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View 2010 Census Data

View the 2010 Census data

Michigan is the only state to lose population this year, according to the census data released yesterday. As a result of this, Michigan loses one representative seat in the House of Representatives. The population of the state dropped by 0.6 percent between 2000 and 2010.

The Midwest has the second lowest increase in population in the country, (second only to the Northeast), and the two areas have the greatest losses in representatives due to the reapportionment. The only state not in these regions to lose representatives is Louisiana, which loses one representative.

New York and Ohio both lose 2 representatives, Florida gains two and Texas gains four. Puerto Rico, which is not a state, has also lost population according to the census data.
More information will come as it becomes available. Schedule of Census data releases below:
Census Schedule
Cody Kimball

Digital ESG takes steps forward.

The Erie Square Gazette website has added many new features over the past year.

The site ( now features articles and photos that cannot be found in the print version alone, and content between the bi-weekly hard copy.

iTunes is just one of many ways to get the news

ESG Online is also compatible with many mobile Internet devices, and console browsers for optimized display on your web-connected devices, such as Blackberries, cellphones, iPhones, Androids, PSPs and even Wii consoles.

The website also contains current weather conditions, buttons for sharing content on a variety of social networks including Facebook, and areas for advertisers and those with news to report to access information.

The ESG Youtube channel contains interviews and features exclusive to the Internet. Subscribe to be notified of new releases. The ESG also has Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages, to provide current news and links to content, wherever you are. A PDF viewer allows users to read and download a digital version of the hard copy for portability, with an archive of all of this year’s newspapers.

Podcasting is our latest feature, and audio versions of the newspaper can be listened to and downloaded from the website, or subscribed to free of charge from iTunes. Have the news automatically downloaded to your computer, and play it on your iPod!

What features would you like to see out of your school newspaper and news website? To submit your ideas or your feedback,  just comment below!

A preview of the Nintendo Wii version of the Digital ESG

English Class Receives Gift

Students of Michelle Gierman’s English 102 class
Tom Kephart’s production of “The Gifts of the Magi” captured the original selfless and charitable idea of Christmas. It was a true portrayal of the sacrifices people make for others.
On Dec. 2 our English class was fortunate enough to attend the dress rehearsal of “The Gifts of the Magi” directed by Tom Kephart. This SC4 production was a musical combination of the O. Henry stories “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Cop and the Anthem”. “Gifts” was written by playwrights Courts and Germain; it revolves around a struggling couple, Jim and Della, and an unlucky bum, Soapy, scheming his way into jail for the winter.
Audience members Bruce and Judy Kirkpatrick said they “enjoyed it very much.”
“Gifts” portrayed real feelings and situations of today’s world, which many people can relate to, and showed sacrifices people make for someone they love.
As Jim and Della, the pair Christian Jones and Sydney Vlaminck channeled their combined thirteen years of experience to create an authentic romance on stage. Ryan Hiller, who served as the narrator, contributed a great deal to the production, despite this being his first performance. The City Him and Her, played by Arthur Knisley and Rebekah Woelkers, gave stellar vocal performances which displayed their incredible vocal range. Soapy, played by Christopher Brennan, added a comedic touch to “Gifts” with his incessant run of “bum luck”.
The preshow music of Christmas carols, and the lighted lamppost within the set, created a relaxing mood for the holiday spirit. Soapy’s costume, much different than the tattered suit and worn out shoes the script had described, portrayed characteristics of a high dollar bum. The actors projected their lines properly for a musical setting; however, at times the piano overshadowed the actors’ voices.
Overall, “Gifts” was an excellent start to the Holiday Season.

2nd Place Article

3rd Place Article

2nd Place article from English class “Not the typical classroom assignment”

Chelsey Schroder

Guest writer

Two of O Henry’s stories came to life from our literature book onto the stage at The Gifts of the Magi. Our class went above and beyond by analyzing excerpts from the play. Play director, Tom Kephart was able to come into our class and answer our behind the scenes questions. With him came members of Erie Square Gazette newspaper staff to give us a crash course in newspaper writing.

With the titles of armature play critic and newspaper writers under our belts, we headed to the dress rehearsal. As the lights dimmed, we watched fellow students take the stage.

Overall, a class project became more than just a grade. I was amazed to learn how easy it is to become involved here at SC4. You don’t have to have a acting resume to try out for a play. And if you want to write something for the newspaper, go for it!

1st Place Winner:

3rd Place Winner:

New Web Features – Advertising available

The Digital ESG has brand new features!
Issuu – view the hard-copy ESG right from your web browser, and download the PDF.
Weather – updated local Weather forecasts and current conditions
Social Networking Functionality – Facebook, myspace, twitter, and hundreds of others to share information
Web Advertising space available on the Header, sidebar, and on individual posts, that can provide links directly to your website
Email us for details

An example ofavailable sidebar advertising space

SC4 mourns loss of one of our own

SC4 mourns loss of one of our own”

Twana Pinskey


Tears, heartache, and unimaginable pain come with the loss of someone you know and care about.

St. Clair County Community College mourns the death of Sophomore Men’s Basketball player, Terrance (T.K.) Keaton of Flint Michigan.

Keaton died as the result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, Monday November 22, 2010 on Interstate I-94.

Terrance Keaton- photo by Dan Pettee

According to St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon, Keaton lost control of his 2002 Chevrolet blazer on rain slick pavement of I-94 at about 3:00 p.m. The vehicle struck a guard rail on the passenger side. The vehicle then made a violent turn to the left, ejecting Keaton out of the vehicle and onto the road.

What we do know is texting is believed to be a contributing factor in this accident,” said Public

Information Office, Deputy Steve Campau.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon confirmed stating;”that appears to be the case, that instant messaging was taking place right before the accident. Donnellon said a lot of factors came together to create a perfect storm. In addition to the distraction of the texting, Keaton wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. “There is no question about it. Had he had his seatbelt on (Keaton), he would have survived, “said Donnellon.

According to Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations at Sc4, the team was told in Jackson, after the game about Keaton’s death. Starkey explained that Jackson Community College made grief counselors available to the players.

JCC’s (Jackson Community College) hearts go out to St. Clair County Community College, their players and Terrance’s family during this difficult time, said Cindy Allen, Public Relations Director at JCC. “Our players (JCC) felt really bad when they heard, “said Allen.

Keaton’s loss is felt on the Sc4 campus, as faculty and students remember Keaton.

Professor John Lusk had Keaton in his news writing class. Lusk remembered Keaton as a well liked student. “He (Terrance) was as good a kid as you’re going to hear about,” said Lusk.

Coach Dale Voss said; “He (Keaton) had a infectious personality and a smile that could light up a room.”

SC-4 men’s basketball player, guard Alan Sharp, a sophomore from Flint knew Keaton since high School.

Sharp shared memories of making it to the nationals last year with his friend and how happy they were. “It’s very hard;” said sharp. He would like his friend remembered for who he was. “He was a hard worker, said Sharp. Not just in basketball but in the classroom as well.”

Laughs long overdue

Cody Kimball


Think of driving from Atlanta, Georgia to Las Angeles California with the most annoying person you know. Now imagine you have to get there before your child is born in a few short days. Welcome to the nonstop laughs of “Due Date”.

Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis star in what could be best described as a mix of “The Hangover” and “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”.

Due Date - Warner Bros. Studios

“Due Date” is the story of a man named Peter Highman, who is just trying to get home in Las Angeles to see the birth of his first child. That plan is quickly derailed upon encountering Ethan Tremblay, a pothead who wants to be an actor.

Over the course of a few short days, Peter is subjected to a laundry list of unfortunate events, from being shot to beaten by a man in a wheelchair, to being held captive in Mexico, much to Ethan’s general dismissal as bad luck. Peter and Ethan both acknowledge their own faults, and vow to “work on it”.

The range of the comedy is actually quite impressive, from slapstick, and toilet humor, subtle word play, to jokes about Shakespeare, (Ethan believes he is a famous pirate named Shakesbeard). Regardless what your comic tastes are, there’s bound to be something in this movie you’ll enjoy.

If you enjoyed “The Hangover” this movie is right up your alley. Due Date is in theaters now.

Breaking: Update: Republican Victories Projected

Republican Victories Projected

Cody Kimball


Moments after the polls closed, projections of Republican victories In the Gubernatorial, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Representative races came in. Projections place Rick Snyder and Brian Calley as the victors in the Governors race, Ruth Johnson in the Secretary of State position, Bill Schuette in the Attorney General position, and Candice Miller as the winner for the 10th District Representative in Congress.

The race to elect members of the state board of education is projected to go to republicans Eileen Weisler and Richard Ziele.

The State Senate race for the 25th District is projected to go to Republican Phil Pavlov.

The State Representative Race for the 81st district is also projected to go to Republican Jud Gilbert. The representative race for the state 32nd district is projected to go to Republican Andrea LaFontaine.

