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Leading by example

Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.
Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

“They led by example, by word, and through their ability to bring everybody into the Skipper family,” men’s head basketball coach, Dale Vos, said about sophomores Ben Abraham, Kieon Arkwright, Devon Kling, Marquis Lee, Eric Mack Jr., and Jake Stark.

Vos said, “We will miss these six players; however I believe they have done a good job with the last job of a leader and that is to train the next leaders.”

All six of the players have their own agendas; including 19 year old Ben Abraham from Memphis plans to be a mechanical engineer. Abraham will most likely attend Oakland University. He hopes to work for Chrysler after he graduates.

According to Abraham he has had offers from schools to play football and basketball but doesn’t plan to play anywhere.

Abraham said, “Playing basketball at SC4 was one of the best experiences of my life and it couldn’t have gone much better than it did.”

Kieon Arkwright is 20 years old from Flint, and played at Saginaw Valley last year. Arkwright is majoring in sports medicine. He hopes to continue playing for a division one or two school.

Arkwright said, “It meant a lot for me to be here and help the program out.” He made it to the All-Region and All-Conference team.

“This season was different for me in so many ways. It was the first time that I felt like, in the huddle, the guy to the right and left of me would do anything for me,” 19 year old Devin Kling said.

Kling is majoring in accounting and plans on transferring to Walsh College and will continue to play basketball in a men’s league with his family.

Marquis Lee is the oldest of the group at 22. Lee is from Frasier and nicknamed “Show Time” by teammates and fans. He hopes to play for a division one or division two university. Lee is undecided in his major but is confident he will find one when he gets where he is going.

Lee said, “This season meant the best for everybody.” He made the All-Defensive team in the MCCAA.

Eric Mack Jr., 19 of Detroit, is undecided on his major and plans to continue playing basketball. According to Mack, “Wherever I fit in, whether it be division one or division two, this season has meant a lot to me. These are the best teammates I’ve ever had in my life.”

Mack made the second team All-Conference.

The 20 year old Jake Stark, from Richmond, plans on majoring in teaching or sports management at Concordia or Tiffin University, in which he will also continue his basketball career.

Stark also made the All-Conference honorable mention team as the Skippers finished eighth in the national tournament. This year was the first time the Skippers made it to the National Tournament in SC4’s history.

Nothing but net

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

The SC4 men’s basketball team wins games. Enough said? Well, not quite. The Skippers have been successful for the 2009-10 season and that success has yet to cease.

They cruised through the Michigan Community College Athletics Association this season with a 12-4 Eastern Conference record. They put a final 22-6 record on the season with a close 79-72 victory over Delta College on Friday.

All has seemed uneasy for Skippers’ head coach, Dale Vos, leading up to Tuesday night’s home playoff game against Kirtland.

“We had honestly no clue who we were going to play,” Vos said. “All we knew was where.”

That “where” has been favorable for the home Skippers, allowing for an 11-3 home record.

“Going into this tournament, all we can think is, ‘one more game,’” Vos said. “Just one more game.”

It very well could be some players’ final game. The Skippers have been led by six sophomores this year: Ben Abraham, Memphis; Eric Mack, Jr., Roseville; Kieon Arkwright, Flint; Jake Stark, Richmond; Marquis Lee, Fraser; Devin Kling, Memphis.

The success of this year has almost mirrored last year’s campaign that had the Skippers playing at home against Wayne County. The fifth seeded Wildcats upset the fourth seeded Skippers with a buzzer-beating shot, 67-66.

“That was a great basketball game, but the wrong team won,” Vos said.

In fact, this year’s Wayne County basketball team did not play a game.

This year’s Skippers have earned rankings throughout the campaign as a reward for their timely success. The men were ranked as high as number nine this season.

“I believe the last time we were ranked was 2001,” said Vos. “That was for a week.”

Dale Vos has coached the Skippers since the 1991-92 season. In 2000, Vos gave SC4 its first 20 win season in 25 years. Also Vos was named Community College Coach of the Year in 2000. The Skippers have continued that success under Vos; not having a losing record since 2005.

