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Skippers claim victory over Oakland

A close game between SC4 and Oakland
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Money ShotFerocity and raw passion covered the gym September 22 as the Lady Skippers went head-to-head in an exhausting five set game versus Oakland Community College. The Skippers emerged from the game victorious 23-25, 27-25, 19-25, 28-26, and 15-11, bringing them up to 20-1 for the season.
Shawnteze Williams, a 21-year-old Skippers fan from Port Huron, said, “The Skippers did a lot of things right, you feel me? The offense and defense gotta be equal or you’ll lose your footing. Oakland a good team, but Skippers are better”.
As stated by Paul Levandowski, an assistant coach for the Lady Skippers, “Oakland is a good team and coached very well, but our kids gathered themselves together and that’s ultimately how we won. I’m real proud of them”.
Kristen Michaelis, the head coach, spoke with pride in her voice, “I feel good that we won. This wasn’t one of our strongest shows, but we hung in there despite the ball rarely hitting the floor on Oakland’s side. I’m proud of how we responded and hung in there”.

The first MCCAA games tastes like victory

Photo Credti: Lia Martinez
Photo Credti: Lia Martinez

Skippers triumph over Schoolcraft in volleyball game
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

St. Clair County Community College’s Lady Skippers started slow in the first set, but quickly picked up the pace to secure a win over Schoolcraft College. The Sept. 16 game showed both teams being evenly matched most of the time (15-25, 25-23, 25-20, 25-17).
The first set saw Schoolcraft topple the Skippers, but the set proved to be a warm-up match for both teams. They both battled furiously in the following 2 sets, with SC4 claiming victory with just a few points to spare.
The last set showed the well-practiced defense of the Skippers, providing them with the 3-1 score that left the SC4 athletes winners.
This win allows the SC4 Skippers to start strong at the beginning of the season, and proceed with much earned confidence.
“Going into the game, I was excited to see how we would do. This is our first actual conference game that we’ve played in. I knew we were going to be pretty evenly matched up but I thought we played well today,” said Couch Shannon Pummill of Schoolcraft.
“In the beginning, I told the girls they needed to improve their defense or they wouldn’t be able to win. And that’s what got us the win; blocking,” SC4 Head Coach Chuck Weisner said.

Triumph after a breakdown

The Skippers were on a roll in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Raiders Challenge tournament on the weekend of Sept. 28, walking out with a 3-1 record and only losing to the defending NJCAA champions and host team, the Grand Rapids Raiders.

skippers volleyballIt seemed that the wins were coming out of the waterworks for the Skippers Volleyball girls as they clenched 20 out of their 24 games in September. Continue reading Triumph after a breakdown

Skippers volleyball captains play their last home game

With a schedule that consisted of only 4 home games, Skippers volleyball gave thanks to their three captains at the game on Oct. 3 against Oakland CC.

VolleyballRachel Cooper, (Grayling, MI) Heather Griffis (Weidman, MI) and Katie Bearse (Oxford, MI) received a goodbye ceremony as they prepared to play their last game on their home court. Continue reading Skippers volleyball captains play their last home game

Setting the tone

The Lady Skippers thickened the air with tension as they stepped into the Steve Schmidt Gymnasium to face division rivals, and defending champions – The Mott CC Bears.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, the Lady Skippers Volleyball Team was scheduled to travel to the home of The Bears in Flint, MI.

After coming off of a two game win streak against Cuyahoga and Kishwaukee, the ladies were looking for a third straight win to set the pace for their 2013 season.

I feel that the team to beat is Mott,” said Head Coach, Chuck Weisner. “It’s going to be a dog fight.”

The Skippers defeated Mott in 4 games (25-18, 22-25, 19-25, 22-25) to take the lead in the MCCAA Eastern Conference.

With only 8 errors total for the entire match, the team gave an outstanding collective effort.

Taylor Hornbacher and Katie Bearse led the team with 14 and 12 kills, respectively. Rachel Cooper topped the charts with 21 assists, and Heather Griffis dominated with 19 digs.

The game ball was awarded to Alex Shell with her 3 solo blocks, including the game ending stuff, which cemented the victory.

Coach Weisner is confident that what makes the girls so successful is the competition for spots, saying, “They know that on any given night it can be somebody else.”

The Skippers went on to win the coming weekend in the Alpena double header not once, but twice.

They lead the Eastern Conference with a current record of 7-2, with a 5 game hot streak.

The Skippers first home game is Tuesday, Sept. 17.


Brendan Buffa

Sports Editor

Lady Skippers home finale spoiled by Schoolcraft College

Lady Skippers home finale spoiled by Schoolcraft College

DJ Palm

Sports Editor

The Lady Skippers volleyball team had their final home game not go their way as they lost in four sets 30-28, 28-26, 25-13, and 25-17.

The Skippers night didn’t start easy as the set was tied eight different times in the first 25 points of the match. The Lady Skippers would finally get consecutive points, giving them their biggest lead of the set 17-13.

Schoolcraft wasn’t going away as they would tie 17-17.

Skippers looked like they were pulling away as they would take seven of the next 11 points, putting them on top 24-21, with the set point in their grasp.

But as the Skippers were trying to close out the set, Schoolcraft roared right back with three straight points to tie the match, sending the set into extra points.

Extra points were a see-saw battle as each team would trade the first eight points.

The Skippers would get two consecutive points to win thanks to Kelcey Stauffer, as she would land two back-to-back spikes giving the Skippers the win 30-28.

Second set was almost a mirror image of the first set as the first 12 points would split between the two teams. Lady Skips would get three straight points, matching their biggest lead of the night 9-6.

Lady Skippers volleyball team members Emily Fasel, Olivia Krause, and Heather Griffis wait for a serve in the third set of their match Thursday night, Oct. 11, against Schoolcraft College. Photo Credit: DJ Palm

Schoolcraft would comeback as they landed two straight aces to only be down one. The Lady Skips would keep the lead throughout the set, having a three point edge 18-15, but Schoolcraft would take five of the next seven points to tie the set at 20 apiece.

With Schoolcraft up one going into extra points, Katie Bearse would have a greatly timed “love tap” that landed to tie the match at 25.

With the set now tied at 26, the Lady Skippers would make costly mistakes as a serve into the net would give Schoolcraft up one.

The next point Bearse would be called for a double hit that would give Schoolcraft the point and the set.

The Third set wouldn’t start SC4’s way as they would be in a hole early on, netting only one of the first 11 points.

Skippers would be down 13-3 as Schoolcraft would step on the gas from there winning the set 25-13.

SC4’s night would start to turn rough as Schoolcraft jumped out to a 12-7 lead.

Attempted blocked spikes by Schoolcraft would land out of bounds, pulling the Skippers within six.

The Lady Skips would take three of the next four points, cutting the lead to four 15-11.

Emily Fasel would then serve and ace, putting them down only three.

Schoolcraft unfortunately would receive four of the next five points, putting Schoolcraft one point away from winning.

The match would end when a ball that was going out of bounds just grazed the wrist of Olivia Krause, giving the match to Schoolcraft.

Fasel was asked if the second set had anything to do with the overall loss. Fasel said, “It typically does when you lose a close set like that. The game is all momentum.”

Coach Chuck Wiesner said, “After the second set slipped away from us we never recovered, we played hard but the game got away from us.”

Lady Skips lose to Oakland CC in four sets

Lady Skips lose to Oakland CC in four sets

DJ Palm

Sports Editor

The Lady Skips showed early signs of an upset, but OCC proved to be too much as the Skips lost in four sets, (25-18) (25-7) (25-22) (25-17).

In the first set the Lady Skips showed much better communication skills on the court as they were showing signs of being the superior team despite the Raiders(OCC) obvious height advantage.

SC4 Volleyball Girls

OCC came into the game being the fourth ranked team in the nation and the Lady Skips were able to get the first set 25-18.

Second set was all OCC as they opened up a 7-3 lead in the first 10 points of the set. Katie Bearse, tried to rally the Lady Skips back into the game with consecutive “love taps” that fell for points.

Momentum was quickly taken back by the Raiders as they would take seven of the next 10 points, making the score 14-6.

The Raider’s height advantage forced the Lady Skips to spike the ball farther away from the net, which led to a lot of balls landing out of bounds. OCC would get 11 straight and close out the second set 25-7.

Third set was much more competitive, as there were four lead changes in the first 10 points of the match.

The Lady Skips were able to get the lead in the third set on the 25th point, thanks to Jordan Peltier’s “love tap,” which gave them a short lived one point lead, making it13-12.

The Raiders stormed right back, taking back the lead with seven of the next nine points, making the score 18-14.

Bearse was able to finally get to the front of the net with a spike that landed just inside the line, starting a rally being down 24-19, bringing the score 24-22, but it was too little too late. OCC got the winning point, 25-22.

Fourth set, the first ten points would be split evenly and neither side would have a lead bigger than four points.

The Raiders quickly kicked it up a notch and broke out to a 13-7 lead, and eventually doubling up the Lady Skips, 18-6.

The Lady Skips were showing signs of resilience, but would eventually lose, putting the Raiders up 24-11.

Lady Skips didn’t go quietly and put together an almost impossible comeback, but OCC’s Chelsea Stockmeyer would put the game to bed, slamming a spike down that landed for the game point and the match.

Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

DJ Palm

Sports Editor


The Lady Skippers had their hands full at home, losing to Mott CC in straight sets 25-18, 26-24, and 25-16 last Tuesday, Sept 18.

Head Coach Chuck Wiesner said that Mott CC’s game plan is to attack the net from the side, and that’s exactly what they did.

In the first set, it was spikes on both sides of the net that had the Lady Skips trailing early 18-12. Then Kala Wagner was able to get her arms up over the net and block a booming spike for a point from Mott that made it 18-13.

But, as the Lady Skips looked like they were gaining momentum, Mott took it right back and eventually won the first set 25-18.

Second set, Mott CC opened up the scoring quickly in the second set 15-8. Then a spark was provided for the Lady Skips, thanks to Katie Bearse.

Bearse had three key blocked spikes for points that pulled the team within four 21-17. As points went back and forth, it looked like as Mott CC was starting to show signs of fatigue as Heather Griffis had two greatly timed soft tappers over the net to pull the Skips within three, and an absolute bomb that rocketed off her fist to put them within 1.

Then, Bearse had two out of the next three points with a soft tapper over the net and a spike that tied the game at 24. But in extra points, Mott CC went back to their original side attack game plan which won them the second set, 26-24.

Third set started off with the Lady Skips edging out their first lead since the beginning of the first set, 6-5. As the Skippers looked like they were going to get a substantial lead with 9-7, Mott CC roared back with three straight points.

The middle of the third set was like a see-saw as there were four lead changes. Mott CC, with the good side attack, eventually pulled away. The Skippers tried to hang in, but the ball was finding the inside of the line more for Mott CC then it was for the Lady Skips.

Mott would receive 8 of the last 11 points, taking the third set and the win, 25-16.

Wiesner said after the game it was “too many freshman mistakes” that cost the game.

“We were playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Just not enough experience yet, but I liked that they were still communicating and playing together as a team,” said Wiesner.



One for the road

On Oct. 27, the Lady Skippers Volleyball team were not just smelling the roses on the court, but they smelled the scent of something sweeter. Victory.

The last home game of the season for the Lady Skippers Volleyball team was also sophomore night. Roses were given to the eight sophomores on the team including: Kelly David, Michelle Arnett, Andrea Henry, Amanda Curley, Ann Bogie, Cassie Cobb, Jillian Verbeke and Lindsay Thams.

The sophomores and the rest of the Lady Skippers played a very well fought game against Mott Community College in a three to one set victory. Sets were 25 – 14, 25 – 23, 15 – 25 and 25 – 22.

Martha Veihl (#9) crushes ball over the net towards a win over Mott Community College for SC4. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
Martha Veihl (#9) crushes ball over the net towards a win over Mott Community College for SC4. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Coach Chuck Weisner said, “After game one we took them too lightly.”

Mott Community College almost winning set two and winning set three made spectators wonder if it would go to five sets. But the Lady Skippers and the sophomores didn’t want their last home game to end in defeat.

In the words of Weisner, “In the end, they sucked it up and we stuck together and they pulled each other up by the boot straps. They played fired up volleyball for the last two points, which is the way we wanna play.”

The St. Clair County Community College Lady Skippers played two more games after their last home against Jackson Community College and Grand Rapids Community College. They got three sets to one victory over Jackson Community, and a three set loss to Grand Rapids Community.

This gives the overall standing for the Lady Skippers 30 wins and 14 losses on the season going into their final tournament of the year.

The volleyball team still has the NJCAA District Tournament at Grand Rapids Community College, and if the girls get through that, the National Tournament at Owens Community College.

Tournaments will be held Nov. 4-6 and Nov.18-20.

So, the Lady Skippers have no time to stop and smell the flowers. They have to prepare to go against the best in the weeks to come.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor