Dale Vos, coach of the Men’s Skippers basketball team, stands in his domain where he lifted the 68-consecutive game losing streak at SC4 years ago. Photo credit: Nick “Chico” Hernandez.

Dale Vos profile

The bouncing of basketballs can be heard throughout SC4’s gymnasium many times during the week. While noise to others, to Dale Vos it is the fine tuning of human instruments in preparation for a symphonic concert of athletics.

Michael Groulx, Head Coach of Lady Skippers

Skippers coach leads team’s quest for crown

Years ago, the Lady Skippers basketball team was hovering around .500. A midseason change brought Michael Groulx to take the reigns of an ineffectual squad. Groulx is no stranger to SC4. He attended the school in 2002-2004 at which time he played basketball for current athletic director and men’s basketball coach Dale Vos. He returned to become assistant basketball coach from 2006-2007 until 2011-2012.

Lady Skippers in the game against Kirtland Firebirds on Jan 29.

Lady Skippers filet Firebirds

To construe the Lady Skippers’ home victory as shooting Firebirds in a barrel would be unfair, as Kirtland did not have enough players to fill a barrel.
With only six players, the Kirtland squad was no match for the twelfth ranked SC4.
The Skippers overpowered the Firebirds by a score of 99-47on Jan. 29. With the game out of hand early, SC4 used the opportunity to hone their skills.

Pro wrestling returns to St. Clair County

SlamJam 2014 hits Richmond

After a 6 year hiatus, Blue Water Championship Wrestling is back to deliver elbow drops to their opponents and smiles to fans.
The audience at Richmond High School got to see some up and coming local talents and stars battle for their enjoyment. Featuring steel cage matches like Shane Douglas facing Xavier Justice for the BWCW Championship and Leah Von Dutch defending her Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling Championship against Courtney Rush.

Staying hungry

The final month is approaching, and the final buzzer is close to sounding, signaling an end to the men’s Skippers 2013-14 basketball season.
The top three seeds in the eastern conference (Oakland, Wayne County, and Mott) have qualified for the NJCAA District 10 tournament as of Feb. 8, leaving the Skippers trailing in fourth place.