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Photo Poll

Photo Poll

Carol Szparaga  

Staff Writer


“Why do you feel it is important to vote this election year?”



James Krosnicki

Macro (Bio Medical Sciences)


“There are so many issues that can change this year, one of them being changes such as Health Care.”



Brandon Bergen

Associates in science


“It is important to vote, because each candidate has different views on the middle class economy, which is the bulk of our students and America. It is important to vote, also because it will affect your life as a citizen. The next four years of your life are in your hands.”


Stacy Boyle

Environmental science


“It is the basis of our democracy. Voting is how we express our opinions, and there is more at stake this election, because of the condition of our country.”


Maria Watson

Computer application


“The economy needs to be fixed. Romney’s for the rich and not the middle class. It is important that you vote because we need to vote for someone that will represent us, to create jobs and eliminate homelessness.”


Lexie Muldoon

Physical therapy assistant


“This is the actual election that both candidates can make big changes. Both candidates have differences in opinions, and thoughts. It is important to vote for the one that will benefit the majority.”

Pets of the issue

Pets of the issue

Christina Stoutenburg



To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810) 657-8962 or e-mail them at societypets You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www. petfinder .com  /shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.


Alice a female Huskey

Alice is a female Husky who is house trained. She has black, gray, blue, or silver fur, and is spayed and up-to-date with routine shots. Her adoption fee is only $175.00.


Frosty, a male Spinx/Siamese Mix

Frosty is a young male white, cream point Sphinx/ Siamese mix. He is neutered, house trained, and up-to-date on routine shots. His adoption fee is only $75.

For more inquiries contact the shelter.

Pumpkin carving or tree trimming?

Pumpkin carving or tree trimming?

Christina Stoutenburg


Super markets and big box stores seem to be keeping me on my toes.

Am I buying trick-or-treating bags, or tree ornaments? Isn’t Thanksgiving somewhere in between there?

While on a recent shopping trip, I had decided to be nosey and check out some Halloween decorations and I was shocked to find ornaments and tree toppers readily available. Some stores even have their trees out and priced.

Christmas or halloween?

What happened to the days when after Halloween we set up for Thanksgiving and the day after turkey carving, we put up our lights?

When I was younger, my family and I would get all the decorating done, get the gifts wrapped, and then take a nice snowy drive to see all the lights. But with the pace of our holidays now we can check out who has the best jack-o-lanterns while we are at it.

Christmas is wonderful, but the making of lists of wants, doesn’t seem to mesh well with a holiday focused around what we are thankful for.

Are we as a society looking too far ahead and just rushing our life along, when we should be stopping to smell the roses?

Yes, putting your Christmas lights up to help little ghouls and goblins find their way will help you be on top of the curve, but it seems to take away some of the specialness of the holiday.

Then again, businesses are not in the market of specialness, they are here to make money. And to make money they all want to offer their products first.

Can you really blame them for wanting their business to succeed in today’s economy?

But what can be done, do we just ignore the change or give in?

Maybe I’ll just kill two birds with one stone and be an elf for Halloween.

Great Lakes basin “deep trouble”

Great Lakes basin “deep trouble”

Carol Szparaga  

Staff Writer

SC4’s Green Team and the Blue Water Sierra Club co-sponsored Brennain Lloyd, project coordinator of North Watch, and John Jackson, interim executive director and director of Clean Productions and Toxics, Great Lakes United, held a presentation on campus in the M-TEC Building on Sept. 30, 2012.

Approximately 50 people attended this presentation.

The presentation included information about Ontario Power Generation seeking official approval from the Canadian government for a proposal to locate 200,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste below the Bruce Nuclear Generating station, approximately 50 miles from Lake Huron shoreline.

This will cause health concerns for residence along the shoreline, not to mention environmental issues.

The great Lakes

Among these concerns are poor quality of water for drinking, and the possibility of closing many beaches with any type of leakage of the radioactive material.

The proposal is scheduled to be put forward in 2013.

The proposed nuclear waste burial site would be located adjacent to the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station near Kincardine, Ontario, on Lake Huron.

If you would like to address your concerns, feel free to attend the Blue Waters Sierra Club’s next meeting, which will be held Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at the Acheson Community Resource Room, 514 McMorran Blvd. This event is open to the public.

LOL-Cats galore

LOL-Cats galore

Hayley Myron


Do you ever feel like there is nothing that will be able to make you laugh during the week? Well I have a solution to that frown.

Whenever I am online and I need a good laugh, I just go onto, the home of the LOL cats.

There is a reason they are called LOL cats. This website focuses solely on humor and adorable animals.

Even though this website is the home of LOL cats, it has a variety of humorous videos and photos.

The Cheezburger Logo

If cute animals aren’t your thing, which I am pretty sure everyone loves cute animals, then there are just fandom photos, interesting stories, and most of all trolls.

Now, a troll is someone who goes around the internet and makes fun of other a variety of postings, and they try to trick people.

I highly recommend taking a look at the website; there is something for everyone on there.

Photo Poll

Photo Poll

Hayley Myron



“What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?”



Maryann Lawrence

Port Huron


“As of right now, a good witch.”


Ian Wixson



“I thought about James Bond.”


Liz Cottrell

Marine City

Registered Nurse

“I might dress up as a clown to go trick or treating with my daughter.”

Paint it, peel it, carve it

Paint it, peel it, carve it

Danielle Kennedy
Copy Editor

Pumpkin carving, one of the few activities where people are encouraged to stab something with a sharp object.

But now a day it’s not at all uncommon for people to set their knives and tiny saws aside for some different tools.

One of those tools is paint.

Whether it is a parent with young children, or someone that just doesn’t want to go through the hassle of cutting and gutting a pumpkin, paint is often a go to tool for pumpkin decorating. While painting a pumpkin decreases a person’s chance of cutting themselves, they have to be more careful when picking their pumpkin.


Bumps on the pumpkin can be a hindrance when painting, and may even be a blemish if they’re big enough to remain noticeable once the job is complete. Dampness on the pumpkin’s skin can also be a hindrance, but easily remedied by wiping the pumpkin with a dry cloth.

People have also traded the usual carving tools for sculpting tools. This allows the user to peel away the pumpkin’s skin in layers. Gives them a bit more control over what they’re crafting.

It takes patience, but if a person can stick it out, they can end up with some awesome results. Some of the works out there that have been done with this method look more like they belong in a museum than sitting on someone’s front porch.

Creative Pumpkins by Mike Madison

That’s not to say that the traditional method of carving pumpkins is disappearing. People can still go walk down the street to see traditional jack-o-lanterns resting on the porches of many homes.

It’s just that one shouldn’t be surprised if they see a not so traditional jack-o-lantern resting right beside it. And as time goes by, maybe even more methods of pumpkin decorating will arise.

T-birds tidbits

T-birds tidbits

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor

In this, a presidential election year, I have been reflecting on how much things have changed over the last four years.

Four years ago, I paid around $1.87-$1.88 a gallon for gas.

What I wouldn’t give to see those prices again.

Over the summer months, I have watched prices at my local station rise by 30 cents. I currently pay close to $3.90 a gallon for gas. As a result, I can barely maintain my budget.

One would think with summer behind us, the kids all back in school, that prices would hold steady or decline, not keep rising.

Watching the news, one hears reports as to why costs escalate. Reasons range from how warm last winter was to refineries that are closed due to explosions, the weak economy, greedy oil companies or the United States dependency on foreign oil.

These seemingly plausible answers have become so redundant, I find myself questioning their validity.

According to Daniel Yergin, author of “The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World”, in comments he made to the Wall Street Journal Sept.13,2012, Yergin said he believed shale gas(formed from being trapped in shale formations) production now accounts for 40 percent of U.S. gas production.

Yergin explained that technologies used to harvest shale gas, have revitalized U.S. oil production. As exciting as this news seems to be, I highly doubt our country will return to the dominance it once had in the oil industry.

Nonetheless, as our production increases, I would hope our dependence on foreign oil will decrease.

I am realistic enough to know the days of $1.88 a gallon gas are gone. I would settle for enough of a decrease that I can afford to pay my utilities and not worry about how to put food on the table.

Wishy washy vending

Wishy washy vending

Christina Stoutenburg



It’s the middle of class with sleep invading, fighting for attention between that and the ongoing lecture. Attempting to add ammunition, in the form of caffeine to the lecture side of the battle, it’s time to visit the vending machines.

After money is inserted it’s time to await the reinforcements, but the battle is soon to be followed by disappointment.

The precious nectar has been expired for two months.

Maybe a snack will work out better, the process is repeated. Don’t worry those cookies have only been expired for three weeks, much better.

How many times has this happened? A good handful of times at least to myself. This is a very discouraging problem, in which not one person is to blame, but there are many victims.

According to our Production Editor, Zack Penzien, “I’ve gotten expired pop twice.”

Danielle Kennedy, Copy Editor, has also been a victim at least once.

While yes, it doesn’t happen every time, it is something that wishfully should never happen. Whether it is vending machines on campus, or the vending machines found at the mall, it always feels like a waste of money.

Unfortunately this is not the only problem found when dealing with vending machines.

There’s ones that don’t always accept dollars or change, or give out change. Some machines, while it’s not really a problem just annoyance, advertise giving back change in the form of $1s without clarifying, so while paper money is expected, instead the jingle of an unnecessary amount of change meets ones ears.

Even the coffee ones lack a very useful function of being able to customize the amount of sugar and creamer in one’s beverage, but once again this is found not only at the college machine but the ones that have been found elsewhere as well.

Vending machines are not only a gift to starving, sleepy students and people everywhere, but a curse as well.



A different way to search the web

A different way to search the web

Hayley Myron



When I find myself browsing the internet, it can be a bear to try and find websites that are interesting and pertain to my personal interests. However, a few months ago a friend told me about a website called Stumbleupon, and I became hooked.

Stumbleupon is a free website where you can just search through websites that are based on your personal preference. All you do is create an account and choose the categories that interest you. The website automatically saves your information and creates a search engine designed specifically for you.

For example if you are in the mood for searching only websites listed under humor, Stumbleupon will limit your search results to humorous websites and photos. When you find a webpage you like, you can click the “thumbs up” button and it will save it to your profile page.

So the next time you find yourself with nothing do, I recommend taking a gander at www. stumbleupon .com.