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One step at a time

Elite Feet shoe store makes strides in Port Huron

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

Dustin Jenkins started Elite feet in 2008 because of his passion for running he developed while being in the marines.
They have two locations, one in Lapeer and another at 908 Military, Port Huron. They can also be found on Facebook or they can be reached at 810-824-3272.
Everyone has unique feet. Elite Feet is designed to help find the perfect shoe for each individual.
“We measure every aspect of the foot” said Jenkins. They also even have a computer that measures the uniqueness of the feet.
Jenkins stated that once the measurements are taken, “we pick out the shoe that will best fit your foot.” They then let you test run it on the treadmill to make sure it feels and fits properly.
The atmosphere at Elite Feet is warm and inviting. When you go there you get one on one service with an employee. Their goal is to help you with your specific need and get you into shoes that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.
They not only find you the perfect shoe but they can also give you tips on how to run properly.
However it’s not all about running, they also help people that are on their feet all day. Nurses are a great example of this because they are on their feet for 12 plus hours at a time.
They sponsor many different runs throughout the year. POHO hot cocoa is the biggest event they take part in every January.
If they aren’t doing a run, you may still see them since they also run a timing business. This times the individual runners.
In addition to the timing business, they just started doing pancake runs. This is where everyone meets up at the store, goes out for a run and they return to enjoy a pancake breakfast on Elite Feet.
“To find out all running events going on in Port Huron and surrounding cities, you can check our Facebook page,” Jenkins mentioned. They are always posting the latest events.
Elite Feet’s mission statement is, “To spread our passion for a healthy lifestyle; delight our customer with superb service, value our employees, and support our community.”
If you notice that your feet hurt as you walk around campus, or you want to start running before spring semester gets here, head on over to Elite feet and let them help you out.

Mustache a question

Shave it for later

Managing Editor
Gregory Garofalo

On Saturday March 22, the ‘Stache Bash returns to downtown Port Huron.
The fourth annual Blue Water Social Club charity is held at Kate’s Downtown Bakery, and Lynch’s Irish Tavern.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to “The Thin Blue Line,” an organization that financially aids disabled police officers.
It isn’t the cause however that creates all the buzz, but the means to achieve the ends. ‘Stache Bash participants grow out their facial hair while attendants place pledges to shave or save the ‘stache.
The highest bidder gets to choose to let the hair be or shave it off.
“We’re real people trying to do fun cool stuff, which I think makes this accessible to everybody,” said Ryan McInnis the president of the BWSC.
McInnis spoke of a story from a previous year where a former police chief’s mustache of thirty-eight years raised around $500.
If proceeds exceed the set goal, leftovers are poured into various smaller local charities.
For more information, contact the Stache Bash Facebook page.

Pet of the issue – Drum and Spud

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

Meet feline brothers Drum and Spud.
Both are male domestic shorthairs about 3 or 4 months old. They were brought into the humane society at 6 weeks old. They were then hand raised by a volunteer at the humane society.
Both of the cats are extremely lovable, a positive result from being hand raised. They are very playful, especially when it comes to playing tug of war with news reporter’s camera strap.
These two brothers stick together like glue, constantly grooming each other and sleeping next to each other. Therefore the volunteers at the humane society would like to see them go to homes together.
Their adoption fees are $100 each. An anonymous donor has offered to help out with adoption fees for any pet featured in the ESG.
This donor is not affiliated with the humane society so those interested should contact the Erie Square Gazette or Angela Stoecklin via the e-mail at the end of this article.
For more information on Spud or Drum, contact the Blue Water Area Humane Society at 810-987-4357.

Contact Angie at

Supreme Court over rules local ordinances

Medical marijuana allowed throughout Michigan

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

As marijuana related bills make their way through the senate, the Supreme Court took on a case ruling in favor of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
Before the ruling, a few local ordinances in cities such as Livonia, Birmingham, and Bloomfield hills were put into effect to ban the use of medical marijuana in their respective communities.
The ordinance itself states that anything prohibited by federal or state law is forbidden.
For example, if a brothel existed in Livonia, because federal law prohibits that, it is not legal to operate. In the case of marijuana, since it is illegal federally, it was included in the ordinance.
However, the court ruled that because the ordinance directly conflicts with Michigan’s state law, which allows patients with debilitating medical conditions to use marijuana through their registered caregiver, the part of the ordinance pertaining to medical marijuana cannot remain in effect.
Donald Knapp, city attorney of Livonia said, “Local ordinances can’t overturn state law, but the prime question for the court was, ‘does the Federal Controlled Substances Act, which makes marijuana use and possession illegal, preempt state law?’”
Although marijuana is still illegal on a federal basis, it is not enough ground to stand on for cities who wish to ban marijuana’s medical use.
“Effectively what the court said was, ‘well if the federal government wants to go after these people they certainly can, but there’s nothing requiring municipalities to enforce federal law,” Knapp said.
With the court’s ruling, medical marijuana is allowed throughout the entire state. As long as a person has obtained their card and has established a registered caregiver (a person who grows and cultivates marijuana) there are no longer city ordinances to prohibit such actions.

Contact Angie at

Alternative technology

New mobile hotspot can save money

Reachelle Kocis
Staff Writer

It is no secret that when you want cable TV or internet the choices are scarce. But if you live in an apartment building you may have even fewer choices. Some lease agreements do not allow dish installation. And many college students cannot afford another monthly bill.
Here to bridge the gap of the digital divide is a pay as you go mobile hotspot from Straight Talk. This little device can provide internet for up to five devices. But because you are actually paying for gigabytes of data you may want to keep the unnecessary cat videos for your phone and use your data for homework.
Straight Talk’s mobile hotspot is available only at Wal-Mart for about $80. It also comes with one gigabyte of data for free. One gigabyte costs $15, and five gigabytes for $50.
Best Buy has a similar but more expensive version. So therefore it may be a good idea to shop around.
If you are like many college students then you probably watch TV and news on your computer or phone. If your cell service is truly unlimited, you may not need cable TV at all.
According to, you can watch internet content on your TV from your smartphone or tablet via HDMI cord or MHL to HDMI adapter for a direct hook up to any HDMI-ready TV.

Bigots in disguise

The difference between love and hate

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Recently, Bill 1062 was vetoed by the Governor of Arizona due its anti-constitutional and discriminatory nature. The bill, if it had passed, would have given business owners the right to refuse business to any person who is openly homosexual due to religious belief.
The Bill was vetoed almost instantly as it is a clear bill of discrimination. However, Steve Yarbrough is one of the remaining Republicans still backing the bill.
“People need to be able to exercise their religion freely in this state.” Yarbrough said to
The question I find myself asking is: What religious right is being infringed?
Yarbrough is an openly Christian senator and due to his support and backing of 1062, it is blatantly obvious where his stance is when it comes to homosexuality. As a Christian myself I find this bill and its reasoning to be absurd.
“‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ There is no commandment greater than these,” Mark 12:31.
When did the command to love become optional? The thing about the bill is that it just uses the freedom of religion as a banner to excuse blatant bigotry and tainting the term Christians across the board.
“When you think of Christians, this is the kind of thing people think of,” said Austin Macey, sophomore at SC4.
Christianity is a religion of acceptance and peace; above all else it is a faith of love. Jesus didn’t associate himself with the religious bigots of the time. Instead, Christ would seek out those with a great heart of faith and love for one another, no background check required.
Like with any religion, this group of bigots does not represent the entirety of the faith as most Christians are sincere in their beliefs being kind and loving people.
Christians should use this instance as an opportunity and do their best to prove the stereotype wrong by speaking out against atrocities like this. And non-Christians should try to understand the difference between a sincere Christian and a bigot in disguise.

The SchwonkSoundStead

A century old home hosts Port Huron’s biggest bands

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Home town music has never sounded so sweet. Port Huron is graced by the SchwonkSoundStead, a savvy and inviting house venue located on 1521 Seventh Street.
The home built in 1914 premiered as an official venue on Sept. 10, 2011 with a Chicago native band, In Tall Buildings.
Brendan Kuras, owner of the house, opens his doors every couple of weeks to the community for a night filled with music, spirits, and smiles.
Accompanied by a recording studio in the attic, the SchwonkSoundStead, often referred to as “the Schwonk,” is fully loaded and ready to release studio recorded sessions from bands who have performed in prior months.
Kuras has taken on help from Blue Water Music Award 2013 winners Rich Cox, who won this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Producer of the Year recipient, Randy Willis.
The attempt to create a venue incorporated with a live studio session recording is the goal for these three men.
“We have bands like 52 Commercial Road, Gasoline Gypsy, and Never Ender,” Kuras said, “we have four or five things on deck ready to release.”
On Feb. 28, the SchwonkSoundStead hosted Hatchetmen and Gasoline Gypsy.
The event attracted over fifty people, shoulder to shoulder in a house turning a century old this year.
The Schwonk hosts an array of bands, which attracts a wide variety of age groups.
“Music is music and it speaks to the soul,” said Dick Lonczynski, vocalist and guitarist of Hatchetmen, “I don’t pay much attention to the age differences.”
With a growing popularity, the Schwonk hosts returning veterans, yet ropes in new attendees each show.
“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away,” said first time attendee, Tina Morrison, “it’s so welcoming.”
Coming up in the next months for the Schwonk, a band previously featured in the Erie Square Gazette called The Tiny Ugly Germs will be releasing their first album on Sat., April 26 with special acts from Manifest the Machine and Mountain Babies.
“We’re just getting started,” said Willis.
Those looking for a night out and good music need look no further than the SchwonkSoundStead, where you will be greeted at the door by a majestic German Shepherd named Frank, and the inviting environment of musicians and music lovers alike.

Blue Water Music Awards

And the winners are…


Best DJ: Cool Kids Communication
Best DJ: Cool Kids Communication
Producer of the year and Fan of the Year: Randy Willis
Producer of the year and Fan of the Year:
Randy Willis
Best cover and best export:  Gasoline Gypsy
Best cover and best export:
Gasoline Gypsy
Best Hip hop: Blacktivity
Best Hip hop: Blacktivity
Best Venue: Roche
Best Venue: Roche
Not Rock:  Biblical Proportion
Not Rock:
Biblical Proportion
 WTF Award: Dick Hickey
WTF Award: Dick Hickey
Lifetime Achievement Award Richard-Cox.
Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Cox
Paul Thompson Award, Eddie Lee
Paul Thompson Award: Eddie Lee
Female Vocalist: Barbra Jean
Female Vocalist:
Barbra Jean
Album of the Year:  Charlie James
Album of the Year:
Charlie James
 Best Original Song: Portto Port
Best Original Song: Portto Port
Rookie of the Year:  DJ View
Rookie of the Year:
DJ View

What we’re listening to

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor
LetliveBrendan Buffa
Artist: Letlive.
Album: Fake History
Genre: Soul Punx
Song(s): Renegade 86’, Muther, Homeless Jazz
“An album and a band that artistically captures the trials and tribulations of life, and portrays them as alluring triumph.”


Billy Joel - My LivesKraig Hohf
Artist: Billy Joel
Album: My Lives
Genre: Classical Rock
Song(s): Big Shot, Captain Jack, Movin’ Out
“Reason why I love Billy Joel? Do you have an hour?”


LukeBryan-Crash My Party
Dan Jehl
Artist: Luke Bryan
Album: Crash My Party
Genre: Country
Song(s): Beer in the Headlights, Drink a Beer
“It’s a good album to drive around town to with the windows down in the Dodge.”

Bayside - CultNick Sheufelt
Artist: Bayside
Album: Cult
Genre: Alternative Rock
Song(s): Pigsty, The Whitest Lie
“Really groundbreaking, such a heavy and emotionally driven album.”


Shakira / RhiannaKorin Pitts
Artist: Shakira ft. Rihanna
Album: Shakira EP
Genre: New Wave
Song(s): Can’t Remember to Forget You
“I sing all of Shakira’s songs, but this one makes me sing out loud. I love Shakira!”

Dale Vos profile

Athletic director talks about himself and basketball

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

The bouncing of basketballs can be heard throughout SC4’s gymnasium many times during the week. While noise to others, to Dale Vos it is the fine tuning of human instruments in preparation for a symphonic concert of athletics.
Vos, 48, originally came from Zeeland, Michigan and has now lived in Port Huron for 22 years. All 22 years have been spent working for SC4.
In his time away from work, Vos spends time with his wife Beth and their three children. Two of which are twin siblings of 13 years old, a boy and a girl (Dane and Erin). The youngest being a girl of 10 years, Zoey. Vos also owns a cat, Stormy, and has admitted to being a cat person since his college days.
Before working as athletic director for SC4, Vos put in five years at Alma College; the 5th year as an assistant basketball coach. While there, he recruited students to play basketball. On his way up to an end-of-the-season tournament for community college, Vos stopped to use a pay phone at a rest area in Toledo.
He dialed the coach of Schoolcraft College to inquire about a possible recruit, and was informed of the open spot for a basketball coach at SC4.
“I came here just as the men’s basketball coach, taught a few classes to help me survive. It was only a few years in that I got a chance to be the athletic director” Vos said of his career at SC4.
What may have helped Vos rise to the rank of athletic director was the game of Nov. 13, 1991. Up to that game, SC4 had held a terrible losing streak. 68 consecutive games had been lost, the worst losing streak in the country on a college level.
Like the plot to a ‘90s high school drama, SC4 won over Jordon College with 100-97, breaking the curse and lifting the spirits of everyone involved; especially Vos, since this was his first game as coach.
While he admits they didn’t rank 1st in Conference (SC4 is ranked 4th), Vos said “This season was the most enjoyable.” The whole team was fairly new%