Black Metal Bells Ringing

A review of Ghost’s album “Infestissumam” Tyler Smith Sports Editor With music there always a face to go with the song, like Ed Sheeran with “I See Fire”. We are so used to giving credit to musicians for their talents — which is a good thing cause that’s how they make a living – but…


Blues and Folk music unite

Blues group and local band reel in crowd at SC4’s theatre Angie Stoecklin Editor-in-Chief On the night of Oct. 4, the audience in SC4’s Fine Arts theatre exploded with applause when Coordinator of the Arts Celeste Skalnek announced that she was thrilled to have Madcat Midnight Blues performing SC4. The event featured opening band Gasoline…

Photo Credit: Greg Garofalo

The end of an era

Manifest the Machine goes out with a bang Gregory Garofalo Lifestyle Editor The Schwonk Sound Stead, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The infamous music venue has long been a popular hangout for the college students of SC4, no matter the genre of the band, the grand brick house…

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Farewell for now

The SchwonkSoundStead hosts Manifest the Machine’s last show Lily Petit Staff Writer Don’t miss what might be your last chance to hear Manifest the Machine live. The Port Huron based experimental rock band will be stepping out of the public light for an indefinite period of time. Manifest the Machine will be playing on Sept.…

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

What we’re listening to

“Phoenix is probably the most upbeat music I listen to. Their music bears semblance to good scotch: makes you feels classy, has a smooth finish, and carries enough of a bite to transcend the typical “pop rock” genre.” Read on…

Chris Strobbe, Corey Strobbe and Zach Nye of Manifest the Machine get in the studio for their upcoming 2014 release. Photo credit: Manifest the Machine

Manifest the Machine

Behind the scenes of Port Huron, a heart filled story rings out, beckoning from the notes of a four piece, ambient post-rock band, known as Manifest the Machine.
Two brothers, Chris and Corey Strobbe, came together on guitar and drums with the help of Travis Boone on keyboard and Zach Nye on bass, to create an experimental and inspirational tone that has become groundbreaking to the city itself.

Paris Douglass also known as Little Fire sits down to tell his story

Little Fire

Rap. For some it is the Devil’s music, a perverse pleasure the younger generations listen to. Yet for others, rap inspires hope, and is used as a form of raw expression that can’t be obtained through other forms of music or art.