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Last stop, Last Vegas

New Turteltaub film a witty and lighthearted comedy


Last Vegas stars Michael Douglas as Billy, Robert De Niro as Paddy, Morgan Freeman as Archie and Kevin Kline as Sam.

last-vegas-poster1  Last Vegas starts with showing this group of guys when they were in their pre-teens and the

friendship that they have. Some of the scenes show a more serious side of the movie and characters. Continue reading Last stop, Last Vegas

Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

A new album for a new band


Port Huron’s small but unique culture has created an environment for musical and artistic development. Right in the center of this expansion a group of local SC4 alumni formed a rising band, Gasoline Gypsy.

The band’s music style is considered, by the members, as loose rock and roll because they write their own songs and play covers of many different styles. Continue reading Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

Skippers need some home cooking?

SC4’s basketball team prepares for the season opener

The first home game of SC4’s Men’s Basketball team will kick off on Wednesday Nov. 6at 8 p.m. The schedule features a game against Concordia University JV as the first official home game of the 2013- 2014 season.
SC4 finished with a record of 16-15 last season, a winning record, and an overall successful basketball season.
Even more impressive was their record at home just this past season, a record of 8-5 is very successful for a home team, and a great sign of things to come. SC4 also managed to sneak in a spot in the NJCAA district 10 tournament last season, losing in the first round to Oakland Community College, 80-74. Continue reading Skippers need some home cooking?

Artists band together to raise money for the arts

Potters Market returns to SC4


   The eleventh annual Potters Market will be coming back to the MTECH building.

Pottery on display in last year’s Potters Market. Photo used with permission by Celeste Skalnek.

The market will be open Thursday, Nov. 14 from 3-7 p.m.; Friday Nov. 15, Saturday Nov. 16, and Sunday Nov. 17 from 12-4 p.m.

The Potters Market is an annual event which exhibits work which is either handmade or wheel thrown with clay for sale. “We have 23 potters this year and 11 are either SC4 current students or alumni,” explained Celeste Skalnek.   Continue reading Artists band together to raise money for the arts

Robots, Dinosaurs, and the Solar System

STEM Education Conference attracts people of all ages


Abbey Essenmacher, 9, and her sister Ella, 8, watch as Melissa Beery shows their sister Rosa, 5, different coloring sheets and the games that go with them.

Robot enthusiasts, dinosaur aficionados, and chemistry nerds felt right at home at the STEM educational conference held on Oct. 26 in SC4’s CEM building.

Workshops offered at the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) education conference accommodated a wide range of interests. Continue reading Robots, Dinosaurs, and the Solar System

Lizzie, Red, and terrorists oh my!

Why you should be watching the new NBC action-thriller “The Blacklist.”

BlacklistAction, drama, and fantastic writing matched with brilliant acting propels this new series to the top of this fall’s “must see” TV.

James Spader plays the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington, who after 20 years of being an elusive global broker for the world’s most dangerous criminals turns himself over to the FBI. Red became one of the infamous “FBI’s Most Wanted” after he worked as a government agent, abandoning his country and family, only to rematerialize as a narcissistic, well-connected mastermind of mayhem. Continue reading Lizzie, Red, and terrorists oh my!

A movie for a cause

GSA shows the PG-13 film “Scary Normal”


Despite the various campus and community events that took place on Tuesday Oct. 22, the Gay Straight Alliance’s (GSA) showing of the independent coming of age film “Scary Normal” managed to attract 20 people to the SC4 Fine Arts Theatre.

The movie was inspired in fall of 2004 when writer/director Jennifer Bechtel was struck with the thought that most films centralized around homosexuality were rated R.    Continue reading A movie for a cause

Pet of the issue – Rusty

DSCN5877 (2)
Eyes you could absolutely fall in love with. Photo by Angie Stoecklin.

   Rusty is a 4 to 5 year old Labrador and Bulldog mix. He gets along great with other dogs, kids, and even cats. He is a very active dog and absolutely loves going for walks and car rides.

When Rusty arrived at the Blue Water Humane Society, he was diagnosed with heartworm disease. He recently received his final treatment and is now a happy and healthy animal, but due to the heartworm condition, he will not be available for adoption until the beginning of December.

He would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone looking for an active and loving larger dog.

Rusty’s adoption fee will be $125. To help cover the costs of adoption, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette.

For more information on Rusty, contact the Blue Water Humane Society at 810-987-4357.


Contact Angie at

Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer

WWE 2K14: Does not “Bring It”

Latest WWE game fails to impress


When a gamer plays a wrestling game, they expect it to do two things: “layeth the smackdown” and “just bring it.”

It is unfortunate that WWE 2K14 does neither.

2K14 does nothing new as far as controls are concerned, taking the same control scheme from WWE ‘13. The wrestling mechanics are solid, fluid, and realistic. Back from last year is the ability to knock opponents out of moves, which comes in handy when a friend is about to be hit with a devastating finishing move. Continue reading WWE 2K14: Does not “Bring It”