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Delta dashes Skippers playoff dreams

SC4 men’s basketball team finishes season early

Donald Lierman
Staff Writer

The third time was not to be the charm as the Skippers men’s basketball tournament hopes were scuttled by visiting Delta, 89-83, despite a late SC4 run.
This year’s rivalry has been the basketball equivalent of a dogfight. In the regular season the Skippers dropped both their games to the Pioneers by a total of five points.
“I am struggling to come up with an answer to the Delta question,” said SC4 Coach Dale Vos. “We finished two full games ahead of them in the league standings and yet lost to them 3 times which is very strange to me.”
“They played more physical and that did slow down our running game. They also played off our ball handlers which made it more difficult to get drives, which is a real key for us” Vos said.
After an initial SC4 surge, Delta carried play for the remainder of the first half. The pioneers took a 40-33 half time lead to the locker room.
SC4 opened the second half with a run and press game that swung the momentum. The Skippers made a 15-7 run that cut the lead to 48-47. The teams battled back and forth to a 63-63 tie. Delta took control and a ten point lead with four minutes left. The Skippers were not down and out but battled back to cut the lead to two with 42 seconds left only to fall short.
Marques Pool led the Skippers with 20 points and twelve rebounds. Joemar Black netted 15 points. Antwan Willis added twelve points and six rebounds, Terrell Wright ten points and seven rebounds, and Deandre Vail nine points in a balanced attack.
“I am incredibly disappointed that our season has ended,” Vos said. “This was a great group of young men and I loved coaching them, watching them mature, help each other, have each other’s back, and just generally watching them grow as a team and as people.
Coach Vos went on to say that this was one of the most enjoyable seasons he’s had in 22 years.
Delta coach Lonnie Griffin acknowledged the hard fought victory.
“We knew SC4 was going to keep battling back,” Griffin said. “It’s been nip and tuck all year between our schools.
“We told our guys if we could withstand their run in the first four or five minutes of the game we had a chance. We played through some mistakes to get this win. SC4 was right there to the end.”

Yelling about comics:

You have never met anyone like me

Zack Penzien
Production Editor

Last week saw a new batch of all new number ones from Marvel, including one that I have been looking forward to since its announcement, “Moon Knight.” The book is written by Warren Ellis, along with art by Declan Shalvey and color by Jordie Bellaire.
At first glance you would not be unfair to say that he is Marvel’s thinly veiled Batman, but you would be wrong. Unlike Batman, who uses stealth and shadow to both attack and blend in, Moon Knight wears all white, he wants you to see him coming.
If you haven’t heard of Moon Knight before, you are not alone. Marc Spector was a mercenary that was, depending on who you ask, killed in Egypt and given second chance by a long forgotten Egyptian god, using his second shot at life to become Moon Knight.
Now he is back in New York and is ready to take on the city’s crime.
By the way that whole Egyptian god thing may or may not be true. What makes Moon Knight different from other heroes stalking around in the night is that Marc suffers from dissociative identity disorder (formally known as split personality disorder). So Marc is not the most reliable of sources.
The art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire is top notch. But what I really want to talk about is how “Moon Knight” is colored. The backgrounds’ go from beautiful and almost realistically colored lit cities to dark sewers.
But what stands out is that Moon Knight himself is pure white. In fact, even when Marc wears a white shirt around the town it is pure uncolored white. It’s a stylistic choice that could really leave the page looking unfinished, but it ends up communicating something about the character.
I really enjoyed Moon Knight and look forward to reading the rest of the series. If you are new to comics and have been looking for something to pick up, definitely give it a shot.
I for one am really looking forward to what the team will do with the book and hope it has a long run with the current creative team.