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Kick-off, beer’s big month

Wolverine’s market Oktoberfest festival returns Therese Padgham Guest Writer Sept. 27, 2014 was a pitcher-perfect-day for the second craft beer Oktoberfest at Kiefer Park in Port Huron. Hundreds joined at the park on scenic St. Clair River to celebrate the beer tasting festival. A dozen Michigan brew houses presented both keg and bottled products from…

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The end of an era

Manifest the Machine goes out with a bang Gregory Garofalo Lifestyle Editor The Schwonk Sound Stead, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The infamous music venue has long been a popular hangout for the college students of SC4, no matter the genre of the band, the grand brick house…

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Five things to do this fall

Because pumpkin spiced lattes aren’t for everyone Lily Petit Staff Writer Sweater weather, fall flavors, and seeking spooky experiences are all part of enjoying autumn. But what’s to be done if you aren’t thrilled about the typical fall experiences? 1. Try Dairy Queen’s new pumpkin pie blizzard: The only thing I like more than pie…

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The thigh gap; is it attainable?

If “thinspiration” wasn’t scary enough, just when you thought there’s no other way the female body can be picked apart, along comes another fitness obsession.
Having a thigh gap has become a fitness trend that idolizes women having a gap or clear space between the inner-thighs underneath their [ know what...] when they stand with their legs together.

Right to left, “Uncle” and Shelby Gulette posing as Oogie Boogie and a female version of Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in the Lansing Center at Shuto Con 2014. Photo Credit: Jenelle Kalaf

A little like playing dress up

The old idea of geek is someone who spends their lives reading about science fiction, watching Star Trek and over reacting about the latest video game that came out.
While all this may still be true, when it comes to comic book and anime conventions, geeks bloom into artists.


Alternative technology

It is no secret that when you want cable TV or internet the choices are scarce. But if you live in an apartment building you may have even fewer choices. Some lease agreements do not allow dish installation. And many college students cannot afford another monthly bill.

Marvel Comic Covers

Yelling about Comics

Let’s start at the beginning Zack Penzien Production editor Superheroes are in the zeitgeist right now. But if you are interested in starting to read comics, it can be hard to know where to begin. Unfortunately, comics as a medium rely mostly on knowing what came before it and in some cases, what have gone…

From Star Trek to Modern Family

In today’s entertainment media there has always been one constant that has traveled from print to television: boundaries must be pushed.
This can clearly be seen in early American works such as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” or Thomas Payne’s “Common Sense;” works of literature going against the status quo. As the decades and centuries’ progress and sensitive buttons continue to be pressed, the question is raised: has the point been lost?