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March Madness, NJCAA Style

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

As many sport fans know, March Madness is a big time of the year for many NCAA men’s basketball teams around the country. It has to come to my attention that the NJCAA does the same thing, but in a different fashion.

Like the NCAA, the NJCAA has tournaments before the big national championship tournament. But, instead of having conferences like the NCAA, NJCAA splits schools into regions.

Also, NJCAA splits community colleges up into three divisions based on the size of the schools. Division I having a lot of students, and Division III having a low population of students.

There are, in the whole United States, twenty four different regions that community colleges can be sorted into.

St. Clair County Community College is smack dab in the middle in Region 12. Region 12 consists of 28 different community colleges in the areas of the lower peninsula of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

As I learned about the NJCAA, I got to thinking why they didn’t give the regions names like they do in the NCAA. The NCAA has so many different conference names from the Big Ten, Sun Belt, WAC, PAC 12, ACC and SEC.

Maybe in the future they could bring that into consideration, but for now they will stay one through twenty four.

So, each region has their own tournament just like every conference in the NCAA has their own as well. Within those regions, they have districts. The winners of the district tournament goes on to the national tournament to be the NJCAA Division I, II and III champions.

The district tournament in Region 12B startes on March 6 and goes through to the 10 at Mott Community College.

After it’s all said in done, some will win and some will lose, but only one can be called National Champion.

Baseball team gets roughed up on trip, go 1-10

Michael Scott

Staff Writer

“We didn’t hit well, but from the beginning of the trip till’ the end there was a noticeable difference in our at-bats,” said Head Coach Mike Greene.

The St. Clair County Community College baseball team returned to campus from their spring trip in Tennessee, bringing with them a disappointing record of 1-10.

The lone win for SC4 came in the second-to-last game of the trip, against Mississippi Delta Community College. The Skippers won the game by a score of 5-2, en route to earning their first victory of the 2012 season.

According to Greene, the pitching staff pitched well. He further contributed that Tim O’Callaghan, Luis Mella, Caesar Perez and Mickal Helton all provided quality innings for the Skippers.

“Tim pitched very well for us. He even carried a no-hitter into the fifth inning of one of the games,” said Greene.

Charles Melvin, a second-year outfielder at SC4, led the team in hitting throughout the 11 game trip, spanning through Tennessee and Mississippi with a .286 batting average. He also compiled five bases on balls leaving him with an On-Base Percentage of .375. He was followed closely by OF Blake Harrell, who hit .272 for the trip, and OF Cam Ciaciuch, who returned from Tennessee with a .258 AVG and .395 OBP.

First Baseman Donavon Rigel also showed some punch at the plate, providing a homerun and solid hitting during the trip.

Greene also said that he still thinks the team is going to do well. He expects that the team will be competing at the end of the season for a spot in the NJCAA Region 12 Playoffs, in Battle Creek.

“We just have to do a better job of playing together as a team. We have to walk twice for every one time we strike out at the plate, and our pitchers must do the opposite. They must strike out two for every one guy they walk. We have to improve upon or defense and limit the errors. Those things are key to improving our record,” he said.

Despite a rough start to the season, Greene and the Skippers are not panicking.

With 12 games left before the Michigan Community College Athletic Association team begins league play, Greene fully expects his players to work out the kinks and turn their hitting woes around.

These SC4 “boys of summer,” begin a 16 game road trip on Monday, March 5, with a double header at Indiana Institute of Technology. The trip will also see them clash with the perennial NCAA Division III powerhouse that is Adrian College.

“I still think we are going to be one of the best teams in the league,” said Greene.

Baseball heads to Tennessee with high expectations

Michael Scott

Staff Writer

This past Friday, the St. Clair County Community College baseball team packed their mitts and bats, tossed on their caps and ditched the friendly confines of campus for the fresh, smooth, green grass of the “Volunteer State.”

Led by new Head Coach Mike Greene, SC4’s boys of summer have hit the road for an 11 game spring trip throughout Tennessee to kick of the 2012 season.

“I’m excited for down south,” said Greene.

He expects to return from the trip with a record of 8-3, and possibly even 9-2.

The Seattle, Washington, native replaces former coach Dennis Dwyer, hoping to bring an end to the coaching carousel that ensued in recent years after the departure of long time head coach, Rick Smith.

Along with Assistant Coach Andrew Buelow, the anxious Greene hopes to bring stability to the program and improve upon the dismal record of 39-101 that reflected the previous three seasons.

