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Mushy madness makes money

Rose and Bake sale benefits the Business Club
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
The Business Club, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, held their annual sale of roses and added in baked goods this year. The bake sale took place Feb. 10 and 11, from 10 am to 4 pm and raised $565.17.
The President of the Business Club, Justin Comer, said the money will be used for, “future charitable events for the club,” and that they had “always done a rose sale, but just started selling baked goods”.
Alejandro Gonzalez, a new member of the Business Club, said, “Sales are doing well. We’ve had great team going on out here.”
In addition to charitable events, the Business Club will be using some of the funds to fuel Countdown to Career.
The starting prices for the roses were $3 for one, $5 for two, and $25 for a dozen. The price soon dropped as the Business Club neared 4 pm on Thursday. At the end, roses went for $2 for one, $3 for two, and $15 for a dozen. The same thing happened with the baked goods, some dropping from $1 to a quarter.
Zach Smith, Treasurer for the Business Club, said, “We all worked in a group mentality to get this done. It turned out good, I think.”

Keeping your New Years’ resolutions

Health, wellness, and a free gym at SC4
Dennis Embo
Guest Writer

What single room at SC4 contains two elliptical machines, three state-of-the-art motorized treadmills, two stationary bikes, a full weight circuit of ten different exercise machines, well-maintained men’s and women’s locker rooms with shower facilities, and is for the exclusive use of SC4 students and staff, and is offered as a free benefit for them? If you answered “SC4’s Fitness Center” located in the basement of the North Building, you’d be absolutely correct.
Dale Vos, Director of Advising and Athletics at SC4, indicated the Fitness Center is not quite five years old. SC4’s Wellness Committee, after studying the matter, determined there was a need for a fully-equipped facility at which students could pursue their fitness goals and SC4’s athletic teams could work out and train on modern equipment. Up to that point the athletes had to avail themselves of a small weight room equipped with some free weights, a couple of weight benches and a couple of aging machines. Hence was born SC4’s Fitness Center.
Today’s Fitness Center is loaded with just about anything a fitness enthusiast or athlete could want in the way of fitness equipment.
If that weren’t enough, the Fitness Center is equipped with a full “weight circuit” of the following Precor-brand exercise machines including the chest press, ab and back extension, rear delt and pec fly, inner/outer thigh, pull-down and seated row, bicep curl and tricep extension, shoulder press, leg press and calf extension, and two leg extension and leg curl machines.
Add to all that a Nautilus Leverage Machine, two Power Racks, a set of weighted balls (2 lbs. up to 12 lbs.), and four balance balls, and you have a workout room to rival the more expensive commercial gyms around town. Oh, and did I mention the clean spacious men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers?
Unlike those commercial gyms, there is no membership fee for SC4 staff members or students in good standing at SC4.
To access the Fitness Center you need to activate your Skippers One Card online (if you haven’t already), and then stop by the Athletic Department main office in the North Building to sign a waiver form, and pick up a copy of the Fitness Center Rules governing equipment use, proper attire, safety, etc. That office is open from 8:30 am to 2 pm Monday through Thursday. The Fitness Center itself is open for use Monday through Thursday 8 am to 10 pm, and Fridays 8 am to 7 pm.
Please consider joining SC4’s Health and Wellness Club. It is a student based community focused on improving your health and wellness, and the overall balance of life on campus and within the general public. For more information contact Frances DePonio –

Free martial arts class

Kempo and kickboxing to help you kick butt
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

In this day and age crime fighting superheroes and kung fu pandas dominate our television and silver screens, karate chopping their way through bad guys and into the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. However many of us know the bad guys, unlike our heroes, are here in our world too. Whether you’re looking to learn how to kick butt or save your own, learning a martial art can be an invaluable skill.
Marty’s Martial Arts Class is a free class hosted by Marty Tonkovich at the American Red Cross every Wednesday at 7 pm. A blend of Kempo – an oriental combat art – and kickboxing is taught to students of all ages at their own pace.
Tonkovich is focused on teaching his students practical self-defense moves as well as the art of Kempo. “I want to have my students come out of here after a few classes and be able to defend themselves on the street,” Tonkovich said.
People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this free class. The class is family friendly, with no swearing allowed. Other recommendations are good hygiene and appropriate clothing (loose fitting apparel, workout clothes).
This free class is held in the basement of the American Red Cross on 615 Pine Street in Port Huron every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm. For more information, show up before class or email Marty Tonkovich at


Marvel’s movie fun without the family
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
One of my most anticipated movies of 2016 is finally is here.
Now I’m going to start by saying I’m your typical “I haven’t read the comics but I’m a huge fan of the movies” person.
The first five minutes had my complete attention, I was in love. Not only because Ryan Reynolds smokin’ hot body, but the movie was hilarious!
Of course there were serious moments that Ryan Reynolds, as Deadpool, ruined with some sarcastic remark. The movie itself was not what I was expecting. The movie has an R rating, it was full of profanity and violence. It’s not a normal Marvel movie. It was in no way family friendly.
In typical Marvel fashion, Stan Lee made a cameo appearance, in the most unexpected way.
I think the thing I liked most about Deadpool was all of the constant X-Men jokes and references.
I must be honest, this movie makes me want to start reading the Deadpool comics.
Overall I give Deadpool a solid 10/10.

The undead bite again

Our bloody Valentine
Heather Silvola
Guest Writer
February 14 is a day to show your lover how much you care. But who needs love when you have the winter premiere of “The Walking Dead.”
Past this point I should warn you, if you haven’t caught up on “The Walking Dead,” get out from under that rock and go catch up! In other words, there will be spoilers.
We’ve seen a lot these past few seasons; from the death of some beloved characters to, in my opinion, the introduction to some of the greatest characters we’ve had on “The Walking Dead.” We are brought back into the show with an explosive beginning, to say the least. I was prepared to lose some characters but nothing could prepare me for the shot that stopped my heart, temporarily. We had a couple growth arcs and to me, that was the best part. I’m quite proud of these two characters but what one said really stood out.
“Because God has given us the courage to save it (Alexandria) ourselves,” said Father Gabriel from “The Walking Dead.”
Overall, I’m satisfied with the winter premiere but it’s left a gaping hole in my heart that only can be filled with seeing how the situations play out in later episodes.

Late to the game: reviewing older games for those who want to save some cash

Seeing this review fills you with determination
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Quickly taking the Internet by storm, “Undertale” proves that you don’t need fancy graphics to be great.
While the game looks like it could have been released back in the days of the Sega Genesis (1988), that doesn’t stop “Undertale” from pulling off some incredible feats.
But is “Undertale” really worth $9.99?
Keep in mind, this review may contain small spoilers.
“Undertale,” a puzzle role-playing game, allows the player to take control of a child, who falls into the underground world of monsters.
The puzzles and battle systems create an interesting atmosphere when taking in account that “Undertale” knows that it’s a game.
So any action you take really affects the full outcome.
The battle system introduces the idea of “MERCY.”
Most games have players programed to kill any monsters the characters may encounter.
Using the “talking it out” or “MERCY” method, “Undertale” makes players decide whether or not some monsters are worth saving.
This affects the game, giving “Undertale” more replay value, and adding so much more passion to any play through.
“Undertale” does have a few more interesting gameplay mechanics, but talking about them will spoil the game. They make the game much more interesting.
“Undertale’s” story follows after a war between humans and monsters. Once, the two races lived in peace, but now the humans drove the monsters under a mountain.
Legend says that if someone were to climb the mountain, they would never return.
That’s where the player comes in. Controlling a lost child trying to return home to the world above.
While the base story isn’t really that exciting, the characters the player meets makes the game.
“Undertale’s” characters are really interesting and really don’t take themselves too seriously.
Each one follows, or rather, makes fun of basic character tropes. Most characters are puns of themselves as well. Such as Sans the Skeleton, and his brother Papyrus, both share names with fonts. Both also personify each font’s personality.
It’s as silly as it seems.
The story can be a tear jerker, slightly scary, or a plethora of other emotions, all based on what choices the player makes. Meaning the adventure can be just as unique as each character.
“Undertale’s” graphics are oddly deceiving. While it was only released in October of 2015, the games graphics look that of a game 1980s.
That doesn’t make “Undertale” ugly or boring, just different, but in a good way.
Some of the most breath taking scenes in “Undertale” comes from great use of 8bit graphics and sprites.
Every character designed shines beautifully and shows personality through every pixel.
This one takes the cake.
Probably the most enjoyable part of “Undertale” comes from the soundtrack.
Harking back to the 1980s of computer generated sounds for video games, “Undertale” captures the mood and setting while still being mistaken for a Super Nintendo game.
Soundtracks of games rarely make you feel immersed like “Undertale’s” soundtrack does.
(Pro tip: Even if you decide to skip out on playing the game, look up the soundtrack on YouTube. Please.)
“Undertale” delivers a treat to the gaming world, not a hard game and really makes the player fall in love with each and every character. While a single play through spans 5 hours, “Undertale” is worth the $10 dollars.
“Undertale” can be bought on Steam and does not require much more than a computer that can run Facebook properly.
Happy Gaming.

Skippers get back on the winning trail

Both teams win against Alpena Community College
Jason Watts II
Sports Editor

The Skippers men’s team picked up a much needed win against Alpena Community College after having suffered 3 straight losses. The score margin wasn’t that big because it was a very good game, the final score came out to 90-82 with the Skippers being the victors.
Leading the way for the Skippers was sophomore Chris Parker, he had a total of 18 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Following him was Tarayle Cates and Xavian Edwards each with 13 points. Jay Springs put up 11 points, followed by Antonio Dupree with 10. These great performances by the Skippers lead them to the much needed win over the Lumberjacks.
The valiant efforts of the Skippers didn’t just stop at points being scored, as we all know a large part of winning a game is defense. Defense wins games. The Skippers were lead in rebounds by Jason Watts II with 8 rebounds followed by Jay Springs with 7. The Skippers have had a strong defense the past couple of games which has helped lead them to their wins.
The Lady Skippers followed in the boys’ footsteps and took home a win. The win against Alpena was much needed for the Lady Skips because they have also had a rough patch. The Lady Skippers had the way paved for them by Tamira McCoy-Motton with 13 points, she also helped on defense with 11 rebounds. She had an outstanding game, and helped get the “W.” She was followed by Briann Alspaugh with 12 points and 8 rebounds.
The Lady Skippers needed a good game to get back on the swing of winning. Both Skippers teams needed a good win and they both got that. The teams both played great and it was even better because they got the win at home.