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EDA hosts job fair at SC4

EDA hosts job fair at SC4

Erick Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor

The St. Clair County Economic Development Alliance is to host their regional job fair Friday, Oct.12, at the Citizen’s First M-TEC building.

The job fair will be bringing roughly 300 job opportunities drawn from local employers in the area. As employers will be interviewing applicants directly, dressing to impress is highly encouraged.

Job search by Dean Meyers

The day will be divided into three sessions.

Employers will be accepting applicants with last names starting with the letters A-M from 9 a.m to 11 a.m, followed by a special session for those not able to make the time frame corresponding to their last name, that will go from noon to 1 p.m.

The final session, last names N-Z, will go from 1 p.m to 3 p.m.

While the event is free, pre-registration is required. Registration can be submitted through www. stclairjobhub. myevent. com.

SC4 students not metal enough to donate blood

SC4 students not metal enough to donate blood

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor


The need never goes away.

Sept. 24 and 25, 2012, St Clair County Community College’s Lambda Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society hosted a blood drive at the campus center café.

SC4 Blood Drive
SC4 Blood Drive

According to Red Cross recruiter, Tom Holt, 75 of Davisburg, the need for donated blood is great. He said 43 hospitals in Southeast Michigan received donated blood from the Red Cross.

Holt explained they are busiest Mondays through Saturdays.

“We need 900 to 1,000 pints of blood to meet our weekly needs,” said Holt.

According to Holt, donor blood is used in multiple ways. He said the blood can be used as whole blood, or it can be broken down into red cells, white cells and plasma. Furthermore, Holt expressed his concern over decreased donations in Michigan.

“If we don’t have enough blood on hand (locally) we have to go somewhere else like to Toledo to get it,” said Holt. “It is hard to put it (donating blood) in a way it is believable to students. The younger people don’t seem as aware of the need as their parents were.”

Likewise, Sarah Mineau, SC4 student and Lambda Mu Vice-President of Leadership acknowledged that donations are down.

According to Mineau, on-line registration for donor appointments has simplified the appointment process, but has not increased donations.

“A lot of people are getting turned down due too low iron levels,” said Mineau. She explained that she has volunteered at blood drives since high school, and over the years has seen a lot of people denied for donations due to low iron levels.

However, Red Cross employees said this trend can be reversed.

A Red Cross employee that identified himself as David said donors with low hemoglobin levels can better their chances of successful donations.

David said donors should increase high iron foods a few weeks before they plan to donate blood.

Accordingly, www. redcross .org’s web site stated “eating foods such as meat, eggs, lentils and spinach will boost your body’s iron.”

Nevertheless, there are students that successfully donate blood.

SC4 Business Major, Katlyn Whitesell of Port Huron explained she likes to donate so friends and family have what they need(blood donations).

“My friend’s leukemia is in remission. Blood donations save lives,” said Whitesell.

For information about donating blood, call the St Clair County chapter of the Red Cross at (810) 985-7117, or visit www. semredcross. org for a listing of blood drives close to you.



Wishy washy vending

Wishy washy vending

Christina Stoutenburg



It’s the middle of class with sleep invading, fighting for attention between that and the ongoing lecture. Attempting to add ammunition, in the form of caffeine to the lecture side of the battle, it’s time to visit the vending machines.

After money is inserted it’s time to await the reinforcements, but the battle is soon to be followed by disappointment.

The precious nectar has been expired for two months.

Maybe a snack will work out better, the process is repeated. Don’t worry those cookies have only been expired for three weeks, much better.

How many times has this happened? A good handful of times at least to myself. This is a very discouraging problem, in which not one person is to blame, but there are many victims.

According to our Production Editor, Zack Penzien, “I’ve gotten expired pop twice.”

Danielle Kennedy, Copy Editor, has also been a victim at least once.

While yes, it doesn’t happen every time, it is something that wishfully should never happen. Whether it is vending machines on campus, or the vending machines found at the mall, it always feels like a waste of money.

Unfortunately this is not the only problem found when dealing with vending machines.

There’s ones that don’t always accept dollars or change, or give out change. Some machines, while it’s not really a problem just annoyance, advertise giving back change in the form of $1s without clarifying, so while paper money is expected, instead the jingle of an unnecessary amount of change meets ones ears.

Even the coffee ones lack a very useful function of being able to customize the amount of sugar and creamer in one’s beverage, but once again this is found not only at the college machine but the ones that have been found elsewhere as well.

Vending machines are not only a gift to starving, sleepy students and people everywhere, but a curse as well.



