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Mockery of justice

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

An SC4 Mock Trial produced a hung jury last Tuesday, April 20. The trial was held by the SC4 social science department to raise awareness of sexual assault for National Sexual Awareness month.

The program included volunteers from the safe horizons victim assistance agency, local prosecutors, county sheriffs, a district judge and a local law firm as well as a student jury. The trial was held between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the SC4 Fine Arts Theater.

Student turnout was excellent, according to Department Chair for social sciences Kathy Ruby, with attendance just over 200 students. The case represented a date rape at a fictional university.

Two lawyers argued their cases in front of an audience, calling witnesses, and presenting strong cases for both sides.

Afterwards a jury of students from several campus clubs deliberated, and eventually reached a majority for not guilty, with one juror’s guilty vote causing a hung jury.

After the trial’s conclusion, survivor of sexual assault, Sara Yien, spoke on her experiences and shared her feelings. When she concluded, the volunteers answered questions relating to the trial and sexual assault and how it can be presented.

Student coordinator Kristen Richardson said the event was in planning since last September, and that she was very happy with the results. “If it (the event) helped even one person it was worth it,” Richardson said. “I continue to be surprised to how responsive the community is.”

The Social Science department will be presenting a “Walking Through the System” seminar on April 28 for victims, survivors, significant others and concerned community members.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, with registration beginning at 8:30, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Auditorium.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please call the safe horizons 24-hour helpline at: 888-985-5538.

Icehawks soar into playoffs

Donald Lierman

Sports Editor

The Bloomington Prairie Thunder arrived in Port Huron Saturday headed for the Turner Cup playoffs. They left Sunday for the putting greens.

Port Huron Icehawks rookie goalie Rafaelle D’Orso faced 40 shots in a 4-1 victory, Sunday that allowed the Flint Generals to pass Bloomington for the last playoff spot.

“I actually prefer getting a lot of shots,” D’Orso said. “Keep in mind the defensemen blocked a lot of shots, too. The defense did a great job.”

Icehawks’ Derek Patrosso was impressed by the rookie’s performance.

“Those Quebec goalies may have difficulties speaking English but they sure know how to stop the puck,” Patrosso said. “They know how to train their goalies in Quebec.”

Port Huron coach Stan Drulia was impressed by D’Orso’s poise.

“The kid proved he could play tonight,” Drulia said. “Like those in the French goalie mold, he is quiet in his movement and shows great confidence in the net.”

The Icehawks’ Mike Kinnie scored his 26th goal of the year and teammate Brandon Naurato his 25th in the second period. Despite Bloomington slicing the lead to one 45 seconds into the third period, two third period Port Huron goals put the game on ice.

“We still have to play more consistently in the playoffs,” Patrosso said. “We cannot have those spurts where we let up as we did in this weekend’s series. The team has to take it up a notch and limit our turnovers in the playoffs if we are to be successful.”

The victory was the Icehawks’ eighth straight home victory and 11th of their last 12 matches at McMorran.

On the previous night, the Icehawks watched a 3-0 lead dissolve and were forced to come from behind to defeat the Prairie Thunder, 5-4, in overtime. Port Huron’s Daniel Tetrault scored 28 seconds into sudden death to notch the Icehawks’ 46th victory of the season.

“The first period was all us, the second period all them, and the third period was well played by both teams,” Icehawks’ Coach Stan Drulia said. “They plain out-competed us in the second period. We lost every battle, we were lazy, and that’s not a recipe for success at this time of the year.

“In this league, there’s too much offense, too many power plays and four on fours that can change the momentum quickly.”

With the two victories, the Icehawks ended their season in third place with a record of 47-25-0-4. Port Huron faces the Fort Wayne Komets in the opening round of the playoffs on Thursday.

Fort Wayne visits McMorran on Saturday, April 24, for the second game of the playoffs. Face off time is 7:30 p.m. For further Icehawks information, visit www.porthuronicehawks.com.

Icehawks begin playoffs

Donald Lierman

Sports Editor

Two years ago, a defeat in the finals after a seventh game overtime loss to the Fort Wayne Komets left a bitter taste in the mouth of Icehawks’ fans. Although only the opening round, a chance for revenge begins Thursday as Port Huron travels to Fort Wayne to begin their quest for the cup.

The Icehawks ended their season in third place in the International Hockey League with a record of 47-25-0-4. The team produced two 30 plus goal scorers in Mickael Bedard and Derek Patrosso and two 25 plus goal scorers in Mike Kinnie and Brandon Naurato.  Bedard was also named the IHL’s 2009-2010 Rookie of the Year.

“Bedard was phenomenal,” Icehawks’ Coach Stan Drulia said. “With a young kid you don’t know what you are in for but he’s been professional, worked hard every day, and desires the next level.”

Hawks’ goalie Larry Sterling led the team with a 22-11-0-1 record and a 2.72 goals against average.

“If we’re going to go far in the playoff, Larry has to play well,” Drulia said. “Larry is well aware of this.”

Fort Wayne finished in second in the IHL with 104 points and a 50-22-1-3 record. The Hawks are 5-6 against Fort Wayne in regular season play.

“Fort Wayne has been the champion for the last two years,” Drulia said. “I would love to be the guy to end that reign. That is the mentality of the staff, the organization, and we’re going to relay that message to the players. I feel we’re up for that challenge.”

Port Huron’s 98 points occurred despite injuries to key players such as Tab Lardner, Jason Selleke, and Cory Stillman.

Icehawks’ Alternate Captain Robert Cowan feels the team will succeed if they stick to the basics.

Cowan said, “We need to realize that the regular season is over now. Whatever happened in the regular season is out the window.”

Unlike last year, the Hawks are entering the playoffs with momentum; especially at home with their eight game winning streak.

“Last year we were sputtering,” Drulia said. “This year we finished with a 7-3 record and 29 home victories for the year. That is the most I’ve won here in my four years. Not only have we played great here, we have performed well in Fort Wayne.”

There is a sense that the playoffs will be, well, chippy.

“There is a bit of a history between us,” Cowan said. “Losing game seven to them two years ago has developed a rivalry.”

Drulia agreed.

“I think it will be more physical here because of the rink size,” Drulia said. “Because their rink is larger and both teams skate so well, it should be more open in Fort Wayne.”

Port Huron faces the Fort Wayne Komets in the opening round of the playoffs on Thursday in Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne visits McMorran on Saturday, April 24, for the second game of the playoffs.

Face off time is 7:30 p.m. For further Icehawks’ information, visit   www.porthuronicehawks.com.

College newspaper receives honors

Student Journalists from SC4’s “Erie Square Gazette” brought home 15 awards from the “MCCPA’s (Michigan Community College Press Association) Press Day” at Henry Ford Community College April 17 in Dearborn, Michigan. Students in attendance were: Front row: (Left to Right) Jessica Meneghin, Kayla Dimick, Tricia Kenner and Hope Doerzbacher; second row: (Left to Right) Donald Lierman, Patrick Sullivan, Aaron Tomlinson and Ray Robinson; back row: (Left to Right) Cody Kimball, Brian Johnston, Jenny Walker, Twana Pinskey and Danielle Kennedy. Not pictured, but in attendance was Savannah Wilcox. Photo by John Lusk
Student Journalists from SC4’s “Erie Square Gazette” brought home 15 awards from the “MCCPA’s (Michigan Community College Press Association) Press Day” at Henry Ford Community College April 17 in Dearborn, Michigan. Students in attendance were: Front row: (Left to Right) Jessica Meneghin, Kayla Dimick, Tricia Kenner and Hope Doerzbacher; second row: (Left to Right) Donald Lierman, Patrick Sullivan, Aaron Tomlinson and Ray Robinson; back row: (Left to Right) Cody Kimball, Brian Johnston, Jenny Walker, Twana Pinskey and Danielle Kennedy. Not pictured, but in attendance was Savannah Wilcox. Photo by John Lusk

Cody Kimball


“Original, thoughtful, I laughed out loud!” commented Omar Sofradzija, a judge for the 2010 MCCPA Press Day awards, on first place winner Brian Johnston’s headline “Welcome Back, Qatar.”

14 newspaper students and their advisor John Lusk attended the 2009-2010 conference at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, where they took part in journalism seminars and an awards ceremony recognizing their efforts.

The Erie Square Gazette staff won 15 awards in total in Division II of the Michigan Community College Press Association, even winning multiple awards and taking first place in the categories of sports coverage, personality profile and headline writing.

Sports writers of the ESG won every placement in the sports coverage category; Donald Lierman, the ESG Sports Editor, taking first, Savannah Wilcox, a staff writer, taking second and Aaron Tomlinson, the Copy Editor, rounding out the category with third.

The ESG staff was also honored for its originality, and use of word play in the headline writing category, taking all but the second place awards in the division.

Brian Johnston, the Editor-in-Chief of the Erie Square Gazette, personally won seven of the 15 awards, even placing second in “Student Journalist of the Year.”

“Thanks to everyone at the ESG for making that possible,” Johnston said humbly. “I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything.”

Twana Pinskey, the Photo Editor for the ESG, took home 3 awards herself, in three different categories, including photo essay, feature photo and headline writing.

“It has been a fantastic year,” said Pinskey. “My thanks to all of our staff at the ESG, who went above and beyond to help the editors make the ESG the fantastic paper that it is.”

The complete list of awards and winners is provided below.

The Erie Square Gazette will continue to strive to achieve the best, to better serve the SC4 community.

Category – Placement – Recipient

In Depth News Story – Honorable Mention – Brian Johnston
Feature Story – 3rd Place – Brian Johnston
Personality Profile – 2nd Place – Kayla Dimick
Personality Profile – 1st Place – Brian Johnston
Sports Coverage -3rd Place – Aaron Tomlinson

Sports Coverage – 2nd Place – Savannah Wilcox
Sports Coverage – 1st Place – Donald Lierman
Critical Review – 2nd Place – Brian Johnston
Headline Writing – Honorable Mention – Brian Johnston
Headline Writing – 3rd Place – Twana Pinskey
Headline Writing – 1st Place – Brian Johnston
Feature Photo – 2nd Place – Twana Pinskey
Photo Essay – 3rd Place – Twana Pinskey
Overall Design – 3rd Place – ESG Staff
Student Journalist of The Year – 2nd Place – Brian Johnston

Nihilism & gastronomics: Finding the best burger in town

Robert Kroll

Guest Writer

When presented with the task of reviewing the “Best Burger in Port Huron,” I didn’t back down. Other writers at the ESG were unable to step to the challenge. My reputation as a nihilistic burger eater was picked up on and my quest was laid out.

The only real scientific aspect of this project is that I will just go for a regular, no-frills burger. During my search, I may very well have missed the “great white buffalo” of burgers in town. I will do my best here to fairly present what I have put my body through.


I haven’t been to Power’s since I was a regular student here, so this is a treat.

I order a quarter pound burger with cheese, fries and a coke. I am very pleased with what I have been served. The texture is perfect and the beef ground just enough.

Grade:  4 – Win

Calories so far:  4,000

Mama Vicki’s

For the sake of continuity, I once again order a quarter pound cheeseburger, fries, and a coke. I finish it off easily.

But there is nothing significant to sway my opinion about the burger. There is nothing wrong with it, but there is also nothing that I’m going crazy about either.

Grade: 3 – Passing

Calories so far: 5,000

Zebra Bar

I ordered the “Classic” cheeseburger, which is actually 1/3 of a pound, costs about 50 cents cheaper than the Mama Vicki’s, and is amazing.

The major perk though is the bun. While not the texture of the Power’s burger, it was toasted. This is a game changer. This is like pulling Steve Yzerman from a Stanley Cup finals game and replacing him with Gordie Howe.

