Lisa Sturtridge, Adjunct Theatre Discipline Instructor. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

Students and colleagues mourn loss of beloved instructor

Students and colleagues, along with the cast and crew of the SC4 production of “Fool for Love,” grieve the loss of Adjunct Theatre Discipline Instructor, Lisa Sturtridge. [caption id="attachment_2310" align="alignleft" width="244" caption="Lisa Sturtridge, Adjunct Theatre…

Upper left: Criminal Justice Club member Justin King and Gay Straight Alliance Club member Ryan Silver struggling to gain control of the dodgeball. Upper middle: Members of the Criminal Justice Club and the Zombie Defense Council race toward the middle to get the dodgeballs. Upper right: Criminal Justice Club members Justin King and Anthony Paolella take aim against the opposing team. Middle: Gay Straight Alliance Club members, and winners of the dodgeball tournament, Ryan Silver, Sean Lathrop and August Smith show off their newly acquired trophy. Bottom left: Criminal Justice Club members ready themselves for the next game to start. Bottom middle: Student Government Vice President Jonathon Brewer acts as referee for the game. Bottom right: Zombie Defense Council members Caitlin Combs and Chris Campbell devise a plan of attack.

Student Government dodgeball a success

Rule number one: no balls to the face. On Tuesday, Sept. 27, Student Government hosted a free dodgeball tournament for student clubs in the SC4 gym from 10-12:30 p.m. All players representing the clubs had…

Lt. Governor Brian Calley spoke with attendees at a reception for the Blue Water Pregnancy Center at their future Griswold Street location in Port Huron, Sept. 10.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley visits Pregnancy Center

The Blue Water area welcomed Lt. Governor Brian Calley to the Blue Water Pregnancy Center’s reception on Sept. 10 at their new Griswold Street location in Port Huron. [caption id="attachment_2091" align="aligncenter" width="217" caption="Lt. Governor Brian…

Leadership conference poster provided by SC4 PR

SC4 Leadership conference upcoming.

[caption id="attachment_1943" align="alignleft" width="397" caption="Leadership conference poster provided by SC4 PR"][/caption] Click image through two pages for a larger version.

SC4 student, Joel Smith, shown here in the Mandaveli Division of India with a 104 year old woman who lives on her own and receives no help from her family. She has to walk on her own to get to church. Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

SC4 students see the world: mission India

Having the life of a community college student has been great and very convenient, but does not exactly provide a means to experience life outside of the comforts of home. Since the option of transferring…

Tom Obee photo credit Twana Pinskey

What hath time wrought?

It’s 1961, and I’m the new student getting the Port Huron Junior College tour by one Daniel Yakes, the sophomore who sort of adopted me, became my student mentor, and one of my best friends. …

HAC Collapse

HACked to pieces

319 Huron Ave in Port Huron held many memories for residents of the area. Patricia Ledsworth, who grew up on Wright Street before the bridge was built on top of where her childhood home sat,…

Video: Snow Day Stories

SC4 students share their stories from the 2011 Winter Blizzard that closed campus on Groundhog's day. Video by Cody Kimball Webmaster Additional footage provided by Twana Pinskey Editor-In-Chief