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Tacky attire eclipses scientific achievement

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Landing on a comet is more important than fashion
Melanie Buskirk
Staff Writer

This past week, news stations and Facebook feeds that should been buzzing with the story of a scientist who lead an experiment that accomplished what mankind has never done before, landing a probe onto a comet; but instead, they have been obsessed with the shirt that the scientist was wearing during an interview on national television last Wednesday. The scientist Dr. Matt Taylor, wore a shirt featuring scantily clad cartoon women holding guns.
This caused an outrage amongst radical feminists claiming that the shirt was offensive and oppressive, spearheaded by a tweet from Atlantic journalist Rose Eveleth, “No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt.”
Dr. Matt Taylor made a tearful public apology this past Friday, “The shirt I wore this week, I made a big mistake. I know I offended many people and I’m really sorry.”
Dr. Taylor is the European Space Agency’s leading project scientist for the Rosetta project, an operation that began in 2004, with the main objective to orbit and then land on a comet. This project is a first for mankind and opens the way to hundreds if not thousands of potential discoveries and scientific advancements.
According to the ESA, comets are the oldest and most primitive bodies in the solar system, preserving material from when our system was still a nebula. Comets carry volatile elements as well as organic compounds, and are speculated to have played an important role in the development of Earth. The spacecraft Philae is carrying a several sets of data-gathering equipment to take and analyze samples from a comet and transmit them back to Earth.
The comet that Philae has landed on, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, is only 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) in diameter hurtling around the sun at 135,000 kilometers per hour (83,855 miles per hour). The amount of hard work it took just to land the craft onto the comet is amazing within itself.
Unfortunately, the hard work and accomplishments of Dr. Taylor and his team do not mean anything to the radical feminists who have ostracized him. The tacky shirt that the scientist wore meant more to them than his contribution to mankind. These radical feminists believe that the shirt represents the oppression of females and their participation in scientific fields. However, a study by the American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center published in August 2013 shows a steady growth of women faculty members in physics and astronomy departments across the nation since 1998, and is expecting the trend to continue.
The shirt in question was given to Dr. Taylor by a female friend. Elly Prizeman, a tattoo artist who also created the artwork on Dr. Taylor’s leg of the Rosetta probe. Prizeman had sewn the shirt herself and given it to Dr. Taylor as a birthday present. In order to thank her, Dr. Taylor decided to wear the shirt on the biggest day of his career. Prizeman, puzzled by the uproar, posted on Facebook, “I don’t think I can cope with all the social media stuff! They landed on a comet! That’s a much more interesting and bigger achievement than buying material and sewing it together!! Overwhelmed much!! Yaaaay Matt!!”
Just to put this into perspective, this man helped land a spacecraft onto a comet, something no one has ever done, to conduct experiments to advance mankind, and no one cares because of a poor clothing decision. If a scientist’s choice of clothing matters more to the people than their accomplishments, why bother conducting experiments? Why bother trying to discover more about our universe? Why try to advance mankind?

Tips for speaking to someone

Five things to remember when making that first impression
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

A good relationship is based on many things, but can be boiled down to just a few: honesty, loyalty, communication, and the ability to put up with another human being and their flaws. Without these few key elements, a relationship won’t last long or be very fun.
Now, how do you get the attention of that book smart gal, or nerdy guy? Many steps can be taken, but again, can be boiled down to just a few.
Step one, enter with confidence.
While not all of us can walk up to a stranger and start a conversation without being creepy, it can pay off to try. Too often are potential relationships snuffed out with one person being too shy to speak to the other. Try an ice breaker, or just simply ask “How are you doing?”
Step two, dress accordingly.
Dress in your own style, but don’t dress in rags. Few people want someone that dressed like they just crawled through a wood chipper. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie. A simple clean t-shirt and some casual jeans are okay, but once the jeans or shirts are composed of more holes than clothing, then you may want to hit a store ASAP.
Step three, be true to yourself.
Always be who you are whether you’re a nerd, an athlete, a teacher, or a student. But remember that change isn’t always bad either. If you have a problem that needs fixing, and you know it needs fixing, then fix it. If you’re a narcissistic jerk, then chances are no one will want to be around you for any period of time. Figure out what could be wrong, and figure out how you can solve it. No one is perfect or will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be nice, good people.
Step four, don’t be creepy.
We’ve all seen it, that one person that can’t leave someone else alone or just can’t take a hint. Don’t be that person. If someone isn’t showing interest in you, then save yourself some embarrassment and walk away. No insults when you leave, just leave it as is. Not everything is meant to be.
Step five, if all else fails, then be funny.
In an age where bad puns, sarcasm, and internet speak (Y U Do Dis?) are abundant, there are few reasons as to why some form of humor would fail to bring forth a smile. Worse comes to worse, use Google to find good jokes.
Above all else, be who you truly are. Be real, be honest, and be nice.

Five things to do this fall

Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo
Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo

Because pumpkin spiced lattes aren’t for everyone
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Sweater weather, fall flavors, and seeking spooky experiences are all part of enjoying autumn. But what’s to be done if you aren’t thrilled about the typical fall experiences?
1. Try Dairy Queen’s new pumpkin pie blizzard:
The only thing I like more than pie is ice cream. Dairy Queen combined the two, stealing my heart in the process. Dairy Queen’s website describes the pumpkin pie blizzard as, “Pumpkin pie pieces blended in creamy vanilla soft serve crowned with whipped topping and nutmeg.” Don’t like pumpkin? They also have an apple pie option.
2. Attend ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at McMorran Theatre:
This cult classic is as entertaining as it is interactive. Follow the antics of sweet transvestite, Frank-N-Furter and his friends from Transsexual Transylvania. And don’t be afraid to join in on their fun. Show dates and times, as well as ticket prices, can be found at
3. Go for a walk:
Shades of reds and yellows will soon be dappling the trees. Whether you choose to wander the new Blue Water River Walk, the Wadhams to Avoca trail, or even explore the paths of the Pine River Nature Center, just make sure you soak up as much of the crisp fall air before the (dare I say it) bitter cold of winter sets it.
4. Watch some Skipper sports:
If you’re looking to observe while being outside, the softball and golf teams have games until the end of September. Rather be indoors? Volleyball goes until the end of November and home games can be found in the SC4 gymnasium. Additionally, men’s and women’s basketball season reaches up to mid-March. Sport specific schedules can be found at
5. Go clearance shopping:
Letting go of summer is hard. Sweaters, jeans, and scarves are filling the racks of clothing stores everywhere, but all the shorts and tank tops that weren’t sold aren’t just going to magically disappear. Hit up your favorite department store, boutique, or resale shop for some serious deals. Take this chance to stock up on flip flops and fedoras for next summer.
Michigan autumn is here and gone in a wisp of apple cider steam. It’s time to make the most of the harvest season.

O. D.‘s Rant

Hoop and Racism

Donald Lierman
Staff Writer

Reality bites. The truth is hard to take. Yet we must admit that racism will probably be with humans until we can turn off the DNA strand that governs flight or fight which in either case generates fear. Fear leads to judgment; judgment easily can descend to bigotry.
Yeah. Yeah. What does this have to do with the Sacramento owner, his mistress, and his own rant?
Donald Sterling lives in a different world than most of us. He does not have to fear being out on the street or even hunger. What do the ultra rich fear most? It appears loss of power or image or what they already possess. His alleged girlfriend, V. Stiviano, released tapes that shocked many in the country.
Why? The mega rich are a class apart. They want. They get. They get what they want the way they want it or they cry, cry, baby, as Janis Joplin used to sing. It appears Ms. Stiviano cannot by controlled like Sterling’s other yes folks.
The result? Another story for the nightly news. Like most scandals, this one will be forgotten in six or seven months. However, the response of the world is still justified.
SC4 Athletic Director and Men’s Basketball Coach Dale Vos finds Sterling’s comments point to a reality that delves much deeper into the national psyche.
“The comments made by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling were not about sports,” said Vos. “They are about how human beings treat other human beings. I don’t believe it makes any difference that he owns an NBA team where a high percentage of the players are African American.
“This is a societal issue not a sports issue. I am always shocked to find out people with these feelings and beliefs still exist in America. The civil war was 150 years ago and the major civil rights movement was about 50 years ago.
“I guess it just shows that humans are human and therefore flawed. I was glad that the NBA commissioner took swift action, but I also think Torii Hunter had it right when he said ‘I will not forget this, but I will forgive him’,” Vos said.
O.D. remembers an old pop song that asks, “why can’t we be friends?” Of course, O.D. also remembers the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassinations and the reactions against change that span the history of our great nation.
Maybe we have such turmoil because we are bucking the odds of the human nature. Democracies and republics are not static but dynamic. This causes friction and friction will always breed a negative response from those who feel they have something to lose.
That resulting current of reaction gets passed down through generations. Whether it’s Ukraine or the Middle East, ignorance and greed always drag mankind down.
What does this have to do with sports? Everything. The playing fields of competitive gusto breed a unity and a team esprit which can be translated into actions off the field where we realize we are all in it together.
Perhaps we don’t need compulsory military service but compulsory sports participation, by which I mean learning to work together as a team.
Or maybe we should just remind ourselves each day what the Big Guy said all those years ago: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” And all things shall follow from this.
Go Skips!

Taco Bell’s “breakfast”

Student newspaper sacrifices digestive security to understand “why?”

Bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Several staff members sacrificed their Tuesday morning, and mustered up the bravery to try the “illustrious” Taco Bell breakfast, which has set social networking sites abuzz in the past weeks.
Taco Bell has released a profound misunderstanding of what America calls “breakfast,” containing a mind-numbing amount of carbohydrates and calories that amount to a massive food-induced sleep, as well as a bad case of the rumbly-in-the-tumbly’s.
Basically a laxative made of syrup, tortillas, and ‘eggs’ (I think), Taco Bell has come far from hitting the mark as their ability to make a satisfying morning munch is disappointing to say the least.
For the sake of journalism, the staff tried one of every item, regretting each bite as they dove into creations such as the clotted ‘egg’ burrito and the chewy waffle taco.

Crunch Wrap and Sausage Burrito

Emily Mainguy
Assistant Production Editor

Breakfast is a hard meal to screw up, but Taco Bell seemed to manage.

Sausage burrito. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore
Sausage burrito. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore

The sausage burrito is very disappointing.
This breakfast burrito is made with sausage, eggs, and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla shell.
When taking a bite out of this burrito, I noticed that it had a very small amount of sausage and a lot of egg and cheese. It was very bland and somehow the entire burrito (shell, egg, and all) tasted like sausage.
I do not recommend this to even the most avid sausage fan.
On the other hand, Taco Bell knocked it out of the park with their A.M. Crunchwrap.
Taco Bell’s A.M. Crunchwrap is stuffed with hash browns, eggs, cheese, sausage, and jalapeno sauce in a tortilla shell.
When biting into the wrap, you get a crunch from the hash browns and the grilled tortilla shell. It has just enough spice to wake you up in the morning and is well balanced enough for an okay breakfast option.
This is exactly what I expected Taco Bell to create for breakfast. It has everything you want in the morning, eggs, protein and spice. Its taste fits in with the regular Taco Bell menu.
I strongly recommend that if you dare to try Taco Bell in the morning, the A.M. Crunchwrap is the best choice.

The Cinnabon Delights

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Cinnabon Delights. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore

The regret-filled breakfast does not completely miss the representation of edible food, as the Cinnabon Delights are as satisfying as rolling cream cheese in sugar, and then going Paula Deen on them puppies and deep frying the hell out of them.
Coming in at 310 calories and 18 grams of total fat per 4-pack, the Cinnabon Delights are a dream for any anarchist looking to eat desert at 7 a.m.
The 12-piece that was ordered for the staff was the first thing to go into our gullets, as a unanimous decision came about, and the Cinnabon Delights won the crown of ‘best breakfast item’ on the Taco Bell menu.
The balls of dough covered in sugar, secreting a sweet cream cheese, won the hearts of the staff in a whirlwind of applause, and a hasty rush to the restroom.

Waffle Tacos and coffee

Erick Fredendall

Waffle Taco. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore
Waffle Taco. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore

I love waffles. I love eggs. Naturally, as soon as I heard our selection for the Taco Bell included a Waffle Taco, I staked claim on the review.
Let’s begin at the ingredients: waffle, egg, and either cheese, sausage, or bacon as additional options. Light syrup is included. From the list, the Waffle Taco sounds like a breakfast cocktail consisting of the typical morning fare.
Unfortunately, the sanctity of the breakfast fare was blemished by being from… well, Taco Bell. The eggs themselves were fairly unremarkable and bland clumps of protein. Word of warning with the waffle- eat it as soon as possible. The texture of a lukewarm waffle taco is akin to munching on wet cardboard.
My major beef was the cheese, a seemingly innocuous part of the mix that left a lingering taste in your mouth and negated from the waffle vibes I was hoping to draw out from the meal.
I don’t have very much to say about the coffee other than it’s about what you can expect from a fast food restaurant. Seattle’s Best strikes again. But if you’re not picky about your morning brew, you could do worse than Taco Bell coffee. It’s cheap and full of caffeine.
All I ask is that the reader keeps in mind that we live in Port Huron, a city boasting a downtown with three local cafes within two blocks of each other.

Is religion becoming obsolete?

The evolution of morals in modern society

Erick Fredendall

You don’t have to be religious to see the signs: association with religious institutions is declining at a rapid rate in the United States. Religiously unaffiliated Americans are on a huge rise, surging from 8 percent in 2003 to over 19.8 percent based on a Pew poll from Oct., 2012.
According to a study done by the Public Religion Research Institute in Feb. 2014, nearly one third of this attrition can be attributed to the Millennials disconnecting with church teachings over perceived discrimination towards the LBGT community.
The statistic sends a profound message and raises an important question: Is our culture slowly graduating from moral absolutism?
Moral absolutism is a belief that certain actions are right and wrong, regardless of circumstance. Oftentimes this is associated with religion, wherein a deity imposes an unchanging system of morality, e.g., the Ten Commandments.
This disconnect over discrimination within the faith raises a question: is it moral to condemn or believe innocent people are sinners, not for actually committing a socially foul act, (such as murder, rape, theft, or adultery), but for being sexually predisposed to another gender?
If it is not moral to accuse those people of sin, which most non-theists agree that it is not, then Biblical view accepted by the vast majority of Judeo-Christian religions is now aligned against a new perception of morality, one that does not discriminate against sexual, social, or racial groups.
An example of this moral rift: a recent study conducted by William D’Antonio at the Catholic University of America concluded a whopping 86 percent of 1,442 Catholic survey respondents could disagree with the Church’s stance on homosexuality and still remain loyal to the faith.
The majority of Christian religions, including the Roman Catholic Church, believe the Bible is the authoritative, inerrant word of God; scripture was written by divine inspiration and contains absolutely no flaws.
If that is the accepted dogma of the faith, why is this 86 percent of surveyed respondents saying that it’s fine to disagree with the Church’s stance on homosexuality? Did God have a temporary lapse of judgment when writing Leviticus (81:22, 20:13), Romans (1:18-32), 1 Corithians (6:9-11), and Timothy (1:8-10)?
This example alludes to people’s sense of morality transcending their God’s divine moral commands. I hypothesize that this conclusion is one of the prominent reasons why the younger generation is so detached from faith: morality is evolving to include those who used to be discriminated against, and due to constraints against changing their dogma, religions cannot change with it.
What choices do religious moralists have if they disagree with their religion’s message? Either throw in the spiritual towel, concede with the standing belief and follow the current model, adopt allegorical translation of Scripture over belief in an inerrant, perfect text (isolating them from most contemporary faiths), or try “not thinking about it.”
I am very excited to see how the new culture of “Nones,” those who are unaffiliated with religion, choose to respond to these moral choices. I believe this advent of dissociated thinkers is moral evolution, wherein mankind realizes morality is much more than a directive imposed by a supernatural being, but a natural sequence of how we live and thrive together as a species, promoting cooperation and peace.

Bigots in disguise

The difference between love and hate

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Recently, Bill 1062 was vetoed by the Governor of Arizona due its anti-constitutional and discriminatory nature. The bill, if it had passed, would have given business owners the right to refuse business to any person who is openly homosexual due to religious belief.
The Bill was vetoed almost instantly as it is a clear bill of discrimination. However, Steve Yarbrough is one of the remaining Republicans still backing the bill.
“People need to be able to exercise their religion freely in this state.” Yarbrough said to
The question I find myself asking is: What religious right is being infringed?
Yarbrough is an openly Christian senator and due to his support and backing of 1062, it is blatantly obvious where his stance is when it comes to homosexuality. As a Christian myself I find this bill and its reasoning to be absurd.
“‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ There is no commandment greater than these,” Mark 12:31.
When did the command to love become optional? The thing about the bill is that it just uses the freedom of religion as a banner to excuse blatant bigotry and tainting the term Christians across the board.
“When you think of Christians, this is the kind of thing people think of,” said Austin Macey, sophomore at SC4.
Christianity is a religion of acceptance and peace; above all else it is a faith of love. Jesus didn’t associate himself with the religious bigots of the time. Instead, Christ would seek out those with a great heart of faith and love for one another, no background check required.
Like with any religion, this group of bigots does not represent the entirety of the faith as most Christians are sincere in their beliefs being kind and loving people.
Christians should use this instance as an opportunity and do their best to prove the stereotype wrong by speaking out against atrocities like this. And non-Christians should try to understand the difference between a sincere Christian and a bigot in disguise.

The SchwonkSoundStead

A century old home hosts Port Huron’s biggest bands

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Home town music has never sounded so sweet. Port Huron is graced by the SchwonkSoundStead, a savvy and inviting house venue located on 1521 Seventh Street.
The home built in 1914 premiered as an official venue on Sept. 10, 2011 with a Chicago native band, In Tall Buildings.
Brendan Kuras, owner of the house, opens his doors every couple of weeks to the community for a night filled with music, spirits, and smiles.
Accompanied by a recording studio in the attic, the SchwonkSoundStead, often referred to as “the Schwonk,” is fully loaded and ready to release studio recorded sessions from bands who have performed in prior months.
Kuras has taken on help from Blue Water Music Award 2013 winners Rich Cox, who won this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Producer of the Year recipient, Randy Willis.
The attempt to create a venue incorporated with a live studio session recording is the goal for these three men.
“We have bands like 52 Commercial Road, Gasoline Gypsy, and Never Ender,” Kuras said, “we have four or five things on deck ready to release.”
On Feb. 28, the SchwonkSoundStead hosted Hatchetmen and Gasoline Gypsy.
The event attracted over fifty people, shoulder to shoulder in a house turning a century old this year.
The Schwonk hosts an array of bands, which attracts a wide variety of age groups.
“Music is music and it speaks to the soul,” said Dick Lonczynski, vocalist and guitarist of Hatchetmen, “I don’t pay much attention to the age differences.”
With a growing popularity, the Schwonk hosts returning veterans, yet ropes in new attendees each show.
“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away,” said first time attendee, Tina Morrison, “it’s so welcoming.”
Coming up in the next months for the Schwonk, a band previously featured in the Erie Square Gazette called The Tiny Ugly Germs will be releasing their first album on Sat., April 26 with special acts from Manifest the Machine and Mountain Babies.
“We’re just getting started,” said Willis.
Those looking for a night out and good music need look no further than the SchwonkSoundStead, where you will be greeted at the door by a majestic German Shepherd named Frank, and the inviting environment of musicians and music lovers alike.

Pornographic material XXXposed

How many times have you deleted your history?

