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SC4 professor offers solutions to national quandary Democrats, Republicans: None of the Above gives political perspective

Therese MajeskiFront Cover (2)
Copy Editor

Kraig Archer, a professor of sociology here at SC4, has written a book that he believes has timely application to our current political state and that he hopes will motivate readers to pursue alternatives to the current two-party system.
“I would like my book to lead to a new political movement,” Archer said.
Insightful and refreshingly free of party bias, Archer’s book, Democrats, Republicans: None of the Above, offers perspective to our polarized political climate, asserting that as presidential elections draw near it is critical for voters to reassess national issues beyond the labels and conflicts of the Republican and Democratic parties.
Archer’s book examines an extensive range of much-debated governmental issues, covering topics such as the nation’s educational system, immigration, environmental concerns and international relations. In discussing these issues, Archer gives a judicious assessment of the national challenges that he feels the contentious government system is not properly addressing and suggests several practical solutions to national issues, both political and social.
“We all have a future in this country…these type of issues affect the type of future our kids are going to have,” Archer said.
Weighing in at 51 pages, None of the Above is, however, short for its densely packed subject matter, failing to fully clarify several key concepts.
Kraig Archer instructor high resThis lack of explanation could lessen the book’s impact for some readers; at times readers would need specialized political and sociological knowledge to fully understand the subject matter.
When, for example, Archer presents his views on flaws in the structure of the Supreme Court, he cites several cases in order to demonstrate a trend of decisions that he thinks lack foundation in proper constitutional interpretation. The problem here is a lack of elaboration; while Archer’s reasoning is very sound, he does not mention the issues under discussion in each case, slightly undercutting his argument for readers without a knowledge of judicial history.
Nevertheless, these structural imperfections are not entirely negative in their effects, making None of the Above a brief, accessible read, particularly for students and others whose busy schedules make finding time for political study difficult. This brevity makes the book a good entry point into a political education exploring a more balanced, better-informed political worldview.
Archer hopes that after readers finish None of the Above they will be inspired to take action by establishing a third political party to combat the problem of divisions in our present system.
The third political party that Archer proposes would be called the Faith Reform Party and would be founded both on Christian moral principles and on a desire to uphold America as an ever-improving nation.
Ultimately, None of the Above, while lacking in length and definition of terms, is a well-reasoned, skillfully argued and easily read a book that can serve as a stepping stone into a style of independent, intelligent political thought that is unencumbered by excess party polarization.
Archer’s book is available through in both print and e-book format.

Letter from President Snyder

SC4 President Deborah Snyder. (courtesy of SC4)
SC4 President Deborah Snyder. (courtesy of SC4)
The weather is finally starting to feel like winter and another semester at SC4 is coming to a close. I hope your classes have gone well this fall and you’ve taken a few more steps toward your educational goals.

The end of the semester has many of you looking forward to a few weeks away from classes and homework. Before beginning your well-deserved break, please don’t forget to set yourself up for success by reviewing your academic plan and registering for winter semester classes.

Building a schedule that fits with work and family commitments is challenging at any time but waiting until the last minute to register may make it especially tough. Keep in mind that you can register using the WAVE system, get help in the Self-Service Room at the SC4 Welcome Center, or make an appointment with an advisor to finalize your schedule.

SC4’s faculty and staff are ready to help you finish the fall semester strong. Tutoring in the Achievement Center and assistance in the Math Center and Writing Center can make all the difference for end-of-semester papers, homework assignments, and final exam preparations. Be sure to take advantage of all the extra assistance that’s available to you.

Thank you for choosing SC4 as your educational home. We take that trust very seriously.

Whether you’re traveling during the upcoming break or staying at home, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


Dr. Deborah Snyder, President

Chris Krolcyzk presents Kro’s Krew

kroskrew_posterStudents’ works exhibit at The Spiral Gallery

Jamie Koebke

Business Editor

St. Clair County Community College students presents The Spiral Gallery: Kro’s Krew at Studio 1219. Graphic Design instructor Chris Krolcyzk will present his students work. Spiral Gallery will take place starting set up on January 21 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 am until 6 pm until the end of February. There will be a reception held on January 22 from 5 pm until 8 pm. Students will be there to display and answer questions about their work.

Letter from the Editor: The results are in…

Angie Stoecklin

We at the Erie Square Gazette conducted a poll over the last few weeks asking students what they would like to read about in the Erie Square Gazette. We received some great specific feedback which will be taken into account for future stories, but for the sake of reporting the results, I’ll stick to generalities. I also included my thoughts and examples for some of the topics on the following list for explanation.
Out of the approximate 60 results gathered by participating students, here are the top ten topics mentioned that students would like to see more of.

1. Sports
Because of a lack of a sports editor this semester, the ESG has not been able to report on SC4 sports, or any other sports events for that matter. The fact that the majority of students who participated in the poll mention the lack of a sports section shows that our need for a Sports Editor is far greater than I or the other members of the staff originally thought. Those student’s interested in taking on the position of Sports Editor should consider e-mailing the ESG at As mentioned in a previous letter from the editor, there is a scholarship available for that position.
2. Current events
Most of the students who mentioned current events mentioned the Isis situation. It’s great to see that students are concerned with what is happening in the world outside of campus. Since this is the runner up in the poll, students interested can expect to see a current events section in the ESG’s future.
3. Health tips
A column focusing on health is not a bad idea at all. Specific suggestions for this included how to eat healthy on a college budget, and recent health studies to keep student’s updated on what is safe to eat and what is not.
4. Comics
Any student interested in doing comics, even if it’s just for one issue should contact us. Believe me, we miss them too.
5. Movie reviews
6. Music

Local music coverage has been a goal for this paper for a while now. I would very much like to see our music section succeed. Especially since the Port Huron area has so much to offer in the music realm.
7. Crime
According to SC4 sophomore Alinah Purdy-Sechs, 20, the school does not report on attempted rapes on campus. If that is the case, I would very much like to change that. I will do my research, and hopefully we can start reporting on such things to keep students aware.
8. Recipe column
9. Fun stuff to do on campus
10. Politics

In this issue is an article on the election, unfortunately, our paper goes to the printer only a few hours prior to when the election results are posted. I hope to keep our articles focused on politics more timely in the future. There is also a profile on Democratic Supreme Court justice candidate Richard Bernstein; I hope that those interested find it informing and worthwhile.

On behalf of all the ESG staff, I would like to say thank you to all students who participated in the poll. If any readers are interested in getting involved in the paper to help us meet the poll’s criteria, feel free to contact us via
The ESG meets every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in room 123 of the Main Building.

Playing video games about real life

The-Sims-4-Sims 4’s new base is strong, but falls short to its predecessors
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

“Why can’t I just build a pool?” is one of the many questions Sims fans are asking while still trying to create their dream homes.
Without pools.
EA Games made life long fans of The Sims ecstatic when they announced the newest addition to the series, Sims 4, but fell a bit short when they also announced a new game engine.
This is where the problems start to pile up.
The whole idea of the new engine was to make the creation process for each Sim more diverse. The outcome was fantastic, until it became a hassle.
Each Sim can be changed in any way, shape, or for. And honestly, it made the game feel like a burden.
No longer can you just make a family to goof around with. You have to invest time and effort just to make a character, only to also build their house and find them a job.
That is a large draw on the game, however, the engine created a problem that was unforeseen.
Pools cannot be built, which in retrospect, may seem like a small issue, but a less advanced engine. The one that powered The Sims, from 14 years ago, could handle the rendering of a pool.
So, the pools aside, other small details have been left out. No toddlers and a plethora of terrifying glitches (when a Sim wakes up from a nap, their fingers should not morph into what can only be described as nightmarish spider creatures) pulls the player out of the game and closer to going back to Sims 3.
While the game has its problems, EA Games did create a fun edition to The Sims series that will hopefully be fixed by updates and be enjoyed for years to come.
Now, excuse me while I go build my dream home.
Without pools.

R.I.P free printing

SC4 charging printing fees
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

It’s a scandal! It’s a conspiracy! No, it’s printing charges!
It’s back to school and SC4 students will notice a few changes this semester, one in particular being the new printing charges.
According to the SC4 Library, all printing now must be done through a student’s SC4 profile. A student logs on and gives the money to a librarian. A student’s account must hold a dollar minimum at all times before printing anything. The charges stand at fifteen cents for black and white, and sixty cents for color.
“I think it’s unfair, in the four semesters I’ve been here we’ve gotten by just fine without it,” said sophomore Emily May, “It’s really inconvenient for people without computers. Also, I know that color ink is more expensive, but should the price really go up that much?”
To some, the printing charges are more than a frustration; it means a shift in budget as well.
“It’s terrible, because for two of my classes I have to print out these Power Point packets and I don’t have Microsoft at home. The packets are around twenty-six pages, so they’re not cheap,” says concerned Sophomore Claire Schmoling,
Schmoling lives alone in her apartment and with the high costs of rent, every cent counts. “It’s really expensive; per semester I’m going to spend around five dollars per month, and adding on to rent, and gas the money really adds up” Schmoling said.
While many students may view this change as King George taxing student tea, it is possible that this plan was always in the works.
“In the past we’ve issued students printing punch cards,” says a librarian who wishes to remain anonymous, “It was a mess, students were losing them and they would get damaged. The period of free printing could have just been a transition period.”
For now at least, the change is here to stay. Students, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and make your concerns heard.
This is your school, and you have the power to change it.

String Rays

Lexington Bach Strings Quartet to kick off noon and night concert series
Angie Stoecklin
Editor in Chief

SC4’s noon and night concert series will kick off this year with what Coordinator for the visual and performing arts Celeste Skalnek calls “The best string talent in Michigan.”
SC4 will feature the Lexington Bach Strings Quartet on Sept. 11 at noon and 7 p.m. in SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre.
Making up the quartet are musicians Denice Anderson Turck on violin, Catharine (Kay) DeLuca on viola, Timothy Nicolia on cello, and Paul Lundin on violin.
According to Skalnek, the quartet will also be offering a workshop on the same day at 3 p.m. “Bring your string instrument, ask questions, or just be an audience member at this workshop on string instrumentation,” Skalnek said.
The concert is a continuation of SC4’s relationship with our extended community in Lexington. In doing so, Skalnek says that SC4 is welcoming the opportunity to support the upcoming Lexington Bach Festival.
For more information on the festival, go to

Bachelor programs are at SC4

The programs available
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

St. Clair County Community College is partnering with four universities including Madonna, Ferris State, Walsh and the University of Michigan-Flint. Students must be admitted to the above universities to graduate with a bachelor degree in their chosen the program.
Ferris State University has a bachelor’s program in Criminal Justice and Walsh College has Bachelor’s Degree programs in Business Administration.
According to Dianne Lovett, the Madonna University Cohered, “Madonna University’s provides their only bachelor program, Early Childhood Education. Madonna University wants students to have nothing below a C average, not a C- average. Madonna has a four semesters or two year program. Students that are interested in this program should apply as soon as possible.”
Madonna requests that students have completed their ADD in early childhood education or are an SC4 student working on the early childhood education program.
The Universities of Ferris State, Madonna, Walsh and U of M Flint request that interested students meet with the representative person of the career and the college that they are interested in. At that time they can go over the additional information and requirements regarding the program that they would like to attend.
“Students can apply for a bachelor’s degree in either a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science in RN and BSN completion programs. Most circumstances require that students do not have to attend the Flint campus. Students are required to have and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher,” said U of M Assistant Director Theresa Stevens.
“Students are required to have and maintain a GPA of 2.7 for the nursing program. All students must maintain a good class standing,” Stevens said.
The best advice students can have is once a student chooses a university they should have regular meetings with an academic advisor.

Letter from the Editor: Our first issue

Angie Stoecklin

With a new semester beginning, and therefore a new year, also comes a new staff for the Erie Square Gazette. As Editor-in-chief of this beloved community college paper, I feel as if I have big shoes to fill.
When I first started writing for the ESG as a staff writer, I did not foresee becoming the Editor-in-Chief some two years later. But I feel as though I belong here.
While I have no intention of making sweeping revolutionary changes to this paper, there are a few things that readers may find a bit different. This semester, the ESG is facing a few shortages in the staff department. Luckily we have acquired a few more writers, but still lack a Sports Editor and a Webmaster.
Because of having fewer staff writers than previous semesters, I feel like this is a good opportunity to focus more on campus, after all, we are the SC4 student paper.
But other than the campus section, I would also like to bring more attention to and cover stories in our music section. Now readers, correct me if I am wrong, but music seems to play a huge part in the lives of college students. And, living in Port Huron, we are blessed with many independent musicians in this small town of ours.
So, as readers I encourage you to pay attention to local music artists, and if any of them strike your ear, do not hesitate to contact the ESG for a band or musician cover.
Of course, there are other things to cover than just campus and music; I would also like to increase our communication with students. So if any of you readers have any concerns with what we cover, or have a story in mind that you would like to see us feature, feel free to contact me via my e-mail information below.
I hope that my goals play out this school year. I am aware that to some we may seem like just a community college paper, but I would very much like to see us continue to succeed in being a strong publication that is enjoyable to read.

Contact Angie at