“I wanna be here for a while and more,” said Greene, who also believes the team will be competing this season for a Michigan Community College Athletic Association championship.

Photo by Sean Winters under a Creative Commons license
Photo by Sean Winters under a Creative Commons license

Hoping to advance to the NJCAA Region 12 Playoffs, in Battle Creek, Greene leads the well- balanced 25 man roster into the season, intending to build upon an impressive fall campaign. He plans to take advantage of being overlooked by the other teams in the conference. With a favorable non-league schedule, the Skippers look to get off on a very hot start.

After receiving the job late, Greene was forced to leave the state to recruit.

“We had to recruit from outside of the state because I got the job after all the Michigan kids had already signed,” Greene said. The team consists of four players from Seattle, one from Mississippi and one from Texas.

The pitching staff is led by left handed ace, Tim O’Callaghan. The imposing, 21 year-old sophomore leads a tall group of pitchers that throw in the mid 80’s range. Greene is very high on the staff and expects it will catch a lot of teams by surprise.

There are also high hopes for O’Callaghan. The lefty is expected to win, and eventually transfer to play at a four year college.

“He’s a lefty with upgrade…..awesome curveball. He’s gonna go somewhere,” said Greene.

First Baseman Donavon Rigel returns to lead a young but talented Skippers infield. The former Auburn Hills Avondale stand-out provides excellent leadership, as well as ability.

The Skippers possess a speedy outfield that will make it tough on opponents looking for hits. The squad is centered by sophomore Charles Melvin from Redford, Michigan. He is a speedy leadoff hitter who can hit and bunt, and hopes to be SC4’s offensive catalyst.

Mickal Helton, a pitcher from Tacoma, Washington, enjoys playing for Greene despite the cold Michigan weather. He is enthusiastic for the opportunity and is excited to be part of the SC4 team.

“We have alotta guys from outta state. We’ve become close and are all really good friends, great teammates and just can’t wait to play ball,” said Helton.

The Skippers home opener is scheduled for March 3 at 2 p.m., against Grand Valley State Club. The game will be played at Sanborn Park.

Defending home

Jesse Schienke

Staff Writer

In order to have success at any level of basketball, a team must defend its home floor. On the road, anything can happen, including things often out of that team’s control.

At home, there are no excuses. A team must defend its home floor.

And that’s exactly what the Lady Skippers did Saturday, routing Mott CC, 68-44.

“I think this was the best overall game we’ve played all year,” said interim head coach Mike Groulx.

The Skippers, who wore pink uniforms to support breast cancer awareness instead of their traditional white, jumped out to an early 10 point lead five minutes into the game and never relinquished it.

“The key to this win was our execution,” said Groulx. “We had been working hard in practice and everything seemed to be clicking today. I think we’re peaking at the right time as a team.”

Teisha Knott paced the Skippers with 15 points and Heidi Highstreet added 14. Groulx noted strong play inside from Jade Gaines.

In addition to a great win, the Lady Skippers also enjoyed a game attendance that was higher than usual.

“Everybody comes out when they hear about Mott,” said Josh Moffitt, a SC4 sophomore from Brown City, MI. “If you’re going to come to one game, this is the one to be at.”

The win moved the Skippers to an 8-7 conference record (15-13 overall), which puts them in fifth place heading into the final three games of the season, as well as the playoffs.

“If we can continue to improve, I like our chances in the post season,” said Groulx.

The Lady Skippers next home game will be Feb. 29, at 5:30 vs. Henry Ford.

Heartbreak from #1

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

“We did everything we came here to do, except win the game,” Coach Dale Vos said.

After a tough overtime loss to Oakland Community College earlier in the week, the St. Clair County Community College men’s basketball team faced the number one team in their division.

On Feb. 18th, the SC4 Skippers hosted Mott Community College.

The Skippers led Mott Community College at the half with a score of 38-33. Through a hard fought battle, the Skippers went back and forth with the Bears of Mott Community College.

But at the end of the game, Mott Community College slid by on a 68-64 win over St. Clair County Community College. Also, giving Mott Community College their ninth single digit loss of the season.

With the loss to Mott Community College, SC4 record stands at thirteen wins and fourteen losses. Just below the five hundred win percentage.

Also, the Skippers have now lost two in a row.

But Coach Dale Vos, coach of the St. Clair County Community College men’s basketball team, is still a strong believer in his team. After the game he went on to say, “We’ve played two games this week that we felt like on that day, we were the better team.”

Vos would also go to say that his team played good man to man defense, and also on the rebounding aspect of the game versus Mott Community College.

Even with the two straight losses, Vos said, “I do believe that we are hitting our stride.”

Deion Stegall (#5) goes for the lay up against the #1 Mott Community College. Photo by Christian McGeachy
Deion Stegall (#5) goes for the lay up against the #1 Mott Community College. Photo by Christian McGeachy

After the game, Vos told his players, “We’re off tomorrow, so if you wanna lay on your couch and feel sorry for yourself, go right ahead, but you gotta be back Monday and go back to work.”

With only three regular season games left to go, the Skippers will have to heat up to have a better chance in the NJCAA tournament.

Last home game of the season will be on Feb. 29 against Henry Ford Community College at 7:30 p.m.

Red Wings’ Maltby visits Port Huron

Twana Pinskey


Mother Nature may not have cooperated with the weather for the 2012 Chilifest, but former Detroit Red Wings player, Kirt Maltby sure did.

Maltby was all smiles as he greeted fans Jan 28 at McMorran Place Auditorium.

According to Maltby, he chose this event because of proceeds benefiting the diabetics association. Maltby said he likes causes relating to kids.

Eric Hiller(left) of Port Huron and Andy Morris(right), also of Port Huron, was invited by the diabetics association to meet former Detroit Red Wing Kurt Maltby(center) on Jan. 28 at McMorran Place. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey Eric Hiller(left) of Port Huron and Andy Morris(right), also of Port Huron, was invited by the diabetics association to meet former Detroit Red Wing Kurt Maltby(center) on Jan. 28 at McMorran Place. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey
Eric Hiller(left) of Port Huron and Andy Morris(right), also of Port Huron, was invited by the diabetics association to meet former Detroit Red Wing Kurt Maltby(center) on Jan. 28 at McMorran Place. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

“Anytime we can help the kids and bring awareness to diabetics, it’s a good thing,” said Maltby.

According to Andy Morris of Port Huron, he was diagnosed with diabetics at the age of 7.

“Having diabetics doesn’t affect doing the things I like,” said Morris.

Morris explained one of the challenges he faced is getting the word out to people about kids like him that deal with diabetics.

Eric Hiller of Port Huron agreed, saying he thought telling people about diabetics is one of the best ways to show people that diabetic patients  lead normal lives.

Hiller said anytime kids like us can still get the word out to others about the diabetics association, it is a good cause.

Stepping in and stepping up

Jesse Schienke

Staff Writer

Whether it pertains to something within the game, something within a team or something within a program, adversity and sports go hand-in-hand.

SC4’s basketball program is dealing with that adversity at a crucial time of their season.

SC4 men’s basketball assistant coach Mike Groulx has been named interim head coach of the women’s basketball team following the resignation of first-year head coach, Lakita Gantz, on Wednesday, Jan.25.

Gantz did not provide a direct reason for her resignation.

Replacing a coach mid-season is no small task, and it put SC4 athletic director and men’s head basketball coach Dale Vos in a tough spot.

“My first thought was to just promote Lucretia Bowerman, coach Gantz’s assistant, to finish the year. She  told would be willing to finish out the year as head coach if she had to, but had no interest in keeping the job going forward into next year,” said Vos.

The solution seemed to be a sensible one, but Vos didn’t want to leave Bowerman to run the team alone.

“Initially, I turned to Mike just to see if he’d be willing to help out,” Vos said. “After talking about it for quite some time, he expressed an interest in taking over as head coach.”

Groulx, a former player at SC4, has been learning as an assistant under Coach Vos for the last six years, and has always aspired to someday be a head coach.

“I was a little hesitant at first,” said Groulx. “I had never really envisioned myself coaching women. But the more I thought about it and the more Coach Vos and I discussed it, I began to see it as a great opportunity to gain experience as well as helping to move the program in the right direction.”

In addition to the fact that he is picking up in the middle of the year, there are also many differences between the men and women’s games that Groulx will be forced to adapt to, and he’ll have to do so rather quickly.

“I’m beginning to realize how much I’ve learned from Coach Vos,” Groulx said. “He’s really prepared me and I feel ready to take on this new challenge.”

Vos has every confidence in his proverbial understudy.

“I have no doubt that Mike will do a terrific job,” said Vos. “He’s a great student of the game and I know he’s very passionate about it. He really wants to be a head coach.”

As far as the future of the position is concerned, no decisions have been made just yet.

V for victory

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

After a few weeks of getting L’s, the Skippers finally come up with a way to get the W.

On Saturday, Feb. 4, the St.Clair County Community College men’s basketball came up with the win over Kirtland Community College 70 – 56. Breaking the Skippers losing streak of six games in row.

Throughout the whole game, the Skippers seemed to be determined on breaking their losing woes.

SC4’s men’s basketball team had a comfortable lead at halftime with a score of 36 – 27 and kept their composure to pick up the win and never lose the lead.

Johnnie Mills had himself a ball game by leading in scoring with 24 points.

Others on the Skippers that scored were: Josh Craig with 10 points. Melvin Green III and Dennis Hogan contributed 8 points apiece. Also scoring was: Latwann Wesley, Deion Stegall, Jesse Schienke, Brendalle Smith and Lionel Hicks. Showing that the Skippers were moving the ball around really well.

Latwann Wesley (#4) takes the open shot in Skippers win over Kirtland Community College on Saturday. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
Latwann Wesley (#4) takes the open shot in Skippers win over Kirtland Community College on Saturday. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

The Skippers also did a good job on the boards as well.

Dennis Hogan lead the team in rebounds with eight of his own. Also, Jesse Schienke produced six rebounds and Brendalle Smith had five rebounds as well.

With seven games left to go in the regular season, the Skippers are 11- 12 and 3 – 7 in the last 10 games.

Scoring leader up to this point for SC4‘s men’s basketball is Johnnie Mills with 274 points and 13.7 per game. Also scoring big for the Skippers this year are Jesse Schienke with 192 points and Latwann Wesley with 185 points.

Hopefully with a win on a hot winter afternoon, the Skippers will get into the winning groove and out of the loss column.

Next home games will be on Feb. 8, against Alpena Community College and Feb.18, against Mott Community College.

Super Bowl worth super money?

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

“The Super Bowl. The most epic day in America,” Morgan Freeman says on his Visa commercial.

This year, the Super Bowl will be a hard hitting battle on the gridiron between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

But people will be watching more than just the plays on the field. Commercials will be on everybody’s mind during the breaks in action.

Companies thrive for the chance to have their ads on the biggest game of the year. But is it worth it?

The cost for a Super Ad, according to CNNMoney, is three million dollars for a thirty second ad. When you break it down, that’s one hundred thousand dollars per second.

Last year, Chrysler put out their new commercial for Chrysler 200 car with Eminem and was the longest commercial in Super Bowl history. Costing Chrysler twelve million dollars. That’s a lot of money for one commercial.

Many companies take the chance on the big stage. Companies such as Skechers, Doritos, Anheuser-Busch, ETrade, GoDaddy and Coca-Cola. But companies have to realize the cost.

According to CNNMoney, if Snickers invested in a thirty second commercial, they would have to sell 6,329,406 bars to pay for their investment. Bridgestone tires would have to sell 298,656 tires and Skechers would have to sell 205,339 pairs of shoes.

But if you wanted to get your product out there to the viewers, this is the time to do it.

According to Time NewsFeed, last year’s Super Bowl set a TV record for 111 million viewers. In companies’ eyes, those are potential customers.

So, with all the facts and ducks in a row, I believe that investing three million dollars for a Super Bowl is a wise investment. It gives companies the best chance for the common everyday customer/viewer to see and hear about your product.

So, Morgan Freeman’s most epic day in America can be the big score for the advertising companies.

Breaking News: Women’s basketball coach resigns

Clay Kimball


This past Wednesday, Skippers’ women’s basketball coach, Lakita Gantz, stepped down from her position prior to the game against Schoolcraft College.

Lakita Gantz
Lakita Gantz

Athletic director Dale Vos was reached for comment about said resignation.

Vos could not comment on reasons behind the resignation of the former coach, but reassured that the season would continue.

Mike Groulx, men’s assistant basketball coach, will fill in as interim coach, with help from current women’s assistant coach, Lucretia Bowerman.

Groulx will maintain this position until the end of the season, at which point the hiring process for a new coach will begin, sometime around March.

Vos maintains that the lady Skippers will be able to withstand this blow and finish the season strong.

More information will be provided as the story develops.