Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style

Making Halloween a bit more budget friendly   Forty dollars for a cat costume? Why not just do it yourself and save some hassle? Halloween is an expensive holiday, with candy, decorations, and food for that big party, so adding a costume in the mix might push you over your budget.

Living Life Full-Time

Growing up is not optional   The demographics of the students at a community college are a vast assortment. I immediately noticed how diverse each of my classes were and how the diversity of the mentality of those in my classes matched. At the age of 39, I started classes at SC4 this fall. In…

In Defense of Remakes

An argument for breathing new life into Hollywood classics   Movie remakes are all the rage lately; it seems Hollywood may be out of ideas. From “Nightmare on Elm Street” to “Footloose”, it seems no Hollywood classic is safe. Which begs the question, are remakes necessarily bad?

Pet of the issue

Karma is a 6 to 9-month-old mix breed. She was brought into the Blue Water Humane Society last May with a large litter of 13 kittens. Karma is now spayed and up to date on all of her shots. She is very sweet and absolutely loves people. Karma will do best as the only cat…