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WWE 2K14: Does not “Bring It”

Latest WWE game fails to impress


When a gamer plays a wrestling game, they expect it to do two things: “layeth the smackdown” and “just bring it.”

It is unfortunate that WWE 2K14 does neither.

2K14 does nothing new as far as controls are concerned, taking the same control scheme from WWE ‘13. The wrestling mechanics are solid, fluid, and realistic. Back from last year is the ability to knock opponents out of moves, which comes in handy when a friend is about to be hit with a devastating finishing move. Continue reading WWE 2K14: Does not “Bring It”

Worth the agonizing wait

Final installment of Divergent trilogy stacks up to predecessor


allegiant-book-cover-high-res I was absolutely crushed when I left the theater back in 2003 after viewing Matrix Reloaded. To my 12 year old self, I believed the first Matrix was flawless and was highly anticipating the sequels. My pal and I concocted a plan for her brother to sneak us in to the rated “R” film, so my mom would never find out. The third one would be better, I lied to myself.

I betrayed my mother for a pile of crap masquerading as a follow-up to my favorite movie. Continue reading Worth the agonizing wait

What is a Bitcoin?

The cyber-currency that is more popular than ever


Physical Bitcoins. Photo by Anton Ana, used under a Creative Commons license.

Bitcoins are cyber-currency created by users and completely open source, as well as being independent of any central authority.

Controversy surrounding web privacy and governmental control has taken center stage as of late with the recent NSA scandal and U.S. government shutdown; these are two of the many factors that lead to the rise in popularity surrounding Bitcoins. Continue reading What is a Bitcoin?

Carrie 2013: Telekinetic bloodbath?

Steven King’s “Carrie” returns to the box office 37 years later

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, go and see this movie. If you’re a fan of telekinetic destruction, go and see this movie. If you’re a fan of high school proms, don’t go and see this movie.

The newest rendition of “Carrie” is a bloody escapade that will shock and delight horror fans, and make you feel sorry for the sad girl named Carrie White. Continue reading Carrie 2013: Telekinetic bloodbath?

Double Feature: Rosemary’s baby

Rebecca and Zack have known each other since middle school. They both love horror movies from different parts of the genre. In honor of Halloween they have given each a horror film to watch that the other would have probably skipped over.

MPW-55562Horror films used to be my bread and butter when I was in high school. I loved them, but something changed. Continue reading Double Feature: Rosemary’s baby