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The season of giving… blood

The season of giving… blood

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer


The need is constant.

The gratification is instant.

Give Blood.

Phi Theta Kappa held a Red Cross blood drive Monday and Tuesday in the College Center Café, where they beat their goal for donations, and spread the word of why donations are so important around the winter season.

“[Giving Blood] is important in winter months because the number of donations is much lower,” said Tyler Wessel, a student member of Phi Theta Kappa.

According to CBS News, blood donations in the U.S. are at a fifteen year low; with recent natural disasters, the need for these donations is even more significant. On average, a one pint donation can save three lives.

“After [hurricane] Sandy the need for blood donation is even greater,” said Sarah Mineau, Vice President of Service for Phi Theta Kappa.

One major reason that donation numbers have fallen is the fact that many people are unaware of how exactly to give blood, according to The process of donating blood is incredibly safe and simple; it’s getting ready for an appointment that is the most critical part.

Hydrating the day of an appointment is very important, and making sure a student has healthy iron levels is crucial for eligibility. Bring a list of medications being taken is encouraged, as well as identification.

After the initial registration, a “mini physical” will take place, and then the donation process will begin.

Once this is completed and a student has donated blood, they are asked to sit for about 10 minutes to enjoy refreshments and relax. It is very important to continue drinking fluids the rest of the day after each donation.

If you want to know more about donating blood with the Red Cross, you can go to www. RedCrossBlood .org and use code STCCCC to sign up for Phi Theta Kappa’s next blood drive in April.

A taste of downtown Port Huron

A taste of downtown Port Huron

Erick Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor


The Downtown Port Huron Bar and Restaurant Collective will be hosting a tasting of the local fare Saturday, Nov.10, in the McMorran auditorium.

The tasting will start at 2 p.m and run until 7 p.m.

Restaurants that will be participating in this event include the Atrium, the Raven Café, Fuel Woodfire Grill, Quay Street Brewery, the Coffee Harbor, and Lynch’s Irish Tavern.

The Port Huron Brand Restaurant Collective Logo

Tickets, at $1 each, will be sold at the event that can be redeemed at the vendors for a variety of food and drink, ranging from breakfast to dessert, and anything in between.

Live entertainment will also be provided by the Raven Café, with roughly two-four sets lined up for the event spaced over the five hour period.

Mike Taylor, B.R.C. president and owner of Fuel Woodfire Grill, emphasized the importance of the event, and encourages all to attend.

“We want people to know that there is an alternative to going to visit the chain restaurants down in Fort Gratiot,” Taylor explained, “Downtown Port Huron has the potential to be a great place, and we want the community’s involvement in making that vision happen.”

Tom Sullivan up close and personal

Tom Sullivan up close and personal

Christina Stoutenburg



ZDC members hold props while posing with Tom Sullivan. Photo Credit: Christina Stoutenburg

After the showing of “The Army of Darkness,” on Friday, Nov. 2, guest speaker Tom Sullivan conducted an open question and answer session. The following is an excerpt from this; the full question and answer session can be found under the ESG podcast tab.

 “What do you find most creatively fulfilling, doing something with a little more of a budget so you have a little more freedom to do things easier? Or do you like to do something where you kind of have to problem solve your way through it?”


“You know no matter how much money you have, it’s always amazing, problems except for the more money, the more pressure there is. And these days there are so many solutions to your special effects problems, and what I found is the cheapest ones are usually the most effective.

“I mean, if you’re looking for bang for your buck kinda of thing, I’ve heard about directors who spend all this money on floods of blood, or something like that, and the thing that gets a big scare is a little simple wound, you know that you did for nothing… But, no budgets don’t really matter, other than hopefully your pay check, you know, you can elaborate on ‘Evil Dead.’”


   “What was the one film, or episode, you watched when you were younger and you said, “Gee I wanna make props like whoever’s doing that?’”


“Well, I saw ‘King Kong,’ or at least the first half of it, when I was 5-years-old. My brother and I turned on the 10 a.m. Saturday morning matinee, and there was ‘King Kong.’

“We watched it until the T-Rex/King Kong fight, and Dad was like, ‘Come on guys we gotta go to the lumber yard.’ ‘Oh, Dad, it’s the coolest movie.’

“I didn’t see the end of it until a year later, that’s all I talked about for the next year was dinosaurs and King Kong and how they do this…”


   “How do you feel about the rise of digital special effects? I feel something’s kinda lost in the film, in a lot of the horror special effects, like the B movies have kind of dropped off because of the digital special effects versus practical special effects. The question kind of got away from me, just how do you feel about them?”


“Let me take a poll… who prefers… practical effects? Digital effects? Who just likes them both as best as done as they can possibly be? That’s the way I look at it. (both as best as done as they can possibly be).”

Rummel’s students showcase “The Art of Photography”

Rummel’s students showcase “The Art of Photography”

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer

Professional photographer and SC4 instructor Mark Rummel’s photography students are showing off their skills with “The Art of Photography” exhibit in the Fine Arts Building’s galleries.

Until Nov. 21, photography students’ photos are hanging in the galleries of the Fine Arts Building on the SC4 campus. Gallery hours are weekdays: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission to the exhibit is free.

Showcased are examples of texture, patterns, lines, portraits and more in the medium of photography.

All photos are from students who are taking, or have taken, Rummel’s photography class, and have submitted their work to be in the show.

The exhibit displays art from both students who are “photo hobbyists” and budding professionals alike, and this showcase truly shows off the creativity and talent that SC4 students have.

For more information on “The Art of Photography” exhibit, visit the event calendar at, or contact Mark Rummel at

Register now

Register now

Hayley Myron


Registration for the Winter Semester opened on Monday, Nov. 5.

If you sign up from now to Nov. 30 there will be no payment required until the final payment is due on Dec. 14.

However, if you prefer to pay increments they are accepted up through Dec. 13.

Once December begins all the way to Jan. 22, when you sign up for classes the full payment is due at the time of registration.

There are a few different ways to sign up for winter classes.

One of the ways you can do it is through your SC4 WAVE account. On the website there is also a Schedule Planner located under the registration link to help you plan out your semester.

Another way is to go to the academic advisors and they will help create a schedule that will fit you best.

The winter semester begins on Jan. 14, 2013.

Also, do not forget that the last day to withdraw from any of your fall semester classes is on Friday, Nov. 17. Even though you do not get a refund for the classes you drop, it is still worth looking into. Getting a “W” is much better than receiving a failing grade on your transcripts.

If you need help, or more information, go to, or call (810) 989-5520.

Photo Poll

Photo Poll

Carol Szparaga  

Staff Writer


“Why do you feel it is important to vote this election year?”



James Krosnicki

Macro (Bio Medical Sciences)


“There are so many issues that can change this year, one of them being changes such as Health Care.”



Brandon Bergen

Associates in science


“It is important to vote, because each candidate has different views on the middle class economy, which is the bulk of our students and America. It is important to vote, also because it will affect your life as a citizen. The next four years of your life are in your hands.”


Stacy Boyle

Environmental science


“It is the basis of our democracy. Voting is how we express our opinions, and there is more at stake this election, because of the condition of our country.”


Maria Watson

Computer application


“The economy needs to be fixed. Romney’s for the rich and not the middle class. It is important that you vote because we need to vote for someone that will represent us, to create jobs and eliminate homelessness.”


Lexie Muldoon

Physical therapy assistant


“This is the actual election that both candidates can make big changes. Both candidates have differences in opinions, and thoughts. It is important to vote for the one that will benefit the majority.”

Art Hop for Blue Water

Art Hop for Blue Water

Carol Szparaga

Staff Writer

On Nov. 2, local Merchants will be turning their store fronts into art galleries for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Poster Credit: Blue Water Young Professionals

The Blue Water Young Professionals and Downtown Port Huron Merchants are getting together on Nov. 2 2012, from 5-9 p.m.  This event is free and will begin at participating locations.

