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SC4 lady Skippers wage war and take the Hawks out of the sky

Lady Skippers beat Henry Ford Hawks 83-70

Tyler Smith

Sport Editor

With the stands semi-packed on a cold Saturday afternoon, the St. Clair County Community College women’s basketball team played an exceptional game on February 21.

The Skippers scored the first points against the Hawks with a minute in to the first half. With a couple of coast to coast and turnovers, the Skippers put the Hawks on the defensive and the ball in their hands.

The Skippers started to pull away in a scoring frenzy finishing the first half with 40 points to 31.

After intermission the Skippers started the second half at a slow pace but retaliated with comebacks. Five minutes in they hit the ground running, literally, with an eleven point lead five minutes in the half the Hawks try to stop the Skipper’s advance and jump start one of their own but it was short lived.

The Skipper’s defense broke the offensive back bone with rejections and turnovers. The skippers declared full steam ahead, winning the game with a final score of 83 to 70, adding to their standings with 20 wins and 5 losses.

They know each other’s strengths and capitalize on them. Number 30 Breomi Jackson, out of Detroit, is an excellent rebounder and defender. Working with teammate like number 24 Brianna Mayes, from Flint, who is fast as well play defensive and offensive is the right mixture for a powerhouse. With a combination of rushing offensives and stout defense, the Skippers dominated the court making the Saturday Night Lives’ Chicago native Bob Swerski’s super fans hail them like da Bears.

Think outside the box

IMG_2059Beat boxing Violinist Rodney Page performs at SC4

Mel Buskirk

Copy Editor

The performer of the latest installment of SC4’s Noon & Night Concert series captured the audience with a spectrum of musical talents. Rodney Lamar Page entertained students, children, and the elderly alike with his wide range of skills from classical violin, to freestyle rap, to beat boxing.

Page grew up in a suburb of Detroit. His mother encouraged him to pick up a violin at the age of ten, and his journey into his love of music and his musical talent began. In his spare time, he also learned how to play the piano. His skills aren’t limited to classically trained instruments.

In order to help him get through college, Page learned how to DJ at local clubs. Through the encouragement of his friends, he mixed his violin music and his disc jockey-ing to create a one of a kind sound. Always keeping an open mind, Page learned how to freestyle rap and beat box for similar reasons.

Page keeps an open mind about music and life. He wishes to spread that attitude to his audience. Instead of wearing a tuxedo to the Noon & Night performance, his attire consisted of what someone would wear day to day. Throughout the show, Page encouraged his audience to “think outside the box” and challenge the norm. Page’s mission is to educate and encourage children to open up and learn to play musical instruments.

Page visits many schools to demonstrate his message. He also performs at weddings and other events.

For more information about Page or to book him for a performance at your school or other events, go to his website

525,600 minutes

SC4 Community Choir performs Seasons of Love concert

Shaelisa Murphy

Staff Writer

Despite the low turnout of SC4 community choir’s members at the recent concert on Monday Feb. 16, the audience seemed to enjoy the “Seasons of Love” concert.

“I think that’s was an amazing concert and it was great timing with Valentine’s Day just this past weekend,” said SC4 student Jade Coulter. Choir director Carly Vandyke explained that numerous choir members were under the weather or having personal issues and therefore could not make it to the concert. But despite very little preparation time, the choir as a whole feels that they did great.

While Vandyke works as the choir teacher at Port Huron Northern and is working to complete her master’s degree in administration, she is still able to make room every Monday night for two hours to teach the community choir.

Working with the community choir is so much fun because of the age variation, you have some members of the choir who graduated high school just last year and then you have members who graduated in 1960s. The fun definitely outweighs the stress,” Vandyke expressed about teaching the choir.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out this concert, while the date hasn’t been announced for the next one be sure to check the SC4 website and go to the event calendar located in community.

Bearing the cold for a cause

polarp1St. Clair hosts Polar Plunge

D.J. Palm

Staff Writer

One by one, brave and selfless souls from the blue water area traveled to St. Clair to take a quick splash in the water on a frigid 19 degree day.

The “Polar Plunge” is an annual fundraising event organized by Wertz Warriors, a charity organization that nearly supports a hundred percent of all funds needed for Special Olympics Michigan Winter Games.

polarp2The plunge took place on the boating docks just southwest of the Bowling Alley where a rectangle shaped chunk of ice was carved out, creating a lung flattening 24 degree lake.

Shock,” said Jason Markel, a resident of Marine City, enjoying his second polar plunge in two years. “Your whole body just tightens up on you, it’s a good thing they have the divers in the water.” Markel would also go onto add that he loves the cause that the event is for, “I’m part of the Wertz Warriors we do the Jet Ski ride from Mackinaw to Harsens Island. My sister is an athlete so I’ve seen firsthand what the money helps.”

The St. Clair County Sherriff Dept. Dive team along with St. Clair Fire Dept. Divers and firemen floated in the lake to monitor the event, waiting to help participants quickly get out of the water.

As soon as they go in they pop right up. There is a warming station provided by Wertz Warriors so it’s quite safe,” said Sheriff Tim Donnellon.

Ann Plegue, the head chairperson organizing the event for Wertz Warriors, said they were looking for additional fundraisers that might work.

We saw there was an area that we could have a good draw from, the people are wonderful here helping us raise money, we thought it was a wonderful idea, and it is. Last year we raised $18,000 and currently right now we are over $18,000,” Plegue said.

According to Plegue, the estimated total of the Polar Plunge helped raise about $21,000.

Wertz Warriors was founded back in 1981 by Detroit Tiger great Vic Wertz. Since its existence it has helped raise almost ten million dollars to fund the Special Olympics of Michigan.