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Trumping into the Euchre scene

During the course of the year, many sports fans that watch ESPN will come to find that the “World Series of Poker” has become a main attraction. And for the students at St. Clair County Community College, Euchre has become the main event.

Students that come to the college center for their lunch break have found out this semester that Euchre is a popular card game among other classmates.

According to thefreedictionary .com, Euchre is defined as, “a card game played usually with the highest 32 cards, in which each player is dealt 5 cards and the player making the trump is required to take at least 3 tricks to win.”

Confused? You’re not the only one. I was too.

Why can't I hold all these cards?
A deck of cards. Photo Credit by: Phillipa Willitts under a Creative Commons License.

But since I’ve gotten into the phenomenon of Euchre, I can come up with a better explanation for the people still confused and scratching their heads.

Four players are split in two teams and play each other in game to which have to score ten points to win. Each player is dealt five cards a piece. The only cards being dealt are tens’ through aces. Jacks are considered “bowers” and are the highest cards when used in the right trump. Someone from the four must call trump, either spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs. Trump becomes the highest value in the game and if you have enough trump during a hand, you could have the advantage to win.

Still confused? Well that’s very common, but many students at SC4 have enjoyed and learned very quickly by playing this strategy game of wits and trump.

Students like Michael Brough, a third year student a St.Clair County Community College, says, “I like Euchre, because it passes time faster. It also helps to strategize better and helps your brain power.”

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

From Player to coach, Kyle Brown

In many different scenarios throughout life, boy becomes man, student becomes the teacher and at St. Clair Community County College the player became the coach.

Kyle Brown, a sophomore at SC4, became a part of the coaching staff for the upcoming men’s basketball team season.

Brown, played high school ball at Marysville High School and played a year underneath the SC4 roster. Deciding to take his talents to a higher level, Brown became one of the coaches on the staff.

“It brings a player point of view to the coaching side,” said Brown.

Kyle Brown Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
Kyle Brown proudly stands next to his picture at SC4’s Gymnasium. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Even though Brown is no longer able to play the sport as a player, he said, “I just wanted to stay in it… I am here for the coaching aspect and at least to keep the team going in a positive direction as best as I can.”

According to Brown, he has coached before at his high school, and also while being a player last year at SC4. So, between his skills on the court as a power forward and being an assistant coach, he would be the perfect choice to teach the players of tomorrow.

Brown believes, “ The most critical thing is just effort and hard work…and what the players need to know is that it takes hard work and effort to get to the point to be better than their (the other team) best player.”

Even though Brown has had a great experience throughout his basketball and coaching career, so far, nothing compares to being next to Coach Dale Vos.

Vos has been the coach for St. Clair County Community College for 20 years and has much success with men’s basketball program. When asked about being next to the very successful Dale Vos, Brown exclaimed, “I like Dale as a person and as a Coach…just to be by him and have the connection with him is a big help me personally and it’s a great experience.”

Brown plans to continue his way on coaching men’s basketball in the future and continue to be the player that became the coach.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Open gym

Have you ever had a few hours between classes and wanted to take a quick run just to clear your head?

Well you might want to run around the gym on campus, or play some basketball with your friends during the open hours of the gym and weight room.

Many do not know about the open gym and weight room. In a recent informal survey of eight students, only one in four were aware that the gym was open to the students during the week.

The students were asked if they would use the open gym and weight room after learning of its availability and many still turned down the option.

“I think they are a good idea but I don’t have the time to use them,” said Lindsay McDonald, a criminal justice student.  Eric Williams, an applied science student, also cited time constraints.

“I just don’t have the time to attend,” Williams says.

“I would rather just use my weight room at home,” Jesse Martinez, a computer networking student, said.

While some students may be unaware of the open gym and weight room, and may not have the time to break from studying, the gym is far from empty. Many students take the time to play basketball between classes.

The weight room offers a variety of equipment including weights, balance balls, two bikes, two elliptical machines, two stair climbers and three treadmills.

“I think it is a swell place and would like to use it,” Nicolas Wauters, a Criminal Justice student, said after being informed of the equipment available.
The open gym hours on campus for the fall semester are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and are for SC4 students, staff and faculty only.

Students are asked to bring their own basketballs.

The Weight Room hours for the fall semester are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Doug Johnson

Guest Writer

Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings, oh yeah!

Fall is officially here and that means lots of sports are going to be happening for Detroit fans.

The Lions have already started 3-0 in the regular season, the Redwings have started their preseason match ups, and the Tigers are starting their run in the MLB playoffs.

So, with so much going on and the success Detroit teams have been receiving, I had to ponder one question. Which Detroit professional team playing, in the fall, will do the best and go the farthest?

Even though the Detroit Lions are 3-0 and the Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs, people still believe that the Detroit Red Wings will do the best out of the three.

Aaron Frendendall, a student at St. Clair County Community College, told me that the Red Wings will do the best, because of their past experiences and past history.

Frendendall does have a point. The Red Wings has been the most successful Detroit professional team over the course of a half century by winning 11 Stanley Cups. They were the last team in Detroit to win a championship, which was back in 2008.

On another note, nobody believes that the Detroit Tigers will do the best out of three even though they are already made the playoffs. They ended the season at a respectable 95-67 record, the same record the Tigers had back in 2006, the last time they went to the playoffs and on to the World Series.

Furthermore, the Tigers have a pitcher named Justin Verlander. Verlander won 24 games for his team and also led in ERA and strikeouts (which is the Triple Crown of Pitching). And also Miguel Cabrera, who led the American League in batting. With offense and pitching working together, I say they have a shot at winning in the postseason.

Last, but not least is the Detroit Lions.

Steven Kronnich, another student at St. Clair County Community College, said, “The Lions are winning now, but they always find a way to suck.”

Even though the Lions have started the season 3-0, people have to remember history is against them. The last winning season for the Detroit Lions was in 2001, and they haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999.

So, hockey fans may be the only fans cheering in Hockeytown this fall.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Christian McGeachy Fall 2011-Photo Credit Liz Whittemore
Christian McGeachy Fall 2011-Photo Credit Liz Whittemore

New Coach: Lakita Gantz

After Carrie Lohr, former St. Clair County Community College Women’s Basketball Coach, accepted the head coaching job at Wayne State University, her shoes needed to be filled.

Coach Lakita Gantz took on the task of wearing these shoes.

Lakita Gantz, Head Coach of SC4’s Women Basketball Team.
Lakita Gantz, Head Coach of SC4’s Women Basketball Team.

Before Gantz was a coach, she was a basketball player herself. She played ball at her Detroit high school and went on to play, and graduate, at Savannah State University.

After graduating at Savannah State University, Gantz went on to coach and has been coaching for over ten years now. Her experiences in coaching are at Pershing High School, Mumford High School and Team Michigan AAU. And during her time coaching high school women’s basketball, she coached men’s basketball as well.

Even though it’s way before the season starts, Gantz wastes no time in getting her girls ready for the upcoming season. The women’s basketball team at SC4 have already been conditioning and practice starts on Oct. 1.

Gantz believes that chemistry is very important. So, when asked about the chemistry between Coach and her players she said, “Chemistry is great…I try to explain to them why I push them so hard…and they agree.”

While Gantz gets a feel for her new job, she is focusing on the team’s transition defense and transition offense by saying, “I’m trying to make them a fast team, but a very smart team.”

In addition to replacing Lohr, she also follows a very successful nine years of winning seasons in the women’s basketball program.

So, is there pressure on the coach’s shoulders? Gantz replied, “I feel pressure, because I wanna win and go to nationals. So, the pressure is on myself. I feel like my team should be able to win at the highest level in this division.”

With conditioning on the way and practice right around the corner, the expectations for SC4’s women’s basketball team are at a high. Gantz believes that her team can win as many wins as the previous season, if not more. The previous season, the Lady Skippers won 19 games.

Let’s hope the Lady Skippers can live up to their new head coaches expectations.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Students predictions on Lions chances

The last thing any sport loving person would be thinking, the Detroit Lions and successful, but after pulling out a week one win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Lions have students at St. Clair County Community College excited for Lions football.

After a surprising start by the Detroit Lions, for the first time in a long time, the Lions are technically undefeated with a record of 1-0. Also, carried from last season is the winning streak of five games in a row. But does this mean Playoffs, or even the Super Bowl?

Josh Shaffer, a Sophomore at St. Clair County Community College from Memphis, has a strong prediction of his own. Shaffer said during his interview, “The Lions are going to make it to the playoffs for sure…as long as their quarterback, Calvin Johnson and Suh avoid any injuries they will make it to the playoffs.”

A bold prediction by Shaffer since the Detroit Lions have not made it to the playoffs since 1999, but none the less not impossible.

Also, in Shaffer’s statement, he talked about the key to making the playoffs is injuries. Many Lion fans understand that last year injuries played a big role at the quarterback.

Matthew Stafford, going into his third year as Detroit’s starting quarterback, had shoulder injuries twice last year, which took him out for the season. But Stafford is healthy for now and is playing well by throwing for over three hundred yards passing and three passing touchdowns.

On another note, another student at SC4 Richard Gilberg, from Lexington, still has his concerns. In his interview, Gilberg stated, “I predict that they are going to do better than last season.”

Gilberg also thinks the Lions have a chance to make it to the playoffs, but not for sure.

SC4 student, Richard Gilberg, sits at the College Center and shows his excitement for the Detroit Lions this year.   Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
SC4 student, Richard Gilberg, sits at the College Center and shows his excitement for the Detroit Lions this year. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Now, for my prediction. I believe that the Detroit Lions will do better this season, but only if they can stay healthy and play good defense. Stafford needs to stay in the games, and Nick Fairley and Suh need to shut down opposing offenses to get the big wins.

Shaffer’s predicted record for the Lions was 16-0, and Gilberg’s was 8-8. All I know is, that it’s good to have Detroit Lions on the right track with a week one victory and people excited for the rest of the season.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Lady Skippers first home stand ends in defeat but don’t retreat

Tuesday, Sept. 13th, the Lady Skippers held their first volleyball home game against Schoolcraft College. Even though the Lady Skippers were on the home turf for the first time this season, Schoolcraft ended up with the win.

The game went into five sets, which scored: 25-19,22-25,25-17,21-25, and 7-15, which ended SC4’s five game winning streak.

Volleyball girls photo credit Christian McGreachy
Volleyball girls photo credit Christian McGreachy

The Lady Skippers volleyball team were ahead by two sets to one and it seemed the girls had another win coming their way, but Schoolcraft College came back to deny them the satisfaction of victory.

When the game was done, Coach Chuck Weisner believed, “We started to thinking that it was over and it was not.”

On the same lines, an outside hitter for the Lady Skippers, Martha Veihl said, “We kinda let it slip away.”

“They wanted it more than we did and we kinda just broke down at the end,” said Jillian Verbeke, an opposite hitter of SC4’s team said.

But on a positive note, Verbeke found it was great to finally be on their own court for the first time this season.

“It’s always a lot more thrilling when you’re playing on your court that you practice on everyday…when you lose, you’re a bit disappointed, but it makes you push harder to win the next one,” said Verbeke.

After the game against Schoolcraft College, Weisner, focused on blocking by saying his cry of, “If we don’t block we’re not going to win.”

Well following their first home game, the Lady Skippers went to Delta College and won in three straight sets.

After the well deserved victory for Lady Skippers volleyball team, Viehl believed that the team wanted to redeem after a tough loss at home with the win over Delta.

After the win over Delta Community College, SC4’s Lady Skippers are at a record of 9 wins and 4 losses total.

Their next home game will be Oct. 4.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Basketball preview

Hoop, there it is. It’s time again for another season of Skipper Basketball. The first game of which will be on Nov. 10.

Head coach Dale Vos was reached for comment on the upcoming season.

Vos says that it’s too early to reach conclusions about the upcoming season, but he believes that the team will be competitive in the upcoming season and post season tournaments.

Returning to the team this year are three players from the last semesters, notably Jesse Schienke and Latwann Wesley. They are three of the twenty potential players who tried out this semester, but Vos hopes to cut down that number to a team of 15.

Vos has faith that the 15 that will be chosen will be good choices for the team, but knows that they’ll need time to adjust to the college environment, academically and athletically.

Clay Kimball


Skippers running

See spot run. Sorry, I meant see those Skippers Run.

On Saturday, July 23, 2011, starting at 7:30 a.m., a charity 5k run was held by the SC4 Alumni Association and the SC4 Athletic Department.

The race started and ended by the municipal building in downtown Port Huron. Its course took the runners past Pine Grove Park, up the St. Clair River, past the Blue Water Bridge, and back.

The run was organized by Dave Goetze of Clyde, age 50, and Head Coach Dale Vos of the Athletic Department. The event was held in order to raise money for an athletic scholarship for our Skippers.

In total, approximately $2,500 was raised by 61 participants, via registration fee, in the run, says Goetze. Of the participants, one particular group was our own Lady Skippers of the volleyball team.

Lady Skippers volleyball team photo credit Clay Kimball
Lady Skippers volleyball team photo credit Clay Kimball

Goetze believes that as the inaugural event, the turnout was promising. He hopes that the annual event will grow in size, enlarging the scholarship.

At the run, participants are given the leisure of their own pace. This allows for competitive running while still allowing for a leisurely, social walk. The event was described as a “Fun run or walk.”

Although it was a charity run, prizes and medals were still given out as done in a race. Medals were given out to the top three placers in three age groups: children, teenagers, and adults. The overall first place winner was 17-year-old Trevor Adams of Carsonville, who received both a medal and a gift bag.

Goetze would like to thank his sponsors for supporting this event and he hopes for more to come. So remember SC4 students and alumni, next summer get out there, run, and support our Skipper athletes.

Clay Kimball


Dale Vos the boss

Going into his eighteenth year as St. Clair County Community College’s Athletic Director, Coach Dale Vos shared his views on the upcoming school year in sports.

In the new school year, SC4 will be having approximately 100 student athletes play in the various sports held at that the college. Thirty-nine of those students, according to Vos, will be rewarded with athletic related scholarships.

Vos is also the coach of the men’s basketball team and the golf team at the college.

When asked about the number of seniors coming back, Vos said, “We‘re going to have three players coming back for men’s basketball and zero for golf…so I had a lot of recruiting to do.”

With the upcoming season in men’s basketball, Vos is wasting no time getting ready for the road ahead.

Players are already warming up every day in the college gym to keep in shape and keep their skills up. Practice will officially start for the basketball team, according to Vos, after Labor Day weekend.

Speaking of new acquisitions, Vos is proud to welcome the new coaches of the baseball and women’s basketball team. Lakita Gantz will fill the role of Lady Skippers Basketball head coach, and Mike Green will be starting as the head coach for the baseball team.

Even though Vos has to think about the upcoming year in athletics, he still keeps his excitement high.

Vos said, “The neat thing about community college athletics is that every year is whole new deal…it’s exciting every year…it’s exciting to see how it’s going to be new and different.”

The new school year is off and going and the volleyball team is first on the list for athletics this year. First home game for the Lady Skippers is Sept. 13, at 7 p.m.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor