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SC4 professor offers solutions to national quandary Democrats, Republicans: None of the Above gives political perspective

Therese Majeski Copy Editor Kraig Archer, a professor of sociology here at SC4, has written a book that he believes has timely application to our current political state and that he hopes will motivate readers to pursue alternatives to the current two-party system. “I would like my book to lead to a new political movement,”…


Sit back and relax

Coping with stress during finals Jenelle Kalaf Photo Editor Though it may not feel like it, Finals are just around the corner, and most students start off by pretending they don’t exist. Finals are a big undertaking, but the stress those pesky tests and projects cause ruin many students’ last month of college. Take it…


A SC4 Horror Story

All locked up Gregory Garofalo Lifestyle Editor Welcome readers, we hope to yet again indulge you on another trip to the other side of reality. A reality not unlike our own, just a tad darker and a bit less friendly. We now take you to the warped recesses of your imagination and welcome you to:…

Car maintenance

Too cold to walk

Cold weather makes problems that already exist in your car even worse. Before winter gets too deep, make sure your vehicle is in good shape and winter-ready.
Here are a few tips from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) on how to increase your car’s reliability during the winter.


Folk music, booze, and coffee

Local folk singer and songwriter Dave Peters’ band of one, Mountain Babies, started with an unusual dream.
“I was standing on a mountain, it was raining tomatoes, and there were babies everywhere.”
That dream lead to a brief recording session in 2008 that produced the now hard-to-find song, “Kingsley Hill.”

Photo Poll

Photo Poll Zachary Penzien Production Editor   With Club Awareness Day getting the word out about clubs on campus, are you a part of any club?     Dean Garrison General studies Marine City “No, I’m not a part of a club and I haven’t really thought about it.”     Jordan Genaw Business Marine…