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Tigers’ high hopes

When thinking about Detroit professional teams, the Tigers are always a summer hit.

Sports enthusiasts, myself included, think the Tigers have a pretty good shot of making it back to the playoffs this October. Even though it is a close race between the Cleveland Indians and our Detroit Tigers, I believe we have the advantage.

The Detroit Tigers have had the lead in the American League Central Division since before the All Star break in July. The Tigers have kept their lead intact for this long and can certainly pull it off with the team they have.

Among the Tigers roster are some very key veteran leaders. Veterans such as Victor Martinez, Jhonny Peralta, and the powerful Miguel Cabrera will come in handy for the upcoming battle for the division.

Also, in the mix are very key young and athletic players including Austin Jackson, Alex Avila, Brennan Boesch and Don Kelly. Learning from skilled veterans will help the young stars be determined to push every game to the max.

Another big item on their team is their dominating pitching staff. Leading the way is the explosive Justin Verlander, which is my leader for the American League Cy Young Award this year. With 18 wins, an ERA of 2.31, and over 200 strikeouts already this year, he has become a dominating force on the mound. And when Verlander is not on the rubber, teams have to go against Rich Porcello, Brad Penny, Max Scherzer and newly required Doug Fister.

Also, during the trade deadline, the Tigers filled in their gaps in the roster with key acquisitions. Such players as Delmon Young from the Minnesota Twins, and Wilson Betemit from the Kansas City Royals.

Delmon Young finished last year in eighth for the American League Most Valuable Player and replaced the struggling Magglio Ordonez. While Wilson Betemit will fit comfortably at third base to help replace Brandon Inge for the time being.

The Tigers, up to Aug. 22, have a record of 68-58 with a four and half game lead.

After sweeping the Indians at home in a dramatic fashion, it seems the Tigers are pushing harder in the second half. If the Detroit Tigers win the Central Division, it will be the first time they have won their division since 1987.

In Tiger nation, hopes are very high.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Working at the car wash

St. Clair County Community College’s Lady Skippers basketball team, in collaboration with Cawood Auto located at 2516 Pine Grove Ave. in Port Huron, will sponsor a car wash from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 10.

Cost for sprucing up your vehicle is $5 for cars, and $10 for vans and trucks.

The Lady Skippers basketball team has a car wash fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, at Cawood Auto, 2516 Pine Grove Ave. Photo Credit: Rachel Olivia Kobylas
The Lady Skippers basketball team has a car wash fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, at Cawood Auto, 2516 Pine Grove Ave. Photo Credit: Rachel Olivia Kobylas

Cawood co-owner, Charlie Barrett, says they have done a lot in the past to assist different groups at SC4. He explained that he is friends with SC4 Head Coach Dale Vos and tries to support the college sports teams when he can.

“It is the best thing to do, helping people out,” said Barrett. Proceeds from the fundraising car wash will benefit the team.

Twana Pinskey


Margin of victory for skippers

The SC4 Skippers dominated Schoolcraft in a 91-68 victory Saturday, Jan 22. It was a touch-and-go game up until Schoolcraft almost tied the game in the first half. With just a two-point lead to start out, SC4 ran with it scoring six consecutive three-pointers, and leaving the half with a 29-7 score, running all over Schoolcraft.

“We put bodies on every person and we challenged every shot,” Coach Dale Vos said, “When we had that good run just before the half that was really the margin of victory for us.”

The Skippers' Kelsey Jensen (left) and Jenna Stauffer (right) look to score before the half - Photo by Savannah Wilcox

SC4 led at the half 55-30, nearly twice Schoolcraft’s score thanks to their incredible offense and challenging defense.

This was a complete team victory everyone contributing defensively as well as offensively. The Skippers Chatavius Turner was leading scorer with an impressive 21 points, four steals, and four assists. Jesse Schienke also contributed 17 points and seven rebounds. Terrell Arnold chipped in 10 pts, four assists, and four steals. Tory Villolovos added 12 points for the Skippers.

SC4 is currently in second place in the MCCAA Eastern Conference, just one game behind Henry Ford CC and Mott CC who are tied for first.

The next home game for the Skippers will be this Saturday, Feb. 5, at 3:00 p.m. Home game admission is $3 for adults, $1 for students, and all children 8 and under have free entry.

Staff writer

Jeff Dean

Sport Editor

Savannah Wilcox

Skippers Dominate

The SC4 Skippers men’s basketball team completely dominated Schoolcraft in a 91-68 beat-down.