Grade: 5 – EPIC WIN

Calories so far: 7,000

Quay Street Brewery

I went for the Brew House Burger, which is the Quay version of everything that came before, this time with mandatory beer batter fries. Regrettably, this was the only chance I’d get to have any sort of beer with this meal.

The burger was good, but it occupied a middle ground between Mama Vicki’s and the Zebra. It was better than Mama Vicki’s, but the toasted bun at Zebra set a precedent, like how every new Metallica album is compared to “the old stuff.”

Grade: 4 – WIN

End calories: OVER 9,000

Wrapping it up

I hereby declare that, for now, the Zebra has the best burger in Port Huron.

Skippers set lofty goals for golf season

Garrett Gavin

Staff Writer

When you think of sports at SC4, the golf team may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the team is at work for the young season and has enjoyed some early success.

They are currently the 24th ranked community college golf team in the country. Coach Dale Vos is excited with his team’s performance so far this season.

“The golf team is off to a good start. We have had 3 matches; at Mott Community College we finished second out of nine teams, at Oakland we finished third out of nine teams and at Grand Rapids we finished fifth out of 12 teams.”

Considering that Mott (18), Oakland (13) and Grand Rapids (3) are all ranked in the top 20 nationally, that is an impressive start to the season.

The Skippers are led by two sophomore golfers, Kris Bock and Matt Massad, who finished 22nd and 27th in the 2009 NJCAA Region 12 Division 2 individual rankings.

The team will look to these two for both leadership and performance this season. Bock is currently the 17th ranked player in the Region 12 individual standings, with an average score of 78.7 through three rounds of golf.

Coach Vos has not lowered his expectations for this young team, setting in the new season.

“Our goal is to win the MCCAA Eastern Conference. We are working hard and improving daily.”

If the Skippers were to win the conference, it would mark the first time since 2001 that they were able to accomplish this. SC4 will return to action on Friday, April 23 at the St. Clair County Community College Invitational, in Fort Gratiot. Tee time is scheduled for 10 a.m.

President King

Brian Johnston

SC4’s 2010-2011 Student Government leaders: President Chuck King, left, and Vice President Rachel Kobylas. Photo by Twana Pinskey
SC4’s 2010-2011 Student Government leaders: President Chuck King, left, and Vice President Rachel Kobylas. Photo by Twana Pinskey

Editor in Chief

In elections held April 7 and 8, SC4 students voted in President Charles “Chuck” King, Vice President Rachel Olivia Kobylas, and Secretary Kaitlin Graw to the Student Government.

King is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and associate degrees in fire science and broadcasting. Kobylas is working toward associate degrees in broadcasting, journalism and criminal justice. Graw is working toward a liberal arts degree with a minor in transcription.

“I decided it was time to step up,” said sophomore King, 50, of Port Huron. King is also the current Vice President of the Student Government.

“After talking to Rachel and seeing that she was interested, we decided that we would make a good team and we’d be able to get some things done,” King said.

Kobylas, 25, of Saint Clair Township, said of her decision to run as a write-in candidate for Vice President, “I thought about it for a while and finally came to the conclusion that I could continue to be a positive difference-making force.”

Secretary Kaitlin Graw, 19, of Port Huron said the secretary position was in line with her transcription minor.

Of his plans for the next year, King says the Student Government “still has some work to do on the constitution.” King also wishes to streamline the election process.

Kobylas said she would like to enable clubs to work together more often than they have in the past, citing the fall semester’s “Zombie Walk” event,  organized by three SC4 clubs, as a perfect example.

The Treasurer position remains vacant, although this hasn’t dampened King’s spirits. King cites current president Dan Wiley’s tenure as a perfect example. Wiley began the semester without a Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. The positions were filled at a later time.

Carrie Bearss, Student Government adviser and Enrollment Services & Student Activities Coordinator, said she’s “really looking forward to next year.”

According to Bearss, the trio will be working throughout the summer to ensure a smooth start for the 2010-2011 school year.

Rush headlines Rogers Bayfest 2010

Breigh Edmondson

Staff Writer

Sarnia, Ontario is once again playing host to a rocking summer of music as classic rockers Rush and the Scorpions headline the six day Rogers Bayfest Festival July 8 through 10, and 16 through 18.

According to the Rogers Bayfest website, feature bands and openers are as follows:

July 8: Bobnoxious, Cinderella, The Scorpions

July 9: Rush (No openers have been announced)

July 10: Crash Karma, Sam Roberts Band, Weezer

July 16: Aaron Lines, The Road Hammers, Keith Urban

July 17: Marshall Dane, Dean Brody, Shane Yellowbird, Alan Jackson.

Hip-hop stars the Black Eyed Peas will round up the star lineup on July 18.

Tickets for the 12th Rogers Bayfest went on sale April 17, and according to the Rogers Bayfest Facebook page, the phones have been ringing “off the hook” ever since. Various ticket pickup locations include places in Sarnia. The only local ticket pickup location is Kraft 8 Theatre in Fort Gratiot.

Ticket prices for the festival range from individual band tickets, to rock and/or country day passes.

Rock passes start as low as $86, but adding Black Eyed Peas to the pass would be $122. For rock pass licensed VIP tickets, prices are as high as $280 each.

Country passes start as low as $64 for unlicensed general admission, but for a licensed VIP ticket, with Black Eyed Peas, costs $335.

Individual band ticket costs are shown below (from lowest price to highest):

The Scorpions Thursday, July 8: $24.99, $28.99, $54.99, 74.99

Rush Friday, July 9: $45.99, $49.99, $119.99, $149.99

Weezer Saturday, July 10: $34.99, $38.99, $89.99, $99.99

Keith Urban Friday, July 16: $45.99, $49.99, $99.99, $129.99

Alan Jackson Saturday, July 17: $32.99, $36.99, $85.99, $115.99

The Black Eyed Peas Sunday, July 18:  $45.99, $49.99, $119.99, $139.99

More Information about Rogers Bayfest can be found at www.sarniabayfest.com

Let there be light

Rachel Olivia Kobylas

Staff Writer

Dozens of people flocked to a very chilly and very operational Goodells County Park on April 16 and 17. The chill in the air didn’t dampen spirits, nor did it hinder attendance at the event.

Don Gardner, one of the Park Rangers present at the DNR (e)’s display said, “You know it’s cold, when all the officers are fighting to wear the ‘Smokey the Bear’ suit.”

Children happily snapped pictures with “Smokey” and buzzed about petting areas that Tiger Bunny Acres provided.

Many gardening enthusiasts read, purchased and entered to win rain barrels. Families sampled foods from various vendors, while others purchased organic seeds and plants from Woods Edge Herb Farm.

Despite the chill in the air, Earth Fair 2010 brought people together for a purpose.

Learning of how to start, or progress in living a greener lifestyle abounded throughout the two day event. Learning experiences at each vendor’s table were vast, and geared toward any age group or knowledge level.

Children stayed busy and studious along a river walk area where they could learn about, and get up close views of crayfish, fish, bugs and other plant life found in St. Clair County rivers and streams.

Within reaching distance, their parents enjoyed the water filtration display, and learned about our local watersheds.

SC4 was a visible presence at Earth Fair as the Green Team, Alternative Energy Program, and the Engineering Program took up an expanse of half of one barn with various green displays.

Anthony Szuminski, 20, freshman of SC4, also participated with the college and took his own time to experience Earth Fair. His involvement at this year’s Earth Fair was due to “personal interest, for class and the Engineering Club. We helped build a lot of the displays. We helped create the connection for the energy to power the light up on one of the bikes.”

A student of Professor Bob Hunckler’s Intro to Sustainable Energy Concepts, Szuminski hopes to be at next year’s Earth Fair. “I’d give it an eight, there was a lot of cool people and it was fun to work with the kids.”