannot rest on our laurels. We’ll enjoy the win for a few hours, then put it behind us and concentrate on the next one. That is one thing we have done very well as a team this season.”
The Icehawks return to McMorran to begin a three game home-away-home weekend series with the Flint Generals on Friday, February 12. Game time is 7:30 p.m. for the Friday match and 5 p.m. on Sunday. For further Icehawks information, visit www.porthuronicehawks.com.

Sure to be a Delicious Surprise

For many people the troubled economy today has ripped a whole through wallets nationwide. With the Superbowl coming up, there will be plenty of hungry mouths in the living room next Sunday. So I’m proposing a delicious snack that can be made right at home. Instead of ordering pizza, make a new kind of pizza for your family that is cheap and delicious.
The best part about pizza is that there are endless possibilities and recipes to make the perfect pizza. Any toppings can be used for this pizza, and changed upon desires.
To start, the crust is quite different from most pizzas, as you need biscuits for the crust of the pizza. The best way to arrange the crust is to buy the dough from the can (one dozen) and place them on the bottom of a 12 inch pan (round or square).
The sauce is a mixture of one cup of marinara sauce, one-fourth a cup of ketchup, one-fourth a cup of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque sauce, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix these items together and use your own discretion as to how much sauce you would like on your pizza.
Finally we have the cheese and the toppings. Some may prefer to put the toppings beneath the cheese (deep-dish style) or some may put the toppings on top of the pizza, traditionally.
The most important part of the pizza is the cheese in which you will need half a cup of shredded mozzarella, half a cup of shredded Monterey cheddar and half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese to cover the top.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and place the pizza in the oven. Watch closely as different ovens may cook quicker or slower. Most pizzas will need to cook for at least 20 min. (“Meat Lovers” will need to cook for longer).
After the pizza has cooked, spread some Parmesan cheese lightly on top of the pizza and serve while it’s warm. This Superbowl enjoy something cooked from the heart, and bon appetite.