The Skippers’ full court press defense and lights-out three-point shooting in the first half was too much for Schoolcraft to overcome, giving SC4 a 55-30 lead at the half.

photo by Brian Johnston

Schoolcraft attempted to make a run at the Skippers in the second half, outscoring SC4 38-36. That wasn’t enough to overcome the 25-point lead SC4 built up in the first.

The Skippers Chatavius Turner was the game’s leading scorer, dropping an impressive 21 points. Jesse Schienke also contributed 17 points.

Staff writer

Jeff Dean

SC4 Student Athlete –“Taking Charge”

This issue’s student athlete of the month is SC4 men’s basketball player Kyle Brown. Kyle demonstrates excellence in the classroom as well as on the court.
Brown earned a 3.3 GPA over the fall semester and a spot on the President’s Honor List for academic achievement. He is motivated academically by the pressure to represent his team and SC4 in a positive and respectful way.
“Its [academic success] for me but it’s for the team as well. If I do good it makes the team look good, which puts a smile on my face,” Brown said. His academic goal is to obtain his teaching degree from Saginaw Valley State.
Brown was part of last year’s team that made it to the school’s first appearance in the National Junior College Athletic Association division II men’s national basketball tournament. Brown said, “I feel that our team is capable of doing it (making tournament) and possibly even going farther in the National Tournament. We have to keep going strong and working hard everyday and push toward the main goal of making it there.”
On the basketball court Brown prides himself on his defensive prowess. “I get a couple charges a game. On the team that’s what I’m known for is taking charges and getting the ball back for us.”
Men’s basketball coach Dale Vos said, “Kyle is our best inside defensive player. He’s always in the right position. He’s infected the rest of the team with his (ability to draw) charges. He’s probably as good of a person we’ve had in the past ten years at being in the right spot and getting run over.”
Finding balance between his studies, athletics and personal life is difficult. Brown said he doesn’t have much free time; being a student athlete is time consuming.
In what free time he has, Kyle enjoys playing outdoor sports, hanging out with friends, catching up with his mom and playing NHL 11 on Xbox.
SC4 will host Alpena Community College on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 3 p.m. The Skippers have key conference games at Oakland Community College Feb. 12 and at home against Mott Community College on Feb. 16.
To view the complete Men’s and Women’s basketball schedule visit on the web.

Mark McCallum

Staff Writer

Lady Skippers regain Strength

The Lady Skippers have seen their ups and down the last few weeks, starting with a loss against Muskegon CC and ending with two wins; one against Kalmazoo CC (ranked #16 in the nation), and another against St. Clair College of Windsor.

Sc4 shot a measly 21 percent from the field against Muskegon CC on Nov. 19 which largely contributed to their 77-43 loss in the East-West Classic, along with the 27 turnovers the Skippers gave up. The Skippers started the game strong with a 7-0 run, but after a time-out Muskegon took control of the game.

“That time out really hurt us. We started to play their game and we never took control of the game, which is what we needed to do in order to win,” Coach Carrie Lohr said.

Photo by Jenny Walker

The Skippers had the opportunity to recover from the first half as Muskegon led 31-20, but Muskegon continued to rack up the points with a 19-7 run at the beginning of the second half.

“They really beat us up in the paint, and controlled us because of our size. They continued to attack the basket, and as a team we need to work harder to not allow other teams in the paint,” said Lohr.

Muskegon out-rebounded the ball against SC4, with 55 rebounds, 20 more than the Skippers. Iesha Ellis pulled down 18 rebounds for Muskegon, and added 14 points for the win over the Skippers. Korea Jackson was high scorer for the Skippers with 11 points.

“We need to learn from our mistakes in this game in order to play a better game tomorrow night,” said Lohr.

Learning from their mistakes is just what the Skippers did as they beat Kalamazoo CC the next night with a 67-61 win.

“We came to play, and it was a much more intense game than against Muskegon,” guard Korea Jackson said, “After losing to Muskegon, we were ready for this win and we worked hard for it.”

The Skippers tried to keep a lead against Kalamazoo through the whole game, managed to hold a 39-34 lead at halftime, then continued to lead through the entire second half.

“At one point we were leading by more than 10 points late in the second half, but they managed to have a run on us late in the game,” Lohr said.

Although Kalamazoo responded with a short 6-0 stretch, it was still not enough to take the game back. Chaniese Turner led the Skippers 25 points and pulled down seven rebounds, while Korea Jackson had 16 points, and Nikki Heim added another 13 points and eight rebounds.

However, the Skippers would play one of the most emotional home games ever to cross SC4’s court on Tuesday Nov. 23, just 24 hours after the death of Men’s basketball player Terrance Keaton.

