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Triumph after a breakdown

The Skippers were on a roll in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Raiders Challenge tournament on the weekend of Sept. 28, walking out with a 3-1 record and only losing to the defending NJCAA champions and host team, the Grand Rapids Raiders.

skippers volleyballIt seemed that the wins were coming out of the waterworks for the Skippers Volleyball girls as they clenched 20 out of their 24 games in September. Continue reading Triumph after a breakdown

A Tiger gives his last roar

Alex Avila, Jim LeylandThe American League Championship Series came to a close on Saturday, Oct. 19 in Boston, Massachusetts, as the Detroit Tigers fell to the Boston Red Sox in game six of the seven-game series, losing 2-5.

The Detroit Tigers, who were on their way to a third World Series trip under the wing of manager Jim Leyland, had failed to close the game with a win and excel over the Red Sox. Continue reading A Tiger gives his last roar

SC4’s Smoking ban still under consideration

Board of trustees looking for input on proposed smoking ban for SC4


smoker   Smokers attending SC4 may soon be lighting their last cigarette on campus if no opposing voices are heard during the coming board of trustee’s meeting in November.

Members of the board of trustees met for their regular meeting Oct. 10 where the board took public comments and made a second reading of the proposed revision for smoking policy at SC4, known as Board Policy 2.13.  Continue reading SC4’s Smoking ban still under consideration

SC4 campus “one of the safest in the state”

Clery Act Security Report reviewed by SC4 trustees


By Erick J. Fredendall

SC4’s board of trustees heard and voted 5-0 to accept the Clery Act Annual Security Report on Oct. 10, which was presented by Kenneth Lord, senior labor relations executive.

“Overall, we are one of the safest schools in the state,” Lord said. Continue reading SC4 campus “one of the safest in the state”

What is a Bitcoin?

The cyber-currency that is more popular than ever


Physical Bitcoins. Photo by Anton Ana, used under a Creative Commons license.

Bitcoins are cyber-currency created by users and completely open source, as well as being independent of any central authority.

Controversy surrounding web privacy and governmental control has taken center stage as of late with the recent NSA scandal and U.S. government shutdown; these are two of the many factors that lead to the rise in popularity surrounding Bitcoins. Continue reading What is a Bitcoin?

SC4 President to perform at Lynch’s to raise money for the SC4 arts

Folks gathered at Lynch’s to listen to the show. by Liz Whittemore

SC4 President Dr. Kevin Pollock will be doing his second acoustic performance at Lynch’s Irish Tavern Thurs. Oct. 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to raise money for SC4’s Friends of the Arts.

“I volunteered for this one. And the last one,” said Pollock, “I only thought I’d have to do it once, but now I’m going to do it again.” Continue reading SC4 President to perform at Lynch’s to raise money for the SC4 arts