Young Marriage

Why not tie the knot?   Marriage. Marriage is a word that causes many women to look expectantly at their boyfriends and a makes those same boyfriends shuffle their feet and mutter something about “waiting until it’s right.” For college students, everything is about the future. Careers, jobs, next semester, that test that was completely…

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The season of receiving

The Christmas tradition and why it terrifies me   The holiday season is a special time during the year where collectively as a society we seem to band together to fight of the melancholy of winter. Lights are strung, carols are sung, and everyone is in the kitchen baking for big family reunions and parties.…


Dead air

The discontinuation of the communications program      The holidays may take a stressful turn for the worse with the new program cuts at St. Clair County Community College. Students majoring in communications will notice that broadcasting and journalism are not in the fall 2013 program catalog. Although, don’t fret just yet, the change may…

‘Tis the season to shop?

SC4 Students provide input on commercialization of Christmas   Some may not remember the 1960’s Charlie Brown comic strip about Christmas shopping where Charlie Brown was saddened by the sound of cash register’s overpowering the spirit of Christmas. Imagine what his reaction would be today.

Thoughts from a smoker

The ban may not be so bad after all   Being a 23-year-old SC4 student, I like many other students experience my fair share of stress. Nothing seems to relieve that stress quite like a good long drag off of a cigarette. Even though that in all reality, cigarette smoking actually increases stress levels.

Living Life Full-Time

Growing up is not optional   The demographics of the students at a community college are a vast assortment. I immediately noticed how diverse each of my classes were and how the diversity of the mentality of those in my classes matched. At the age of 39, I started classes at SC4 this fall. In…

In Defense of Remakes

An argument for breathing new life into Hollywood classics   Movie remakes are all the rage lately; it seems Hollywood may be out of ideas. From “Nightmare on Elm Street” to “Footloose”, it seems no Hollywood classic is safe. Which begs the question, are remakes necessarily bad?

From the editor

With a heavy heart we say farewell to Twana Pinskey, an incredible woman whose legacy of exceptional writing and familiar warmth will be remembered by the ESG newsroom for years to come. Twana passed away Sept. 21 at 8:21 p.m., in Beaumont Hospital surrounded by family and friends after a battle against breast cancer, which…