“This season has been a great year,” Vos reflected. “The kids have enjoyed playing basketball and they have enjoyed each other. They have worked hard all year and it shows. Winning was a big part of it but this group was fun either way.”

Rise and fall of SC4 basketball

Savannah Wilcox

Staff Writer

The SC4 girls started the day with an 81-59 win, while the boys lost to Mott Community College 85-77 on Saturday, Feb. 20. The Lady Skippers stomped Mott’s women’s basketball team, as Mott only had six able players to compete.

“We were expecting another extremely talented post player to be on the team, but she was not here today for whatever reason,” said Coach Carrie Lohr about Mott’s shortage.

The win was important for SC4 as the team achieved their twentieth win this season. “We’ve worked hard to get to this point, and I’m proud of my team we had a great year,” Coach Lohr said. All of Coach Lohr’s girls scored against the Bears.

“It is important for all of us girls to score, to show that we all play as a team, and that we don’t depend on one person to score all of our points,” said sophomore Chanahl Putnam who paced the SC4 girls with five assists and nine points.

The high scorers for the Lady Skippers were Jessica Stevenson with 14 points and Jackie Highstreet with 11 points.

The SC4 boys, however, lost to the Bears, 85-77, after an impressive effort by both teams. The Skippers had a slow start after tip-off, and battled the Bears (No. 2 ranked in MCCAA) respectively through the entire game.

“We didn’t play as well as I would have liked, but I have to say they (SC4) played through the whole game, and never gave up,” said Coach Steve Schmidt of Mott. “They really played to their best ability, and made my team play to that ability as well.”

The Skippers held the Bears to a six point lead (46-40) at the end of the first half, but the Bears continued to stretch the lead, leaving the Skippers sinking into an inevitable loss.

Although Sc4 fought back in the ending minutes of the game, it was not enough to conquer the Bears offense in this match.

Kieon Arkwright led the Skippers with 23 points, and Alan Sharp added 16 points coming off the bench. For the Bears, Doug Anderson led with 20 points and shook the gym with three athletic dunks.

O. D.‘s Rant 57-11

Donald Lierman

Sports Editor

Let ‘em play, let ‘em play, let ‘em play …

Now that’s old time hockey. The Olympics provided a stage for what purists call the way the game should be played.

Few whistles, hard hitting, tight checking… all that was left out was a few droppings of the gloves.  Oh, I forgot no Bettman and no NHL Toronto High Court Tribunal to dictate which team should have extra advantage… oops, I mean whether it was a goal or not.

The final game’s outcome would have hurt much worse if Mike Babcock wasn’t the coach of Team Canada. Mike is a class act who takes both wins and defeats as a true professional.

There are the cretins out there well play the “Nah Nah you lost” card against us U.S. fans. But hey, scoring with 24 seconds left to send it to overtime makes the game a victory in my book.

Both teams were winners. If only anyone but that classless Crosby scored the winning goal.  You have got to admit the Devil got his due, but we got a game for the ages. No whining just good, hard hockey.

Speaking of whiners. O.D. has not only covered but has been a spectator at many events in many diverse sports.

Yet, even he was appalled at the antics of the Oakland women’s basketball coach in last Wednesday’s 66-55 SC4 victory. Throwing fits then rolling over when chastised by refs, acting out. This is how you teach values to your players?

That is only what was viewed from the stands. If only the SC4 players could tell their tales.   Oh, that’s because our team comports themselves as professionals.

Even Bobby Knight would blush.

Congrats, Lady Skips in coming within seven against number one ranked Schoolcraft, Friday.  The next day, Schoolcraft humbled Western Conference and number 14 Lake Michigan College, 85-54. Which leads me to, why wasn’t SC4 ranked?

As to men’s basketball, pending Wednesday’s District 9 quarterfinals result against Alpena, the Skippers should be heading to Mott Community College in Flint on March 5 and 6 for the NJCAA District 8 and 9 semi-finals and championships.

With Henry Ford and Mott ranked nationally in the top five, what an opportunity to attend some highly competitive basketball and support a Skippers basketball squad that should also be ranked.

All right, O.D. will admit when he was wrong. The 2010 Winter Olympics were absolutely fabulous. The camera work allowed home spectators to feel a part of the action. O.D. does not have H.D. but felt like he was there.

Yes, those athletes put in the dues to get there. Only when the professional status gets crossed does this humble reporter tremble.

But O.D. was right about curling which is becoming more and more popular. The U.S. performance was sadly lacking yet the competition overall was superb.

Those who decry the sport because it is different, well, some of those have yet to learn that T.P. is for something besides tossing on a neighbor’s house.

So Johnny Damon (demon?)  is a Detroit Tiger. Wasn’t he the guy who said he would never be a Yankee and now claims to be such a factor in their purchased title?

I used to be a fan until he whored off to New York and went corporate. Remember C,S,N&Y’s “Almost Cut My Hair?” That’s what happens when you trim those locks for a few dollars more.

And they got rid of Curtis Granderson?

Just a reminder that O.D. has gone global.  More rantings can be found on

Lady Skippers: Playoff bound

Garrett Gavin

Staff Writer

The SC4 women’s basketball team has enjoyed a great deal of success this season, finishing the regular season with a 20-7 record and the number two seed in the Michigan Community College Athletic Association East District Tournament.

When asked why she felt they have played so well, Coach Carrie Lohr pointed to team chemistry as one of the most important elements.

“This team has really jelled together from the first day I brought them all together on campus in late August,” Lohr said. “They have been willing to push one another and support one another through the peaks and valleys of the season.”

The Lady Skippers have had some very impressive wins this year, but Lohr believes that the best game they have played this year actually came in a losing effort.

“Honestly, one of the best games we played this season was a loss to Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI,” said Lohr. “We played rock solid, everyone. We lost by four points and Schoolcraft has consistently been a nationally ranked powerhouse all season and have spent a majority of the time ranked number one nationally.”

The district playoff will be held March 5 to 7 at Owens Community College in Owens, Ohio, with the winner advancing to the National Championship tournament.

SC4 will face Delta College on March 5 at 3 p.m., a team they have defeated twice so far this season.  As with any team going into the playoffs, the Skippers know they will have to play even better if they want to advance.

“Our focus is on defensive intensity,” Lohr said. “We must play for the full 40 minutes. We are a better team when we do just that. At this point in the play-off, we are facing a higher seed tonight in Schoolcraft College. The reminder here is we are the underdog. We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. We need to go for it.”

Skipper’s Chop Down Lumber Jacks Twice

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

The men’s and Lady Skippers’ basketball teams both beat the Alpena Lumberjacks, Wed. night on Feb. 10. The Lady Skippers won 69-45 and the men’s team won 94-80.

The Lady Skippers started out their game on an 11-0 run and looked like they were going to run away with the game. The Lady Skippers took full advantage of the long bus ride the Lumberjacks took.

With a good first half by sophomore guard Jessica Stevenson, from Chesterfield, scoring 7 points and great rebounding efforts by sophomore guards Megan Johnson and Alysia Cole, they did just that ending the first half 31-14.

“We got our chemistry back, there were a couple of games we just weren’t playing as a team and we noticed it,” said Johnson. “We worked really hard the week before in practice and I think we accomplished our goal.”

In the second half the Lumberjacks woke up scoring 31 points and making a game of it, but the Skippers proved to be too much.

“Every year I love coming up here to play against the Skippers. They are a class act and they never run up the score,” Head Coach Bobby Allen said.

The Skipper men’s team came out with the same amount of intensity on a 20-9 run. Kieon Arkwright, sophomore guard from Flint, led with 11 points in the half and sophomore forward Jake Stark, Richmond, right with him with 11 as well.

Stark said, “The first half we played defense. We got offensive and defensive rebounds.”

The second half was all Alpena scoring 53 points with the help of good shooting and rebounding. “If we would have played like that in the first half, this would have been a heck of a ball game,” said Frank McCourt, head coach of the Lumberjacks.

Both teams are back in action at home Sat. Feb. 20 at 1p.m. and 3 p.m. versus Mott Community College.

O. D.‘s Rant 57-10

Donald Lierman

Sports Editor

I nearly changed the name of the column to Rah Rah’s Rant. Because O.D. is excited.

Pending Wednesday’s outcome with Oakland Community College, the 11 nationally ranked SC4 men’s basketball team could be playing for a slice of the MCCAA Eastern Conference pie.

Saturday, February 20, the 5 ranked Mott Bears will come to town. The game will tip off at 3 p.m. following the Lady Skips at 1 p.m.

Last term, the volleyball team played for first, now the Skippers could be sending another banner to the rafters.

I told Mr. Vos after the volleyball victory that we should be aiming for three banners this year.  With the Lady Skips standing at only two losses that could very well happen. We may not be Big Ten but these student athletes put out just as much, if not more, effort.

Speaking of the Big Ten, rumors (OK maybe pipe dreams) abound that the University of Texas may join the Big Ten.

Imagine the Big Ten suddenly treated with respect again.

Imagine the rivalries…like waking up in bed with…

A Gary Bettman voodoo doll. Hey, the Saints fans were carting around Manning ones. Can someone get me the address of the manufacturer? I would tie it together with a Sid “the DUH” Crosby one and dunk it in Lake St. Clair. Hmmm, Satanic carp, anyone?

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the game was great, the commercial bashed men like a red-headed O.D. and I wished I was there for the party. Their voodoo must work when you see the replay of the Favre and Manning interceptions.

Hmmm, send those dolls by priority mail, will ya?

Yawn, the Olympics have begun. I lost all interest when the professional athletes began to compete in a corporate sponsored showcase. Profits not competition have become the point.

Already there has been a real tragedy. But this real tragedy will quickly be forgotten in the mudslide of sound bytes about whose daddy died yet the rich skater/skier/whatever overcame such overwhelming difficulties (like the million dollar sponsorship) to win a medal that will soon have corporate logos stamped on the back.

Not to mention that every fourth year the Olympics decimate the NHL schedule. Forget my beloved Red Wings, the NHHELL jams together the schedule to get 80 games into the same span of time. Can’t lose a dollar, eh? Just the quality.

Will curling be back? That is one sport I do enjoy. There aren’t too many corporate grants for Scottish shuffleboard on ice. Add a few brewskis and let’s just wait to drop the gloves… uh, I mean stones.

Just a reminder that O.D. has gone global. More rantings can be found on

Lady Skippers Douse Firebirds

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

The Lady Skippers basketball team let it rain against the Kirtland Firebirds, 67-52, on Feb. 6. The floor was dry in the first five minutes, however, with the score resting at 7-3.

Toward the middle of the first half, the Lady Skippers picked up the slack with points from turnovers and the bench. The score at halftime had the Skippers leading by a comfortable 18 point margin, 38-20.

What might not have been comfortable was the number of fouls committed by the half. The Lady Skippers racked up 10 fouls in the first half as well as the second.

With that great power came great responsibility, especially from freshman forward Jackie Highstreet of Algonac. Highstreet came off the bench and dropped 13 points and snagged six rebounds.

“At times it was rough out there, but I had to stay focused,” Highstreet said. “We had a goal to get to 40 points and we almost made it. Coach was proud of our hard work on the court.”

The starters also made noise with sophomore guard Chanahl Putnam, Almont, and sophomore guard/forward Megan Johnson, St. Clair, leading the way. Putnam had 13 points and Johnson had seven points along with four boards.

“We focused on defensive strategies to build up our offense a little bit,” said Johnson. “A win is a win but it was a rough game. There were defensive goals we didn’t meet but we can pick it up.”

Picking it up is what the Lady Skippers have been doing towards the final stretch of the 2009-2010 season. Coach Lohr and company have their sights on a conference title as the women improved to a 12-2 Michigan Community College Athletics Association Eastern Conference record.

They now trail number one ranked Schoolcraft by only one game in the conference and have only two games left.

Support is what the Lady Skippers need to build momentum heading into the Eastern Conference tournament, so support your women’s basketball team this weekend.

Skippers Sail, Down Delta

The SC4 women’s basketball team defeated Delta College, 75-69, in a Saturday afternoon game. The Skippers maintained a lead throughout the game, but they never managed to pull away. Their biggest lead came at the fifteen minute mark in the second half, when they were up 49-38.
Delta managed to whittle the lead down to one with about eight minutes left, but was not able to get any closer thanks to tough defense and accurate shooting from the Lady Skippers. The fate of the game was sealed when Megan Johnson made two free throws with under a minute to go; putting St. Clair up 72-65. She finished with 16 points and seven rebounds for the game.
Shaking off a slow first half was Chanel Putnam, who scored 14 in the second half to finish with 17 points, five rebounds and five assists.
“I just tried to focus on protecting the ball and slowing myself down to run the offense,” said Putnam.
Putnam was not surprised with the teams outside shooting; they knocked down 11 three-pointers for the game.
“We’re a good shooting team; it’s something we rely on,” Putnam said.
The St. Clair men’s game was less eventful, as they handled the Delta men’s squad, 97-81. The Skippers had a strong first half, leading 50-32 at the break.
SC4 seemed to back off a bit in the second half and Delta took advantage of it, trimming their deficit to six with 13 minutes left in the game. At this point, sophomore G/F Erick Mack Jr. took things into his own hands, hitting on three triples down the stretch. He had 28 points to go with 5 rebounds on the day. Kieon Arkwright had 18 points and five assists; Jake Stark scored 12 points and had 4 assists.

O. D.’s Rant 57-9

Support your local Skippers athletics!
‘Twas a big day Saturday for both the men’s and women’s basketball athletic programs. The men’s team knocked off number one in the nation Henry Ford Community College, 76-72. This was the first singeing of the Hawks’ feathers all year. Henry Ford had won 19 consecutive games until that night.
The Skippers trail the first place Hawks and number six in the nation Mott Community College Bears by one game. Their 7-2 record places them in third with plenty of time to make a move on first place.
The Lady Skippers won handily against Henry Ford by 14 points, 90-76. The Lady Skippers reside in second place in their conference.
They trail number one in the nation Schoolcraft Community College by two games with a 9-2 record. Schoolcraft has yet to lose a game and are 12-0 in the Eastern Conference and 22-0 overall.
Just as our Lady Skippers volleyball squad was in a fight to the finish, so are our basketball teams. Now is the time to fill the gym and cheer on the ladies and gents teams as they make their run for the roses.
The next home game is on Saturday, February 6 at the school gymnasium. Kirtland Community College comes to town. The ladies’ game begins at 1 p.m. and the men’s at 3 p.m.
Call me rah-rah if you will but these student athletes are performing outstandingly and deserve the support of the fans, the staff, and the community.
Don’t change the column’s name but again I am rah-rah for the Port Huron Icehawks. I don’t know why McMorran is not filled for every game. I could understand this 25 years ago when the teams skated like a group of old timers who just finished the keg.
But this is quality hockey. The price is reasonable. The ownership supports our community. Why not support a team that cares?
Now for the ranting (hip-hip hooray!).
According to, Miguel Cabrera spent three months in rehab after supposedly being a bit tipsy for the big series to conclude last year’s pennant race.
Being drunk (or at least hung over as most unrepentant Lions fans on Monday) then playing sports on the major league level is a time honored tradition. In the early days of baseball players had to be dragged to the ball park from the barroom. The Detroit Lions won a championship with Bobby Layne who, if the rumors are true, did not need blocking. The alcohol fumes of his cadence would stupefy the defensive line.
As baseball is now an entertainment property of the New York Yankees, perhaps all players should be required to drink a twelve before every game. That way money would not determine the world championship, but the strongest liver.