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Lady Skippers first home stand ends in defeat but don’t retreat

Tuesday, Sept. 13th, the Lady Skippers held their first volleyball home game against Schoolcraft College. Even though the Lady Skippers were on the home turf for the first time this season, Schoolcraft ended up with the win.

The game went into five sets, which scored: 25-19,22-25,25-17,21-25, and 7-15, which ended SC4’s five game winning streak.

Volleyball girls photo credit Christian McGreachy
Volleyball girls photo credit Christian McGreachy

The Lady Skippers volleyball team were ahead by two sets to one and it seemed the girls had another win coming their way, but Schoolcraft College came back to deny them the satisfaction of victory.

When the game was done, Coach Chuck Weisner believed, “We started to thinking that it was over and it was not.”

On the same lines, an outside hitter for the Lady Skippers, Martha Veihl said, “We kinda let it slip away.”

“They wanted it more than we did and we kinda just broke down at the end,” said Jillian Verbeke, an opposite hitter of SC4’s team said.

But on a positive note, Verbeke found it was great to finally be on their own court for the first time this season.

“It’s always a lot more thrilling when you’re playing on your court that you practice on everyday…when you lose, you’re a bit disappointed, but it makes you push harder to win the next one,” said Verbeke.

After the game against Schoolcraft College, Weisner, focused on blocking by saying his cry of, “If we don’t block we’re not going to win.”

Well following their first home game, the Lady Skippers went to Delta College and won in three straight sets.

After the well deserved victory for Lady Skippers volleyball team, Viehl believed that the team wanted to redeem after a tough loss at home with the win over Delta.

After the win over Delta Community College, SC4’s Lady Skippers are at a record of 9 wins and 4 losses total.

Their next home game will be Oct. 4.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Skippers running

See spot run. Sorry, I meant see those Skippers Run.

On Saturday, July 23, 2011, starting at 7:30 a.m., a charity 5k run was held by the SC4 Alumni Association and the SC4 Athletic Department.

The race started and ended by the municipal building in downtown Port Huron. Its course took the runners past Pine Grove Park, up the St. Clair River, past the Blue Water Bridge, and back.

The run was organized by Dave Goetze of Clyde, age 50, and Head Coach Dale Vos of the Athletic Department. The event was held in order to raise money for an athletic scholarship for our Skippers.

In total, approximately $2,500 was raised by 61 participants, via registration fee, in the run, says Goetze. Of the participants, one particular group was our own Lady Skippers of the volleyball team.

Lady Skippers volleyball team photo credit Clay Kimball
Lady Skippers volleyball team photo credit Clay Kimball

Goetze believes that as the inaugural event, the turnout was promising. He hopes that the annual event will grow in size, enlarging the scholarship.

At the run, participants are given the leisure of their own pace. This allows for competitive running while still allowing for a leisurely, social walk. The event was described as a “Fun run or walk.”

Although it was a charity run, prizes and medals were still given out as done in a race. Medals were given out to the top three placers in three age groups: children, teenagers, and adults. The overall first place winner was 17-year-old Trevor Adams of Carsonville, who received both a medal and a gift bag.

Goetze would like to thank his sponsors for supporting this event and he hopes for more to come. So remember SC4 students and alumni, next summer get out there, run, and support our Skipper athletes.

Clay Kimball


Skippers gains first Conference win

Skippers gains first Conference win

Savannah Wilcox

Business/Advertising Editor

The SC4 Lady Skippers volleyball team, 1-2, 5-8, has earned their first win by defeating Schoolcraft Community College women’s volleyball team last Thursday night. After starting the season off with two losses, they took the match from Schoolcraft in a 25-19, 25-19, 25-15 defeat at SC4. “It was a fun night, and the girls played better than they did (last) Tuesday night against Macomb,” Coach Chuck Weisner said.

It wasn’t much of a battle after the first match, as the Skippers bumped their score, and led the entire rest of the game. Chipping in for the Skippers was Kelly David, a setter for the team who finished the game with 34 assists, and 13 passes. David also led the team in blocks, with 3 blocks. With 7 kills each, Jillian Verbeke and Amanda Curley threw some numbers on the scoreboard.

“I think our team has a lot of potential to be great, and we are just starting out so we aren’t quite used to playing together just yet,” Captain Kim Deland said. The girls had a rough start with their first two games, but certainly mopped the floor with Schoolcraft on Thursday.

After the game, coach Weisner had the girls stick around for a 45 minute practice. “I told the girls if we beat Schoolcraft in three, we would practice after the match,” Weisner explained, “I told them they could have the weekend off,” The girls’ next game will be against Mott Community College Lady Bears volleyball team on Thursday, Sept. 23, at Mott Community College, the game begins at 7 p.m. The team’s next home game will be Sat., October 9, 2010 at 10 a.m. against Delta College, as well as two games against Alpena Community College on October 9, beginning at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Admission costs are $3 for adults, $1 for students, and children under 8 are allowed in free.

Skippers get spiked during home opener

Skippers get spiked during home opener

Rachel Olivia Kobylas

Staff Writer

The Oakland Community College Raiders set the ball over the net during the Home Opener, Thursday, Sept. 9. Photo by Rachael Kobylas

“It’s hard to put last year’s expectations on this year’s team,” said Dale Voss, St. Clair County Community College’s Athletic Director.  The Skipper Volleyball team has brought home quite a few championships including nationals in the past and in Voss’ opinion the team is always, “pretty solid.”

After a triple game defeat at home, Thursday, Sept. 9, the Oakland Community College Raiders beat out the SC4 Skippers with a final score of 25-16, 25-20 and 25-23. Even with the hard hit right off the start, Skipper Volleyball Coach Chuck Weisner said, “We are not confident yet, but we will get there.  Once these girls get their confidence going, watch out!”  He also made note that the defeat was a difficult one as the Raiders had opportunities to play quite a few games where the Skippers were just starting into their games and tournaments; this was game 6 for them in the season thus far.

Kelly David, 19, of the Skipper team felt the team needs to “communicate more.  We lost because of little errors.  We lost some momentum and we need to pick it back up.” Some of their momentum can be seen and heard on the court with their loud “CH-CH-BOOM” cheer that the team uses, as David says, “to get loud and crazy and get excited about what we do.”

About upcoming games, Coach Weisner says he will be taking a different approach, “I think we will get there, but right now we are playing not to lose instead of playing to win.”  The team is on their way to their next tournament at Muskegon Community College, Sept. 10 and 11.

Hook, line, spiker!

Hook, line, spiker!

Savannah Wilcox

Business Editor

Thomas Pregano

Sports Editor

As the Lady Skippers Volleyball Team approaches their 2010 season, they will have a valuable piece of the puzzle returning.

The team is in action again this year with a roster full of talented athletes to prepare for a championship season. Coach Chuck Weisner stated, “All of the girls have great attitudes, and very good volleyball skills. On paper we are better than we were last year, and last year we were champions with a 13-1 record.”

Leading the Pack Photo by Tom Pregano

Returning sophomores are Taylor Dziewit from Almont, Amber Mallory from Linden, Hannah Jones from Port Huron, Jessica Anderson from Durand, and Kim Deland from Marysville. Kim Deland, Amber Mallory, and Taylor Dziewit are the team’s captains this year. “These girls are fantastic leaders, and they set great examples for their teammates as well,” Coach Chuck Weisner said. The girls are working on their relationships off the court as well as on the court in order to amount to a well working group. “Our team has a lot of potential to be great. We are just starting out so we aren’t quite used to player together yet, but once that aspect of the team comes together we will be unstoppable,” captain Kim Deland said.

The Skippers also recruited 7 new freshmen; amongst the 7 are 3 standout players from the thumb, Amanda Curley, Kelly David, and Ellery Owen. Amanda Curley was awarded Miss Volleyball in 2009 for the Blue Water Region while playing for Marysville High School during her senior year. Another sparkle on the roster is Miss Kelly David who helped take her Beal City High School volleyball team to the State Finals last year. Also recruited from Lapeer East High School, Ellery Owen took the Lapeer Eagles to the State Quarter Finals. When asked about the level of play which the girls possess, Weisner said, “All the girls on this team were either the top player on her team, or 1 of the top 2 players.

Coach Weisner stated, “We have almost a perfect blend of sophomores and freshmen on the team, as long as we block and play great defense, we will be fine.”

Dziewit was a member of a Lady Skipper’s team that won the Michigan Community College Athletic Association Eastern Conference Championship and went all the way to the finals of the National Junior College Athletic Association District E Volleyball Tournament losing to Columbus State Community College.

In 2009 Dziewit was named to the MCCAA all region team, all MCCAA team, Eastern Conference first team, and All Freshman Team.

With all of her accomplishments Dziewit remains modest by saying her expectations for this year are to have fun overall.

The Skippers first game is Thursday, September 9th, at 7 p.m. against the Oakland Community College Raiders.

The volleyball team starts their 2010 season with a tournament at Owens Community College Sept. 3 and 4 and return home return for their home opener Thursday Sept. 9 at 7 a.m. against Oakland Community College.

All Lady Skipper Volleyball games are played in the gym. Admission is $3 for adults, $1 for students and children eight and younger are free.

O. D.‘s Rant 57-10

Donald Lierman

Sports Editor

I nearly changed the name of the column to Rah Rah’s Rant. Because O.D. is excited.

Pending Wednesday’s outcome with Oakland Community College, the 11 nationally ranked SC4 men’s basketball team could be playing for a slice of the MCCAA Eastern Conference pie.

Saturday, February 20, the 5 ranked Mott Bears will come to town. The game will tip off at 3 p.m. following the Lady Skips at 1 p.m.

Last term, the volleyball team played for first, now the Skippers could be sending another banner to the rafters.

I told Mr. Vos after the volleyball victory that we should be aiming for three banners this year.  With the Lady Skips standing at only two losses that could very well happen. We may not be Big Ten but these student athletes put out just as much, if not more, effort.

Speaking of the Big Ten, rumors (OK maybe pipe dreams) abound that the University of Texas may join the Big Ten.

Imagine the Big Ten suddenly treated with respect again.

Imagine the rivalries…like waking up in bed with…

A Gary Bettman voodoo doll. Hey, the Saints fans were carting around Manning ones. Can someone get me the address of the manufacturer? I would tie it together with a Sid “the DUH” Crosby one and dunk it in Lake St. Clair. Hmmm, Satanic carp, anyone?

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the game was great, the commercial bashed men like a red-headed O.D. and I wished I was there for the party. Their voodoo must work when you see the replay of the Favre and Manning interceptions.

Hmmm, send those dolls by priority mail, will ya?

Yawn, the Olympics have begun. I lost all interest when the professional athletes began to compete in a corporate sponsored showcase. Profits not competition have become the point.

Already there has been a real tragedy. But this real tragedy will quickly be forgotten in the mudslide of sound bytes about whose daddy died yet the rich skater/skier/whatever overcame such overwhelming difficulties (like the million dollar sponsorship) to win a medal that will soon have corporate logos stamped on the back.

Not to mention that every fourth year the Olympics decimate the NHL schedule. Forget my beloved Red Wings, the NHHELL jams together the schedule to get 80 games into the same span of time. Can’t lose a dollar, eh? Just the quality.

Will curling be back? That is one sport I do enjoy. There aren’t too many corporate grants for Scottish shuffleboard on ice. Add a few brewskis and let’s just wait to drop the gloves… uh, I mean stones.

Just a reminder that O.D. has gone global. More rantings can be found on

O. D.’s Rant 57-9

Support your local Skippers athletics!
‘Twas a big day Saturday for both the men’s and women’s basketball athletic programs. The men’s team knocked off number one in the nation Henry Ford Community College, 76-72. This was the first singeing of the Hawks’ feathers all year. Henry Ford had won 19 consecutive games until that night.
The Skippers trail the first place Hawks and number six in the nation Mott Community College Bears by one game. Their 7-2 record places them in third with plenty of time to make a move on first place.
The Lady Skippers won handily against Henry Ford by 14 points, 90-76. The Lady Skippers reside in second place in their conference.
They trail number one in the nation Schoolcraft Community College by two games with a 9-2 record. Schoolcraft has yet to lose a game and are 12-0 in the Eastern Conference and 22-0 overall.
Just as our Lady Skippers volleyball squad was in a fight to the finish, so are our basketball teams. Now is the time to fill the gym and cheer on the ladies and gents teams as they make their run for the roses.
The next home game is on Saturday, February 6 at the school gymnasium. Kirtland Community College comes to town. The ladies’ game begins at 1 p.m. and the men’s at 3 p.m.
Call me rah-rah if you will but these student athletes are performing outstandingly and deserve the support of the fans, the staff, and the community.
Don’t change the column’s name but again I am rah-rah for the Port Huron Icehawks. I don’t know why McMorran is not filled for every game. I could understand this 25 years ago when the teams skated like a group of old timers who just finished the keg.
But this is quality hockey. The price is reasonable. The ownership supports our community. Why not support a team that cares?
Now for the ranting (hip-hip hooray!).
According to, Miguel Cabrera spent three months in rehab after supposedly being a bit tipsy for the big series to conclude last year’s pennant race.
Being drunk (or at least hung over as most unrepentant Lions fans on Monday) then playing sports on the major league level is a time honored tradition. In the early days of baseball players had to be dragged to the ball park from the barroom. The Detroit Lions won a championship with Bobby Layne who, if the rumors are true, did not need blocking. The alcohol fumes of his cadence would stupefy the defensive line.
As baseball is now an entertainment property of the New York Yankees, perhaps all players should be required to drink a twelve before every game. That way money would not determine the world championship, but the strongest liver.