SC4 student Vaux Walker Adams, aka VWA Experience, performs music on his turn tables in the SC4’s student center. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

A break before spring break

An array of students flowed in and out of the student center as they do every school day, except this time they had games to play.
Student Government hosted the Stressbreaker event, which featured carnival games, fortune tellers, free manicures, and music by the VWA Experience.

Big Blue Button

The technological terror of innovation continues to spread all over campus. At the monthly board of trustees meeting, Cathleen Fraley, the representative of SC4’s nursing program, released news of a new way for online students to further obtain the full experience of the classroom.

Dr. Suzanna M. O’Brien on set as Nat looking at a pair of shoes that belonged to Danny. Photo credit: Jenelle Kalaf

A family’s start to recovery

“Anything that happens in real life should be on stage,” said Stewart Reed, a theatre instructor at SC4 in reference to SC4’s latest drama, Rabbit Hole.
Eight months ago, an awful tragedy fell upon a family. Becca and Howie, portrayed by Elizabeth Wentzel and Justin Rutherford, lost their 4 year-old son in a tragic car accident.