“We were given the choice to play the game, or reschedule it, but the girls wanted to play,” Lohr said.

Although emotions were running high, the Lady Skippers decided to play in memoriam of Keaton, and started the game off with a memorial service for the fellow athlete.

Of the 10 players on the Skippers roster, 9 of them scored in the game. High scorers were Chaniese Turner with 19 points and four steals, and Korea Jackson with 17 points and seven assists.

“The girls played very well in this game, and worked really hard for the win. They really needed this win tonight, especially after yesterday’s accident. They can walk away from this knowing that they didn’t give up, and they played through the emotion,” Lohr said.

The Skippers’ next home game will be against Columbus State CC on Saturday, Dec. 11. Tip-off will be at 1 p.m., all adult admissions are $3, students are $1 and all children 8 and under receive free admission.

Savannah Wilcox

Business/Advertising Editor

He shoots, he scores!

New Jersey Devils broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick visited Paul Miller’s Introduction to Mass Media class Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Emrick has local ties to Port Huron as a former announcer for the Port Huron Flags, of the International Hockey League (IHL) in 1977.

Emrick earned a bachelor’s degree in 1964 from Manchester college, a master’s degree from Miami University (Ohio) in 1969, and a doctorate in radio/television/film from Bowling Green State University in 1976 – a degree which earned him his nickname, “Doc.”

Since then, Emrick has done play-by-play for CBS, NBC, TNT, ESPN and more for sports such as hockey, basketball and football. In 2004, Emrick called the men’s and women’s water polo competitions for the Summer Olympics.

Emrick returned for the 2006 Winter Olympics, calling men’s and women’s hockey.

The class began with “Doc” having students give their names, what their most significant moment was and what they would like to be doing in the next five to ten years.

“When I invited Doc to come speak to my class, I was hoping he could provide some insight into how a national sporting event is produced,” said Miller.

Miller said, “He also made it relatable to students pursuing other communications careers, and how the same work ethic and sacrifice applies when it comes to careers in film, music, journalism, and others.”

“I think the most important thing he communicated was the fact that he came from a town smaller than Port Huron,” said Miller. “I think he inspired some people to keep reaching for their goals.”  Emrick is from La Fontaine, Indiana which according to him had a population of 600 people.

Emrick told the students how he always wanted to be a baseball announcer until he saw his first hockey game. That was his significant moment.

According to Emrick that and the late Ernie Harwell was his inspiration.

Emrick stressed persistence by saying “It was something that I didn’t want to fail at, and your chances are good if you can outwork the other guy.”

“If it is what you really like doing, it’s not work,” Emrick said.

Student Dan Pettee of Port Huron said, “His life shows that anybody can do anything. It doesn’t matter where you came from.”

With all of his accomplishments, according to Emrick he still has more to do.

Emrick said, “I would like to put together five games in a row I’m really happy with. It’s a flawed business to describe an event and I’d just like to get a stretch of them together.”

“I give myself a letter grade after every game, I’d just like to string a bunch of A’s together,” said Emrick.

Thomas Pregano

Sports Editor

Skippers sail to back-to-back wins in MCCAA East/West Classic

The Skippers sweep of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association’s East/West Classic put their record at 5-0.  Friday, Nov. 19 the Skippers defeated the Muskegon Community College Jayhawks 79-64.  On Saturday, they battled the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Cougars, winning that game 65-58.

Friday, the Skippers dominated the game, outscoring the Jayhawks 39-26 in the first half and 40-38 in the second. The Skippers out-rebounded the Jayhawks (44-39), had more assists (18-13) and three times as many steals (18-6).

The tight defense of the Skippers also forced 31 turnovers by the Jayhawks.  All those numbers translated into the Skippers clobbering the Jayhawks.

Skippers Coach Dale Vos said, “I was really pleased with the level we played at for the full 40 minutes. We played pretty consistent [against] a team that was certainly equal talent-wise.”

The foundation for the Skippers’ win Saturday, Nov. 20, according to Coach Vos, was their defense during the first half. The Skippers held the Cougars to 16 percent shooting from the field, resulting in just 9 of their 14 first half points. At the same time, the Skippers sank 10 of 34 from the field and 9 of 13 from the stripe for 35 points.

Photo by Dan Pettee

Vos said, “I thought our defense was just extraordinary in the first half.  We rebounded very well, which we knew would be important because they’re so big.”

