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Nutrition for the body, mind, and soul

Annual health and wellness expo offers something for everyone

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 20, SC4 faculty and students gathered in the cafeteria to learn how to take care of all aspects of their bodies for the 8th annual Health and Wellness Expo.
Businesses such as Total Health Chiropractic, Michigan Alliance for Families, and Planet Fitness were represented among many others. The businesses were accompanied by the support group Overeaters Anonymous, as well as an organic food co-op, River Community Food Co-op.
“I think it’s pretty groovy,” said SC4 student Melissa Mertz.
Familiar faces were found hosting and representing companies at the event. Donna Karsen, member of SC4’s security staff and chair of the Health and Wellness Club, helped set up the event with the assistance of other Health and Wellness Club members.
Nursing professors and club members, Kathleen Fraley and Pennie Munro, were found giving free blood pressure checks.
Additionally, English professor Debby Hesterberg represented a nutritional supplement business called Extreme Nutrition. SC4 alumnus and former Health and Wellness Club member, Vartush Platzer, also came to lend a hand with the event.
A new experience was offered this year; ambulance tours.
EMT Mike Bradley was outside the expo showing students the inner workings and equipment of a Port Huron ambulance. Port Huron ambulances are equipped with advance life support. Unfortunately, not all Michigan ambulances have this benefit.
“I don’t think people realize how fortunate we are,” said Fraley after explaining how the advanced life support saved her son’s life when he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident.
Port Huron ambulances are making a difference, as are the members of the Health and Wellness club. Students and faculty are now armed with knowledge for combatting stress and unhealthy weight while maintaining overall body health.
Aspiring nursing student, Annette Anderson, saw much worth in the event. “They should have one of these every month,” Anderson said.
The Health and Wellness Club regrets that they won’t be taking up on Annette’s suggestion, but rest assured, the Expo will be back next year.

Not all mustaches are created equal, but all mustaches can help others

‘Stache Bash 2014, biggest one yet

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

Photo credit, Liz Whittemore

From the simplest lip fur to the twirled mustache, it was quite evident that the 4th annual ‘Stache Bash had arrived in Port Huron on Saturday March, 22.
The Blue Water Social Club (BWSC) hosted event began at Kate’s Downtown where folks could meet the 2014 ‘Stache contestants.
Within the walls of Kate’s, music by the band Two O’ Clock High leaked in from Port Huron Family Chiropractic, which had opened its doors in order to connect both businesses together.
In addition to selling merchandise, a few ‘Stache contestants sold raffle tickets that would give people a chance to win prizes donated by local shops all around Port Huron.
Twin Shutterbug Studio also took part in the Bash; offering $2 Photo Booth pictures for everyone, and free pictures for the contestants. Twin Shutterbug Studio also contributed a $200 gift card for the raffle.
Photo credit, Liz WhittemoreRyan McInnis, founder of the BWSC and ‘Stache Bash, stated that “’Stache Bash was our answer to the ‘Bras for Cancer’ that Studio 1219 had put on. They had firefighters modeling bras, and it was for a good cause. So I thought what if there was something like that, but a little more manly?” Thus, ‘Stache Bash was born in Studio 1219, until it moved to the “block party” style in 2013.
McInnis additionally said the Bash may be held at McMorran next year, but could not confirm it.
By 9 p.m., Lynch’s Irish Tavern had become packed with people waiting to see which mustaches would be “Saved or Shaved.”
Over a dozen mustached men sat on the stage, but only one mustache could be king. Chris Wiegand and his mustache “Old Blue” received the highest bid of $400.25, bid by his wife.
“She threatened to shave it off while I was sleeping,” he said onstage while “Sandman” by Metallica played in the background.
“I invited my family and friends to this and a lot of them are firefighters. Besides having fun, it goes to a good cause,” Wiegand said after having “Old Blue” shaved off by his wife and family.

Photo credit, Liz Whittemore
Photo credit, Liz Whittemore

The total amount of money raised from just the auctioning of the mustaches was $2,074. All of the money goes to The Thin Blue Line of Michigan, a charity for first responders and their families. As one person said, “This is all for a good cause, charity. I can’t think of a better reason than that.”

The Gathering

A contemporary change in the path of God

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m., Grace’s Youth Center in the Horizon Outlet burst out in praise, as a contemporary group of young adults join one another to attend Port Huron’s newest worship community, The Gathering.
Originally established at Oakland Church in Oakland Township, co-founders Gabe Bahlhorn and Dominic J. Russo are, according to their website,, “determined to see the up and coming generation develop a passion for their creator that is undeniable.”
The Gathering had a large opening day, where over 80 people attended the first worship on Feb 25, 2014.
“We had a bigger turnout than we expected,” said Andre Gonzalez, a leader at The Gathering, “It’s really great out here, and the hearts are pure and ready for change.”
The actual worship starts at 8 p.m., but arriving early holds a treat, as The Gathering serves a dinner for attendees.
“If you’re a broke college student, get your butt down here and enjoy some free food, an awesome band and some new friends,” says Kristi Duty, a Port Huron native who has been involved with The Gathering for over 2 years.
Duty, attracted to the community after struggling through several trials and tribulations in her life, speaks of what The Gathering has done for her.
“I grew up in a rough home,” says Duty, “I always read my Bible and knew about God, I can feel him in my heart and he keeps me protected.”
“God is there, and he always wants you, even when you’re a mess. He seeks you out and loves you in your darkest moment,” Duty said.
Duty was just accepted to Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI to further her studies and commitment to Christ.
Sean Hurley, a band member of the worship group, says “this is exactly what I needed.”
“I’ve been leading worship for around 4 years,” said Hurley, “God is really using us in a huge way.”
If you are interested in following The Gathering, you can find their Tuesday worship at Grace’s Youth Center, located at 1661 Range Road Suite B160 in Kimball.
On Thursdays, The Gathering is at Oakland Church at 8:30pm. Oakland Church is located at 5100 North Adams Road in Oakland Township.

What’cha gonna do when Animal Mania runs all over you?

4H turns animals loose at McMorran

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

The odor of a farm hung heavily in the air at the McMorran Place pavilion during the 8th annual 4H-hosted Animal Mania. The event took place last Saturday, March 15, from noon to 4 p.m.
Animal Mania brought in 1,800 people last year. This year broke that record, reeling in about 2,664 adults and children.
Lori Warchuck, coordinator for the event said, “Animal Mania was modeled after MSU’s ‘Vet-a-Visit.’ We’ve never had a bad year with Animal Mania. Each year has been good.”
Besides being a giant petting zoo for the children, Animal Mania is meant to educate, demonstrate, and show off careers that work closely with animals.
The Department of Natural Resources had a shooting simulation set up to teach kids the proper way to hold and shoot a rifle or shotgun, depending on the child’s choice. Alongside that, flyers were also handed out to promote a hunter education class.
The Sheriff’s office also brought an Animal Control truck filled with adoptable cats and dogs alongside a K9 unit. Deputy officer Mike Pink answered questions for everyone that asked what the K9 unit does alongside his German Shepard partner, Fist.
Kristy Hardy, a member of 4H, brought in her sheep to showcase how much and how different wool can be.
“It’s always good to see children learn about animals and how to respect them.” Hardy said. Hardy has been lending a helping hand with Animal Mania for the last 7 years.
Lisa Ponke, owner of Day Dreams Farm in New Haven, said that she gained many new volunteers at this event, but no adopters for any horses. When asked what her farm does for the horses, she referred to a business card that stated: “Dedicated to saving abused or neglected horses and promoting responsible ownership.”
“The two horses we have here, Bailey and Cheeroke, are going to be in our new program for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So really this event isn’t just for the kids, it expands out to the adults too,” Ponke said.

The Muppets Most Wanted: a fun family flick

A must watch for any Muppets fan

Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

“The Muppets Most Wanted” had an ironic beginning and an original Muppet’s ending. The movie is equipped with surprise twists and turns that kept the audience’s attention and kept them guessing.
All of the characters are extremely colorful, there are no bland characters. The story line has a medium pace and is easy to follow.
“The Muppets Most Wanted” featured memorable cameos from well-known musicians, actors and popular comedians. Comedian and actress Tina Fey plays Nadya, a female prison guard. ‘Modern Family’ actor Ty Burrell plays Jean Pierre Napoleon and comedian/actor Ricky Gervais plays Dominic Badguy, the sidekick of the main antagonist.
“The Muppets” kept its original characters. Each of the characters brought something to the movie. There were also new characters introduced who helped lead the story in the direction that gave the story meaning. The lovable and memorable personalities of the original characters stayed consistent throughout the film.
The musical numbers were expected as in previous Muppet Movies. But in this case the musical numbers gave the movie a lively and interesting feel.
“The Muppets” has the ability to bring out some witty remarks and its usual light-hearted slapstick comedy. However, the film also brought out a serious side in certain scenes. All the main characters seemed to get the same amount of screen time.
One of the main antagonist’s is Costantine Kermit’s look alike and an all-around evil character. His side-kick is Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais), who Costantine nicknames “number two.” Mistaken identity is what brings out the main plot of the movie.
Each character has their quirks just as any Muppet movie would. “The Muppets Most Wanted” showed that nearly anything can happen in a Muppet’s movie. If you are a Muppet’s fan, this movie will not disappoint.

Play it again Sam

The Raven review: classic movie night

Greg Garofalo
Managing Editor

The World is changing. With the twenty-first century breaking ground in its second decade, many films from the mid twentieth century, a period that is largely regarded as the Golden Age of film, are being lost within the years of history passing by.
However, the digital age makes these movies more available than ever before, and thanks to local venues like The Raven Cafe, the spirit of these films are carried on for years to come.
“It fits in with the theme of things, we have a younger crowd and it fits in with the atmosphere of the place,” said Kristen DeWitt, a barista at The Raven commenting on their movie nights, “It’s a cool vintage movie theater thing to do on Wednesday nights. And it really keeps these movies alive.”
Wednesday nights at 7:30, The Raven Café is the place to be. The lights go down, the coffee comes out, and classic movie night begins. Playing cult classics such as: “The Breakfast Club,” “A Christmas Story,” and “The Birds.” The café’s movie night is a definite hit with its customers.
This past Wednesday carried the torch of classics with the Cafe’s premiere of Casablanca, the tragic 1942 love story of Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund Lazlo.
Filled with action, passion, and a number of memorable quotes and strong actors like Humphrey Boggart and Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca is sure to be an American film classic for many years. And with outlets such as The Raven, younger generations will continue to experience these films for many years to come.
For more information on movie nights call The Raven Café at: 810-984-4330.

Guinness on wheels: part deux

Port Huron gets painted green, with vomit

Kristopher Reynolds
Staff Writer

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the day that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. In Port Huron, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in a much different fashion, involving a parade, buses full of drunkards, and enough Guinness to drown even the reddest of Irishmen.
March 15 marked the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, followed by a legion of party buses hauling around a cargo of inebriants and their consumers.
The parade, led by the Strathroy Legion Pipe Band, began at noon and started in Pine Grove Park gallivanting throughout downtown Port Huron, and ended in front of Port Huron’s fire trucks.
The sponsors of the parade were the Irish-American Club and the March of Dimes; both sponsors are of St. Clair County.
After the parade, Pub Crawl buses picked up their aforementioned booze-craving Irishmen and faux-Irishmen (after all, everyone’s Irish on St. Patty’s).
The buses cycled through the various participating establishments from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Roughly 20 restaurants and bars marked themselves as official pub crawl stops, including Lynch’s Irish Tavern, Fuel Woodfire Grill, Palms Krystal Bar, and Seekers.
Bars were packed shoulder to shoulder, and the sidewalks weren’t much better.
Feelings on the overall atmosphere of the revelry were met with mixed reviews.
An officer of the Port Huron Police Department who asked to remain anonymous stated, “This is a terrible day to be a cop. I mean Jesus Christ, you see what a shitstorm this day is. Every officer on duty today, which is damn near all of them, is literally running around like chickens with their heads cut off. We don’t have the manpower to handle this amount of chaos, even with officers on every corner.”
Mike Vogt, 21, of Richmond on the other hand said, “I love pub crawl, I’m [expletive omitted] wasted bro! I’m going to Ireland, you just wait, (dialogue here was cut off due to the fact that Vogt was immediately removed from Tailgator’s by security for throwing a beer into the air).”
William McConnachie, 25, of St. Clair said, “I don’t really care about the holiday. I’m Scottish. But it’s a good excuse to get hammered.”
As they say in old Irish, Sláinte.

Staff writer Nicole Hatcher contributed to this story.

Converse or Crocs?

Trends to be a 10

Kimberley Dunkin
Staff Writer

Whether you prefer your old ripped blue jeans and shabby Nickelback t-shirt or your pair of Uggs and fleece Northface, there will always be what society considers, “in style.”
Whether or not you decide to be a part of the fashion trend is your choice.
Though everyone may have different taste in clothing, when it comes to style you may find yourself following the crowd.
Of course, clothing trends change all the time, but some things will always be hot.
The Northface jackets, for example, have been a hit for the past few years in the trendy world; along with UGG boots and Nike tennis shoes.
A few new articles of clothing have recently been considered “in.”
When it comes to shoes, Timberland boots, also known as “Timbos,” have become a popular choice for mostly men this season. And much like the “Timbos,” combat boots have made it to the top for women’s stylish shoes.
Another shoe trend that has been seen before are All-Star Converse. First produced in 1917, Converse are back in style for both men and women and are highly fashionable.
It also seems that crew necks for men have become very popular and are being chosen over zip-ups and hoodies for the guys.
A new article of clothing that seems to be important in a guy’s sense of style is their socks. “The sock game is everything,” said SC4 student Garrett Corry.
As for the ladies, jean jackets are back. The jean jacket trend was over a few years back but has recently returned and is at the top of the charts.
Style trends will always be controversial. After all everyone will always have their own opinion. SC4 student, Erich Elliott feels “It’s important to wear what is in style for you. Wear what you want and flaunt it.”

While stylish clothes may not always at the top of everybody’s priority list, here are a few fashion disasters to stay away from:

IMG_0011IMG_0006• Denim on denim, although jean jackets are back in style, wearing jean on jean is a mega style nightmare.
• Graphic tees, unless your graphic t-shirt is a brand name designer, this trend went out a few years ago and is NOT coming back.
• Camouflage, unless you plan on hunting deer on the streets of Port Huron, don’t wear your camouflage hunting boots and coat.
• Crocs, these shoes have never and will never be in.

Little Fire

A flame that won’t die

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Rap. For some it is the Devil’s music, a perverse pleasure the younger generations listen to. Yet for others, rap inspires hope, and is used as a form of raw expression that can’t be obtained through other forms of music or art.

One of these artists is Paris Douglass.

“I love to rap. It’s one of the greatest things. When I speak my music I speak my life,” said Douglass. “A lot of people now days; they like rapping about nothing, but I like talking about reality.”

Rapping about his past as well as social, political, and moral issues as well as the concept of God and self-struggle in identity. “My rap name is Little Fire, because I’m the flame that will never let anyone blow out,” Douglass explained.

Douglass is a twenty-one year old man who has had to forge his life very much on his own, escaping an abused life from his parents. Douglass spent his late teens drifting from city to city starting in his home town of Eastpointe, to Columbus, and finally to Port Huron.

“I didn’t know how to ask for help,” Douglass said recollecting on his past, “I said one bad word as a kid, and my father made me drink a full bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I had to drink it all, to the point where my throat was enflamed.

“I would go to school and think, ‘Mom and Dad told me not to say anything,’ and that’s what I did, I didn’t say anything. I lied to the hospital and told the Doctors I had been wrestling. I had to go to school with bruises all over my body. Kids at school asked me, ‘Oh how did you get that bruise?’ Or ‘How’d you get those marks? They look like burns.’”

In an act of final desperation, Douglass hopped on a bus to Columbus, Ohio to finally escape his abused life.

With little money to live on, Douglass would rap as a street performer just to earn enough money to eat, while staying at a shelter to sleep at the age of eighteen.

Paris Douglass also known as Little Fire sits down to tell his story
Paris Douglass, also known as Little Fire .
Photo by Kaylee Bert

“I never thought I would be in a shelter, I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I even tried calling my parents for help but they only laughed in my face about it” said Douglass.

Torn and broken while dealing with the hardships of a life with no money and only a high school education, the young man found solace in his rap; using his talent of word flow as an artful expression rather than just a beat for people to listen to.

“It’s not the rap that I love; it’s the feeling and emotion that comes with it.” Douglass said, “People don’t understand that there are a lot of people like myself that had to grow up in pain and misery who didn’t know where to go or where to turn to. People like to turn their ears and block it out because they don’t understand.”


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