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From the Imagination to the Frame

Lauren Cross displays artwork in solo show at the Spiral Gallery
Katie Hunckler
Staff Writer

Lauren CrossA blank piece of paper has so much potential; it can become a paper airplane, a treasure map, or maybe even the founding document of a new country.
When Lauren Cross gets ahold of a piece of paper though, the paper’s fate is unlikely to be any of those things. That paper likely will be lucky enough to blossom into an incredible work of art. This 26-year-old from Marysville uses pen, ink, and watercolor to create intricate designs portraying a wide variety of scenes, the majority of them being fantastical.
“My inspiration comes from living by the sea,” said Cross as she pointed out a few of her aquatic scenes, many containing mermaids composed of intricate patterns, among other things.
Although it takes an abundance of patience to create scenes with so many tiny details, Cross does not consider it to be a bother. “It relaxes me,” she said.
And it was not only pieces of paper displayed at this artist’s solo show. A few guitars covered in this artist’s signature decor stood proudly in the rear of the gallery as well.
Cross earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Saginaw Valley State University, yet she credits the majority of her artistic success to her SC4 start. “At SC4, I felt like I had more freedom,” she stated. At Saginaw Valley, there was more of a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to do things, so her creativity was not able to flow as freely.
“She was very focused, and she had a direction, and she knew exactly what she was all about,” said David Korff of Port Huron. Korff was the first art teacher Cross had at SC4, and Cross attributes much of her love of the subject to him.
In the future, Cross hopes to open her own business selling original handmade items as well as antiques.
Cross’s solo show will be on display in the Spiral Gallery at Studio 1219 until Sept. 26, and can be viewed during the studio’s normal business hours.

Letter from the Editor

Emily Mainguy

emilyWelcome readers to a new year at the Erie Square Gazette!
Coming with the new school year, there are new staff and new editors joining our returning members. Please see our Staff section of this paper to get to know them a little.
However, we are still looking for new members as well as a Sports Editor. This editor position comes with a one-half reimbursement scholarship but this comes with a few duties as well. The sports editor is in charge of creating our sports calendar for every issue and covering athletic events when staff cannot attend.
If sports is not your thing we are always encouraging students to stop by our meetings which are held on Thursdays at 2 p.m. in the Main Building, Rooms 122 and 123.
I hope you enjoy our paper this year! If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to stop by the office or drop us a note; I would love to hear from you.

Prayer event coming to SC4

See You At The Pole 2015
Katie Hunckler
Staff Writer
Students of all backgrounds will be meeting at the flagpole for a time of Christian prayer on Wednesday, Sept. 23.
See You At The Pole (SYATP) is an international event that encourages students to come together with fellow believers on their school campuses and lift their school, nation, and world up in prayer. It is a unique opportunity to pray publicly in a location where public prayer is not as common.
The theme of this year’s SYATP event is “United,” based on the verse Acts 1:14, which reads: “They all met together and were constantly united in prayer.” (NLT)
SYATP will be taking place on the SC4 campus at both 7:30 a.m. and noon on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The gatherings will be at the flagpole in front of the student center. Anyone is welcome to attend either or both events.

SC4 Art Night

Art for All
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Everyone wants to learn how to do something in the arts. Usually excuses range from not enough time to it’s too expensive to learn.
Well here’s your chance.
Stop by SC4 Fine Arts Building Friday, Sept. 18 from 6 p.m. to midnight for the SC4 Art Night.
The night consists of free 90-minute workshops covering ceramics, theatre make up, music and drawing.
Each session covers basic skills for each category.
The night is recommended for ages 14 to 35, but anyone can come.
Space is limited. To register, call (810) 989- 5709. For more information, visit

SC4 offers free software download to students

Free Microsoft 365
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
Standing in the bookstore you can feel the sadness and dread weighing heavily in the air as students spend hundreds on books and supplies.
There is a positive to this semester’s supplies. St. Clair County Community College is offering a free download of Microsoft Office 365.
Microsoft Office 365 is similar to Microsoft Office 2013. The differences being that with Microsoft Office you can only access it on the computer it was originally installed on. With Office 365 you have access to all office programs on multiple devices, both online and offline. You’ll also receive 1TB of Cloud Storage.
“Microsoft Office 365 is available for every SC4 student and can be used on up to five devices.” said Jaren Jones who works at an offsite IT help desk listed on SC4’s website.
SC4 advertises for Microsoft 365 on the Portal page under announcements section.
“Every single teacher told me about it being available for free the first day of classes,” Ben Sroka, 19 of Marysville, said.
For some students, teachers telling them about the download did not help. Hannah Buckley, 18 of Port Huron, said, “I wish I would’ve known about this before I bought Microsoft. I think SC4 could’ve made students more aware by advertising on social media.”
Downloading Microsoft Office 365 was made easy. Simply go to the portal page and click on the link that says “Office 365 available for students; access Microsoft Office applications on multiple computers, devices” under announcements and follow the instructions found there.

M&M gets a new look and wants you to design their logo

The Business Club of SC4
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

business clubA lot of changes are happening this semester. One of them is the new look and attitude of the former Marketing & Management Club, now the Business Club of SC4.
Part of the new look includes a new logo, which is where you come in. The Business Club is holding a contest open to all SC4 students starting on Wednesday Sep 16 in which students can submit potential logos for the Business Club to use. All submissions need to be turned in by Wednesday Sep 23 to be looked over and chosen by the Business Club members. The winner of the contest will win a free shirt with the new logo printed on it. For more details visit the club’s Facebook page or attend one of their meetings every Thursday at 3 pm in room 112 of the Main Building.
The logo isn’t the only thing new about the Business Club of SC4, the club has a new mission statement:
“This Club’s mission is to provide students with the opportunity to utilize the knowledge learned inside the classroom through real-world experience while cultivating business relationships and serving the area through charitable and volunteer efforts. Our focus is on all general aspects of business including accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, marketing, and management, as well as the not so talked about aspects of business such as customer service, leadership, networking, organization, personal conduct, and much more.”
With a new mission statement, logo, and all new officers running the club, we can expect a lot of new things from the Business Club, with the help of new members of course. Although the group’s main focus is centered on business majors, anyone is welcome to join.

New brewery has landed in Marysville

Harsens Island Brewery
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
harsens2Breweries are an increasingly common thing around the nation and Michigan is no exception. Harsens Island Brewery opened August 14 in Marysville, occupying the former Wonder Hostess Bakery Outlet, which closed due to Hostess Inc. going bankrupt.
Harsens has four beers on tap, with at least four more in works. The current beers on tap are The Mighty Marysville, The Hump, CIT, and Tashmoo Streamer.
All pints are $5, and Flights are $6. Happy Hour is Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 7pm. Harsens offers 10% off food for military, firefighters, police, and Border Patrol Agents. Harsens does not offer student discounts at this time.
The menu is simple and small, containing flatbreads three salads, brat sausages, sliders, appetizers, and even a kids sections. Brats and sausages come with either kettle chips or fries, patron’s choice.
The interior carries a theme of one part industrial, and another part sailing; the latter matching the name of the brewery and the location for which it is named for. After stepping through the front doors two things become apparent: the small size of the brewery (max occupancy 99 people) and the large window that allows patrons to peer into the brewing area, much like Thumb Coast Brewing Company does.
However, it is unfair to compare Harsens Island to Thumb Coast due to Harsens being the new kid on the block and Thumb Coast the grizzled veteran. That being said, Harsens has some good things going for it.

The Beer
The following beer review is courtesy of Paul Jacques, 23 of Fort Gratiot, and Angie Stoecklin, 25 of St. Clair, both lovers of craft beer and general beer enthusiasts.
The Mighty Marysville – 5.5% alcohol content, a Belgian Ale.
“It’s very smooth. I feel like its missing something on the aftertaste, but other than that it’s smooth. It lives up to what it should be: a Belgian Ale.” –Stoecklin
“The Belgian is kind of flowery, but it is good. There isn’t anything wrong with it.” –Jacques
The Hump – 5.8%, Helles Bock
“The Hump is my favorite because when I want something tame and unique, I go for a Bock. It is very well done for what it done.” – Stoecklin
“It’s light. Just the right amount of spice in the aftertaste.” –Jacques
CIT – 4.3%, American Wheat with an orange peel
“Definitely not my favorite beer here. It’s not that it is a bad beer, but it’s not a good beer either.” – Stoecklin
“I wouldn’t recommend the CIT to anyone because there is much better beer on the menu.” -Jacques
Tashmoo Streamer – 5.1%, California Common
“The taste is bland; nothing special about this one.” – Stoecklin
“I’m only drinking this beer because I paid for it. Not a good choice.” -Jacques

The Food
This section is a critic of a few food choices as eaten by Nick “Chico” Hernandez, Angie Stoecklin, and Paul Jacques.
Beer Brat with fries
“The brat is simply amazing. Very tasty and the bun is crisp.” –Jacques
“I want to marry these fries. These are going in my top ten of best fries ever.” –Stoecklin
“Simply put, the brat is cooked with skill and the fries leave you wanting more. More fries, that is.” –Hernandez
House Salad
“It’s pretty hard to screw up a salad, in my opinion. The greens are fresh, the cheese is thick, and crunch well with the carrots shavings and crotons. The ranch is oddly watery, but equally tasty. A good, healthy alternative.
Margherita Flatbread
“Six slices of well-baked flat bread that comes together to create a satisfying, and filling, meal. The seasoning is just right, and the tomatoes are not overpowering. Not often will you find that combination. My personal favorite.” –Hernandez
Cuban Slider
“A little sweet, but add some sriracha and it’s good.” –Angie
“I would have substituted the sweet mustard with either a honey mustard or maybe a light BBQ sauce. Nonetheless, the burger is made in proper slider form; a little crispy, but full of flavor.” –Hernandez

Note: The views and opinions in this review do not reflect the views and opinions of the Erie Square Gazette or St. Clair Community College. The life experiences and work experiences of Angie Stoecklin, Paul Jacques, and Nick “Chico” Hernandez do not qualify them as professionals in any sense.