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Reporter of the Month

The editorial board is pleased to announce Gregory Garofalo as November’s Reporter of the Month.

Greg joined the Erie Square Gazette after being introduced to the club at Student Government’s Club Awareness Day and promptly began making his presence known in the newsroom.

Starting from scratch in a new environment, Greg leapt right into reporting by volunteering to cover the Red Carpet Affair, the largest annual fundraiser held on SC4’s campus. Continue reading Reporter of the Month

Art department puts on concert series

Noon and Night Concert Series starts off with faculty performances



The Noon and Night Concert Series started off Nov. 14 with faculty performances by Cheryl Kaski and Erick Senkmajer.

We will have students from different elementary schools at each performance for their theatre appreciation class,” stated Celeste Skalnek, coordinator of SC4 arts.

The Noon and Night Concert Series will feature different performances every month with a variety of styles such as Jazz, Opera, Classical, and Gospel.

After each noon performance there will be a lunch with the performers in the fine arts gallery.

Ticket prices vary by performance however tickets for lunch with the performers are $10 each.

The next Noon and Night Concert will be held on Dec. 12 at noon and 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 and will be featuring the sounds of the Jimmy Blues Trio.

The fine arts department would like to encourage community members to join the SC4 choir and band. To find out about more performances, look on the SC4 online calendar.


Emily Mainguy

Copy Editor

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Club Activity Day yields small turnout, but much fun

Student Government host’s dodgeball tournament



The last thing a person would want to hear before starting a friendly game of dodgeball is undoubtedly the phrase, “we have no balls!” That was exactly how this semester’s club activity day started out.

Despite the 5 teams who signed up for the event, only 3 teams showed up for the Student Government organized game of dodgeball. The clubs that participated were the Marketing and Management team, “Mazing Blue,” Zombie Defense Council’s “Doge Ballers,” and WSGR who combined themselves with the Erie Square Gazette into one team called “The Deadliners.” Continue reading Club Activity Day yields small turnout, but much fun

Potters back for eleventh year

Potters Market draws customers


This year’s annual SC4’s Potters Market raked in a grand total of $12,213.90, which earned the fine arts department $1,370.27 after expenses. Although this was not one of their top selling years the artists were very proud of the turnout.

The pottery display featured 23 local artists’ work in the M-Tech building from Nov. 14-17. Potters exhibited many different styles such as Raku, Functional, Crystalline, and Pit Fire. Continue reading Potters back for eleventh year

Purple hair for care

Epilepsy awareness attracts attention


With breast cancer awareness month not too long behind us, it is important to create awareness for other illnesses as well. Awareness months can be beneficial since they give us a better understanding and more of an opportunity to help those in need.

This month’s number is: Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a condition in the brain that plagues its victims with repeated seizures over a period of time. “A lot of people don’t understand what epilepsy is. That it’s a condition of the brain, and we’re just trying to bring awareness to it” a person in charge of the event said Continue reading Purple hair for care