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Pets of the issue

Pets of the issue

Christina Stoutenburg



To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810) 657-8962 or e-mail them at societypets You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www. petfinder .com  /shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.


Alice a female Huskey

Alice is a female Husky who is house trained. She has black, gray, blue, or silver fur, and is spayed and up-to-date with routine shots. Her adoption fee is only $175.00.


Frosty, a male Spinx/Siamese Mix

Frosty is a young male white, cream point Sphinx/ Siamese mix. He is neutered, house trained, and up-to-date on routine shots. His adoption fee is only $75.

For more inquiries contact the shelter.

Local filmmakers “Bare” all at Blue Water Film Festival

Local filmmakers “Bare” all at Blue Water Film Festival

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer

You never know who you’ll run into.

The fourth annual Blue Water Film Festival ran last weekend; Oct. 4 through the 6, from the short film submissions to a guest appearance by Curtis Armstrong, the festival affirmed itself as a Midwest staple for independent film.

“Bare” a short film by Katherine Nofs, a Kalamazoo resident and an SC4 alumni, took the top spot by winning the Blue Water Film Festival’s Platinum Award, which included a $1,000 cash prize.

Even though the final day ended with a bang, there were many events leading up to the awards ceremony.

A contestant of the Film Festival

The film festival started the weekend off with the midwest premiere of Jamie Meltzer’s feature length documentary “Informant”; the film was produced by Michigan and Port Huron’s own Steve Bannatyne, who co-founded Lucky Hat Entertainment.

The Blue Water Film Festival showcases tons of Michigan talent each year.

“I think we’re all Michigan talent, and if we do what we’re capable of doing it’ll help Michigan out all around,” said Jeremy Stemen, executive director of the Blue Water Film Festival.

Day two of the festival featured comedian Loni Love, who hails from Detroit and can be seen on television shows “Chelsea Lately” and “Worlds Dumbest.”

Love entertained an audience with an evening of comedy; this set the stage for a much anticipated day three of films.

The Blue Water Film Festival

Large groups gathered in the McMorran Theatre lobby, Saturday, Oct. 6, anxiously awaiting each block of films that the festival provided.

Labeled A through D, the blocks featured all 27 films chosen to be in the festival.

After block D closed, the fourth annual Blue Water Film Awards commenced.

The awards began with a keynote speech by Curtis Armstrong, an actor whose accomplishments include “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Risky Business.”

Armstrong received the E-nerd Award, sponsored by Nerds-on-Site; and reminded the audience that “nerds rule.” Armstrong then showed a never before seen promo for his upcoming TBS reality show “King of Nerds.”

Following Armstrong’s speech and promo, the film awards began.

It was an exciting spectacle as each award from “Best Direction” to “Best Lead Actor” was given out.  The final award had the director and cast of “Bare” called to the stage to accept the award.

The Film Festival closed with a Q&A with the directors and “Red Carpet” mingling as “cine-buffs” and filmmakers alike, conversed about the day.

For those interested in getting involved next year you can write the festival at BWFF@ BlueWaterFilmFestival. com, or “Like” the Blue Water Film Festival on Facebook.

Great Lakes basin “deep trouble”

Great Lakes basin “deep trouble”

Carol Szparaga  

Staff Writer

SC4’s Green Team and the Blue Water Sierra Club co-sponsored Brennain Lloyd, project coordinator of North Watch, and John Jackson, interim executive director and director of Clean Productions and Toxics, Great Lakes United, held a presentation on campus in the M-TEC Building on Sept. 30, 2012.

Approximately 50 people attended this presentation.

The presentation included information about Ontario Power Generation seeking official approval from the Canadian government for a proposal to locate 200,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste below the Bruce Nuclear Generating station, approximately 50 miles from Lake Huron shoreline.

This will cause health concerns for residence along the shoreline, not to mention environmental issues.

The great Lakes

Among these concerns are poor quality of water for drinking, and the possibility of closing many beaches with any type of leakage of the radioactive material.

The proposal is scheduled to be put forward in 2013.

The proposed nuclear waste burial site would be located adjacent to the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station near Kincardine, Ontario, on Lake Huron.

If you would like to address your concerns, feel free to attend the Blue Waters Sierra Club’s next meeting, which will be held Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at the Acheson Community Resource Room, 514 McMorran Blvd. This event is open to the public.

Photo Poll

Photo Poll

Hayley Myron



“What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?”