Local response to the projected results is mixed.

“I don’t think anything is going to get done,” comments Dale Merrill, the program director of WSGR.

Many voters were apathetic towards the results. “I’ve never liked a Governor from Michigan,” commented SC4 adjunct instructor Robert Kroll. “I might know how I feel about a Republican victory tonight, in 4 years.”

Laura Sheldon, 50 of Fort Gratiot feels similar. “Find me a job and I don’t care who is Governor!”

Many acknowledged they were just happy to see a change from the current Governor, Democrat, Jennifer Granholm.

“It’s time for a change-a better change,” said Carol Cataldo of Port Huron. Other voters are excited for the changes. “I was very excited to vote for someone I consider to be more of a business man,” said Marcia Collins, 54 of Port Huron Township about the projected Rick Snyder victory. “I think he can bring some good ideas.”

In other election results, Proposal 10-1 to draft a revision of the state constitution, is projected not to pass. However, Proposal 10-2, “a proposal to amend the state constitution to prohibit certain convicted felons from holding elective office and specified types of public employment positions”, is projected to be approved. The Veterans millage is also projected to pass.

In the St. Clair County Community College board of trustees race, the top 3 vote getters for the 6 year positions, at the time of print were David Opplinger with just over 27 percent of the vote, Robert Tansky with 26 percent, and Denise Brooks with 26 percent. The 2 year position is projected to go to Nicholas Degrazia with over 60 percent of the vote.

: SC4 students face registration problems

Cody Kimball


At 4:30 am Monday morning, SC4 students assembled in cyberspace to be the first in line to register for their Winter classes, many setting their alarms to be awake early to do so. What they found was a series of problems and frustration.

The St. Clair County Community College Facebook page, which states “WAVE will be available starting at 4:30 a.m. Monday for registration and all other functions.”, has become a hub of student chatter regarding the various problems. Some students have received messages denying their entry to the WAVE entirely, including messages that passwords are incorrect. Others found that classes were not “found”, and a deluge of other error messages.

One error message encountered during the first hour of online registration.

Students are utilizing the Facebook page as a means to voice their concerns. Until shortly after 5:30, students were overwhelmingly denied access to the wave, which upon entry is currently host to many of its own problems. Errors such as “No response returned from the server.” , “Invalid A.VAR.ID received, expecting numeric CS or STC ID” and numerous others. Some students are being logged out of the WAVE itself. Other problems include difficulties verifying academic programs.

Victor Uhlman, a student who attempted to register in the morning was one who experienced difficulties. “If I had a dollar for every error I’ve gotten, I would have 124 dollars.” said Uhlman. “Not joking.”

These problems may be reoccurring.

As web users continue to cope with the issues, reports of individual successes are slowly coming in.

Administrators could not be reached for comment.

One horn, three wishes

One horn, three wishes

Brian Johnston

Guest Writer

Adult Swim has reinvented the arcade game with “Robot Unicorn Attack.”

“Robot Unicorn Attack” is freely available on and Facebook, and costs $2.99 for iPhone.

In “Robot Unicorn Attack,” you play as the eponymous robot unicorn, running through a purple landscape covered with rainbows. Constantly moving from left to right, you only have two buttons: jump and dash.

Unlike modern games, the goal of Robot Unicorn is simply to get the highest score possible within the span of three lives, or “wishes” as the game calls them. If you hit a wall, fall from a platform, or fail to dash through a metal star, you lose a life.

As your score increases during a life, the unicorn begins moving faster and the stage becomes more difficult to navigate.  Between “wishes,” the game either inspires you or taunts you with a random message. One minute it asks you to “follow your dreams.” The next, it ominously delivers, “you will fail.”

During the entire course of the game, Erasure’s 1994 synthpop single “Always” plays in the background, allowing the player to truly experience how harmonious the life of a robot unicorn can be.

While the game originated on and was later ported to the iPhone and iPad platforms, the game was recently made available on Facebook. This version of the game truly shines.

Similar to the high-score system of vintage arcade games, the Facebook version of “Robot Unicorn Attack” allows you to compare your high scores with those of your online friends, even setting up informal weekly tournaments.

Not all is wonderful with “Robot Unicorn Attack.” Due to being browser-based, the game seems to choke up at the most inconvenient times. The fast-twitch game play might not be what the average “Farmville” or “Mafia Wars” player is after, either.

But for old-school arcade fans, the unicorn is alive and well.