This Art Hop will include artists who have designed unique pieces available for purchasing.  There will be approx. 25 art stops and 35 artists available.

There will be music in the streets. You can either walk between stops, or take a ride on the trolley.

Brochures are available at the Fine Art Building and other participating locations.

Pets of the issue

Pets of the issue

Christina Stoutenburg



To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810) 657-8962 or e-mail them at societypets You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www. petfinder .com  /shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.

Brandi is a female Labrador Retriever mix who is house trained; prefers a home without cats or other dogs. She has short black fur and is spayed and up-to-date with routine shots. Her adoption fee is $175.00.

Alcatraz is a young male, black and white domestic short hair. He is neutered, house trained, and up-to-date on routine shots. His adoption fee is $75.

For more inquiries contact the shelter.

Homeless Awareness

Homeless Awareness

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

A SC4 club, the Zombie Defense Council, hosted their Homeless Awareness event from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16.

After a week of clouds and rain, and temperatures as low as 25 degrees, the club enjoyed a 53 degree sunny day.

ZDC members utilized the new McMorran Greenway to build their box fort.

Club advisor Robert Kroll partook in holding down the fort.

“After the gimmick wore away rather quickly, I felt terrible to the point I personally became rather irritable,” said Kroll. “I know a lot of other kids that day did as well.”

Originally an event that Phi Theta Kappa hosted, the ZDC members decided to maintain the Homeless Awareness event.

“We sort of took what they had, and built upon it; made it bigger, used more people, and did it in the open where everyone can see,” said ZDC club member Chris Campbell.

According to Kroll, the club wanted to do something a little different to raise awareness.

“I cannot say that I know 100 percent for sure what it is like to be homeless, but I feel personally I have a little more empathy,” said Kroll. “I hope that people understand a little better about what people should be grateful for.”

Casey’s expands; While prices for students contract


Casey’s expands; While prices for students contract

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer

With crispy flatbreads, bocce ball, and a new student discount, Casey’s Pizza and Subs’ new bar patio expansion proves to be a hit with customers, but not a hit on their wallets.

In July, Casey’s opened it’s widely anticipated bar expansion to the public; the space being themed after Key West makes for a relaxing dining experience.

The Outside of Caseys

“Half way through construction the theme of the bar started to take its own shape… by putting seashells and colored lights in there, it made the theme come alive, the Key West feel,” said Casey Harris, owner of Casey’s Pizza and Subs.

The bar also features an interesting sight in the Blue Water area, two bocce ball courts that were placed next to the patio for patrons to use after a meal or while enjoying drinks.

“Bocce ball is a good way for groups of people to interact and do something after they eat,” said Harris.

Along with the new expansion and bocce courts, Casey’s is offering a discount this fall for SC4 students who show their Skippers OneCard at time of purchase. The discount is 15 percent off any food purchase for the remainder of the fall semester.

Students may consider using the discount on recently added menu items; this includes table side guacamole, which is made to order right beside your seat, as well as pizza flatbreads that can be ordered with any pizza topping.

Along with new food items, Casey’s has added two new drink specials to the menu for the month of October. Being huge supporters of breast cancer awareness and research, Casey and his wife Carrie decided to add special “pink” mixed drinks to the menu through October.

The drinks of Caseys

“We are donating one dollar back from purchase of every pink drink to help fund breast cancer research; we have one drink called the Pink Floyd and one called the Pink Ribbon Martini,” said Harris.

Customers are so far very supportive of the new drinks.

“I’ve always loved Casey’s food, and yeah, I’ll try a pink drink to support Breast Cancer Research,” said Robert Murch, a Casey’s Pizza customer.

After an expansion, new menu items, a generous student discount and charitable donations on select drinks, the only reason to not visit Casey’s Pizza and Subs is if you have class.