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Recently the increasingly popular YouTube channel Discovery News released a video titled, “Religious People View Porn Addiction Differently.” This two minute video sparked a question about the populace’s opinion on this graphic subject, and the validity of the video’s hypothesis: is there really such thing as a porn addiction?
In essence, the YouTube video stated that pornography addiction may have been fabricated by religious and moral beliefs due to the fact that there is no clinical diagnosis for one, and also that many porn addiction relief books and studies are linked very closely with religion.
Could pornography really be an invisible pandemic thriving behind our keyboards? It’s hard to say, since in order to spot an addiction, addiction itself must be established.
According to Psychology Today magazine, addiction is “a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable, but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities such as work, relationships, or health.”
A recent study at Montreal University attempted to discover the answer to this steamy question.
The goal was to create a survey, one group of men in their twenties who view porn, and another group of male twenty-something’s who have never seen porn. The results were eye opening. The latter group did not exist, or could not be found. The experiment was scrapped.
Pornography is hot and steamy right now, but is it harmful to human behavior?
According to, porn can lead to erectile dysfunction or ED in men as early as they’re twenties due to desensitization. Pornography feeds the brain with a flood of endorphins, the brain’s natural excitement drug. If endorphins are released at a constant enough rate, the brain will have to up the stakes in order to achieve the same level of excitement. This inevitably desensitizes the brain to anything other than a more extreme level of porn.
In essence, the site states that eventually men will prefer porn to their partners.
However, these cases are rare and have received heavy professional critique such as Psychology Today’s article, “An Erectile Dysfunction Myth.”
On the other hand, Psychology Today’s article stated that porn wasn’t the cause of ED, but that excessive masturbation was to blame. Although, this could be seen as an aftermath of pornography considering that porn and masturbating go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Apart from a biological effect, strong negative social effects are also within the ripples of porn’s aftermath.
Tyler and Veronica Benton, founders of “The White Collar Side Show,” an addiction relief drama and musical group, founded their start on pornography. In an interview with, Veronica said her husband’s secret addiction to pornography made her feel inadequate in her appearance and even pushed her to the point of bulimia.
This can be linked to the obvious problem with pornography; porn shamelessly objectifies women into faceless sexual objects.
Even though pornography does not have a medical diagnosis of being an addiction, its excessive use does share some of the same criteria. Users should be aware of what its use can do. Just because porn is widely consumed and accepted does not necessarily mean that it should be.

The alternative Valentines

Because not all of us have a date

Erick Fredendall

Romance is in the air… and it’s suffocating.
Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating romance, or pragmatically, the celebration of a Christian saint named Valentinus. Either way, it’s stupid.
So for those of us left behind on the day of love, I humbly present a list of nine options to make Valentine’s Day suck less.

1. Treat yourself to a “personal day”

Go to the spa, order some take-out from your favorite restaurant, or drive somewhere far away from Port Huron and do something interesting. Dress down and wear pajamas all day. Whatever you do, don’t Google “Things to do in Port Huron on Valentine’s Day.” The results are rather bleak.

2. Host or attend a party for singles

The notorious “anti-Valentine’s Day party” is a time tested technique used by singles and is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate the holiday, with a few small caveats.
Don’t be disappointed if only dudes show up to the party. The terms “anti-Valentine’s Day party” and “sausage fest” are often interchangeable.

3. Surf Facebook

Valentine’s Day is a superficial Hallmark holiday anyways, right? Share your opinions by authoring a social media manifesto and posting it on your Facebook wall. Verbosity is important: be sure to use large words.
Don’t forget to hate on any and all engagement photos.

4. Watch the Mitt Romney documentary on Netflix

Contrary to popular belief, the 2012 GOP nominee for the presidential office IS human, as documentarian Greg Whitely set out to capture in the new film “MITT.”
If watching a documentary of a man with perfect hair and ironed jeans doesn’t appeal for you, there’s always “The Tudors,” a BBC historical fiction on Henry VII, whose marriages often ended by beheading.
That’s what love gets you anyway.

5. Make cookies

If anyone asks, they’re to share with your date. Eat them all.
6. Visit your friends at the liquor store

Ask yourself, what is better than being alone on Valentine’s Day? The answer is being alone on Valentine’s Day with a glass of 18 year old Glenlevit.

7. Go to a public place and look for sad, attractive people

We are not alone, and Valentine’s Day is a vulnerable day of the year for singles. Capitalize on this moment by going to a local hotspot and make some friends. Who knows, maybe mutual resentment for all the happy couples could lead to a beautiful experience.

8. Celebrate your fiscal success

Chocolates, movies, fancy dinners, bouquets, and road trips all have one thing in common: they cost money that you could spend on yourself.

9. Weep bitterly

It’s okay to cry. Maybe next year.