Contessa and Conchita , Photo credit Angie Stoecklin

Pet of the issue

Meet the sister’s Contessa and Conchita. These two Chihuahua and Jack Russel mixes are eight years old, and have been together their whole lives. For that reason, BWHS volunteer Bonnie Carpenter insists that they go to the same home.

Chris Strobbe, Corey Strobbe and Zach Nye of Manifest the Machine get in the studio for their upcoming 2014 release. Photo credit: Manifest the Machine

Manifest the Machine

Behind the scenes of Port Huron, a heart filled story rings out, beckoning from the notes of a four piece, ambient post-rock band, known as Manifest the Machine.
Two brothers, Chris and Corey Strobbe, came together on guitar and drums with the help of Travis Boone on keyboard and Zach Nye on bass, to create an experimental and inspirational tone that has become groundbreaking to the city itself.

Ms. Marvel

Yelling about comics

Over the years Spider-man has changed. The high school kid living with his grandma and having trouble finding a date to prom is a thing of the past. Peter Parker is still Spiderman, but he’s an adult now.
He has been a reporter and a scientist and has also been married and divorced (via magic and the Devil if memory serves) But most importantly of all, Peter moved out of his aunt’s house. Spiderman has evolved as a character over the years and that is a good thing, an important thing.

Photo credit, Liz Whittemore

The thigh gap; is it attainable?

If “thinspiration” wasn’t scary enough, just when you thought there’s no other way the female body can be picked apart, along comes another fitness obsession.
Having a thigh gap has become a fitness trend that idolizes women having a gap or clear space between the inner-thighs underneath their [ know what...] when they stand with their legs together.

Right to left, “Uncle” and Shelby Gulette posing as Oogie Boogie and a female version of Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in the Lansing Center at Shuto Con 2014. Photo Credit: Jenelle Kalaf

A little like playing dress up

The old idea of geek is someone who spends their lives reading about science fiction, watching Star Trek and over reacting about the latest video game that came out.
While all this may still be true, when it comes to comic book and anime conventions, geeks bloom into artists.

So here we are

So Here We Are

Age, how do we deal with it? To many, specifically college students, getting older is but a mere concept that is far away. Travis Boone not only delivers his film “So Here We Are” in a skilled artistic manor, but he also brings a generation that’s beyond his years down to a relatable narrative.

Ryan Walling, short stop, preps with his teammates to face the Kellogg Community College Bruins. Photo credit: Brendan Buffa

From Jayhawk to Skipper

Every athlete begins somewhere. Each has their story of where they came from and how they got where they are today. Ryan Walling, 22, short stop for the Skippers, follows the same equation – yet being special in his own way.