Maryann Lawrence

Port Huron


“As of right now, a good witch.”


Ian Wixson



“I thought about James Bond.”


Liz Cottrell

Marine City

Registered Nurse

“I might dress up as a clown to go trick or treating with my daughter.”

Students run for SC4 Board of Trustees

Students run for SC4 Board of Trustees

Liz Whittemore

Photo Edito

For the Nov. 6, 2012, elections for SC4’s Board of Trustees, two current SC4 students will be on the ballot.

Students Steve Rappolee, of Fort Gratiot, and Vice President of Student Government Sean Lathrop, of Port Huron, hope to attain a position on the Board. There are currently two openings.

Through academics, campus environment and resources, the SC4 Board of Trustees strives to increase student success.

Lathrop is currently serving on the 2012-2013 Student Government Executive Board as Vice President.

He believes that student representation on the Board of Trustees will prove to be beneficial.

“I have noticed that being Vice President of the Student Government still does not give much of a voice when it comes to decisions that directly affect the students,” said Lathrop.

Lathrop supports student representation for the Board.

Rappolee agrees that the Board should have student representation.

“I believe that students who experience the college first hand know best the strengths and weaknesses of our community college,” said Rappolee.

Both candidates are in strong support of the recent SC4 green projects, such as the geothermal plans for the North Building, and would like to see those ideas progress.

“In comparison to other community colleges and some universities, we seem to be ahead of the curb in technology, international students, and green projects,” said Lathrop.

The second candidate, 9/11 veteran Steve Rapolee, believes that his experience in service has played a part in his decision to run for the Board.

“It is important that those of us who serve our country, continue serving by running for elective office,” said Rappolee.

Rappolee and Lathrop are two of eight candidates running for the Board.

Donna Blay, Jill Jamison, John Ogden, James Relken, Gordon Ruttan, and Dennis Wend are also running for a position on the Board.

Lathrop acknowledges that this will be a tough election.

“I am facing former city government officials that have far more experience than I,” said Lathrop. “That doesn’t count me out of the race though. With sweat, tears, and determination, I believe that I could win this election.”

Voting will be held at local precincts. Anyone within the educational district of SC4 is welcome to vote.

To find out where you can vote, visit


Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

DJ Palm

Sports Editor


The Lady Skippers had their hands full at home, losing to Mott CC in straight sets 25-18, 26-24, and 25-16 last Tuesday, Sept 18.

Head Coach Chuck Wiesner said that Mott CC’s game plan is to attack the net from the side, and that’s exactly what they did.

In the first set, it was spikes on both sides of the net that had the Lady Skips trailing early 18-12. Then Kala Wagner was able to get her arms up over the net and block a booming spike for a point from Mott that made it 18-13.

But, as the Lady Skips looked like they were gaining momentum, Mott took it right back and eventually won the first set 25-18.

Second set, Mott CC opened up the scoring quickly in the second set 15-8. Then a spark was provided for the Lady Skips, thanks to Katie Bearse.

Bearse had three key blocked spikes for points that pulled the team within four 21-17. As points went back and forth, it looked like as Mott CC was starting to show signs of fatigue as Heather Griffis had two greatly timed soft tappers over the net to pull the Skips within three, and an absolute bomb that rocketed off her fist to put them within 1.

Then, Bearse had two out of the next three points with a soft tapper over the net and a spike that tied the game at 24. But in extra points, Mott CC went back to their original side attack game plan which won them the second set, 26-24.

Third set started off with the Lady Skips edging out their first lead since the beginning of the first set, 6-5. As the Skippers looked like they were going to get a substantial lead with 9-7, Mott CC roared back with three straight points.

The middle of the third set was like a see-saw as there were four lead changes. Mott CC, with the good side attack, eventually pulled away. The Skippers tried to hang in, but the ball was finding the inside of the line more for Mott CC then it was for the Lady Skips.

Mott would receive 8 of the last 11 points, taking the third set and the win, 25-16.

Wiesner said after the game it was “too many freshman mistakes” that cost the game.

“We were playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Just not enough experience yet, but I liked that they were still communicating and playing together as a team,” said Wiesner.



Pets of the Issue

Pets of the issue

Christina Stoutenburg



To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810) 657-8962 or e-mail them at societypets You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www. petfinder .com  /shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.


Belle, an Rottweiler Mix

Belle is a senior, 6-year-old, female Rottweiler mix who is house trained, but prefers a home without cats. She has short length black, red, chestnut fur and is spayed and up-to-date with routine shots. Adoption fee is only $175.00.


Scarlet an domestic short  hair

Scarlet is a female orange and white domestic short hair. She is a medium sized baby, is or will soon be spayed, up-to-date with routine shots, and house-trained. Scarlet was born at the shelter. Her adoption fee is only $75.



Graduation Registration

Graduation registration

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor


Is this your last semester here at SC4? If yes, have you registered for graduation?

The Oct. 1 deadline is fast approaching. Student who have yet to apply have only a few days to get that application in.


SC4 graduates Tara Tupin and Twana Pinskey


Students can apply for graduation online via their WAVE account, or can fill out the application by hand by stopping in the Student Services One-Stop office, found in room 123 of the Acheson Technology Center.

The application can also be printed off from www. sc4. edu / records. On this same page, students will also find a graduation checklist.

And, applying is free.

Registrar Carrie Bearss is the one responsible for processing the graduation application, and awarding of the degrees and certificates. According to Bearss, graduation “is a student-initiated process; in order to process a student’s degree, it is necessary to apply for graduation.”

If a student is uncertain about their academic readiness, Bearss says that they can meet with an academic advisor for a graduation audit, or check on their WAVE account via the “View classes needed for my degree” link.

After submitting their application, students should receive a letter in the mail indicating their status and what classes they need to complete to graduate. Bearss said that many times the listed classes are ones that the student is enrolled in for the current semester.

A cap and gown will be provided for the graduating students by SC4, but those who qualify for honor cords must purchase them from the SC4 bookstore.

“Honors designations are based on a student’s grade point average as of the end of the fall 2012 semester,” said Bearss.

It is recommended that students get in their application by the deadline on Oct. 1. Those who turn it in after may not be processed until the following graduation.


City hotspots: Crossroad Cafe

City hotspots: Crossroad Cafe

Sean Lathrop

Guest Writer

Home cooking and just a quick hop from the college, it’s the Crossroad Cafe at the corner of 7th and Lapeer.

Owner and Head Chef, Colleen Campbell, says that Crossroad is different from other restaurants because of the freshness in their food, and they use only Michigan ingredients.

“I make everything by hand,” said Campbell. “When you order it, I make it from scratch.”

There is an expectation that fresh ingredients means high prices, but someone can have lunch for under five dollars.

A student recieving a delcious meal

Crossroad also features weekly 50 cent specials with “Taco Mondays”, “Slider Tuesdays”, and all you can eat spaghetti on Wednesdays.

Perhaps one of their biggest draws is the build your own burger menu. Customers choose which kind of bread, meat, cheese, vegetables, condiments, and for a little extra, one can add bacon, a fried egg, or even a second patty of their choices.

The atmosphere is always inviting as well. It seems every waitress tries to know a patron’s name as well as that person’s usual order.

Students should also take note of the free Wi-Fi the cafe offers and the 10% discount students receive with presentation of a Skippers OneCard.

Crossroad Cafe is open Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with hours extended to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


Health and Wellness Expo has a peel

On Thursday, April 7, SC4’s Health and Wellness Club held the Health and Wellness Expo in the SC4 College Center. The expo featured representatives from numerous organizations centered around improving personal wellness.

The MSU Extension, County of St. Clair Health Department, Curves, and the Teen Health Center were among some of the exhibits providing information to students.

The expo was free to all students. Those who attended received complementary fruit and were entered into drawings for door prizes.

Kay McGuigan of the wellness committee on campus said, “The benefit is to expose our students and staff to education on a better life [and] other forms of healthy living.”

The Expo has been a regular event at the college for several years. “Over time, people ask more about it and what will be in it next,” said McGuigan.

Denise Hagan, representative of the County of St. Clair Health Department, thinks it shows people more options on staying healthy. By her estimates, the Expo had close to 200 participants. “It’s a good turnout.”

Carol Bublitz of the MSU extension said MSU has been at every expo. Her table had 87 visitors by 1:30PM. Bublitz enjoys the expo because it brings a large amount of info into one location so students do not have to search for it.

Attendees, such as Gregory Rushton, 20, of Fort Gratiot, had mixed feelings about the expo. “Interesting, lots of information,” said Rushton, “I think it was targeted to a much older audience.”

Clay Kimball

Guest Writer