Pet of the Month - Grr

Pet of the Issue – Grr

This issues featured pet is known as Grr. Grr is a male domestic short hair believed to be approximately 8 to 9 months old. He was brought in as a stray and soon after was adopted by a man who ended up returning Grr due to the unfortunate discovery of being extremely allergic.

Reporter of the Month

Reporter of the month

Reporter of the Month is an award given to a staff writer of the Erie Square Gazette for journalistic excellence or above and beyond assistance given to help the Gazette in its mission to produce a quality publication for the students of SC4. Staff writers are chosen by vote from the editorial team.


Pass it along

Ryan Hiller, barista at the Exquisite Corpse Coffee House, was handed a twenty dollar bill Saturday morning with instructions to buy the following customers’ drinks for as long as he could.
Neither Hiller nor the benefactor knew how far the simple act of kindness would carry itself.
That is, all weekend.

The Tiny Ugly Germs

Trace of Lime album review

Melodic, metaphoric, and masterful. How’s that to describe an album?
Because no better words can explain the journey you will be sent on from track one of the upcoming album, “I Know It’s Nothing, But I’m Happy It’s Something” by psychedelic rock band, Trace of Lime.

Want to start writing?

Painters have their pastels and musicians have their instruments, while creative writers have a slice of the reference section in Barnes and Noble. That is why anyone who aspires to write short stories or a novel should pick up the book: “Your First Novel” by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb.