That 70’s affair

SC4 Red Carpet Affair raises $40,400 for preforming arts. Gregory Garofalo Lifestyle Editor On Saturday Nov. 1, students, faculty and benefactors grooved their way back to the time of lava lamps and disco as they attended the 11th annual SC4 Red Carpet Affair. Last year the benefactors met and surpassed their two year goal of…

Photo Credit: Erin Kephart

The many faces of the monster inside

SC4 Players’ presentation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Jenelle Kalaf Photo Editor “You find an open door. One no one knows about. And once you’ve crossed its threshold, you will find not one mind but two. Two streams within the consciousness, one on the surface, the other subterranean.” According to Greg Garofolo, “This quote…

Photo credit: Myrna Pronchuck

Makeup and music to midnight

Art Night draws students and community to SC4 Angie Stoecklin Editor-in-Chief The first ever Art Night on Sept. 19 at SC4 brought an “overwhelming response from the community,” as Adjunct Instructor Myrna Pronchuck put it. Members of the community and SC4 between the ages of 14 to 30 were welcome to register to take place…

Photo Credit: Nick "Chico" Hernandez

Crime and punishment

The 4 deadly violations Nick “Chico” Hernandez Managing Editor Ashtray lids on the trash cans have vanished in a cloud of smoke, the concrete is bare of cigarette butts. The St. Clair County Community College smoking ban has taken effect. SC4’s Board of Trustees gave the policy a thumbs’ up in April of 2014, and…

Is recycling a myth?

Recycled excuses

While walking on campus, most students have probably seen one of the eight student-made recycling bins throughout the buildings. They give a sense of reassurance to students, a promise that SC4 is being responsible with their garbage.
What if it were all a lie? Read on…

Reporter of the Month

Reporter of the month

Reporter of the Month is an award given to a staff writer of the Erie Square Gazette for journalistic excellence or above and beyond assistance given to help the Gazette in its mission to produce a quality publication for the students of SC4. Staff writers are chosen by vote from the editorial team.