A different way to search the web

A different way to search the web

Hayley Myron



When I find myself browsing the internet, it can be a bear to try and find websites that are interesting and pertain to my personal interests. However, a few months ago a friend told me about a website called Stumbleupon, and I became hooked.

Stumbleupon is a free website where you can just search through websites that are based on your personal preference. All you do is create an account and choose the categories that interest you. The website automatically saves your information and creates a search engine designed specifically for you.

For example if you are in the mood for searching only websites listed under humor, Stumbleupon will limit your search results to humorous websites and photos. When you find a webpage you like, you can click the “thumbs up” button and it will save it to your profile page.

So the next time you find yourself with nothing do, I recommend taking a gander at www. stumbleupon .com.


T-birds tidbits: Automated election calls

T-birds tidbits: Automated election calls

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor


I really wish I knew who thought up the idea of automated election phone calls. I would love having their home numbers so I could reciprocate the favor by calling them at home during their downtime.

After a long day, when I can finally sit with a cup of tea and relax, the inevitable will happen.

The phone will ring with yet another automated message from some wannabe political candidate that wants to tell me why I should vote for them, thus interrupting my peaceful solitude.

I mean, really? I just love being interrupted at home to be told what to do or how I should think, especially from a pre-recorded message.

If I am not yet committed to an issue, I will mull it over until I have made my choice. In this case, un-solicited election calls can serve a useful purpose.

All these calls do is help me decide who not to vote for.

I am much more likely to vote against the proposed issue when the message is delivered by an unwelcomed recording.

Those who use recorded, monotone, dull speeches to get things done will most likely offer up more of the same for those in their jurisdiction if elected.

Think about it. If they are too busy to reach out to voters via television, radio or good old newsprint, why would they take time to reach out to us in these mediums once elected to office?



iPhone fanatics swoon; but did Apple’s “Lightning” strike?

iPhone fanatics swoon; but did Apple’s “Lightning” strike?


Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer


Apple released the iPhone 5 on Sept. 2 with a whole new cast of features and design improvements. I got my hands on it and this is what I thought of the newest addition to the Apple line.

First, holding the phone is an experience itself; it’s now 7.6mm in depth, which is 18 percent thinner than the 4S; and at just under five inches in length, the 5 is about a half an inch longer than the 4S.

The iPhone 4 is on the right and the iPhone 5 is on the left

The four inch display is not only bigger, but changes the screen pixel count to 1,136 x 640.  This makes for crystal clear images on the longer display, and a better mobile video viewing experience.

This pixel count also translates to taking pictures and video; shooting 1080p video is still as easy as turning on an iPhone.

Size isn’t the only cosmetic difference on the iPhone 5, the 5 has been given a sleek new two-tone paint job; and the headphone jack has been relocated on the bottom next to a much smaller dock connector.

The “Lightning Adaptor” is Apple’s newest addition to the iPhone, and likely other “I” devices in coming months. The change in adaptor size from 30 pin to eight pin, is Apple’s first step to continually aid in the shrinking of size to Apple’s various products.

The Lightning Adaptor seems incredibly brilliant, but not all consumers have such a happy sentiment about the eight-pin adaptor.

Every thirty-pin dock has now become obsolete to new eight-pin products; unless of course, one buys a $30 eight-to-thirty pin adaptor designed by Apple.

The iPhone 5, apart from receiving a face lift, has also had some “under the hood” modifications.

Building off the iPhone 4S A5 processor, the iPhone 5 uses an A6. The A6 boasts higher speeds and graphics that rival the tech inside a Microsoft Xbox 360.

Along with the processor, the 5 is able to run on a 4G LTE network, which means faster mobile surfing and a better internet experience.

On the release of the iPhone 5, Apple also unveiled its new IOS 6 operating system that not only has a new “Maps” app, but an update to “Pass Book” that makes everything from using a mobile boarding pass to paying for your coffee ridiculously convenient.

The iPhone retails for $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) or $399 (64BG) all with a two-year contract.

Overall Apple’s iPhone 5 seems like a great purchase, full of new features to make the buyer’s life that much easier; with only a minor hiccup in the new eight-pin adaptor, this product can be counted as a buy in my book.



Sitting on the thrones of Port Huron

Sitting on the thrones of Port Huron

Christina Stoutenburg



“A throne is only a bench covered in velvet,” said Napoleon Bonaparte.

And thrones are what the Black River Walk in downtown Port Huron are looking to add more of, thanks to a competition by the Blue Water Young Professionals.

The basis of the competition is to design benches and bike racks, with a maritime theme, to be placed along the Black River Walk. The designer(s) do not need to have the skills to physically create them, but they must be able to serve as functioning, lasting, works of art.

Anyone may enter the competition; there is no age limit or resident requirement.

Jackie Hanton, Vice President of the group, encourages students to enter and has been excited with entries to date, but made sure to mention, “the more ideas the better.”

To obtain more information about the rules and guidelines, as well as the required registration form, email

Deadline for registration is Friday, Sept. 28, but the submission deadlines for the actual designs is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Winners will receive $250, and will be announced Oct. 18.

According to Hanton, after this they will be implementing phase two. The bike racks and benches are just the kickoff. After this, they are looking to add entrance way type arches to give a more formal river walk entrance.



Round Island Sweet Shoppe grand opening

Round Island Sweet Shoppe grand opening

Erick Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor


From cutting ribbons to cutting 8-layer cakes, Port Huron’s newest downtown business drew some attention on Sept. 20, 2012, as owners Scott and Karla Beedon held the grand opening of the Round Island Sweet Shoppe.

Grand Opening of the Round Island Lighthouse

The grand opening celebration began with a live broadcast by radio personality for WPHM and SC4 professor, Paul Miller. Later in the afternoon, a crowd gathered outside the Shoppe as Scott Beedon cut the opening ribbon.

All throughout the day, the Shoppe offered free ice cream cones, popcorn samples, and a giant 8-layered cake depicting the historic Round Island Lighthouse, from which the store took the name.

First cut into the 8 layer cake

Located on the corner of Lapeer and Military Street, and right across from the Times Herald, the Sweet Shoppe is just a short step from the SC4 campus.

With over 20 varieties of Mackinac Island Creamery ice cream, including flavors such as Gitchigomies Bear Paws and Mama’s Licking Good Cake Batter, the Shoppe offers the most extensive selection of ice cream in the downtown Port Huron area.

Even with the cold season coming and the demand for ice cream decreasing, the Shoppe still has the sweet tooth covered with a variety of baked goods, confections, fudges, and, the 25 varieties of flavored popcorn, which include flavors ranging from bubble gum and pumpkin spice, to pina colada and dreamsicle.

The Round Island Sweet Shoppe is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 9 p.m, and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.



Photo Poll

Carol Szparaga

Staff Writer

“What is your favorite class this semester and why?”

Caitlin Combs

Port Huron


“Fundamental of acting. It has helped me open up, because I was really shy in high school. This has helped my career.”

Steven Kronnich



“It would probably be the computer class, it is lots of fun.  The teacher makes it fun.”

Lexy Aslakson



“Physics, I love science and I know what I’m doing naturally.”

Cianna “Cece” Peterson


Science, Medicine

“Socialolgy.  Heidi Browne is very smart.  I’m learning stuff I never learned or even heard of before.”

From Player to coach, Kyle Brown

In many different scenarios throughout life, boy becomes man, student becomes the teacher and at St. Clair Community County College the player became the coach.

Kyle Brown, a sophomore at SC4, became a part of the coaching staff for the upcoming men’s basketball team season.

Brown, played high school ball at Marysville High School and played a year underneath the SC4 roster. Deciding to take his talents to a higher level, Brown became one of the coaches on the staff.

“It brings a player point of view to the coaching side,” said Brown.

Kyle Brown Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
Kyle Brown proudly stands next to his picture at SC4’s Gymnasium. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Even though Brown is no longer able to play the sport as a player, he said, “I just wanted to stay in it… I am here for the coaching aspect and at least to keep the team going in a positive direction as best as I can.”

According to Brown, he has coached before at his high school, and also while being a player last year at SC4. So, between his skills on the court as a power forward and being an assistant coach, he would be the perfect choice to teach the players of tomorrow.

Brown believes, “ The most critical thing is just effort and hard work…and what the players need to know is that it takes hard work and effort to get to the point to be better than their (the other team) best player.”

Even though Brown has had a great experience throughout his basketball and coaching career, so far, nothing compares to being next to Coach Dale Vos.

Vos has been the coach for St. Clair County Community College for 20 years and has much success with men’s basketball program. When asked about being next to the very successful Dale Vos, Brown exclaimed, “I like Dale as a person and as a Coach…just to be by him and have the connection with him is a big help me personally and it’s a great experience.”

Brown plans to continue his way on coaching men’s basketball in the future and continue to be the player that became the coach.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor