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Pornographic material XXXposed

How many times have you deleted your history?

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Recently the increasingly popular YouTube channel Discovery News released a video titled, “Religious People View Porn Addiction Differently.” This two minute video sparked a question about the populace’s opinion on this graphic subject, and the validity of the video’s hypothesis: is there really such thing as a porn addiction?
In essence, the YouTube video stated that pornography addiction may have been fabricated by religious and moral beliefs due to the fact that there is no clinical diagnosis for one, and also that many porn addiction relief books and studies are linked very closely with religion.
Could pornography really be an invisible pandemic thriving behind our keyboards? It’s hard to say, since in order to spot an addiction, addiction itself must be established.
According to Psychology Today magazine, addiction is “a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable, but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities such as work, relationships, or health.”
A recent study at Montreal University attempted to discover the answer to this steamy question.
The goal was to create a survey, one group of men in their twenties who view porn, and another group of male twenty-something’s who have never seen porn. The results were eye opening. The latter group did not exist, or could not be found. The experiment was scrapped.
Pornography is hot and steamy right now, but is it harmful to human behavior?
According to, porn can lead to erectile dysfunction or ED in men as early as they’re twenties due to desensitization. Pornography feeds the brain with a flood of endorphins, the brain’s natural excitement drug. If endorphins are released at a constant enough rate, the brain will have to up the stakes in order to achieve the same level of excitement. This inevitably desensitizes the brain to anything other than a more extreme level of porn.
In essence, the site states that eventually men will prefer porn to their partners.
However, these cases are rare and have received heavy professional critique such as Psychology Today’s article, “An Erectile Dysfunction Myth.”
On the other hand, Psychology Today’s article stated that porn wasn’t the cause of ED, but that excessive masturbation was to blame. Although, this could be seen as an aftermath of pornography considering that porn and masturbating go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Apart from a biological effect, strong negative social effects are also within the ripples of porn’s aftermath.
Tyler and Veronica Benton, founders of “The White Collar Side Show,” an addiction relief drama and musical group, founded their start on pornography. In an interview with, Veronica said her husband’s secret addiction to pornography made her feel inadequate in her appearance and even pushed her to the point of bulimia.
This can be linked to the obvious problem with pornography; porn shamelessly objectifies women into faceless sexual objects.
Even though pornography does not have a medical diagnosis of being an addiction, its excessive use does share some of the same criteria. Users should be aware of what its use can do. Just because porn is widely consumed and accepted does not necessarily mean that it should be.

SC4 basketball teams roll

Skippers approach playoffs

Donald Lierman
Staff Writer

Both Macomb Community College Monarch basketball teams were singed by their SC4 counterparts Tuesday as the Skipper squads continue their march to the playoffs.
The Lady Skippers notched their 20th victory in a row in front of a home crowd with a score of 80 to 58, a drubbing of the third place Macomb team.
Sheyna Deans led SC4 with 23 points. Rachel Kehoe notched 18 points and six rebounds. And Ta’kira Height added 13 points.
“I thought we played well,” said women’s basketball coach Michael Groulx. “We executed our game plan effectively. Our half-court defense was excellent.”
The win gives SC4 a 17-0 league record, one game from an undefeated season. Their overall record is 24-2.
“Overall, we were able to use our athleticism to make plays on both offense and defense” Groulx said.
The Lady Skippers play for the state championship on Saturday; then move on to the regional tournament on March 7.
SC4 men’s squad upped their league record to 10-7 and 17-11 overall.
“I was proud of the way our guys found a way to win,” said men’s basketball coach Dale Vos. “Although we shot poorly from the three point range and the free throw line, we only trailed once. Otherwise, we led the whole way.”
Marquis Pool and Antwan Willis led the Skippers with 12 points. Matthew Van Dyk added 11 points and 12 rebounds.
“This was an important win as it clinched a home playoff berth” Vos said.
SC4 will host an opening round regional playoff game Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Skippers hold Hawks on ground level

SC4 women’s basketball team head towards championship

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

The Skippers clipped the wings of the Hawks and came ready to play, scoring more than double their opponent.
Attempting to orchestrate a triumphant takeoff, the Henry Ford Hawks were held down by the Lady Skippers in a 102-48 point loss.
Currently leading the Western and Eastern conference, the Lady Skippers are sitting on top with a 24-2 overall record, and are currently undefeated in the MCCAA Eastern conference.
Not only did the Skippers succeed with a win, they supported breast cancer awareness by sporting their pink jerseys.
The Lady Skippers play in the Western conference championship on March 1, and then to the NJCAA District H Tournament at Delta College.
Head Coach Mike Groulx is looking for his second consecutive MCCAA Women’s championship, which hasn’t been done by St. Clair County Community College since ’97 and ’98.

Skippers coach leads team’s quest for crown

SC4’s basketball coach makes positive impact on team

Donald Lierman
Staff Writer

Years ago, the Lady Skippers basketball team was hovering around .500. A midseason change brought Michael Groulx to take the reigns of an ineffectual squad.
Today, SC4 is poised to make a run at a national title and is ranked in the top ten.
Groulx is no stranger to SC4. He attended the school in 2002-2004 at which time he played basketball for current athletic director and men’s basketball coach Dale Vos. He returned to become assistant basketball coach from 2006-2007 until 2011-2012.
“Mike studied and worked at learning more than any assistant I ever had,” said Vos. “I may have helped him a little with his coaching, but in the recruitment end he taught me a bunch.”
Groulx became interim women’s basketball head coach in January 2012 and took over the position in March 2012.
“By the time he went to the women’s program he was my go to guy. He set many of our defenses, did much of our scouting, and almost all of our recruiting” said Vos.
“He is a great teacher of skills and probably the best recruiter in the state. He reads game situations extremely well.”
Last year’s Lady Skippers team captured fourth place in the national tournament. Coach Groulx remembers their performance proudly.
“Last year’s team was a group that became a family very quickly,” said Groulx. “They were very unselfish and had great player leadership. They competed every day in practice and brought a very high energy, passion, and excitement to every game.”
The sophomores on last year’s squad played in back to back national tournaments. That squad finished their sophomore season undefeated at home. They set school records of 32 wins in a season, and 17 most consecutive wins in a season, becoming the first women’s team in the history of SC4 to capture the league championship.
This year’s model has even higher expectations.
“The returning sophomores were part of a highly successful group. However, they do not want to live in the past and plan to blaze their own trail” Groulx said.
“It has taken a little longer for the freshmen on this team to buy into what we were teaching. Slowly but surely, the freshmen have grown up and the sophomores have taken on more leadership.”
Freshman Ta’kira Height is impressed with the coaching.
“Coach Groulx has impacted us tremendously, he has given us the confidence we need as a team” said Height.
“He helps us reach higher levels of potential. It is not only with basketball but with school, too. I’m honored to be here. I know he will help us become great.”
Groulx works as an admission’s representative at SC4. He and his wife, Ashley, have two daughters, Adrien, 8, and Addison, 3.
On June 18, 2013, Addison was diagnosed with Leukemia. “She is receiving chemotherapy treatment. With that comes a lot of time spent in the hospital” said Groulx.
“She is doing well and responding well, but the worries are always there and I have had to learn to balance my time between my family and our basketball family. My wife is such a strong woman and without her, the success of this season would not be possible.”
Despite these adversities, Groulx’s passion for teaching and developing youth remains.
“I don’t want to be remembered for the championships that we won. I want to be remembered for the lives I was able to change by helping kids move on to university where they can complete their education.”

Club Activity Day

Bowling, laughter and good times, oh my

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

SC4 will host their annual Club Activity Day on March 11. This year’s battle of the clubs will be bowling at the Zebra Bar at noon.
Each team will have three players and everyone will play at least one game. At the end of the game, the players’ final scores will be added up together. Whoever has the highest score wins.
Marketing and Management Club will be the ones handing over the trophy to the winning team, or seeing as they are the reigning champs for the last two semesters, they may be holding onto it.
“We have been working on our skills,” said Marketing and Management president James Woolman.
Woolman also pointed out that another sport he would like to see on club activity day would be 3 on 3 basketball.
“I am looking forward to networking with the other clubs,” said Zombie Defense Council president Chris Campbell.
The Student Government will be there as well. But since they are the ones hosting the event they will not be participating, instead spending the time helping out and separating the clubs into teams.
All the participants will be served pizza and pop, but there will be no beer allowed.
Club Activity Day was created three years ago by previous Student Government president, Doug Johnson.
In past club activity events they have played dodge ball or laser tag. This is the first time they will be participating in bowling.
The Erie Square Gazette would like to wish all the clubs good luck, although Editor-in-Chief Erick Fredendall assures the student body no luck will be needed, as the ESG’s team, “The Deadliners,” are a shoe in to win this year’s competition.

The Tiny Ugly Germs

Hipsters come hither to hear the unique sound of local band

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

The Tiny Ugly Germs are infecting Port Huron residents and you might be next.
The melodic punk-rock band “The Tiny Ugly Germs” is entirely made up of current SC4 students, but you’re going to have to leave campus if you want to hear them live.
Nate Leritz, 21, and Nick Ranger, 21, formed The Tiny Ugly Germs in 2011. Since then, the guitar playing duo has added Tim Hicks’ drum beats and Hannah Eppley’s bass skills.
The Port Huron natives create a mixture of music that Nate Leritz describes as “melodic punk and post hardcore.”
The main vocalist and song writer, Nate Leritz, good-naturedly calls their music “angst-y stuff.”
You can hear this “angst-y stuff” at The Flint Local 432 or the more local Schwonk Sound Stead. And when your ears beg for more, there’s always the internet to turn to.
Nate has released several EP’s by himself on That can hold you over until their official EP, Not Dead, Just Lying Very Still, is released later this year.
The band’s first song that they learned together, ‘Nimbostratus’, is featured on Nate’s EP, Fun Sucks, and will be included in Not Dead, Just Lying Very Still.
While The Tiny Ugly Germs appreciate the support of their fans, they aren’t looking to go big. “It’s just too mainstream to get popular” Nate Leritz said jokingly.
He added that their style of music isn’t made for the Top 40.
Despite not going out of their way to build a fan base, they’ve garnered enough attention to be nominated for two categories at the Blue Water Music Awards.
All My Fish Are Dead earned them a nomination for album of the year. Furthermore, they’re nominated for best export, which the Blue Water Music Awards voting poll describes as “the best in town band/artist that will be the next big thing.”
To keep up with all of The Tiny Ugly Germs’ news, you can like and follow them on Facebook.

Yelling about comics: justice league war

Zachary Penzien
Production Editor

Earlier this month, DC Comics assembled the Justice League and shipped them off to fight the alien invasion of Darkside.
“Justice League: War” is the latest offering from the DC animation division. “War” is the Re-telling and slight tweaking of the “Justice League Origins” storyline. It is the first animated feature to be adapted from the new 52 reboot back in 2011.
“Justice League: War” is the telling of the first time out for the justice league. The league is made up of Green Lantern, Shazam, Cyborge, the Flash, and of course Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.
The main voice cast of the Justice League is solid; everyone has a distinct personality to the voices and seems to bring something new to the character they play. In the animation, everyone fights and moves differently in a way that fits the character.
Unfortunately the background characters voice acting is a bit rough. And sadly, Wonder Woman’s lines sound a bit clunky in spots.
The movie is really fun but it kind of falls apart in the 3rd act. It seems like some important story scenes were cut for time that shouldn’t have been.
Complaints aside, I really like this movie. Whenever Batman and Green Lantern are in the same scene it is the best. “War” doesn’t get weighed down by explaining who every character is and what their motivations are; which is good, because at this point we can skip who Superman is.
War is able to overcome its short comings and be a genuinely enjoyable movie. If you have any interest in the Justice League give it a shot. It is out now where ever you get your DVD’s or digital videos.

Praise, Jazz, and a family band

Gospel Jazz for Black History Month at SC4

Kristopher Reynolds
Staff Writer

The Thomason Family Band came to lay down the soul Feb. 20 as part of the “SC4 Thursday Noon & Night Free Concert Series” hosted in SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre.
The quartet’s performance blended classic smooth jazz, soul, and instrumental gospel with songs such as “Christ is All,” “Awesome God,” and “Speak to my Heart.”
The band is composed of all family. James Thomason Jr., known colloquially as “The Sax Man,” has over 30 years of experience in delivering the word of the good Lord via saxophone. Thomason Jr. is also the night foreman of the SC4 custodial staff. He plays Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Saxophones.
Minister Joel Thomason handles keyboard for the band, and is known as ‘The Maestro’.
John Thomason Sr. is in charge of slappin’ the bass, an instrument he fell in love with after breaking the first two strings of an acoustic guitar.
Melvin Duren III handles the drum work for the group, at the mere age of 15. According to his family, he began playing at the age of two, where there realized his prodigal gift for the rhythm section.
At the end of the night, Thomason Jr. remarked “We play gospel jazz. They had asked us to come because they wanted something different for black history month. I enjoyed myself, I loved playing here tonight. God has blessed me with this talent, and I love it. It’s good playing with my family.”
Loreleen Nichols of Port Huron said “I’ve known them my whole life. Minister Joel was the musician for the choir at my church, known him for 37 years. Tonight is long overdue. I just love them. Glad they could make it happen tonight.”
Coming up March 27 for the next installment of the Thursday Noon & Night Free Concert Series, Moxie Strings, a Celtic/Americana group.
Admission is always free, and will be held at noon and again at 7 p.m.
For a fee of $10 and phone call to (810)-989-5709, reservations can be made to have a lunch in with the performers following the noon show.

That’s all, folks!

Blue Water Film Festival takes a leave of absence

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

Darkness naturally falls over any theater, and the Blue Water Film Festival (BWFF) is no exception.
The Blue Water Film Festival has been cancelled this year.
According to the BWFF official website, “the board cites the need for additional staff and volunteers as well as financial independence and an increase in festival audience attendance as reasons for the event’s postponement.”
Jeremy Stemen, executive director of the BWFF could not be reached for comment.
The Film Festival started in 2009 and has been annual until this year.
According to “Blue Water Film Festival rolls up its tent,” an article by The Voice, 110 films by 87 directors from Michigan and Ontario have had their work showcased for any that would see it.
While the event is gone this year, there is no word on if this will be a permanent change.
The news of the BWFF cancellation effects people from all walks of life. One such person is local Port Huron resident Travis Boone, 21. Travis had high hopes of showing his film “Here We Are” to the public through the Film Festival, but was shot down when he learned of the Festival being postponed for the year.
Mr. Boone said he was asked to make “Here We Are” by a manager at his grandmother’s retirement home after he showed a previous film of his there.
By genre definition, his movie would be called a documentary. However, Travis made it clear that the film is “natural and unscripted, but I don’t explain anything.” The movie is set entirely in a retirement home.
When asked about the film and his process, he responded with “I made a boat by stringing mattresses together with dental floss.”
Damion Pearson, 18, also of Port Huron, fellow filmmaker and friend to Boone expressed his frustration at the situation. Damion’s work had not yet made it into the Film Festival, but that never stopped him from trying.
The Zombie Defense Council has hinted at a possibility of Travis’ film being shown somewhere on campus, but no concrete details have arisen yet.
Travis Boone stated that, in the case of having his movie shown, if there isn’t a way “then I plan to make a way.”

A game savior

Lightning returned to save our souls, saved Final Fantasy XIII along the way

Jenelle Kalaf
Staff Writer

Lightning suits up again to redeem what her sister has lost.
Oh, and to save the world.
Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” makes up for what the last two games lacked in the series and something the Final Fantasy games are really known for.
A solid story.
The first game, “Final Fantasy XII,” tells of a world, a cocoon, being broken down by a terrible plague. Lightning and her friends manage to stop it, but only to be thrown into trouble right after.
“Final Fantasy XIII-2” follows Lightning’s sister Serah, who must take up arms and stop the world from ending while her sister is trapped in another dimension.
Long story short, most fans of the series can agree that Serah really had no right to lead a game.
“Lightning Returns” dives deeper into Lightning and what her destiny is.
Well, to save the world, but past that.
The world is ending in 13 days, and Lightning knows it can’t be stopped. So she’s taken it upon herself to save as many souls as she can before the end comes.
I don’t want to spoil anything, but the story is well written.
The first game had a good story, but it was long and there was no incentive to play on at parts. The second game didn’t even have a good or a comprehendible story, let alone a strong lead to make it interesting.
But in “Lightning Returns,” they made the plot much simpler. Lightning really has no control over anything that’s happening, but she doesn’t let fate take the reins.
She really did become the center of this universe, and it was done with grace.
So what did “Lightning Returns” do right other than a good story?
I know, unpopular opinion, but I preferred the real-time-strategy battle style, in which both sides can attack at any time, instead of the turn-base style, where each side takes turns while fighting; so I was happy to see it back.
I was also pleased by the better use of the cut scenes. This could be a spoiler, so I will keep my comments to myself on this.
While it’s still no masterpiece and Square Enix still has a long way to go, “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” is a step in the right direction.
A very big step.