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Faster education

‘Blue Water Middle College: An Overview’


College proves time and time again to be one of the most difficult tasks a person can undertake, both in time and economics (as many wallets, empty bank accounts, and loan statements around SC4 will show).

Considering everyone must already dedicate 12 years of their life in order to hold a free bare minimum education, the thought of paying thousands to hundreds of thousands to attend a post-school for several years after being violently thrown out into the ‘real’ world is migraine inducing. Continue reading Faster education

Bringing Art to the People

December Art Hop brings artists and locals to downtown businesses


The Blue Water Young Professionals, along with 25 local artists and 20 downtown businesses teamed up for 2013’s last Art Hop on Dec. 7.

Art Hop
Rose Norton sits at her photography display in Elite Feet. Photo by Emily Mainguy.

Art Hop is an event that has been happening since 2012 according to the events website, It is an event that occurs monthly in which local area artists set up artwork in a downtown business for visitors to stroll around and see what Port Huron offers. Continue reading Bringing Art to the People