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Homeless Awareness

Homeless Awareness

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

A SC4 club, the Zombie Defense Council, hosted their Homeless Awareness event from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16.

After a week of clouds and rain, and temperatures as low as 25 degrees, the club enjoyed a 53 degree sunny day.

ZDC members utilized the new McMorran Greenway to build their box fort.

Club advisor Robert Kroll partook in holding down the fort.

“After the gimmick wore away rather quickly, I felt terrible to the point I personally became rather irritable,” said Kroll. “I know a lot of other kids that day did as well.”

Originally an event that Phi Theta Kappa hosted, the ZDC members decided to maintain the Homeless Awareness event.

“We sort of took what they had, and built upon it; made it bigger, used more people, and did it in the open where everyone can see,” said ZDC club member Chris Campbell.

According to Kroll, the club wanted to do something a little different to raise awareness.

“I cannot say that I know 100 percent for sure what it is like to be homeless, but I feel personally I have a little more empathy,” said Kroll. “I hope that people understand a little better about what people should be grateful for.”

Season of giving

Season of giving

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

   Some of you may have noticed the donation boxes popping up all over campus. What do these boxes mean?

The Phi Theta Kappa food drive has begun.

Kicking off on Monday, Oct. 15, the food drive will run until Friday, Dec. 7.

“Anyone can donate!” said Angela Heiden, advisor to the Phi Theta Kappa, Lambda Mu chapter, here at SC4.

Donations of nonperishable food items are what the club is collecting, but monetary donations may also be made by getting in contact with Heiden. Collected donations will be going to the Blue Water Food Depot.

“It stays local and helps to feed our neighbors, friends, and family,” said Heiden.

Heiden believes that the most donations ever collected was in 2007, with a total of 11,441 lbs and $5,125.

Heiden said that this is the Phi Theta Kappa’s 30th year doing the food drive.

Things that go bump…in the morning

Things that go bump…in the morning

Joyce Smith

Staff Writer

Ever had that dream, or nightmare, where you are being chased by monsters, ghosts, or other-worldly beasts?

If you have, then that’s one dream that can come true if you participate in these year’s Skippers Spooktacular 5K Fun Run/Walk.

This year, the race will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Runners and walkers are invited to wear their favorite Halloween Costume (optional) and run/walk to benefit the SC4 student athletic scholarship fund.

Prizes will be awarded for best costume, one for adults and one for youth 17 and younger.  Registration fee is $30 for all ages.

Anyone who has questions, or needs more information, may contact Dale Vos at (810) 989-5671 or



An introduction to the SC4 introductory course

An introduction to the SC4 introductory course

Hayley Myron


All students that are new to SC4 are required to take an introductory course to the school.

Now, I am a freshman this year and I just recently found out about this class, like many of my other friends.

This is the first year that SC4 has required this course. It takes place every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays before winter class registrations begin.

In order for new students to continue on to the winter semester, they must take this class beforehand.

This class is a onetime deal, so once you take it you will never have to do it again. The best part about this class is that it is free.

The SC4 introduction class takes only three hours of your time, and it gives you an overview of the college.

Some of the subjects that will be covered are academic planning, the college campus, registration, and much more. It will also allow new students to become familiar with SC4’s student polices and all of the services available to them.

Melissa Bratton, from Marysville, told me how she felt about the new introductory class, “I thought it would help new students feel more comfortable with the campus and be better prepared when class started.”

What’s in your wallet? The Skippers OneCard!

What’s in your wallet? The Skippers OneCard!

Joyce Smith

Staff Writer

New this year on the SC4 campus, the Skippers OneCard!

Over 3200 students have already been photographed for the “new and improved” version of the traditional student identification card.

Aside from featuring student photos for positive identification purposes, the new card offers other innovations designed to simply life for students and faculty, including access to library and student fitness center services, student discounts, and financial aid access options.

A sample Skippers One Card

Additionally, cards can be reloaded and used like a debit card campus-wide for purchases at the book store, cafeteria, campus vending and at traditional ATM locations. Ultimately credits from book buy backs may also be directed to the SkippersOne Card.

Some questions regarding security and credit report impact have come up on campus.

According to Bonnie DiNardo, Co-Project Manager for SC4, “The cards are very secure. They are FDIC insured, and activating your Skippers OneCard online is through a highly secured system utilized by over 770 institutions nationwide. Skippers OneCard information will never be released to creditors, and so will not impact your credit report.”

However, students must activate the card to be able to access all the services being offered, and also to access financial aid refunds.

DiNardo added, “Even if students are not receiving financial aid, or anticipating a refund, they MUST activate the card to access library and other student services.”

Students need not open an account with HigherOne, but they must activate their card and choose an option to gain access to their student financial aid funds.

What’s in it for the school and HigherOne?

According to DiNardo the school is endeavoring to streamline the financial aid distribution process, increase student security and add access to student benefits and services for all students.

HigherOne is hoping that students will opt to open a debit card account with them, and that they will create a long-term banking relationship.

If you are one of the over 1400 students who have not had their photos taken, you are urged to do so as soon as possible by visiting the Student Success Center.

You may contact Bonnie DiNardo at to check times to have your photo taken, or to inquire if you have had your photo taken already but have not yet received your card.

“Like any new system there have been a few glitches, but we are working through them.  And, we would love to hear any suggestions for improvement that anyone may have,” DiNardo concluded.

So next time someone asks you, “What’s in your wallet?” you will be able to answer, “My Skippers OneCard student ID!”

Help is out there

Help is out there

Christina Stoutenburg


College finical aid isn’t the only assistance available to students.

With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon for the Port Huron area, according to michigangasprices .com, and U.S. heating oil and propane prices rising, according to the Energy Information Administration(EIA), those in need do have places they can turn to.

The Michigan Department of Human Services has information individuals in need can review about different programs available, ranging from food assistance to child care help, available on their website, www. michigan. gov/dhs.

A link available on the DHS website will also forward individuals to mibridges. michigan. gov, where they can check eligibility, apply for benefits and view cases as advertised on the homepage.

Bridge Cards are a thing of the past, as the DHS has stated in that college students will not be able to receive help unless there is a “true need.”

But other programs remain the same.

Women, Infants, and Children’s Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program, or W.I.C., offers specialized assistance to pregnant women and/or children under 5, according to Kelly Hand, clerk typist.

Being a full-time student does not affect your eligibility. Hand said, “It seems like a lot more are going to college now.”

For eligibility Hand said, “We would either go by their income, or if they have Medicaid insurance they automatically qualify.”

Students may also find more localized help.

Mid-City Nutrition soup kitchen, which provides two hot meals a day on weekdays, and one a meal a day on weekends, according to their description, is just one of the programs on needhelppayingbills .com, under the “St. Clair County” section.

Need Help Paying Bills lists helpful information such as shelters, where to find help with food, prescriptions, health and human services, as well as legal assistance.

Phone numbers are also readily available on the site for all organizations listed to assist with obtaining more information directly from the organizations.

Casey’s expands; While prices for students contract


Casey’s expands; While prices for students contract

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer

With crispy flatbreads, bocce ball, and a new student discount, Casey’s Pizza and Subs’ new bar patio expansion proves to be a hit with customers, but not a hit on their wallets.

In July, Casey’s opened it’s widely anticipated bar expansion to the public; the space being themed after Key West makes for a relaxing dining experience.

The Outside of Caseys

“Half way through construction the theme of the bar started to take its own shape… by putting seashells and colored lights in there, it made the theme come alive, the Key West feel,” said Casey Harris, owner of Casey’s Pizza and Subs.

The bar also features an interesting sight in the Blue Water area, two bocce ball courts that were placed next to the patio for patrons to use after a meal or while enjoying drinks.

“Bocce ball is a good way for groups of people to interact and do something after they eat,” said Harris.

Along with the new expansion and bocce courts, Casey’s is offering a discount this fall for SC4 students who show their Skippers OneCard at time of purchase. The discount is 15 percent off any food purchase for the remainder of the fall semester.

Students may consider using the discount on recently added menu items; this includes table side guacamole, which is made to order right beside your seat, as well as pizza flatbreads that can be ordered with any pizza topping.

Along with new food items, Casey’s has added two new drink specials to the menu for the month of October. Being huge supporters of breast cancer awareness and research, Casey and his wife Carrie decided to add special “pink” mixed drinks to the menu through October.

The drinks of Caseys

“We are donating one dollar back from purchase of every pink drink to help fund breast cancer research; we have one drink called the Pink Floyd and one called the Pink Ribbon Martini,” said Harris.

Customers are so far very supportive of the new drinks.

“I’ve always loved Casey’s food, and yeah, I’ll try a pink drink to support Breast Cancer Research,” said Robert Murch, a Casey’s Pizza customer.

After an expansion, new menu items, a generous student discount and charitable donations on select drinks, the only reason to not visit Casey’s Pizza and Subs is if you have class.

Halloween roundup

Halloween roundup

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor


Photo Credit: Iwona Kellie

This round up features kid-friendly events as well as events for those not faint of heart. Watch the next issue of the Erie Square Gazette for more information on haunted houses that will be reviewed by our staff.


  • Haunted Farm Museum.  Oct. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 from 7 to 11 p.m. at Goodell’s County Park. Cost is $10 Adults and $7 for kids 12 and under. Activities include two barns, a haunted hayride, a children’s fun area, a bonfire and concessions. For more information call (810) 320-6860.


  • Family Haunted Village and Spook Walk. Visit creaky old buildings, Halloween woods, walk through a cemetery and sit by a bonfire. Event dates include, Oct. 13 and 20 at 7 p.m. at the Sanilac County Historical Village and Museum located in Port Sanilac.  Cost is $2.00 per person. For information call (810) 662-9946.


  • Halloween in Greenfield Village, Dearborn. Follow an endless path of hand carved jack-o-lanterns. The path is filled with costumed characters, and treat stations are set up throughout the village to pass out candy. Dates are: Oct. 12-14, 19-20 and 26-28. Admission is $12.75-$15.00. Children two and under admitted free. Parking is $5.00. Ticket information available at (313)982-6001.


  • Village of Lexington’s “LexingTOMB Halloween Event.” Saturday, Oct. 27, from noon to 5p.m. in Lexington. This free event features a costume contest for all ages, games, a costume parade and prizes. For information call (810)705-2694.


  • Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. Located at 8450 West 10 mile road in Royal Oak, this event costs $7.00 in advanced for anyone two and up. Cost at gate is $10.00.  This annual event features a half mile trick or treat trail, a Ghoul game tent, the Zombie zone, a haunted reptile house and more. Further information is available at www. detroitzoo. org/events /zoo-boo.


  • Haunted house: The Devil’s Asylum. This is a new state of the art haunted house located at the McMorran Center in downtown Port Huron. Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Event features multiple rooms, qualified actors, audio and sound effects. Located at 701 McMorran Boulevard; admission is $20.00.


  • Judgment House. Cost is $12.00; receive $2.00 off with student I.D.  Friday and Saturday Oct. 22 and 23 from 6-11 p.m. Wednesday Oct. 27 from 6-10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday Oct.29 and 30 from 6-11 p.m. Not recommended for people with heart conditions, pregnant, or under the age of 10. For further information, visit www. gotothejunkyard .com


  • Haunted Farm of Terror. This farm offers a corn maze, haunted hayride, paintball zombie shoot, cider, donuts and more. Ticket prices include a combo package for $22.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 10 and under. Schedule information available at (586) 203-7222.


Wanted: a few special people

Wanted: a few special people

Joyce Ann Smith

Staff Writer

Blue Water Hospice is looking for new volunteers to sit with terminally ill individuals during their last days or months of life.

Volunteers are trained in sessions which total over 14 hours, and then are assigned to individuals who are seriously ill and have returned to their homes, or the Blue Water Hospice Home, to spend their final days.

Training sessions will be held Oct. 18 and 19, and Oct. 25 and 26. Sessions are Thursdays and Fridays from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., and participants must attend both weeks.

“It takes a special person to volunteer for this type of assignment,” states John Gridwood, MSA – Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. “Caring, compassion, patience, and willingness, are all qualities we look for in individuals who wish to join the Hospice team, and the need is great.”

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in doing Hospice care, you can call (810) 989-2452 to ask questions, or to register for upcoming training sessions.

Dark Knight returns… to DVD

Dark Knight returns… to DVD

Zachary Penzien

Production Editor

With Christopher Nolan’s Batman series wrapped up, I thought that I had my Batman movie fix for at least another year. But the recent release of DC’s “The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1” on DVD and Bluray has shown me how wrong I was.

This adaption of Frank Millers work leaves me waiting semi patiently for part two.

“The Dark Knight Returns” takes place in a Gotham City with crime rates out of control since Batman disappeared 10 years ago. In that time a gang calling themselves The Mutants has taken over the streets.

Through all of this, Batman is nowhere to be seen until the escape of a “rehabilitated” Harvey “Twoface” Dent, which prompts the pushing fifty Bruce Wayne to dawn the mantle of Batman to clean up the streets.

The Dark Knight Returns Part one Poster

Helping Batman on his war on crime is a young girl named Carrie Kelley, who aspires to take up the mantel of Robin. She is excited for Batman’s return, but not everyone in the city shares her enthusiasm.

TV personalities and public opinion are shifting away from favoring Gotham’s silent protector.

Usually the direct to DVD market is a desolate waste land of ill conceived projects and sequels that haven’t seen the original cat for several iterations. This however is not one of those movies.

With the voice work of Pieter Weller, aka Robocop, taking up the cowl for Batman, and Michal Emerson of “Lost” voicing the Joker in the upcoming part two. This is a can’t miss.

It needs to be pointed out that this movie is not for young kids, but the fact it’s a Frank Miller story should tell you all you need to know about that. The “Dark Knight Returns: Part One,” is available on DVD, Bluray, and On Demand right now.