Performer Madison Dehavilland exhibits her talent at SC4’s 4th annual drag show April 2. Photo credit Liz Whittemore

Lip-syncing for charity

SC4’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) 4th annual drag show drew the attendance of students and community members on Wed., April 2.
Performers drove from places as far as Grand Rapids, enduring traffic backups to support a local charity.
Proceeds from the GSA drag show went to benefit Port of Hopes; a local drop in center for people with mental illnesses.

April 2014

Calendar of events

April 24th – May 8th Baseball April 26th – Lake Michigan College* (1PM) April 29th – Delta College* (2PM) May 3rd – Glen Oaks CC* (1PM) May 6th – Macomb CC* (2PM) May 8th – Mott CC* (2PM) Softball April 22nd – Henry Ford CC* (3PM) April 25th – Oakland CC* (3PM) April 26th –…

SC4 Free College Day presenter Kim Murphy demonstrates how to take readings of the SC4 nursing simulators Saturday, March 29. Photo credit Liz Whittemore

No price on learning

According to the SC4 website, Free College Day is a day that provides free, one-hour sessions on a variety of topic including arts and crafts, business, computers and recreation.
Presenters include SC4 professors and staff and local residents who volunteer their time to share their expertise with the community.


St. Clair County Earth Fair

The fun begins at the gate when each visitor will receive a map showing where everything is located.According to the website,, St. Clair County Earth Fair has been a growing event for the past 11 years. Starting with a few visitors and eight vendors, the website predicts this year will draw approximately 7,000 visitors and 65 vendors

New student government (pictured from left to right) Tonya Snover, Brian Heidt, James Wilson, and William Warner. Photo credit Lily Petit

Every vote counts

In an election that struggled to garner student support, the claim that every vote matters is demonstrated.
One vote away from victory, Rachel Gardner lost to William Warner for the position of student government president. Warner’s running mate, James Wilson, won vice president, while Tonya Snover took secretary and Briand Heidt returns to his role as treasurer with 80 votes to back him.

Secratary Mary Hawtin, president Kevin Pollock, and chairperson of the board Nicholas DeGrazia, watch the Criminal Justice presentation by Jim Jones. Photo credit Angie Stoecklin

Progress made, budget revised

The SC4 board of trustees meeting on April 17 consisted mostly of budget reviews, and a PowerPoint presentation by Jim Jones updating the board on the Criminal Justice program.
During the update on the Criminal Justice program, Jones provided clarification as to why students were dropping out of the program.
“Often students may feel that this is not a program they wanted to go into. It’s a stressful career field,” Jones said.

Moxie Strings fiddler Diana Ladio during the SC4 noon concert March 27 in the SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre on the Port Huron campus. Photo credit Liz Whittemore.

Bowed strings and pretty things

The Thursday Noon and Night Concert Series serves to showcase and expose a variety of artists, cultures and genres with the March 27 concert not an exception to this rule, featuring the sounds of The Moxie Strings.
The Moxie Strings take traditional Irish and string music, and in the words of the band, “try to make it as non-traditional as possible.”

Honored students gather for a group photo after SC4’s Student Recognition Ceremony April 16 in the Fine Arts Theatre on the Port Huron campus. Photo credit Liz Whittemore.

Acknowledging brilliance among us

Rachel King’s parents looked on proudly as she walked onto the Fine Arts Theatre stage alongside other students recognized at SC4’s annual Student Recognition Ceremony.
“I felt surprised that I received those awards. I felt a little embarrassed being talked about but it is nice to know my efforts are noticed. The recognition means a lot to me,” said King, who anticipates graduating with an associate degree in science at the end of the winter semester.

Above: Chart representing student age groups at SC4. The CL5 program started in the fall 2010 semester, and the BWMCA began the following year, in the fall 2011 semester.

Kiddies on campus

A recent discussion between SC4 educators over an email chain highlights a growing concern amongst faculty over the increase in high school students on campus.
The question at the heart of the discussion: are high school students mature enough to handle college courses?
SC4 high school college attendees, or early admission students, are divided into four categories: the Blue Water Middle College Academy (BWMCA), Croswell-Lexington Early College (CL5), dual enrollment, and high school guest students.

Top row, L-R: Gregory Garofalo, Managing Editor, Erick Fredendall, Editor-in-Chief, Mairead Warner, Staff writer, Emily Mainguy, Assistant Production Editor, Brendan Buffa, Sports Editor, Angela Stoecklin, Copy Editor. Bottom row, L-R: Nick “Chico” Hernandez, Staff Writer, Elizabeth Whittemore, Photo Editor, Kaylee Bert, Staff Photographer, and Zachary Penzien, Production Editor, the Erie Square Gazette delegation at MCCPA in Mount Pleasant.

Tooting our own horn

A delegation of editors and writers of from the Erie Square Gazette traveled to Central Michigan University on April 5 to participate in the Michigan Community College Press Association (MCCPA) annual convention.
At the conference, students from the Gazette participated in workshops, informational presentations, and an award ceremony celebrating the highlights of Michigan community college publications for the 2013-2014 year.