The Skippers’ defense loosened up in the second half, allowing the Cougars to score 44 points. Despite outscoring the Skippers in the second half, the closest the Cougars came to victory was when they cut the lead to 4 points near the end of the game. The Skippers led the game in assists (13-6) and steals (14-9).

The next home games will be against Marygrove College on Thursday, Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. and Columbus State Community College on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 3 p.m.  Tickets for home games are $3 for adults and $1 for students.

Daniel Pettee

Staff Writer

SC4 mourns loss of one of our own

SC4 mourns loss of one of our own”

Twana Pinskey


Tears, heartache, and unimaginable pain come with the loss of someone you know and care about.

St. Clair County Community College mourns the death of Sophomore Men’s Basketball player, Terrance (T.K.) Keaton of Flint Michigan.

Keaton died as the result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, Monday November 22, 2010 on Interstate I-94.

Terrance Keaton- photo by Dan Pettee

According to St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon, Keaton lost control of his 2002 Chevrolet blazer on rain slick pavement of I-94 at about 3:00 p.m. The vehicle struck a guard rail on the passenger side. The vehicle then made a violent turn to the left, ejecting Keaton out of the vehicle and onto the road.

What we do know is texting is believed to be a contributing factor in this accident,” said Public

Information Office, Deputy Steve Campau.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon confirmed stating;”that appears to be the case, that instant messaging was taking place right before the accident. Donnellon said a lot of factors came together to create a perfect storm. In addition to the distraction of the texting, Keaton wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. “There is no question about it. Had he had his seatbelt on (Keaton), he would have survived, “said Donnellon.

According to Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations at Sc4, the team was told in Jackson, after the game about Keaton’s death. Starkey explained that Jackson Community College made grief counselors available to the players.

JCC’s (Jackson Community College) hearts go out to St. Clair County Community College, their players and Terrance’s family during this difficult time, said Cindy Allen, Public Relations Director at JCC. “Our players (JCC) felt really bad when they heard, “said Allen.

Keaton’s loss is felt on the Sc4 campus, as faculty and students remember Keaton.

Professor John Lusk had Keaton in his news writing class. Lusk remembered Keaton as a well liked student. “He (Terrance) was as good a kid as you’re going to hear about,” said Lusk.

Coach Dale Voss said; “He (Keaton) had a infectious personality and a smile that could light up a room.”

SC-4 men’s basketball player, guard Alan Sharp, a sophomore from Flint knew Keaton since high School.

Sharp shared memories of making it to the nationals last year with his friend and how happy they were. “It’s very hard;” said sharp. He would like his friend remembered for who he was. “He was a hard worker, said Sharp. Not just in basketball but in the classroom as well.”

Bragging Rights

Thomas Pregano

Sports editor

Sunday Oct. 31 at Sanborn Park was the setting for the second annual blue-gold game, an inter-squad baseball game to wrap up the fall season. More importantly to the team, it means bragging rights.

Last year’s game was a thriller won in extra innings by the gold team.

This year’s game was no different, as it provided just as much excitement. Head Coach Denny Dwyer’s Blue team beat assistant head coach Ken Vernier’s Gold team 4-1.

The gold team jumped out to an early 1-0 lead. In the fourth inning, with the help of some walks and key at-bats like freshman Tim Klienow’s squeeze bunt, sophomore Ricky Brooks scored to tie the game at one.

That opened the floodgates, as freshman Josh Mitchell had a single advanced to second on an overthrow to first base. Mitchell stole third base and took home on an overthrow to third, putting the blue team ahead.

Blue team batter, Evan Lyszczyk steps up to the plate. Photo by Daniel Pettee

They would never look back as sophomore Donavan Rigel hit a two-run triple to put the game on ice for the blue team.

Freshman Rory Fell got the win for the blue team, going four innings, giving up one run on four hits and no walks.

Freshman Anthony Shepard came in and threw two scoreless innings in relief, and Sophomore Layton came in and closed the door to get the save for the blue.

The blue team flashed the leather as well when sophomore Kurt Valutis made several diving plays at shortstop to take numerous base hits away from the gold team.

Emiliano Gonzalez led the gold team with two hits and an RBI. Ceasar Sabuta scored the team’s only run, and also had a triple in the game.

Freshman Grant Fiedler started for the gold team and pitched two scoreless innings, and freshman Paul Fry finished the game pitching a scoreless seventh the gold.

The blue-gold game is a great way to finish up the fall season. The players really look forward to competing against each other. We have a lot of fun and the game is always very competitive,” Denny Dwyer said.

So this year the bragging rights go to the blue team, giving the gold team something to think about for the next year.