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Young Marriage

Why not tie the knot?



Marriage is a word that causes many women to look expectantly at their boyfriends and a makes those same boyfriends shuffle their feet and mutter something about “waiting until it’s right.”

For college students, everything is about the future. Careers, jobs, next semester, that test that was completely forgotten about. But should marriage be on that list? Continue reading Young Marriage

The season of receiving

The Christmas tradition and why it terrifies me


The holiday season is a special time during the year where collectively as a society we seem to band together to fight of the melancholy of winter. Lights are strung, carols are sung, and everyone is in the kitchen baking for big family reunions and parties.

SAd Christmas
Used under a Creative Commons license. Photo by Michael Dorausch

But one insidious tradition stands among the rest when December comes around, and it comes in the guise of a fat man breaking and entering households and leaving behind presents for everyone who mom and dad think have behaved. Continue reading The season of receiving

Living Life Full-Time

Growing up is not optional


Burning the candle at both ends without getting burned. By Jennifer Gibson

The demographics of the students at a community college are a vast assortment. I immediately noticed how diverse each of my classes were and how the diversity of the mentality of those in my classes matched.

At the age of 39, I started classes at SC4 this fall. In addition to my 11 credit hours, I work full-time, and am a single mother to three children.

I was amused while listening to the younger students discuss how they managed working part-time whilst taking full-time classes. This sent a cheeky grin across my face and a single thought to my mind, “Seriously?”

Mentality is the difference. Continue reading Living Life Full-Time

The extermination of entrepreneurship

Kate’s Downtown Café is a hot spot for coffee enthusiasts, yet struggles when it comes to daily student traffic. Photo credit: Brendan Buffa
Kate’s Downtown Café is a hot spot for coffee enthusiasts, yet struggles when it comes to daily student traffic. Photo credit: Brendan Buffa

Every Monday afternoon I go off campus to walk downtown and grab dinner.

A four-hour break is a long time and I often find myself with nothing to do.

I go to sit down and enjoy a meal at a local business and brainstorm about what I should write about in the latest issue of Erie Square Gazette. Continue reading The extermination of entrepreneurship

The second screen

Console to hand-held connectivity taking strides in modern gaming

For me it all started with the Dreamcast, that beautiful white brick, accompanied by the console’s VMU (visual memory unit) I could play mini-games on a small second screen that would affect things in the console version of the game, most notably the Sonic Adventure Chao mini-games.

This type of second screen capability is making a comeback and may in fact be the way of the future in terms of video games. Continue reading The second screen

Energy drinks: worth the risk?

Energy drinks. To many students, they are an ally, a friend, a hero even. They can get a student through a three hour night class, or through an extra hour of studying. But is it worth the risk?

On the back of each Amp, Monster, Rockstar or Red Bull, there is a warning label. It’s small, hard to see, but it’s there. And it normally reads something like; “Not recommended for individuals under 18 years of age, or those sensitive to caffeine. Limit caffeine intake to 400 milligrams per day.” Continue reading Energy drinks: worth the risk?

Video games not to blame

Video games always seem to be the butt of controversy when a new, violent game is released, but is the game really to blame, I say no.

The heavily anticipated video game “Grand Theft Auto V” is set to be released on Sept 17, and already has a huge amount of controversy surrounding it. The game’s developer Rockstar Games is use to controversy though, this being just another installment of the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto series, which includes releases on everything from PCs to mobile devices.

The game carries an “M” or Mature rating as put in place by the Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB, this rating warns that only players over the age of 17 should play the game. This isn’t a law, just a suggestion, but most video game retail chains will honor the ratings suggestion and have the consumer provide valid I.D. showing they are over the age of 17 in order to purchase the game. This prevents players deemed too young from playing the mature rated game.

But then why do I still hear 10-13 year-old kids yelling at me through my headset while playing GTA multiplayer, Halo, Call of Duty, or really anything given the “M” rating?

Because someone bought that kid the game.

When any news outlet outlandishly claims that these games are to blame for a recent tragedy, I can’t help but think that the video game development companies did everything they could to ensure no one under the age of 17 played the games, short of pulling games from the shelves or flat out making it illegal to play it.

It’s simple nature vs. nurture. If a parent sees the “M” rating and simply doesn’t care and purchases it for their impressionable child, they simply cannot blame the development company for a child re-enacting events from said game. The parent allowed that child to play that game, same would be the case for movies carrying an “R” rating, or TV shows with an “MA” rating, if the parent allows it they cannot use the company that creates the game as a scapegoat.

The blame won’t stop anytime soon though. Having a big company to blame is just so much easier than proper parenting of a child, and with no end in sight I hope that parents start to make an informed decision by themselves rather than letting a major news outlet make one for them.


Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor