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Attending the issue of attendance

Ah yes, college; a product that many people have purchased, in hopes to one day receive a paper that will give them access to better employment, better finances and, most importantly, more fulfilling lives.

Whether it be SC4, SVSU, GVSU or any other conglomeration of numbers and codes, it is certain that either through one’s own pocket or through loans and hard-earned grants that the general student body is paying a lot to attend and have the chance of higher education (and that’s not even factoring in books). Continue reading Attending the issue of attendance

The thing I love is killing me

Much like every 20 something I grew up with the internet, and I love it. I get most of my information and entertainment from it, and I have a website *Cough*

Unlike most people in my age bracket I just recently got access to it 24/7 when I got an iphone. Since then I have not done anything artistically fulfilling or productive. My sketch book has slowed to a crawl, and I’ve made no progress on writing my comic. Continue reading The thing I love is killing me

Raising a Puppy Cesar Style

Researching the Shetland Sheep dog before buying one at a few weeks old had me horrified. Part of me was excited to have an essentially miniscule collie, and another part was anxious that it would live up to its wild reputation. Shelties are ranked #6 on Stanley Coren’s dog intelligence study with a very high trainability. Still, that offered little in the way of reassurance.

Continue reading Raising a Puppy Cesar Style

T-birds tidbits: Michigan lawmakers approve Right to Work

T-birds tidbits:

Michigan lawmakers approve Right to Work

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor


In a move that would rival the “War of the Roses,” Michigan legislators have voted to make Michigan the 24th state to become a “Right to Work” state.

This move allows Michiganders the right to work at jobs without being forced to pay union dues.

I believe it to be a smart move. Others may disagree and might ask “why Michigan?”

According to Detroit Free Press writer John Gallagher’s Nov. 17 article it’s “An upbeat outlook for Michigan’s economy.”

University of Michigan economists predict moderate economy growth and job gains during the next two years.

I agree with that.

From what I have seen, housing is slowly turning around as well. As encouraged as I am about these positive signs, I don’t think we can rest on our laurels.

I would like to see a more intensified growth in our state. We are headed in the right direction, but need to pick up speed, not slow down.

This is why I am not opposed to taking another look at Right to Work.

Ok, so I understand those who oppose Right to Work believe the move will weaken unions and feel it can lead to lower wages. But what I have always had a problem with is employees being forced to pay union dues as grounds for employment, even if they do not join their company’s union.

I can see right in both perspectives.

As a realist, I believe if you opt out of a right to work union, then you should not be able to reap the benefits of those who do choose union membership.

Right to Work can lead to more businesses, and opponents of Right to Work are right in their concern over lower wages.

On the other hand is the success in other Right to Work states.

According to the Bureau of Census, between 2000-2011, Right to Work states have seen an over 11 percent increase in residents ages 25-34. Growing pay checks lead to increased populous in these states.

Accordingly, non-Right to Work states has seen a 0.6 percent increase in the same time frame.

I believe Right to Work is not the cure all, but is one of the necessary ingredients for growth, yet ensures a state’s politics are not dominated and controlled by unions.