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Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style

Making Halloween a bit more budget friendly


A useful tool for any project. Credit goes to Catarina Mota under Creative Commons Wiki.

Forty dollars for a cat costume? Why not just do it yourself and save some hassle?

Halloween is an expensive holiday, with candy, decorations, and food for that big party, so adding a costume in the mix might push you over your budget. Continue reading Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style

Living Life Full-Time

Growing up is not optional


Burning the candle at both ends without getting burned. By Jennifer Gibson

The demographics of the students at a community college are a vast assortment. I immediately noticed how diverse each of my classes were and how the diversity of the mentality of those in my classes matched.

At the age of 39, I started classes at SC4 this fall. In addition to my 11 credit hours, I work full-time, and am a single mother to three children.

I was amused while listening to the younger students discuss how they managed working part-time whilst taking full-time classes. This sent a cheeky grin across my face and a single thought to my mind, “Seriously?”

Mentality is the difference. Continue reading Living Life Full-Time