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Giant feathered killing machines

Dr. Robert T. Bakker’s lecture changes the way we see dinosaurs


Bakkerlecture  Dr. Robert T. Bakker, a man who is known all over the world for his work in modern paleontology, took the stage on Oct. 25 as the keynote speaker for the STEM conference hosted by SC4.

Bakker put on an evening lecturing about the history of paleontology as well as his recent work at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  A reception followed the presentation in the College Center Atrium where Bakker sold and signed copies of his newest children’s book, “The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs.” Continue reading Giant feathered killing machines

The terrible twosome: a radiant tandem reunites

A successful season for women’s basketball rewarded them with the eastern conference championship and led them to be MCCAA champions with an NJCAA national title.

The 2012-13 season was an eventful year that resulted in a continuous streak of wins along with the Skippers going undefeated on their home court. Continue reading The terrible twosome: a radiant tandem reunites

Worth the agonizing wait

Final installment of Divergent trilogy stacks up to predecessor


allegiant-book-cover-high-res I was absolutely crushed when I left the theater back in 2003 after viewing Matrix Reloaded. To my 12 year old self, I believed the first Matrix was flawless and was highly anticipating the sequels. My pal and I concocted a plan for her brother to sneak us in to the rated “R” film, so my mom would never find out. The third one would be better, I lied to myself.

I betrayed my mother for a pile of crap masquerading as a follow-up to my favorite movie. Continue reading Worth the agonizing wait