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SC4 professor offers solutions to national quandary Democrats, Republicans: None of the Above gives political perspective

Therese MajeskiFront Cover (2)
Copy Editor

Kraig Archer, a professor of sociology here at SC4, has written a book that he believes has timely application to our current political state and that he hopes will motivate readers to pursue alternatives to the current two-party system.
“I would like my book to lead to a new political movement,” Archer said.
Insightful and refreshingly free of party bias, Archer’s book, Democrats, Republicans: None of the Above, offers perspective to our polarized political climate, asserting that as presidential elections draw near it is critical for voters to reassess national issues beyond the labels and conflicts of the Republican and Democratic parties.
Archer’s book examines an extensive range of much-debated governmental issues, covering topics such as the nation’s educational system, immigration, environmental concerns and international relations. In discussing these issues, Archer gives a judicious assessment of the national challenges that he feels the contentious government system is not properly addressing and suggests several practical solutions to national issues, both political and social.
“We all have a future in this country…these type of issues affect the type of future our kids are going to have,” Archer said.
Weighing in at 51 pages, None of the Above is, however, short for its densely packed subject matter, failing to fully clarify several key concepts.
Kraig Archer instructor high resThis lack of explanation could lessen the book’s impact for some readers; at times readers would need specialized political and sociological knowledge to fully understand the subject matter.
When, for example, Archer presents his views on flaws in the structure of the Supreme Court, he cites several cases in order to demonstrate a trend of decisions that he thinks lack foundation in proper constitutional interpretation. The problem here is a lack of elaboration; while Archer’s reasoning is very sound, he does not mention the issues under discussion in each case, slightly undercutting his argument for readers without a knowledge of judicial history.
Nevertheless, these structural imperfections are not entirely negative in their effects, making None of the Above a brief, accessible read, particularly for students and others whose busy schedules make finding time for political study difficult. This brevity makes the book a good entry point into a political education exploring a more balanced, better-informed political worldview.
Archer hopes that after readers finish None of the Above they will be inspired to take action by establishing a third political party to combat the problem of divisions in our present system.
The third political party that Archer proposes would be called the Faith Reform Party and would be founded both on Christian moral principles and on a desire to uphold America as an ever-improving nation.
Ultimately, None of the Above, while lacking in length and definition of terms, is a well-reasoned, skillfully argued and easily read a book that can serve as a stepping stone into a style of independent, intelligent political thought that is unencumbered by excess party polarization.
Archer’s book is available through in both print and e-book format.

The rise of a new classic

The rise of a new classic

Hayley Myron



All the mystical figures you loved as a child jam packed into a full feature film?

I say heck yes.

Last weekend I went with my family to go see “The Rise of the Guardians” and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

This movie is the story of how the main character, who is Jack Frost, finds his purpose. In the beginning, all he knows is that the moon man told him his name.

However, the Boogey Man, also known as Pitch, begins to fill the children of the world with fear and nightmares, so the Guardians realize they need more help.

The moon man tells Santa, the Tooth fairy, Sandman, and the Easter Bunny to let Jack join the Guardians.  Throughout the film they begin to develop an everlasting friendship.

“The Rise of the Guardians” displays how much each of our childhood idols help out one another.

The best part about this movie is that it is far from the general idea of how we have always viewed these characters.

The Easter Bunny is Australian and fights with boomerangs. Not to mention the Tooth Fairy looks like hummingbird.

The Sandman is small and of course, made of sand. Lastly, my favorite is the Russian Santa Clause.

Nothing says Santa like dual sword fights and stupid elves.

So, when you get the chance I highly encourage you to go out and see it in theaters. It won’t disappoint.

Only one more episode to go

Only one more episode to go

Hayley Myron



Two words: gut wrenching.

I just finished watching the second to last episode of Showtime’s hit TV show “Dexter” and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

“Dexter” is one of the greatest shows to ever grace the flat screen TV. I started watching this drama three years ago, and since watching the pilot I have been hooked.

Whenever there is an episode, whether it is cable, DVD, or even online, there is nothing that can pull me away from the screen.

“Dexter” is about the protagonist Dexter Morgan, who is a serial killer that ironically murders other killers to please his “dark passenger,” also known as just his feeling to kill.

Now there are huge spoilers up ahead, so read with caution.

In this season, Dexter has fallen in love with the infamous Hannah McKay. Who is she you may ask? Well she is a serial killer herself.  However she does not have a code to follow, the only reason she kills is to protect herself from harm’s way.

Honestly, I can say that I absolutely adore their somewhat morbid relationship, but this episode took that away from me.

After Dexter turned in his beloved Hannah to the police I feel there is nothing else that will ever bring me happiness.

At least that is until the season finale premiers.

So go home and set your DVR to record “Dexter” Sunday night at 9 p.m.

You can thank me later.



Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor


Force yourself to smile, say thank you, and look enthusiastic.

We’ve all had that moment during the holidays. A distant relative suddenly feels the need to buy you a gift, though they have no idea what you need or would like. Upon presentation of the gift, we have two main options: either pretend to love the gift or try not to hurt their feelings while being honest.

I still cringe at the thought of the year my parents got me almost all Twilight-themed gifts based solely on the fact that they knew I had read the books. Since then I’ve developed an Amazon wish list, though I still live in fear throughout the month of December.

Illustration by Liz Whittemore

Regifting is a common practice during the holidays. According to Arizona Business Magazine’s writer Shelby Hill, 40 percent of regifters live in the northeast region, and more than one third (36 percent) of regifters are between 18 to 29-years-old.

“If you receive a gift that doesn’t fit into your personality, it is perfectly fine to regift it,” said SC4 Student Government Treasurer Andrew Kreiner.

“A couple years ago at a Christmas party I was given a cheetah print snuggie. I knew I would never wear it, so I rewrapped it and gave it to my little sister. She absolutely loves it and wears it often during winter,” said Kreiner.

Though you are most likely stuck if you receive a creepy china doll that resembles you, items such as gift cards are much easier to regift.

Websites such as,, Ebay, or are common options for either trading or selling your gifts or gift cards.

“If I found that I didn’t have a use for it, and that someone else would enjoy the gift more I would regift,” said SC4 student Kayleigh Barnowske.

You can avoid unwanted gifts by advertising the fact that you have a wish list. Having it online where it is easier to access and not at risk of getting lost means family or friends won’t have to struggle to find something to get you. In turn, you are less likely to receive something undesirable.

Should you luck out this holiday and enjoy all that you receive, has bad gift horror stories. Feel free this holiday to sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and chuckle at other people’s misfortune.

SC4 alumni donates $500,000 to scholarships

SC4 alumni donates $500,000 to scholarships

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor


The pursuit of knowledge just got a little less expensive.

SC4 alumni and local businessman Gene Oldford made a donation to set up a scholarship fund in the amount of $500,000 to the SC4 Foundation’s All Aboard: Campaign for Talent, Technology, and Tomorrow specifically for student scholarships.

Before Oldford’s donation, the campaign had raised just over $125,600 for student scholarships, well over their goal of $100,000.

SC4 President Dr. Pollock made the announcement Nov. 3 at SC4’s annual Red Carpet Affair as a public thanks.

The Stephen B. and Clara E. Oldford Scholarship Endowment Fund, named in honor of Oldford’s parents, will be received over the next five years. The first installment needs time to generate interest and then will be available to the students for scholarships starting in the 2013-2014 year.

Graduates of St. Clair and Sanilac County high schools with a 2.5 GPA are eligible for the scholarship. Applicants will be required to submit an essay.

The scholarship amount student applicants will be able to receive, and how many students the fund could benefit, will vary and has yet to be determined.

“As the interest grows, we can help more students,” said David Goetze, SC4 Director of College Advancement and Alumni Relations.

According to Goetze, the scholarship could be as much as full tuition and books.

To set up a scholarship fund, there must be a $20,000 endowment, though
this can be paid in installments.

There is also the option of donating to existing scholarships. Donations can also be made online, though there is a $10 minimum for credit cards due to processing fees.

For a list of available scholarships, go to

“Students should always look into everything that they are potentially eligible for. People want to help,” said Pollock.

Between semesters

Between semesters

Rachael Pittiglio

Guest writer


You have a minimum of 23 days. But don’t worry—it’s just winter break.

SC4’s final week of classes and exams begins on Dec. 17 and ends on Dec. 21, and the winter 2013 semester does not start until Jan. 14.  This means there is just a little more than three weeks to prepare (be it mentally, physically, or fiscally) for the next semester, or for whatever else 2013 holds for you.

For some, the break means time for an academic recharge.

Textbooks used at SC4 for the fall 2012 semester. Photo Credit: Rachael Pittiglio

“First three days I’m not doing nothing. I’m not even gonna look at a book,” says Kevin Doyle, a student in the liberal arts program.

After 16 weeks of classes and then finals, even the most studious of us can use a little while off.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t put that time to work. You might put in a few more hours at your job, or, if you haven’t already, you might register for winter classes.

If this semester was your last at SC4, you might spend the break getting ready for a new job, or to transfer.

Even if you’ll still be working, the break from school provides some time to tackle other projects and catch up with friends and family. Kris Raymond, a criminal justice corrections major, says she’ll use it to move to a new home and to spend time with her daughter.

Of course, sometimes the value of having time off is that you don’t have to schedule anything. Business major Michael Mulé has no definite plans about what to do during his break.

“I’m not too sure yet,” Mulé said. “Possibly going north snowmobiling. Hanging out with family; that kind of stuff.”

You might relish the chance to sleep in, or the opportunity to decide what to do with the downtime day by day.

Whatever your plan, or lack thereof, you’ll have at least 23 days to enact it. What will you do with your winter break?

Be prepared

Be prepared

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

To see a man you consider a second father thrashing around on the floor, unable to control any movement in his body, is not something I can easily put into words.

The other night I experienced this for the second time, ironically during epilepsy awareness month.

Aside from calling the ambulance, standing around and watching the person have a seizure doesn’t help very much.

David and I moved all the furniture away from his father and anything else he might harm himself with, and grabbed a pillow so he wouldn’t hit his head on the floor. During this, his mother made sure that his teeth wouldn’t bite through his tongue during the episode.

Not living in a household with an epileptic, I didn’t realize just how much you need to have ready should the person go into a grand mal seizure at any moment.

Having a card with contacts and medical information at hand can be so important.

According to epilepsyfoundation .org, one out of ten adults will have a seizure in their lifetime.

I am sad to say that while calling 911, I blanked on the address. A friend’s house I had visited for at least seven years, and had to turn over the phone.

Take advantage of epilepsy awareness month and inform yourself so you can be prepared…just in case.

For the “Dragon Age” fans

For the “Dragon Age” fans

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

As “Dragon Age” fans all over await the release of game three, “Dragon Age: The Silent Grove” might help ease the pain.

Written by David Gaider, lead writer for the “Dragon Age” games, and Alexander Freed, senior writer for “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” and illustrated by Chad Hardin, this comic series is definitely worth picking up, provided you are knowledgeable of the “Dragon Age” world.

Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

The art is stunning. The story is intriguing. And the characters are well written.

Perhaps one of the biggest things that the series has going for it are its protagonists. Rather than creating new characters, the writers went with faces that all fans of the series should recognize.

Faces such as Alistair, the current king of Ferelden and former companion of the Warden in “Dragon Age: Origins.” Joining his highness on this journey are two of Hawke’s companion from “Dragon Age II,” Isabela and Varric.

Not exactly three characters fans would expect to see hanging around each other.

The unlikely trio have found themselves in Antiva, home to Thedas’ deadliest assassins, the Crows. Despite the dangers that exist in the land, Alistair has chosen to brave Antiva in order to search for something of importance to him. Isabela and Varric are pretty much just along for the ride, and the gold.

Now, there is a downside to the series, and that is that it establishes a canon storyline.

One of the big draws of games like “Dragon Age” is that the player is allowed to make choices and ultimately create their own story. An example being Alistair, some players may not have made him the king.

I’d recommend to any readers whose games don’t fit the canon found in the comics to think of it as an alternate storyline and just sit back and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the characters.

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree”

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree”

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor

“Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, thy candles shine so brightly” are lyrics from Ernst Gebhard Anschutz’s 1824 song.

In 2012, local Christmas trees will shine brightly because of Port Huron Hospital’s 24th Annual Festival of Trees.

This event will be held Dec. 1-2 at McMorran Place Arena, 701 McMorran Boulevard in Port Huron.

Photo Credit: Tomas Z Krawczak a creative commons liscence

According to Port Huron, over 55 custom designed trees and 50 wreaths will be available for raffle.

Festival of Trees Foundation Secretary, Danielle Hunt, said this year’s theme is “Let Christmas Shine.”

According to Hunt, new this year is a tree from the Blue Water Area Wood Turners Association.

“Each ornament is hand carved by the Wood Turners club,” said Hunt.

Additionally, Hunt said there will be raffles for a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and an IPad mini.

Other events for this year’s event include: Santa’s live reindeer, ice skating and dancing by local performers, cookie decorating and arts and crafts.

Hunt said proceeds from this year’s event will go towards the hospitals purchase of a Da Vinci Surgical Robot and a new CT scanner.

For more information about the Festival of Trees, call (800)228-1484.

Photo Credit Twana Pinskey